Where I belong

Chapter 13

Tim ran into Abby's lab and scooped Trey up in his arms.

"Daddy?" Trey said, confused as to the reason his dad was hugging him and crying. "Did momma hurt you again?" he started getting agitated himself looking behind his father as if expecting to see his mother in the doorway.

"No baby, I just got a bit upset and needed to see that you were safe." Tim said hurt that he had inadvertently scared his son

"I'm fine daddy, I've been helping Abby with Major Mass Spec and we took my DNA look daddy, it's like yours." He said smiling.

Tim looked up a smidgen of anger, then a huge smile crossed his face.

"It is Trey it really is, just like mine." He smiled "Do you want to stay with Abby for a bit longer; I still have some work to do."

Trey smiled, "Yes, please Daddy that is, if it's ok with you Auntie Abby?" He grinned, showing everyone the gap in his teeth from the latest tooth he had lost last night.

Abby clutched at her heart and feigned fainting, "Aww… he called me Auntie Abby he loves me!" she exclaimed.

"But I do Auntie Abby!" Trey said running over and hugging her legs.

The other adults in the room all smiled.

Tim kissed his son, "I'll see you later then, " he said and left the room.

Gibbs and Vivian followed.

Once they were out of earshot, Tim directed them both to an empty room.

"Boss, mom needs to see those photos." Tim said.

"Ok Tim, it's your call if you think it will help." Gibbs said.

"I do." Tim said.

"Timmy, why did you look mad at that young lady for showing Trey his DNA?" Vivian asked, Gibbs was interested in the answer as well.

Tim looked at his feet unwilling to admit his biggest fear.

"I didn't know…. Not for sure… until Abby showed us… there was some doubt Trey was my son." Tim admitted.

"But you stayed and went through that anyway?" Gibbs asked.

"Went through what?" Vivian asked.

Tim stood up and started pacing the room.

"Layla, Trey's mom…."

"Oh, do I get to meet her?" Vivian asked.

"NO!" Gibbs and Tim said together.

"Oh?" Vivian looked confused.

"She's been sentenced to 3 years for spousal abuse and the attempted murder of a federal agent." Gibbs told them both, he had found out about her hearing that morning, she had pleaded guilty and had her case fast tracked. Gibbs had been informed by phone just before Tim and his mother had returned.

Tim looked up in surprise.

"She pled guilty?" he asked and Gibbs nodded.

Tim sat heavily, "So…. We're safe?" he asked.

"Yes, Tim. Derek Johnson's hearing is next week, if we can get the Admiral's statement against him and yours as well, Mrs. McGee, we should be able to send him down for a long time."

Tim's mind was reeling; he could see the indecision in his mother's mind about giving evidence against his father, "Mom. It wasn't just that he let Chet rape me…. There's something else you need to see…. I'm sorry mom…" Tim said, taking the folder from Gibbs' hand and sliding it across the table to his mother.

Vivian opened the folder and looked at the photographs of her husband with another man.

She looked at them and closed the folder, "I knew son." She said,

Tim looked incredulous "You knew?"

Vivian nodded and looked up at the hurt in her son's eyes. "Oh God NO! Tim… At no time did I have any idea that had happened to you, I knew you and your father had a strained relationship… I thought you knew about him sleeping with men and had fought about it. Then I heard about you and that woman… Layla? Then I thought that was what you had fought about."

"Really Mom!" Tim said, getting angry. "I developed a stutter at eleven years old. The Admiral refuses to talk to me from then on or spend any time with me, when I crashed my car at sixteen he never even came to the hospital for more than signing the consent form… And you thought that was my fault because I found out he was GAY!" Tim thumped his fists on the table.

"You were my mother! You were supposed to protect me. I know you couldn't protect me from the rape; I don't blame you for that, but for him! You could have protected me from him!" Tim was angry years of hurt were flooding to the surface and he couldn't stop his tears from falling. It hadn't even occurred to him that his boss was still in the room.

Gibbs had sat back, he knew Tim needed to get this out for his own healing and as long as no one was physically hurt, he'd stand down.

Vivian got up and hugged her son as he fell to his knees.

"I'm sorry Timmy, I'll give you what you need, and I've been so blind I believed him, I promise he'll never come near either of you again." She said stroking his hair as he sobbed into her shoulder. "I didn't know….. I was scared he'd leave me, that I'd be alone." She cried as she admitted her failing to him.

"Mom," Tim sat back and composed himself so fast that Gibbs swore he saw a Tony-taught mask, fly onto his face. "You need to make your statement now," he told her, the scared and hurt little boy instantly replaced by the cold professional Federal Agent.

Vivian nodded and Gibbs gestured to the window behind Tim, where he knew a tech was on duty.

Vivian spent the next hour going over all she knew and by the end of it they had enough remembered phone calls and her being a witness to meetings between The Admiral, Derek Johnson and different members of the Lentino crime family to make charges on both of them stick.

As she finished, she looked at her son.

"I am very proud of you Tim," She said, she knew it was not much and he probably would not think it meant much but she needed to say it anyway.

"You…. You are?" Tim said.

Vivian stood up and put her hands on his shoulders, "Yes, I am, you are an excellent father and a Federal Agent, you have good friends, which also shows me the type of man you became in spite of your father's influence."

"No mom, I became the man I am because of his influence, I was and am determined to be the opposite of him."

Vivian looked at her son with new-found pride. Over the last seven years, she had believed the lies that her husband had fed her and knew that now… now he was going, hopefully, to jail and she had a chance to rebuild her life that she could finally do it the way she wanted, with her son and her Grandson as a part of her life.

"Tim, I think that as much as you were hurt by your father and Layla, I had the emotional abuse of your fathers to deal with and you had the physical….if you will allow me, Tim, can we heal together?"

Gibbs looked over hoping this would be a turning point in Tim's recovery and his healing with his family.

Tim looked wary but nodded. "I'd like to try." He said.

Gibbs slipped out of the room as Tim and his mom hugged and together started to heal.

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