Where I belong

Chapter 12

Admiral McGee had sat in the interrogation room for five hours, apart from a meal and an Agent accompanying him to the head, no one had asked him any questions.

He was fuming. His life had been going great then that little shit turns up in his life again… he wasn't even sure he really was his son. He was too geeky and hated the water. Yet again Timothy McGee had been the cause of his problems.

He sat there silently cursing the boy and that little half-breed of his.

The door opened and Agent Gibbs came in with Tim.

The Admiral gave him an undisguised look of disgust, then hatred as Tim took the seat opposite from the Admiral and Gibbs sat in the corner.

"Isn't this a conflict of interest?" The Admiral asked Gibbs.

Gibbs shrugged his shoulders.

"Admiral McGee this would only be a conflict of interest if I actually gave a damn about you, Agent Gibbs is here for your protection that is all any questions you have and your confession will be directed to me," Tim said coldly.

"Why you little….." The Admiral started rising to his feet.

Tim stood up, "Agent McGee or Sir will be fine. Now, SIT DOWN!" His voice was forceful and rolled around the room; a raised eyebrow from Gibbs reassured McGee he was doing fine.

The Admiral sat shocked at his son's tone of voice.

"Now, you are going to tell me how you found out about Operation Lightning and how you tried to sell it off to pay your gambling debts." Tim said.

"You can't prove I have gambling debts, you're nothing but a pencil pushing geek." The Admiral snarled.

Tim smiled.

At this, even Gibbs was scared; (Although he would never admit It.) here was a side of McGee he had never seen.

"Admiral McGee, I am a fully fledged Federal Agent," He leaned forwards and lowered his voice, "I can shoot the wings off a fly." He whispered to his father, and then he leaned back and raised his voice to a normal level as the Admiral swallowed in fear. "I am also as you put it a Geek, Admiral. Everything is computerized these days, I know everything about you, and I do mean everything."

He opened a file the entire contents of Admiral's gambling debts, screenshots of his meetings with the Lentino crime family and his, what he thought were very candid shots of him, with his very male, second in command in a very compromising position.

At the photo's he blanched.

"How?" He breathed.

"Like you said yourself…. I'm a Geek," Tim leant back in his chair as the Admiral took it all in.

"If your mother see's this it will destroy the family you can't do this to us again!" he got furious and Gibbs could see where Tim got his temper.

"Vivian McGee will be fine, she will testify against you and I have arranged for her to go into the witness protection program where she will never have to deal with you again." Tim said.

The Admiral grabbed Tim by the throat, Gibbs as asked, did nothing.

"You little shit, you should have stayed in the gutter where you belong." He snarled.

Tim twisted his arm and slammed the Admiral into the wall.

"I am right where I belong." He said back, "Now talk." He said, shoving the now handcuffed Admiral back into his seat.

Admiral McGee sat and focused on the desk.

Seeing he had no choice the Admiral gave up all the information he had on the Lentino crime family and was, also informed by McGee that he would be subject to a Court Marshall.

"But…. M… My R… Rank." The Admiral stuttered.

"You'll lose that," Said Tim with undisguised glee. "Oh, and we can get someone to help with that stammer too!" He grinned.

"Have a nice life, Marion." He grinned.

At that and as he closed the door even Gibbs laughed, "Marion McGee?"

Tim smiled back at his boss, "Didn't you look at his records Boss, there was a reason we all called him The Admiral. Penny thought it would be empowering for him."

Gibbs wiped a small tear of mirth from his eyes. "You ok Tim?" he asked.

"Yeah, it may not have been empowering for him, but it did wonders for me. Do you think Ziva got anything out of my mom?" He asked.

"I don't know, you know she won't be put into witness protection just for testifying against your father don't you?" Gibbs said.

"I know, but I know she will move and if he thinks she's in protection… well, he won't try to find her." Tim said.

They both entered the bullpen as Ziva and Vivian walked in.

"Hey mom, how did it go?" Tim asked.

"Timothy, did you know…. About your father and other…. Men?" she walked close to him and whispered the last word in his ear.

Tim walked her to a conference room.

Ziva went to follow but Gibbs headed her off. "He needs to do this alone." He told her.

The door shut, and Tim sat his mother down in the chair.

"Mom, do you remember when dad stopped talking to me?" He asked.

"You were eleven, I had taken Sarah to my mothers, when I came back you two weren't speaking."

Tim sat in the chair next to her and held her hand as he flashed back in his mind to that weekend.

It was late afternoon, his mom had taken his sister to his grandmother's house for the weekend. Tim had been unwell and had spent the day in his room working on a model frigate his father had brought him.

He had heard voices downstairs, his father had a man from his ship over and Tim knew he was supposed to remain upstairs. However, his throat was so sore he thought he would just ask his father for a drink.

He got to his father's study door and opened it a crack and his eyes went wide.

His father and his friend whom he knew were from the ship were bent over the desk, naked from the waist down grunts and groans emanating from both men.

The Admiral pulled out of his second in command and went over to clean himself up as Chet. His second spotted the boy. "HEY!" He yelled alerting his father to his presence.

Marion McGee had grabbed his son. "Timmy. You were told never to come down when I had company, now I don't know what you think you saw." He said.

"I didn't see anything." Tim said not wanting to get into any more trouble.

"Sir, you let me deal with this." Chet said.

The Admiral nodded and turned to Tim, "You do as your told boy." He snapped still mad and walked away.

Chet knelt down and stroked Tim's hair, "Come here boy." He said.

Tim took a step towards him.

Tim jumped as Vivian carried on talking to him. "Wasn't that the weekend you started to stutter?" she asked.

Tim went pale.

He ran out of the room made it halfway down the corridor and threw up.

"McGee?" Gibbs said coming over having seen Tim run out of the room.

"Timmy?" Vivian asked, seeing the distress in her son's face.

"It's all my fault boss, if I hadn't gone downstairs…" Tim sagged against the wall and sobbed.

Both Vivian and Gibbs looked at each other confused.

Vivian put her arm around her son, "Whatever your father did to you that weekend was not your fault." She said trying to comfort him.

Tim sniffed and wiped his eyes with his sleeve.

"Wasn't him." He said between sniffs.

Gibbs looked at him, "It was Chet… his second… he….. He….. Oh God Boss… He raped me… I didn't remember…. Why couldn't I remember." Tim collapsed into a sobbing heap. "I told dad, he said it was my fault for being bad, that I had been seeing lies, and now I was telling them, then he beat me and told me not ever to tell."

Right then Gibbs wanted to go and beat the ex-admiral to a pulp.

Tim sniffed again and wiped his eyes, "Where's Trey, I need to see him, I need to know he's safe." He got up and headed for Abby's lab, with Vivian and Gibbs on his heels.

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