Chapter 3

Marco Michelli knew something was wrong, he felt it in his bones; he had been expecting Callen to come to him for days. Now he knew it would be soon. His guards and his security system were still intact.

He opened the door and walked over to the chair Nell was tied to, "Maybe I was wrong Bella. I thought your man loved you and would come to your rescue. Maybe it is true what they say…I have heard the rumors Cara Mia I have heard that our Callen has gone rogue and that he is now a wanted man…maybe he went to your friends for help and they arrested him…do you think that is the case?" He grinned and stroked Nell's face smirking as she turned away.

Nell summoned all her courage, "He'll come and he'll kill you." She said with absolute conviction.

Nell felt her energy slipping away, she had not had water in two days since Marco had hurt her and she had stood up to him. That coupled with the post-pregnancy blood loss meant her energy reserves had drained faster than she had anticipated. On the bright side she had stopped bleeding, so that wasn't a concern anymore, Marco had at least allowed her to clean herself up however she was horrified to find he had insisted on watching her. Grabbing every reserve of dignity and strength she had she had continued with her ablutions undeterred. Either way now for all her bravado, she felt her resolve slipping.

It was getting dark and she had been gone now for four days.

"I think Bella, if he hasn't come to rescue you tonight, I will consider that he doesn't want you, maybe I will have you, although I have some 'job openings' you could fill." He sneered.

HE WILL COME! Nell's mind screamed at him. As she closed her eyes, he laughed at the tear of despair that rolled down her cheek.

The cars pulled up down the street and Callen was out in a flash and heading for his target.

"Wait G, let the shop close first." Sam said putting an arm on his friend.

"Why?" Callen asked. "Not gonna kill them." He headed around the back.

Sam watched in awe as Callen flipped like an acrobat up to the roof of an adjacent building. Using the fire escape and a back flip to get himself onto the roof, he was as quiet as a cat.

Deeks, Kensi, Rob and Sam all stood staring.

"I think I'll take the stairs." Gibbs said from behind them and walked into the front door of the building showing their badges to the door attendant who let them in.

They walked onto the roof and looked around….he was gone!

"Over here." He hissed and stepped out of the shadows so they could see him and then he melted back into them again.

They moved over to where he had been standing and peered over the roof edge to the building across the street.

Callen checked his watch, "Come on…!" He hissed to himself.

Sam put a hand on his shoulder. He looked at his ex partner as his body suddenly stilled. He followed where Callen was looking and in the window across the alley, he saw her…Nell.

They watched as Marco came into the room, untied her hands, and pulled her to him. She pummeled Marco's chest with her hands writhing in his grip to get away, he hit her and she fell out of sight.

"Times up!" Callen growled and flipped over the roof.

The others scrambled down the fire escape desperately trying to catch him up.

Callen made it to the back door and opened a pack of gum.

Chewing a stick he made quick work of the alarm system, he unscrewed the alarm system, took the tin foil out of the gum wrapper, and fashioned a bypass circuit. He cut the alarm wire, took a small smartphone out of his pocket, and typed on it. Within moments, the alarm was deactivated.

By the time the team caught up with him, he had gotten into the building and had already killed the first guard by garroting him. All of this in total silence.

"G!" Sam hissed, Forgetting that they were with them Callen whirled gun in hand on his ex-partner, "Not all of us are bloody superhero's, just hold up and let us do this as a team." He breathed.

Callen shook his head, "You can't you're bound by the law. Just save Nell, Marco is mine."

"G…stop." Gibbs said.

Involuntarily Callen stopped moving. Years of trusting Gibbs implicitly running through his muscle memory.

"We do this together. We are family." Gibbs said.

Callen opened his mouth to object.

"Family…son." Gibbs reiterated, placing a steadying hand on Callen shoulder. "Now let's save our girl."

Callen nodded once. Then his head snapped up as he heard a scream and he took off running, not caring anymore.

Another guard walked out of a side room and Callen shot him once right between the eyes, not lessening his paces a step.

Bringing up the rear Kensi turned to Deeks as she saw the body, "Callen did this? What's he been through this last year?" she asked.

Watching on the big screen in OPS, on a thermal Image Hetty could only begin to wonder herself. She was glad she had made Eric give Kensi and Deeks earwigs so she could be apprised of what was happening. Even she was surprised at the skills Callen was showing off, he must have made taking out Marco Michelli his singular goal and been training every hour he was not asleep.

"Mr. Deeks have Mr. Dawson wait out the back, I have alerted the local authorities and they will be sending a coroner for the bodies," she informed him and waited as he relayed that information. "Ms Blye, let Sam know there are only two people left in the building the last room on the left top floor." She said.

Kensi ran ahead to let Sam, Gibbs and Callen know.

"How do you know this?" Sam asked desperately trying to keep up with Callen.

"Eye in the sky." Kensi said.

Sam nodded, "Go, deal with the LEO's I gotta catch Callen." He said and ran off after his friend.

He turned a corner and saw G a few rooms ahead. "G last door on the end, only two people left in the building." Sam told him.

Callen pulled up short. "Hetty?" he asked.

Sam nodded and Callen took off at a run pulling up as he slowly opened the door.

Checking the room Callen walked it only to stop as a voice came from a concealed alcove.

"G. Callen….I've been waiting a long time to meet you." Marco Michelli said.

Callen whirled, as he did so he saw Marco Michelli holding a terrified Nell with a gun to her head.

Without missing a beat, he leveled his gun at Marco Michelli.

"Let her go." Callen said his voice was flat cold and emotionless. Inside his heart was pounding. She was here she was within reach and she was nearly free.

"I knew you'd come alone, Feral…Yes, I know it's you, you have been a thorn in the side of my operation for a long time."

"You…came after me…" Callen said

"Ah, but I have been looking for you for years, since you blew up my supply boat in Colombia…my wife was on that boat and my child. I have been looking for my revenge and I was surprised when it fell into my lap." Marco smiled his lips brushing Nell's hair as she shuddered. Callens grip tightened on the gun.

"Nell do you trust me?" Callen asked.

Without hesitation, she nodded.

Gibbs and Sam slowly entered the room and Marco's grip tightened on his gun.

Callen turned to them "OUT!" He ordered his voice completely cold.

They both backed out and looked at each other.

Then ran back into the room as a gunshot rang out.

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