Chapter 2

Jumpy as he was, Callen had calmed down considerably by the time the team got there.

He looked over the info that Fornell had brought them and was already planning on how to get Nell; back all they were waiting on was a call from Anthony DiNozzo, Gibbs' SFA who was staked out, ready to confirm that Marco Michelli and Nell were there.

He looked up as a bright red hearse pulled up outside Gibbs' house.

"That your idea of inconspicuous car Gibbs?" Callen let out a small chuckle.

"Nope." Gibbs said and moved himself between the car and his front door as Abby and Tim came up with the twins in their car seats.

"Gibbs! Is he here?" Abby said excitedly.

"Abby why are you here?" Gibbs growled.

"Tim has the blueprints for the building and I knew Callen would want to meet the twins." She grinned she moved around Gibbs and headed for the kitchen.

The second Callen saw her he froze, "What….What are you doing?"

His face was a mixture of terrified and furious.

How dare this woman endanger his children, didn't she know how dangerous being around him was.

"Why are they here?" He pointed to the babies, trying hard not to want to go over and hold them and breath in the unique scent he knew they'd have hoping to catch a scent of Nell on them.

He backed up to Gibbs' kitchen door trying to put as much space as possible between him and his children.

"Keep. Them. Away!" he growled.

Abby stood shocked. "But Callen they are your children…?" she said.

Callen found himself reaching for his gun and forced himself to stop.

"Abbs. You need to take the children back to your place, we will bring Nell home." Gibbs said turning the Goth woman around.

He ushered her out and Callen sank into the kitchen chair shaking.

"G?" Sam asked walking in and noticing the ashen look on his friends face. "You ok man?"

"Why…I thought she was Nell's friend, my friend, why would she do that…if they….they could…I'm not safe for them," He said.

Sam said nothing, as he didn't agree, but they didn't have the time to argue.

"Agent McGee just dropped off the blueprints and Agent DiNozzo just called to confirm they are there. So we're a go." Sam said and turned and walked into the living room, Callen followed and stopped at the doorway.

For the first time in over a year he saw his team all sitting together, he looked at them all and Gibbs and then saw Rob Dawson, nodding he leaned against the wall.

"Hey Callen." Kensi smiled.

"Nice to see ya man!" Deeks said.

"Right." Callen said curtly, "Blueprints?" he said cutting straight to the chase, he didn't do small talk anymore, and he hadn't in over a year.

"It's an old bakery in Anacostia, multiple entry and exit points, the building is owned by the Michelli family. One of their attempts to go legit, the shop underneath is still active so you will have to be careful of casualties." Deeks said.

Callen rolled his eyes. "Just collateral." He sniffed.

Although the others were shocked by his outburst, they said nothing and Deeks continued. "Agent DiNozzo said there is another back access, it is guarded by two men and a new AT35 Alarm system."

Callen gave a snort, "So it's open wide then." He smirked.

Tim raised an eyebrow, "The AT35 is a new system, it has heat sensors and a state of the art electronic system, according to reports it was only ever beaten once on a US Federal Marshal's office in San Diego, by some guy known as Feral."

Callen's smirk got bigger, "Like I said its open wide."

"You're Feral?….Boss, he's on the FBI Most wanted list."

"McGee!" Gibbs growled.

"Yes boss, shutting up now boss." Tim said slightly in awe.

"So what weapons do you have?" Callen asked.

They all pulled out their standard issue SIG's. Callen rolled his eyes again. He pulled his bag up off the floor and pulled out all manner of weapons from the trusty SIG to smaller self concealed weapons, knifes and flash bang grenades, and a couple of semi-automatics. "You think you'll need anything else give me an hour." Callen said. The others looked in the bag, saw ropes, zip-loc ties, and duct tape.

"How did you get this all on the plane?" Kensi asked.

Callen chuckled, "I flew Cargo, favor of a friend I did a job for."

"Wow you got a plane ride for a favor….what did you do….kill his wife?" Deeks joked.

"Nope a rival Dealer." Callen replied deadpan.

The others looked around; it was a surreal group. Federal Agents and an Ex-Federal Agent turned mercenary.

Tim turned to go and Gibbs walked him out.

As soon as they were out of earshot Tim turned to his boss, "Boss, Should we be letting Callen do this. How do we know he's ok…I mean you heard him, he doesn't care about hurting civilians."

"He cares, he's just afraid to show it." Gibbs said.

"But boss, he's on the FBI's most wanted list…he's Feral…we should be arresting him." Tim said knowing that Gibbs knew this but worried his personal feelings for his friend were clouding his judgment.

"Go home McGee, Protect Abby and the children. Make sure they are ready for when their mother comes home. Don't worry; Fornell knows now and Callen isn't on that list anymore."

Tim nodded and left to do as ordered.

Callen looked at the blueprints and the weapons and picked three knives, two guns, and three extra clips a long thin garrote wire and a small screwdriver a set of wire cutters and a pack of gum.

"OK I'm ready," He said leaning against the wall putting on a well-worn set of leather gloves and his well-worn black leather jacket.

The others picked up handcuffs, zip-loc ties, and extra Ammo for their SIG's. Gibbs held out a set of handcuffs for Callen, "Ya wanna borrow these?" he asked.

"No need." Callen said shaking his head. "The dead can't run."

He tucked his last knife in his boot and headed out to stand in front of Gibb's car.

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