Where I belong

Chapter 6

Layla sat outside the house in Alexandria waiting, the house was quiet now, but she knew that soon enough Tim would be there.

She had gone to the hospital to see Tim and Trey, but had been told he had left so she had cried to the nurse that Tim had her son and they had been robbed and she could not get hold of him and he was gone and she needed to find them. The nurse took pity and fell for Layla's act and gave her the address where they were staying.

Gibbs pulled up a little way up the road and saw her sitting there.

Before they got out of the car, he turned to Tony and Ziva. "We need to make sure she is brought in unharmed, no matter how much we want to hurt her for what she's done, It won't do Tim any good if she gets out on a technicality, this needs to be air tight."

The others nodded and carefully they surrounded the car.

Gibbs lent down and opened the door. "Layla Somers?"

She looked up at him, as evil as he knew her to be even he had to admit she was stunning. Her huge brown eyes batted at him, "Yes?" she said innocently.

"You're under arrest for the shooting of a federal agent." He told her and motioned for her to get out of the car.

She climbed out and stood quietly as Gibbs handcuffed her.

"She beat up McGee?" Ziva said not quite believing it.

Tony shot her a look, "Just don't." He snapped.

"What she is tiny he, is bigger than her and an agent?"

Tony turned from her in disgust, he knew she would have some trouble coming to terms with what had happened to Tim given her Mossad upbringing but right now, he could not even look at her.

"You and Ziva can take her back, I'm getting a cab." Tony said.

Gibbs shook his head and threw him a set of keys, "Take my car," He motioned to his Dodge Challenger, "But not a scratch DiNozzo."

"Thanks Boss!" Tony grinned and all but ran over to the car.

After ensconcing Layla in the car Ziva turned to Gibbs, "You are letting Tony drive your car back to the yard?"

Gibbs looked at her, "It's either that or he shoots you." He replied.

"Me? Why I have not done anything wrong?" Ziva said incredulously

Gibbs glared at her and she got in the car for a very silent ride back.

Tim looked at Trey as he actually played on his laptop, at least he hoped this time that was what his son was doing. He checked what Trey was doing and looked up as Abby motioned to him from the edge of the bullpen.

"Tim, Is he ok now?" She asked her distress at her earlier actions evident on her face.

Tim gave her a slight smile. "He bounces back quickly. He is ok Abbs. Did you want something?"

"Gibbs called me to let you know we've got her."

Concern and worry flashed over Tim's face, "Thanks Abs. Can you take Trey out for me, it's about time for your lunch break, and get a burger, my treat and you can have a Caf-Pow too."

Abby smiled, "Sure, Hey Trey, wanna go get a burger?" she asked.

Trey looked at his dad for permission "Sure, can I?" even though he was still wary of Abby, he was hungry.

"Sure, maybe you guys could take Ducky, he needs a break too," Tim suggested, knowing Trey would be more comfortable with someone he knew as well.

Abby getting the hint nodded, "Come on, let's go get him." She said holding out her hand. Waiting a second longer than normal, Trey eyed her up, looked to his dad for confirmation and then gave her his hand. They walked a few steps away when Trey let go of her hand and ran back to his dad.

"I love you daddy, you will be here when I get back won't you?" Trey asked.

"I promise I won't leave the building." Tim said and kissed his son on the head. "Now go have fun." He smiled as Trey let out his first genuine smile in days and ran over to Abby and they headed toward the elevator.

Tim headed back to his desk and sank slowly into his chair, his leg beginning to ache again. He reached for the painkillers and swallowed two with a gulp of his coffee.

He looked up as the elevator dinged and Tony walked onto the floor.

"Hey Tim, where's McChip?" Tony asked

"McChip?" Tim asked, confused.

"Yeah, Mini McChip off the old block." Tony grinned.

Tim laughed for the first time in a while. "Really, that's all you could come up with?"

"That there, McGeek is gold material, saved only for the best," Tony replied, glad he could make his friend laugh.

Still chuckling Tim answered, "He's gone out to lunch with Abby and Ducky, Abby told me your bringing Layla in." he said his mood sobering.

"Yeah, Gibbs wants a more detailed report on what you know about Layla and that Derek guy," Tony said.

McGee nodded, "I thought as much, I have everything I know on both of them," He said, handing Tony a folder, "How come Ziva isn't with you."

"Slight difference of opinion, but I got to drive Gibbs' Dodge."

"Really?" Tim said, awestruck.

"Yeah, sweet ride." Tony replied.

"I'm gonna get a coffee." Tim said and limped off in the direction of the break room.

Tony looked through the file and placed it on Gibbs' desk as Ziva walked into the bullpen.

"Tony why are you mad with me?" She asked.

"You have no idea?" Tony said, "You saw what Tim went through and to turn around and say what you said about Layla, casting doubt on your own partner's claims!" He looked at her.

"I did not mean to say that Tim had not been hurt by her, it is obvious he was..."

"Tim is our friend and co-worker. He needs our support, what he doesn't need is anyone thinking less of him because he won't hit the mother of his child, because he feels, unlike you that violence does not need violence in return."

"I am sorry Tony," Ziva said, realizing that she was wrong.

"Don't apologize, just don't let Tim know how you feel until you can get over it." Tony told her.

"I will not." Ziva promised not wanting to upset Tim or his sweet son at all. "Tony, where is Tim?"

"He went for coffee… a while ago… he should have been back….. OH HECK!" Tony exclaimed, and ran off in the direction of interrogation.

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