Chapter 3

Callen placed his guns on the desk and his hand up as his former team all leveled their weapons to protect Hetty.

"G….Please." Sam said begging his former partner to give up without a fight. Although he could already see his body tensing.

"Hetty…Please, I just need to know, where was she?" Callen looked at the woman he had trusted more than anyone in his life and in his heart prayed that she would tell him.

"Washington. D.C." Hetty said simply, "She was there." She glanced at the file on her desk, which she knew contained Nell's whereabouts.

Callen gave the ghost of a smile, "Thank you." He said.

He slowly moved to put his hands down as Rob moved to cuff him. In one swift fluid movement, he had his gun in one hand and Rob in a neck hold. "Grab the file put it in the bag." He snarled as his team members watched amazed at the change in attitude of their former teammate.

"Mr. Callen, I have to know….Are you Feral?" Hetty asked as he backed up to the door.

"Hetty I'm exactly what you made me…I am nothing and will always be that." He said as he reached the door; with a swift kick, he sent Dawson flying into Kensi and Sam.

Callen was gone.

"Eric, look on the cameras, find him!" Deeks called.

"No." Sam countermanded the order, "Hetty we need to go to Washington. We need to know what's in that file." Sam said.

Hetty nodded.

"Mr. Beale, four tickets to Washington D.C. next available flight." She said she then took the team aside, "You will meet up at the Navy yard with Agent Gibbs, Miss Jones has been staying with him. Apparently he insisted when he found out about her condition." She told them.

"She must have had the baby by now…was it taken with her?" Kensi asked.

"No, the babies were with Ms Scuito and Agent McGee for the night. They are both well."

"Twins?" Deeks grinned. "What sort?" he asked.

"Boy and girl." Hetty told them. "They need their mother and we need to get Mr. Callen back, he needs to know…I was wrong." They were surprised to hear Hetty admit that aloud, and then Sam understood.

"We will find him and protect them and bring them all home, G's family is here we need him, he's not worthless or feral, and he is wanted." Sam said with utter conviction. "Come on guys."

He grabbed his bag and the others followed him out of the mission.

In the car on the way to the airport Rob's curiosity overcame him, "What was with the speech before we left Sam?" he asked.

"The bullpen is bugged." Sam said simply.

"But the building is routinely swept?" Rob said confused.

"It is, but we knew about this one, it just wasn't confirmed active till today."

"How?" Deeks asked.

"Callen turned up didn't he, how do you think he knew Nell was in danger, he's been listening in to us, no matter how far gone he's trying to make us believe he is….he's not there yet."

Callen sat listening into the conversation in the bullpen stunned, two children….twins!

He was a father, and the mother of his children needed him to bring her home to raise them. He nearly crashed the jeep as Hetty said she was wrong and listened to Sam's impassioned plea to bring him and his family home.

He pulled up at the airport, booked his ticket under a false name, and got on the plane, this was not a passenger aircraft; for speed, he had managed to get a ride on a cargo plane and as he rested in the back, he thought about his children and his own father.

He wondered of his children, if either were blonde-haired and blue eyed like him or if they took after their mother.

He wished that Hetty had said what their names were, although maybe it was better for him if he did not know, as he would not see them grow up. He understood now why his own father had never claimed him, even though he knew he was alive. Despite Hetty's protestations she had been right, he was a danger to them, he would save Nell, leave her with Gibbs and disappear, he could keep and eye on his children from a distance and therefore keep them safe.

He slept, knowing that when he landed rest would be a luxury and he dreamt of two small children for the first time in a year.

As he landed the chilly Washington, wind whipped around his shirt and he pulled his jacket out of his bag. He slipped out of the airport avoiding the terminal not realizing the plane that was coming into land as he left the gate was carrying his old team.

Not even thinking he made his way along the familiar streets to East Laurel Drive where Agent Gibbs lived. He found a spot across the road where he could watch without being seen.

Gibbs looked out of the window he had a thought that someone was watching him. He picked up the phone and checked in with Tim and Abby who were looking after Nell's babies. He had arrived back the night before, with dinner for Nell to find the door open and she was gone.

He had looked around and found the US Marshal's that had been guarding her dead in the garden. Having called Abby and made sure the babies were safe with her and Tim; he had called Hetty and let her know. Granted he had not known why she was in protection but as soon as he had found out these were Callen's babies, he had pulled every string to be able to protect her.

Over the year they had grown close, Gibbs telling her of the Callen he knew and she doing the same for him. He had even been there when Casey and Amy were born.

Then months after they were born the twins had ingratiated themselves with the whole team, Nell had helped the team with computer work from home, but nothing big enough to cause her to blip anyone's radar and then the twins were due their six-week check. Nell had gone to a local doctor who was dating Marco Michelli's sister. This had gone unnoticed in the Marshal's checks and he had been able to tell his soon to be brother in law where Nell was staying.

Luckily, Abby had been begging Nell for weeks to be able to have both babies overnight and having dragged Tim in to babysit with her, they had talked her into a well-needed respite night.

Looking again out of the window, Gibbs raised a bottle of beer in Callen's direction and walked down to his basement.

Moments after he'd poured himself a drink he heard the bottle upstairs opening and he looked up as a thinner and more battered Callen than he remembered descended the stairs.

"Callen, welcome back to the human race," He deadpanned.

Callen sat on the bottom step, "What happened Jethro, you were supposed to keep her safe?" He asked tiredly.

Gibbs took a drink and sat on an old sawhorse. "The doctor treating your children…he knew the Michelli's, it missed a Marshal's background check."

"The kids…they're sick?" Callen asked instantly worried.

"Nope. Healthy as horses." Gibbs smiled. "Your kids are red heads." He told the younger man.

Callen allowed himself a small smile. "Yeah?"

"Casey and Amy," Callen was told, he could not contain the smile she had named his daughter after his sister. Then he wiped his face clear.

"They'll need their mother, I don't want them growing up in the system." He said earnestly.

"The need their father too." Gibbs said hoping to talk some sense into his friend.

"No!" Callen stood up, "Hetty's right, I'll only get them killed, and I have the Michelli's after me and the Comescu's. I understand now why my father didn't raise me….it's too dangerous, I'm a feral Gibbs, no one's child and my children are better off not knowing me!" he stated.

You're wrong, Gibbs thought, but knowing the other man like he did he knew better than to make him run off again.

Gibbs just nodded, "Rest now Callen, we'll find Nell in the morning,"

"I'll rest when she's safe. Will you help me save her Gibbs?" He asked, grabbing his bag ready to run if his old friend said no.

"We all will." Sam said, "We've got your back G." he and the team stood at the top of the stairs.

Callen shot off across the room, gun in hand. "Sam…Why?"

"Because despite your bout of temporary insanity, we are family G, Nell is family and we save our own." Sam said.

Callen lowered the gun…he was not sure, really where he stood, but for her…he would trust them.


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