Where I belong

Chapter 4

As soon as Trey and Duck left, Tim sat back on the bed and let out a huge sigh.

"Boss please, Just you. I'll do it, I'll talk, but just to you, please." Tim said.

Tony's eyes got wider as he suddenly realized what was going on. He crouched down so he was eye to eye with Tim. "Tim, I think I know what you've been through. I just want you to know I have your back and I do not think any less of you now than I did earlier. Tell Gibbs everything, you don't have anything to be ashamed of, we care about you Tim and want what's best for both you and your son." He said and stood up, Tony turned and ushered Ziva out of the door.

"Thanks." Tim said in a quiet voice just as Tony was about to leave.

Tony shot him a huge grin and left.

Gibbs sat in the chair opposite from the bed and waited.

Tim took a deep breath and sat back.

"It all started when I was in Norfolk, just before I joined your team," Tim said.

"We had just had that case where I first met you guys and I met Abby and we dated for a while. Just before I joined your team, Abby and I broke up. On the rebound, I met Layla Somers. I thought she loved me…." Tim stopped trying to collect himself. "She was acting for her boyfriend Derek Johnson. He wanted me to fall for her and then break into the NCIS database for them and pass on confidential details for his bosses."

"Did you?" Gibbs asked.

"NO! Boss I'd never….." Tim spluttered upset that Gibbs even had to ask. "Anyway, I did fall for Layla and even though we both used precautions she fell pregnant. She didn't want the baby but I talked her into it and as they still thought I would change my mind she agreed and had Treyvon." He smiled briefly remembering the birth of his son.

"After she had him she changed as they both realized that I liked working for you and I wasn't going to betray my oath….. She started…." He stopped finding it hard to say.

"When did she first hit you?" Gibbs asked gently.

Tim looked at the floor, unable to meet his boss's eyes.

"The day she brought Trey home," he replied quietly.

"Go on..." Gibbs urged

"I picked her up from the hospital and Derek was at her house, they tried to get me to break the encryption on the NCIS firewalls. I wouldn't do it and he watched while she punched me…. I couldn't hit her boss, she was the mother of my child and a woman and I…. God, boss, I loved her." Tim cried silently, his shoulders shaking berating himself for looking weak in front of his boss.

"We split up after the first time, but I had to keep in contact because of Trey, I couldn't abandon him, he's my son." Tim said. "I didn't tell you because I was scared that you would see me as weak and that you would kick me off your team."

"I wouldn't have done that. I picked you remember." Gibbs said.

"Yeah," Tim said halfheartedly.

"And…." Gibbs prompted again.

Tim sighed. "I kept in touch with her, she kept on hitting me. Not all the time boss just if she had had a hard day, Derek left her after Trey was born and it is hard to be a single mother. I paid her child support and saw Trey everyday when she would let me. But she started to get worse as the years went on, she hooked up with Johnson again when Trey was three. I went to see her, she had had a hard day, she went mad hitting me when I tried to see Trey I found that he had been crying all day, and she had locked him in the basement in the dark. He was curled up sobbing, she had hit him and well, I could not leave him there so I took him and got custody. The judge signed him over, Layla broke his arm and a rib… Boss, he was three years old. I can understand me I deserved it, I made mistakes that upset her, but he was a baby."

Gibbs felt sorry for Tim but did not want to push him anymore than he had to.

"We were fine for a while, but every time we settle somewhere she and Johnson seem to find us. She has taken him from kindergarten twice and broken into three apartments. Usually we move before she causes too much trouble. However, this time I had Mrs. Winters watch Trey and she did not warn us, too much daytime T.V. She figured the mother was right. She put him in danger, Layla wanted to take Trey again today… but he wasn't there so…. So…. She shot me." Tim finished.

Gibbs knew there was more to this story, but Tim had finally admitted to being shot by Layla and that was all he needed. He got up without a word and stalked out of the room.

Tim looked after Gibbs exit; he had seen the fury in Gibbs' eyes and knew that Gibbs was mad with him for being so weak and that his days as a Federal Agent were over.

Alone, sat in the hospital room, he sobbed his life, as he knew it was over.

Gibbs turned the corner to where Tony and Ziva were waiting.

"We've got her! Any info on that Bolo on Layla Somers yet?" He asked.

Tony shook his head.

"No, how's Tim, you did tell him that his job is safe and that you don't blame him didn't you?" Tony asked.

"Later, I wanna get this woman first." Gibbs growled.

"No! Boss." Tony stopped dead and turned back in the direction of Tim's room. "He's in there right now probably thinking that he has lost your trust and that you think he's weak. I've seen cases like this before in Baltimore, with male victims after they've testified there is a higher risk of suicide due to the emotional rollercoaster he's on right now."

Ziva watched aghast as Tony turned Gibbs around and frog marched him back to Tim's room.

As they walked into the room Tim was all but dressed and was sloppily putting his shoes on, wincing has he bent over and put pressure on his leg.

"Hey Tim, where you off to?" Tony asked brightly.

"Does it matter?" Tim snapped and grabbed up his bag.

"McGee, the doctor said you were to rest." Gibbs said.

"What do you care, here? You'll need this." Tim said, tossing his badge at Gibbs and pushing past him on his quest to find his son.

"Tim!" Gibbs said, "I told you once before if you were to give me this you had better be ready to lose it."

"Better I give it you now and save you the trouble of firing me, now get outta my way." Tim was furious. He had bared his soul to Gibbs given him everything he had asked for and then he had just walked away. "You have what was left of my dignity now just let me get my son and go!" He snapped.

"McGee! You can walk away now and believe that I think you're weak and ruin the rest of your life or you can collect your son and meet us back at the bullpen and help us catch her so she won't harm you or your son again like the capable federal agent I know you are." Gibbs said.

Tim turned and looked at Gibbs, "You still want me on your team?"

"Times a wasting Elf lord, Hurry up." Gibbs said with a small grin in the hope that flashed over Tim's face.

"On it Boss," He smiled and headed in the direction of Trey and Ducky.

"Nicely handled boss," Tony said quietly as Tim walked off with Ziva who was going to drive them to the Navy yard.

Tony yelped as Gibbs raised his hand, but instead of the expected headslap, he got a pat on the back, "Thanks DiNozzo." Gibbs smiled and walked towards the car. A beaming Tony following behind.

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