Where I belong

Chapter 10

Tim and Gibbs both walked back into the bullpen as Tony stood up.

"We've got him, he's in interrogation." Tony said.

Tim stifled the urge to follow Gibbs knowing that he would stop him, so he waited until Gibbs and Tony had left for interrogation, and Ziva had left the bullpen… then he followed.

Slipping into observation Tim looked at the face of a man he had not seen for three years and had hoped never to see again.

Derek Johnson sat resting his blond head on the palms of his hands, elbows resting on the table looking incredibly bored.

Gibbs looked at the file he had. He leaned back, looking just as bored as Derek. Then he leant forward, putting himself nose to nose with his quarry.

"So, you know Layla Somers?" He started slowly.

"I've heard of her." Derek said noncommittally. "She's the one with the half caste kid right?"

Tim's fists balled behind the glass.

"We have information that you have been using her to try and get classified information from a federal agent and we have you for assault on a federal agent."

"Timmy deserved all he got." Derek said without thinking,

"And Layla, we know you blackmailed her into hurting Tim and her son."

Derek laughed, "She was so easy. She loved him, neither of them had any family that supported them, they were easy prey."

Tim closed his eyes and worked on his breathing.

"So how is the Lentino Crime family involved in this and how did you find out that Agent McGee was working on a classified project in the first place."

"His old man told Frankie, he owed him money and when I told Frankie I knew the kid it was easy."

"His old man?" Tony leant in and asked.

"Some Admiral type in the Navy, hated his kid gave me all the info I needed, plus a bonus if I could keep Layla away from the kid."

Tim slumped into a chair. All of this the abuse from Layla, towards him and his son was because ultimately of his father.

Gibbs heard a door slam he looked up and he gave Tony the folder "Finish up." He said and left the room.

He saw Tim go into the elevator, watched as the light for the garage came on, then ran, and took the stairs two at a time to meet him there.

"McGee!" he called.

Tim slowed imperceptibly, but then continued.

"STOP!" Gibbs yelled.

Automatically Tim stopped. When he turned, Gibbs was shocked at the grief and anger on his junior agents' face.

"I… I gotta bring him in Boss." Tim said.

"Just bring him in Tim?" Gibbs asked, placing a hand on Tim's shoulder.

"I wanna kill him for what he did to us, to me…. to Trey, but he needs to pay for what he did to the Navy, he can't get away with this." Tim said visibly shaking.

"Let me and Tony bring him in." Gibbs said.

"Boss, please, I need to be there, for Trey."

Gibbs nodded. "OK, but you don't touch him, not a word McGee, got it?"

"Yes Boss." Tim capitulated.

Twenty minutes later they set off, Tony and Gibbs in one car and Ziva and Tim in another.

Another hour later, they pulled up outside a large house on Windsor Road in Belle Haven.

"Wow, your folks live here?" Tony whistled in appreciation, he came from money, but this house was large even by his standards.

"Yeah." Tim said shyly and leaned against the car.

"DiNozzo, you're with me." Gibbs said as they walked up to the door.

Ziva stood next to Tim and held his arm for support.

Gibbs knocked the door and Ziva heard Tim's intake of breath as a stunning red headed woman opened the door.

'Mom' he whispered.

"Mrs McGee?" Gibbs said. She looked at him and then saw Tim. Gibbs watched her carefully as love, concern then fear crossed her face. "He can't be here." She breathed.

"I'm Special Agent Gibbs NCIS; we're here to see Admiral McGee." Gibbs said showing his credentials.

"Viv, who's at the door?" A gruff voice came from the back. A large overbearing man came to the door.

"Gibbs, NCIS." Gibbs said, showing his badge again.

The Admiral looked him up and down with disdain. Then he looked and saw Tim standing with Ziva.

"YOU WERE TOLD NEVER TO COME BACK HERE!" He yelled forgetting the others and strode across his lawn grabbing Tim by the throat and slamming him up against the car.

"Get off me." Tim pulled the Admiral's hands off him.

"You and that kid of yours are scum boy; I don't want your kinda filth here!" The Admiral punched Tim in the stomach and as he fell turned to kick him.

Within seconds, he was in handcuffs.

"You're under arrest for assaulting a federal agent." Gibbs said.

"That's an agent." Admiral McGee sneered a slight smile crossed his face as his son flinched at his remark.

"Yeah, and a great one too!" Tony countered back, shoving the Admiral unceremoniously into the back of the sedan.

"McGee, Ziva. Follow up later; we'll take the Admiral in."

"Boss?" Tim asked, confused.

"Visit with your mom Tim, the Admiral can stew a while." Gibbs said with a smirk.

Gibbs and Tony drove away and Tim took a couple of steps up the driveway.

"Mom?" he said tentatively unsure of her reaction.

She looked at him and where the Admiral had gone as soon as the car went out of sight she ran to Tim and flung her arms around him, "Timmy, my baby I've missed you so much." She cried.

He hugged her back, breathing in her scent and remembering just what she felt like, just in case he never had the chance again. "I've missed you to mom." He said his voice hoarse with emotion.

"Please," Vivian McGee said as she pulled back from her son, "Come in." she showed them into the living room.

Tim sat remembering his childhood in the home, the good and the bad.

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