Where I belong

Chapter 11

Tim sat there, sitting upright on his mother's sofa feeling uncomfortable.

He remembered growing up there, his mother calm and loving when his father wasn't around and the looks of disappointment, he got from his father.

He remembered when he was twelve and he had first stood up to his father.

Twelve-year-old Tim McGee had been working all week on his father's birthday card. The Admiral was due back from deployment today and Sarah and his mother had gone as usual to meet his ship as it docked. He had been ordered, to remain behind. Although all of Admiral McGee's shipmates knew about his dark haired, bright-eyed daughter, no one knew about his geeky embarrassment of a son.

Vivian and Sarah had spent two days decorating the living room with welcome home and happy birthday banners, streamers and balloons, Vivian, and her three-year-old daughter had made a slightly lopsided chocolate cake, which Sarah had decorated with a myriad of cake decorations.

Tim was working on a card from him, a seascape picture done in watercolor he had just the final additions to do, he had shown it to his art teacher at school who had been so impressed he had taken a photograph of it for Tim's art files. He had even suggested that Tim take up art as an elective next year. Tim had declined as he wanted to study computers, but he had been pleased he had been able to impress his stoic art teacher. If it could impress him, surely his father would love it?

Tim heard the car door shut and Sarah's voice happily chatting to her father about her new friend in kindergarten floated in through the open window.

He carefully folded the card up, checked his appearance in the mirror and ran downstairs to where he knew his father would expect him to be when he opened the door.

The Admiral opened the door with a smile on his face as he listened to his daughter, which quickly faded as he saw is son standing at the bottom of the stairs.

"Timothy." He snapped and Tim stood up straighter.

"Wel...Welcome ba. ." Tim stammered.

The Admiral looked at his poor excuse for a son, "I see that therapist was a waste of my money," He snapped.

Tim immediately looked at the floor, "S… S… Sorry." He whispered, tucking the card behind his back.

The Admiral's attention was taken by Vivian walking into the room carrying a huge lopsided cake happily telling her husband that Sarah had helped her make it and how they had both decorated the living room. Tim sat in the corner, not daring to speak, but enjoying seeing his mother and sister happy.

The girls chatting happily took the plates out to the kitchen and cleared up the mess as The Admiral turned to his son.

"My Office, five minutes." The Admiral said and walked out of the room.

Tim ran upstairs to grab his report card knowing that was what his father wanted to see.

Exactly 4 minutes and fifty-nine seconds later, he knocked on the door of the study.

"Enter." The Admirals voice came from the other side.

Tim pushed open the door and placed his card for his father and his report card side by side on his desk.

The Admiral scowled at the A+ report card and then opened the birthday card. He took in the artwork and all the effort his son must have put into making it and looked over at his boy noticing the small spark of hope in his eyes.

With a sneer, he ripped the card up and threw it in the bin. "You could have done better." He said, "With both your grades and that pitiful excuse for a card."

"Tim… Timothy?" Tim heard his mother's voice cutting through his memories, slamming him back to the present.

Vivian looked at her son, taking in the changes she could see in him.

"Why…. Why did you never try and call me?" Tim asked quietly.

"Your father wouldn't allow it. He checks the phone records." Viv told her son. She passed him a coffee and Ziva a cup of Tea. "Can I see him, I mean… do you have a picture?" she asked tentatively.

Tim smiled and took a picture of Trey out of his wallet. He had one of him as a baby, one at three years old and one a few weeks ago taken for his sixth birthday.

Viv looked at them with tears in her eyes. "Oh my goodness Timmy, he's perfect."

Tim smiled at his mother's reaction.

"Mom, Dad's in real trouble, I don't think he's going to escape jail for this. I cannot tell you what he did, but it is bad. I just want to let you know if he goes to jail, I will be there to help where I can."

"Tim," Vivian took a deep breath "Is this about that top secret project you were working on in Norfolk?"

"What do you know about it mom?" Tim asked guardedly

"Your father found out you were working on a project for SECNAV, he was really mad he stormed around the house for days until he met a man… I can't remember his last name but his first name was Derek. I didn't like him. Both of them met in your father's study I heard them, saying nasty things about you and Layla… I'm sorry Timmy, I wanted to stop him, but he's my husband. I didn't know what to do."

"Mom you need to come in with us and give a statement," Tim said.

"But if he sees me…" She trailed off scared.

"He won't and besides, I have someone back there who would really love to meet you." Tim smiled at his mother as she brightened up realizing she would finally get to meet her grandson.

Vivian got her coat and they all headed off to the navy yard.

When they arrived, Vivian followed Ziva and Gibbs to the squad room. The elevator opened and Abby stood there waiting to go down.

"Hey Tim," she said, looking at their visitor.

"Abby, this is my Mom, Vivian." Tim said

Abby took a step back and looked at her suspiciously.

"She's ok Abbs," Tim said and guided his mom onto the floor as Ziva made her way to the bullpen.

Abby grinned and hugged his mom. "Hello." She said.

Vivian laughed "Hello Abby,"

Trey came running round the corner, "Abby, Abby, you forgot my…" Trey stopped as he saw the new woman, grabbed hold of his dad's leg, and hid behind him.

Vivian bent down and looked at Trey, "Hello Trey, my name is Viv, I'm your Grandma."

Trey looked at his dad who nodded.

"Like Grandpa Ducky… Or a real Grandma?" He asked.

"I'm your daddy's mother, so I'm a real Grandma." Vivian said kindly.

Trey dropped the picture he was holding and launched himself at his Grandmother, "I always wanted a real Grandma!" he realized what he was doing and stepped back, "Is that ok…. I mean… Am I ok… what you wanted?" he asked.

Vivian burst into tears, "You are perfect, I am so lucky to be your Grandma." She gathered him up, hugged, and kissed him.

"Abbs, I have to go and help Gibbs, Will you take my Mom and Trey to the break room?"

Abby nodded and as she ushered them away Tim pulled her up, "Stay with them, I know she's my mom… but I haven't seen her in a while I need you to keep my son safe." He asked.

Abby smiled at him, "Of course I will." She said and bounced off following them.

Gibbs sat at his desk and looked up as Tim entered the bullpen.

"Have you interviewed the Admiral yet?" Tim asked Gibbs.

"Na, letting him stew for a while," Gibbs grinned at the smile Tim gave.

"My mother has some information, she told Ziva and me so I brought her in, she's with Trey and Abby in the break room. I was hoping Ziva could talk to her. I know I can't because of the conflict of interest." Tim said.

"Ok, I'll send Ziva into the break room to talk to her." Gibbs said.

"Thanks Boss, but not in front of Trey ok?" Tim said and then hastily sat down as Gibbs gave him an 'as if you think I would' look.

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