Chapter 4

Both Marco and Nell crumpled to the ground and Callen was across the room in a flash.

"NELL!" The other two were right behind him and heard the pain in his voice.

He lifted her up and checked her over, she was not hurt, but she had fainted. Refusing any offers of help he held her tight and carried her out to the ambulance that was already waiting at the back of the property.

Gibbs flashed his and Sam's badges to the Local police officers who had cordoned off the building and allowed the four of them out of the building.

The rest of the team walked over to them. "Nell? Is she ok?" Kensi asked.

Callen never said a word he walked past them and placed her in the ambulance.

He laid a kiss on her forehead and stepped back.

"Kensi…Go with her…Please?" Callen asked.

Kensi nodded and climbed in the ambulance, "We'll see you at the hospital…right?" she asked. He turned and walked towards Gibbs as the paramedics closed the door and drove off.

Sam turned to Dawson and Deeks, "You two secure the scene, give Hetty a Sit Rep." He said and walked towards Callen and Gibbs.

Callen took his guns out and handed them carefully to Gibbs. "I'm done Gibbs. She's safe you can take me in now." He said.

Sam looked incredulous. Gibbs was going to arrest Callen.

"Gibbs…you can't!" Sam exclaimed.

Gibbs looked at him and handcuffed Callen.

"Yeah I can…." He pushed Callen into the back of his sedan and closed the door. "Sam, If Callen is going to stay we need to do this I'm not arresting him, but we are holding him…at least until Nell gets back from the hospital."

"But he's seen her again, you don't think he'd run do you?" Sam asked.

Gibbs stared and raised an eyebrow, "OK so he'd run!" Sam exclaimed and walked around the car and got in the passenger side.

Callen lay back in the backseat of Gibbs' car, totally resigned to his fate. For the first time in over a year, he slept soundly allowing all the exhaustion he had lived with to melt away.

Eight hours later Callen woke up in a bed….second time in a row.

He looked around confused, "Ok, so I'm at Gibbs' house….where the hell are my clothes?" he said looking around and realizing that apart from the boxers and the shirt he was in all his clothes were gone.

He got up and searched the drawers, his bag…his wallet and his weapons were all gone as well, then he tried the door, it was locked.

"Damn." Callen said and sat cross-legged on the bed. He gave in and went into the bathroom, as soon as he turned the faucet on, he thought he heard the door unlock.

By the time he had made it back out into the bedroom, he looked towards the door and stood still in shock. Just behind the door in their car seats asleep were the twins. A large diaper bag was placed next to them on the floor with a note.

'Meet your children….And play nice….Gibbs.'

"Damn you Gibbs." Callen cursed moving back to sitting on the bed staring at the babies.

He looked around and saw the small camera in the corner of the room, "Gibbs! Let me out!" Callen stepped around the children and hammered on the door.

At the noise, the twins woke up and started crying.

Callen looked at them and panicked. "Gibbs!"

Hearing his children cry broke his heart, he could not leave them crying, he undid the clips on both of the car seats and lifted his children out carefully placing them on the bed. He grabbed the diaper bag and positioned it to make sure the babies did not roll off the bed onto the floor and he stared at them.

Amy stared at him with bright eyes and he stared right back at her. She snuffled as she realized she was hungry and he rifled through the bag for a bottle of formula.

He tested it and it was warm, he figured that they knew the kids were due for a feed and had made the bottles up just for that, he lifted Amy up and tucked her in his arm.

"Test the milk on your wrist!" Abby voice filtered through the door.

"Done this before, Abbs." Callen said, nowhere near as mad with her as he had been that yesterday morning.

Nell looked at the others sitting around the laptop, "He has?" She asked.

Gibbs suddenly realized, "Foster care, he probably did this a lot."

With an expertise they did not know he possessed; he fed, burped and changed Amy and then did the same thing to Casey. He lay back on the bed holding his children in both arms he turned on his side and lay Casey next to Amy, using his body as a barrier he talked to them quietly, forgetting about the camera watching them.

"I am sorry, I love you both and I love your mom, more than you'll ever know, and I hope you both grow up and help your mom as you do." He said, "I can't stay there will always be people like the bad man who took your mom. Out to hurt you because of me. I know this now, it's why my father left…why he didn't want me….but I will always want you." He looked at their delicate features and ran his finger down both of their faces in awe. "You will both have each other and your mother. She won't let you go in the system and you'll be important…worth something…and safe."

He yawned again, he did wonder if he was ill as he kept sleeping so much, but he allowed their breathing to lull him off to sleep again.

The next time he woke up the twins were still asleep and he wasn't sure what had woken him till his instincts kicked in and he felt someone watching him.

He turned to find Nell sitting in a chair.

"Nell….I…" he said.

"Shh…" She got up walked over and kissed him. "Don't leave me." She said, putting as much feeling into that impassioned plea as she could.

"I can't go back I went too far…" Callen said sadly. Nell sat on the edge of the bed taking care not to wake their children.

"Hetty…She's put you down as undercover for a year." Nell said.

Callen shook his head….no…there was no way Hetty knew what was going to happen in the last year…was there?

"I…I can come home?" he asked hope in his voice.

The door opened and Sam, Deeks and Kensi stood the other side of it.

"We want you to come home Callen…we need you back…you're our family." Sam said.

"Please?" Nell said.

Callen gathered Nell into his arms and held her tight… "I'm scared." He whispered. She looked at the other and they backed out.

"Why G?"

"What if someone else comes after you or the twins, I don't know how to be a father, and I don't have a role model to work with….what if I hurt them, what if I'm not good enough."

Nell smiled. She placed a sleeping baby in each arm, they fretted a bit, and he instantly rocked them shushing them back to sleep.

"You have had them for three hours and you already know enough." She said. "How did you learn that much?" she asked.

"Foster Care, someone had to look after the little ones the foster carers didn't." he said.

"You are good enough. G. I know you cannot stop every evil that is out there waiting to face us all, but I know you will try your best. That's all I'll ever ask of you."

"I talked to Hetty, she knew you wouldn't go into the witness protection program, she had an undercover operation sanctioned. You still have a job G."

"What about that Dawson guy?"

The door knocked and Rob came in.

"Hey Callen, I think it's about time I introduced myself, Rob Dawson. Part of the NCIS-Blue team on attachment to special projects. I work directly under the SecNav." He said, "The rest of my team has been shadowing you this whole year."

Callen looked confused. "So you knew…Was I the only one who was unaware this was an undercover op?" he asked.

"Na….I think that McGee kid didn't know either. Although he had worked with you at one point, I thought he would have figured it out."

Robs phone rang, "Dawson….sure." he handed the phone to Callen.

Callen looked at it warily, "Callen." He said and listened,

"Mr. Callen," Hetty said sitting at her desk in OSP: LA

"Hetty," Callen replied.

"It's time to bring your family home and it's time for you to come home as well." She told him. "I'll expect you back at work tomorrow, also , you and Miss Jones should bring those beautiful children in with you. I should very much like to meet the newest members of our family."

With tears in his eyes, he closed the phone.

"We can go home Nell." He said as he enveloped her in his arms.

"Together?" She asked hopefully

"Together…Nell, If you'll have me…I'd like us to try and be a family."

"G, we are a family." She kissed him deeply.

"Marry me." Callen said surprised he had said it aloud and scared for her reaction.

Nell burst into tears as the others came in the room to see what all the commotion was about.

"YES!" she laughed jumping into his arms.

Hetty listening in on Nell's earwig in Los Angeles smiled.

Her 'children' were all safe and all, coming home. She poured herself a cup of tea and picked up a bridal magazine she had in her desk. Taking a sip, she sat back and opened the magazine.

"Oh Goody."

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