Where I belong

Chapter 7

Tim smashed open the door to interrogation and grabbed Layla by the neck and proceeded to beat the crap out of her, blow by blow every one an act of revenge for the pain and suffering she had caused him and his son over the last six years.

'Yeah, right!' Tim thought to himself as he stood the other side of the glass thinking how much he would love to be strong enough to confront her.

He stood straight his hands balled into fists by his sides. Looking at the one woman, he had dared to give his heart and soul to and she had completely destroyed him. He knew that as soon as Gibbs came down here someone would find him and usher him out, he wanted this one moment to look her in the eye to see if any part of her was sorry for what she had done… if there was still any hope…

He heard the door open slowly behind him.

"Tim?" Tony said quietly. He sat behind his friend waiting for his presence to be acknowledged.

"I just needed to see her; I want to watch the interview." Tim said.

Tony thought it a bad idea, but he knew it was not what he needed that mattered.

"OK, but I'm staying with you if you need to leave let me know and we will go." He said.

"The hell he is." Gibbs said from behind both of them, "Back up to the bullpen." He ordered.

"NO." Both Tony and Tim said together.

"He needs this boss, and I'm staying with him." Tony said, cringing awaiting the headslap that was sure to follow.

Gibbs smirked, "Good for you DiNozzo. Keep an eye on him."

He walked out and into the interrogation room.

He placed the folder on the table and sat down, not saying a word.

Layla looked at him; she knew who he was and what he was to Tim. She wasn't about to tip her hand though.

"My name is Special Agent Gibbs, but you already knew that." He said matter of factly.

Layla looked at him, "So, NCIS investigates a family squabble."

"Squabbles? No… The attempted murder of a Federal Agent, Yes." Still he stared at her his face giving nothing away.

"Agent Gibbs I didn't mean to hurt him, it was self defense, he attacked me first, I mean, look at me do you really think I could hurt a federal agent?" She asked standing up to make her point.

"Yes. Now sit, Miss Somers." Gibbs said.

"I won't press charges." She said. "You can't make me. I love him and he loves me."

"Whether he loves you or not is irrelevant, you shot him." Gibbs said flatly.

"I know the law, you can't interfere in a domestic between a husband and wife…,"Layla said and behind the glass, Tim stiffened.

"For one Ms Somers you are wrong. We can interfere if there is harm to another person, as can the police if a domestic abuse case is referred to them. The husband and wife defense is invalid. Also, you are not married to my agent." Gibbs growled.

Layla reached into her purse and pulled out a small folder.

"NO!" Tim yelled, pounding the glass. Tony pulled him back and saw the smug smile flit across her face as she handed the folder to Gibbs.

Gibbs looked at it and walked out of the room.

He opened the door to observation. "With me now." He said and Tim hobbled out of the door, he followed Gibbs down the hall to the vending machines.

"You didn't think this was important?" He said accusingly.

"It was supposed to be annulled. She told me it had been… I only did it because…" Tim looked at the floor.

Gibbs put his hand on Tim's shoulder, guided him into a conference room, and sat him in a chair.

"Talk to me Tim." He said

"After the case with Penny, she got me to try to call The Admiral… my father… he said he wouldn't even talk to me it was bad enough that I'd had a child with her, but that he was a bastard, I got drunk boss and ended up at her house… we went to Vegas and got married. I didn't even realize until I went for full custody of Trey," Tim laughed sourly "How's that for an investigator I get married and I don't even know about it. I called my father and told him thinking I'd at least be allowed to talk to my mother again… he… he said I should never have married a Nig… God Boss he was horrible. I mean she's not perfect, but no one deserves to be called that!"

Tim sighed and ran his hands through his hair, "His problems were never about me having a child out of wedlock, and it was all his racial bigotry. I won't have that near my son. But she swore that she'd had the wedding annulled."

"Planning on staying married McGee?" Gibbs asked.

"God NO!" Tim replied earnestly

Gibbs smiled and reached into his pocket and took out his wallet, "Here." He said, handing Tim a card, "Mention my name you'll get a discount."

"Who is that?" Tim asked, looking at the card.

"My divorce lawyer. The exception to rule 13." Gibbs grinned. "And don't lose the card; I may need it again someday."

"Right, with your permission I'm off to kick your wife's ass." He grinned, "You might wanna watch this."

Gibbs walked back into the interrogation room.

"Right, Mrs. McGee I am formally charging you with domestic abuse, abuse of a minor and the attempted murder of Timothy McGee federal agent. You may want a lawyer."

"Lawyer!" she spat, "It was all his fault, his and that bastard son of his, and they are both too smart for their own good. All he needed to do was give me that information, then I found out that little shit could hack and he turned out to be as moral as his father,"

Tim tried to leave the room his anger boiling over at the woman he had loved.

Tony grabbed him, "Tim, no!"

"He's lucky I only shot him in the leg." Layla spat.

"Ya know I never mentioned where he'd been shot." Gibbs smirked.

"Got ya!" Tony yelled from behind the glass.

Gibbs stood up, "I'd better get you that lawyer, and He'll love the double pay."

"Double pay?"

"Yeah, Tim's filing for divorce."

Layla screamed and tipped the table towards Gibbs, "No, He's mine, he can't leave me, he goes when I say so."

"Not this time Layla." Tim said quietly from the door.

Layla launched at him and within seconds, Gibbs had her handcuffed.

"I will kill you Tim; I will take Trey and make you watch while I break him."

"Mrs. McGee, somehow I don't think you're going to be unaccompanied for a very long time." Gibbs said and motioned for an agent to take her down to holding.

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