Where I belong

Chapter 5

Tony sat in the bullpen searching leads for Gibbs and support groups on the side for Tim. He knew Tim would be in soon and he wanted more than anything, for Tim to know he was not alone in this.

Gibbs went to get Abby, as he knew from the frantic phone call Tony' had received on the way back that she knew that Tim had been shot and he headed down to her lab to reassure her and see if she had managed to get anything on the evidence that had been sent to her earlier.

"GIBBS!" Abby yelled over her music, which she went to turn down.

He could see she had been crying. "Hey Abbs, whatcha got me?" He asked.

"I can't believe someone shot Timmy?!" She rambled, she still cared more than she ever wanted to admit, but Tim was a member of the team and the fact that someone could hurt any member of her 'family' was shocking to her.

"Abbs? Evidence." Gibbs said and waited.

"They used Tim's gun. A P229 Sig Sauer. I got a print off it but no matches from AVIS. I'm searching the police database now."

"It'll belong to a Layla Somers, I have a cell number for her, and can you track it?" Gibbs asked.

"Sure, does Tim know her? Did he tell you how she got his gun?" Abby asked.

"Not now Abbs." Gibbs snapped.

"Her cell phone is turned off right now, but when it is reactivated I'll let you know." She said.

"Thanks Abbs." Gibbs said and gestured to the Caf-Pow he had left on her desk, she flashed him a brilliant smile as he left.

Tim, Trey and Ducky arrived about an hour later.

Ducky walked them up to Tim's desk. "Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked Tim.

"I need to do this Ducky, Trey do you wanna go with Ducky?" Tim asked his son, who still traumatized by the fact his father had been shot clung tightly to Tim's good leg.

Tim nodded, understanding. "Ok sport, you sit down here, no one will be able to see you. You want your laptop?" he asked.

Trey's face brightened and he nodded, "Please daddy."

Tim handed it over, "Just approved sites only. Ok?"

Trey nodded and started playing.

Tony walked over to Tim. "I don't know if you're ready for these yet, but I have a list of support groups you may want to check out. If you want to go I can have Trey anytime you need or I can go with you if you want." He said

"Why would you want to help me like this?" Tim said, he had been convinced that Tony would be the first one to mock him.

"I worked violent crimes in Peoria, I knew some male victims of domestic violence, one of whom was my old partner, Jake. He didn't have any support and he didn't make it." He said quietly.

Tim was suddenly struck by how much Tony really was helping and understanding, "And I'm your partner so I've got your six." He said

"Thanks." Tim took the papers and put them on his desk. "So what have we got so far?" he asked.

He looked over the paperwork Tony handed him, "She has a brother in Culver City. They haven't spoken since I took Trey, but maybe it's worth a chance." He suggested he wrote Andrew Somers' name and address down and gave it to Tony.

He turned back to his desk and looked back at Tony. "Did you see Trey leave?" He asked, worried, as there was an empty space where Trey was supposed to be sitting.

"No?" Tony said, "Maybe he went to the head, we'd better find him."

Tim limped carefully towards the back elevator as Tony went towards the break room in search of Trey.

He decided to start at the bottom and work his way up through the building.

As he exited the elevator, he heard Abby yell. "Don't touch that!" followed by a crash.

Abby hit the HAZMAT button as a cloud of smoke blew up towards the air extractors in the ceiling.

She had turned her back for a moment and had turned back around to see a small child trying to reach one of her action figures on her desk, in the process, he had knocked over a jar of trichloroethylene she grabbed him and pulled him away fearing he would get hurt.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" She yelled, still shook up over the incident.

Trey scrambled into the corner and raised his arms above his head in a defensive pose.

Abby looked shocked, yes, she had yelled, but no one had ever been frightened of her before.

"What's going on?" Tim said, "Are you ok?"

"Someone let their kid run loose, he nearly got hurt, stupid kid knocked over this bottle, he could have been hurt." Abby said rambling and pointed towards the small boy in the corner.

"He is not stupid, he didn't mean to," Tim snapped as he turned around and held out his arms. Trey ran and jumped up and held on tight.

"Who is he, when I find his parents…?" Abby was mad now, "I mean he can't be more than five and they're letting him run around a federal facility alone,"

"SHUT UP ABBY!" Tim said forcefully.

Gibbs walked in, "Are you ok?" He asked Abby worried as he had heard her alarm.

"Just a small lab accident. Gibbs this stupid kid…." She started.

"My SON is not stupid, he made a mistake. And maybe so did I, thinking I would introduce him to you." Tim said the hurt evident in his voice.

Tim limped out of the lab as Abby stood there her mouth agape.

"His son? Timmy does not have a son. Why is he saying that Gibbs?" Abby said.

"Abby, that was Tim's son, Trey. They have been through a lot and I think if you want to keep your friendship with Tim, you had better sort this out. Be easy on him though, he's been through a lot." Gibbs counseled her.

"Oh my God, Layla Somers… that's his mother isn't it?" Abby said putting some of the pieces together.

Gibbs nodded. He and Abby left the lab and went in search of Tim.

They found him round by the Stairwell where he was crouched down, ignoring the excruciating pain in his leg and was wiping the tears from his son's eyes.

"I didn't mean to daddy, I was bored, I saw the toy and just wanted to see, I didn't realize the lady was like momma." He sniffed.

"Abby isn't like momma Trey, she was just scared you would get hurt, there are a lot of dangerous chemicals in her lab, she's nice really."

"But she was like momma; she said I was stupid, was she going to hurt us too?" Trey asked and started crying he buried his head in Tim's jacket.

Abby walked over and looked at Tim, "Please?" she asked softly.

Warily Tim nodded and Abby crouched down too. "Trey? I'm sorry I didn't mean to yell," she said softly.

Trey looked up, "I wasn't going to knock over the chemicals, and I saw the symbol so I know that one is caustic. I just wanted to see the toy." He said quickly, and then he realized what he had said. "I…. I mean, I just wanted to….. I'm sorry." He started crying again.

Tim took a deep breath and hugged his son, "It's ok Trey, no one here will ever hurt you or pick on you because you're smart."

Abby smiled "You are smart aren't you."

"Yes, ma'am" Trey replied, wiping his eyes and giving a small smile.

Gibbs helped Tim get back to his feet properly and the four of them walked back into the bullpen.

"Hey there munchkin, you giving your dad a workout?" Tony asked, smiling and giving Trey a Nutter-butter.

"I got bored and was looking for Uncle Ducky, I won't do it again." Trey said,

"Hey, next time take me with you, I'm great at getting in trouble." Tony smiled and Trey giggled.

"You got that right DiNozzo?" Gibbs said. "You ok now Trey?" He asked.

"Yes Boss." Trey said and Tony and Tim grinned.

Suddenly an alarm blared from Trey's laptop.

"What's that?" Gibbs asked.

"Momma's just used her credit card," Trey said.

"Trey! You didn't?" Tim said. "You promised no hacking?"

"But daddy, I just wanted to help and the NCIS database was easy to get into."

"Ooh, Mini McHacker beat you to it Probie," Tony said not able to keep the awe out of his voice.

Gibbs smirked and grabbed Tony's badge off his desk. He handed it to Trey and said, "What-cha got kid?"

"I have a program that told me where momma was and I used your databases to piggyback my program. Momma just used her card in a small shop near East Laurel Street, Alexandria."

"That's near your house boss, where we're staying." Tim said a small chill running through him.

"You two stay here." Gibbs said, pointing to Tim and Trey, "Keep me up to date on her whereabouts."

"On it Boss," Both Trey and Tim, said together.

Fighting to keep the grin from his face Gibbs turned to the others, "Gear up." He said.

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