Where I belong

Chapter 8

Agent Dixon took Layla down to holding, seeing her spot Trey on the way he tried to shield the boy from her and was surprised by the look of sorrow in her eyes.

"You get one phone call. You should call your lawyer." He said, handing her the receiver. She moved as far away from the Agent as possible and dialed a number.

"It's done," she said simply tears falling silently from her eyes, "Now will you leave them alone?"

She waited for the person on the other end to answer, "I'll go to jail for you, but you leave them alone and let them live out their lives in safety." She stopped and waited, "But there is no way to get that information….. please… Derek?" She heard the dial tone and hung up.

"I'm done." She said simply and allowed the agent to take her to the holding cell.

Agent Dixon looked at the woman in the cell, he like most of the other agents on the floor knew what she was being held for but something did not sit right with him and he did not like the feeling he was getting.

He walked away and headed up to the bullpen.

"Agent Gibbs, I think I need to talk to you," He said

Gibbs looked at him, "Sam, what's wrong?" He asked.

"Your office?" Sam said, gesturing towards the elevator with his head.

Gibbs nodded and the two walked into the elevator. Gibbs pulled the switch and stalled the car. "Go ahead." He said.

"I think there is more going on with Ms Somers, sorry Mrs. McGee," He said

"Go on…" Gibbs waited.

"When I took her down to holding, she saw McGee's son and had the same look of grief on her face my mother had when my little brother died and the phone call. Well, most Perps phone their lawyers, she didn't, it was strange, I think we are going to need a copy of that call, something strange is going on, Like you always say, trust your gut… well mines going crazy, I think she may be a victim here."

Gibbs' first instinct was to dismiss the idea out of hand. However, as he looked into the face of an agent he had known for ten years that he realized that Sam could be right.

"Ok, I'll run it past Abby and get her to get me a transcript of the call." Sam said realizing that Gibbs was now on the same page.

Gibbs opened the elevator and walked towards his team, all of whom were looking at him expectantly.

"McGee with me," He said Tim followed him to the space at the bottom of the stairs.

"Sam came to me he thinks there may be more going on here than we think. Something about how Layla acted after she had been charged. Is there any chance anyone else is involved?"

Tim looked at his boss and swallowed "Well, I always thought, but I could be wrong, maybe it was just wishful thinking on my part."

Gibbs raised an eyebrow and looked at Tim, who composed himself and carried on.

"Derek Johnson, he's always been around when Layla's turned on me. But, she swore he wasn't involved… she always said it was my fault.

Tim stood as Gibbs told him the information that Sam Dixon had passed to him earlier and he got madder and madder with himself.

"Boss, If that's true…. God, what have I done. I should have been there for her… I ran. I took her son away!" Tim sat on the bottom step and put his head in his hands. "I'm worse than I thought she was."

"We don't know anything yet. I'm going to get Ziva to take Trey from Abby and they can go to the park for a while, I need you to listen to the phone call Layla made so we can see if we can identify who's on the other end."

"OK Boss." Tim followed Gibbs to the bullpen, "Ziva go to Abby, take Trey to the park and keep him in sight at all times. Tony with me." Gibbs ordered and they all moved off to follow orders.

Tony and Tim walked into Abby's lab, "Hi guys I have the phone call queued up, and I thought we had her bang to rights."

"Gibbs thinks there's something else going on." Tim said as Gibbs walked in the room

Layla's voice was heard first.

"It's done, Now will you leave them alone?" she said

"I don't think so, sweetheart, you know the deal, you keep to it or the boy dies and that geeky husband of yours too!" The deep voice growled.

"I'll go to jail for you, but you leave them alone and let them live out their lives in safety." Layla said.

"I told you when this all started, I will kill your precious Tim if you don't co-operate, you're still in the building, get me the files I want, I can see him right now you know that I always have a sniper on you Tim and the boy at all times." Derek growled.

Tim's blood ran cold and his instinct was to get to the park.

"But there is no way to get that information….. please… Derek?"

The dial tone was heard.

"Boss?" Tim said, "We need to get Trey back here and I need to talk to Layla…. please Boss."

Gibbs nodded and was surprised that Tim all but ran, although he would have called it limping with speed towards holding.

Tim walked up to the cell and motioned for the guard to open up. He knew Abby and Gibbs wouldn't be far behind wanting to protect him but he didn't care.

He sat next to her on the cot and lifted her head; her eyes were watery from where she had been crying for over an hour.

"You need to tell me the truth, please Layla," Tim begged.

She looked at him and realized that he knew and in that moment, he saw in her the woman he had fallen in love with all those years ago.

"I… I can't, I've done too much. I can't fix this Tim. He will know and he'll kill Trey."

"You broke his arm when he was three." Tim said, "Derek didn't do that."

Layla sobbed, "I had no choice if I hadn't Derek was going to kill him, he was after something from the navy, a file… Operation Lightning. It's the file he was really after and he wanted me to get, he's been watching me all the time and following my movements." She lifted her skirt to show Tim the scar on her hipbone, "It's a tracking marker, He knows where I am now, he knew if I went to you he's had people watching you and Treyvon constantly, I've lived with this for six years he implanted it while I was in the hospital when Trey was born. I had no choice." She pleaded.

"You could have told me, we could have dealt with this."

"I couldn't take the chance not with you and not with Trey."

Tim looked at her, "I can't forgive you… not right now, but we will get Derek, you will have to pay for your crimes, but I will help where I can."

"Just keep our son safe, I don't care what happens to me, I never have." Layla said. "Get Derek and save Trey… Tim… I love you."

Tim looked at the floor turned and walked out.

He reached the bullpen as Ziva and Trey arrived back.

"Daddy, we went to the park it was really fun." Trey said hugging his dad.

Tim smiled and lifted his son onto his desk.

"I'm glad you've had fun, we have to stay here for a while. Daddy has a bad guy to help catch, I need you to stay with Abby ok?"

Trey nodded, "Abby has a new game I can try, I do like her daddy."

Tim smiled, amazed at how resilient his son was. For a second he thought about telling him about his mother, but he didn't want to get his hopes up. He had seen the truth in her words, but better for him to get his own heart broken again than for his son to get his hopes up and lose his mother again.

Ziva took Trey down to Abby's lab.

"OK, so what do we have on Derek Johnson?"

Tim started typing and brought some information on the computer. He took a deep breath and started to brief the team.

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