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A Beautiful meet


As Stacy took the order she went directly to the kitchen to place the order,she was always careful about people coming to the restaurant so she informed Ari about the two guys who had come in the restaurant “they seem to be cute to her but their faces were covered with masks which made her alert.” Susan who was working in the bar came into the kitchen hurriedly saying “ohhh my God there are two cute guys sitting at the private booth,you should see them Ari but she could not see their faces because of they were covered with mask”.Susan’s face was all dreamy.Ari looked at her and said”how can she say they are cute when their faces are covered with mask?” Susan just shook her head and said “she could see their eyes and feel their vibes.” “Ok ok” Ari just scrunched her nose and said “you both please go back to work we will see what happens next” both Stacy and Susan were reluctant to go out as they wanted Ari to check out the boys but she pushed them out

Drama / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Restaurant her Whole and Soul

P.O.V Ari

Ari looked up at the sky which had turned black,she could see stars had sprinkled with the moon protecting them,this small town where she lived was free from pollution because of which one could see stars and clouds clearly which made her happy kid by her heart.She had always dreamed of living in townside away form the city life,advantage of living far from the city was it was less expensive,quiet life and clear air.Ari had graduated form a very well-known culinary university of London,she worked in few well-known restaurant to clear her student loan.Ari decided to moving to the townside,which was very small and beautiful.It was known as the prettiest town in Europe with honey coloured cotswold stone of housing with beautiful flowers blooming in the alley.She had rented a small shop for her restaurant.The entire village was very warm and adorable.When Ari visited this town she fell in love with the village.She often used to get fresh fruits,vegetables,herbs,meats and other things related to the restaurant from the make-shift market which used to set-up every evening.Every evening Ari used to stroll around the makeshift market,just opposite it was St.Andrew Church which was picturesque.Like any other church it was very beautiful it was built in 13th century and was restored in 19th century it had mediaeval era vibes.Ari loved to visit the church every now and then it made her feel calm at her mind and heart.Just above the shop she had got a place for herself to stay,she did not spend much time in there because her whole time was spent in restaurant as she loved cooking and serving the people.Ari’s favourite pass time to listen to music,it was kind of therapy to her,while cooking she always played music and whenever she saw no staff around her or looking near her way Ari danced a bit.Her whole and soul was her restaurant which was not so big nor too small but an average sized shop.She had named it a “Magical Tale” because her customers used to always say that “her hands had magic of cooking delicious food” form that she got the idea to name her restaurant.

Ari had decorated her restaurant herself,on the ceiling of the the entire restaurant she had put climbers along with fairy lights which she lit up during the evening and through the night,the walls of the restaurant where brown in colour,as one entered the restaurant the person could see a small bar with a platform to serve the drink along with a wooden chairs kept for the people to come and sit to the right of the bar was the kitchen.In the place to be served area there were long wooden tables kept along with wooden chair,there four private booth also kept for the private ones. Ari always designed the menu at the end of the day. Everyday was a new and fresh menu,she always kept the menu small along with some bakery goodie.She designed the menu with her bar-tender friend susan who was her british friend who studied with her culinary.They always brain-stormed together and came up with the menu.They did not have a meu card but at the entrance of the restaurant they had kept a stand on which there was a board on that they mentioned the menu.Susan had came up with the idea which was fuss free. They had a separate menu card for the bar menu.At the bar wall where the bottles were kept there was a huge portrait of a very popular k-ppop band BTS,it was basically like a mural.Ari and Susan both were big fan of BTS and always played songs of BTS. When there were less people they used to jam on the songs of BTS.

It was already around 8 at night and people had started entering the restaurants, some for the dinner and some for the late night drink.Since it was a spring the climate was very pleasant not too cold or warm so Ari was wearing beige coloured coverall with plain white t shirt,she had tied her hair into a pony-tail on that she had tied a blue apron to her waist.

As the restaurant was not so big she had few staff members along with an assistant chef for her to help. Ari had already started preparing for the night.

P.O.V Jungkook

Jungkook had decided to explore this pretty town more since they had come for the holidays with members.The members had decided to split into the same team and then explore the place.For making the team they had decided to play rock,paper and scissors. Every Time they played Jungkook silently prayed for Namjoon hyung to be in his team.Eventually Namjoon was in his team,his prayers were answered.Jungkook clapped his hands and smiled like a bunny.They had decided to visit St.Andrew’s church because of the artitecture Namjoon wanted to visit itJungkook was ok with it as long as Namjoon hyung was it.Once they finished their visit to the church it was already time for the dinner and Jungkook stomach was growling.Just opposite to the church was a small restaurant.”How about we eat our dinner here Jungkook-ahh” Namjoon asked to which Jungkook said staring at the restaurant “Hyung it seems to be traditional british restaurant and I am missing Korean food.”

“Jungkook-ahh we always eat korean food back in Korea, let’s try something local” to which Jungkook nodded.As they reached the restaurant Jungkook looked up and read the name of the restaurant loudly in korean accent “Magical tale.” “Interesting name”Namjoon said to Jungkook who looked unsure about it. Namjoon pushed the door slowly. They were greeted with a girl with a warm smile who welcomed them. Once they entered the restaurant their eyes went straight to the mural which was of “Love yourself era” both of them could not contain their happiness as they looked at each other.Jungkook whispered in Namjoon’s ear “hyung the owner seems to be an army.” Namjoon just nodded.It was good that their faces were covered with masks and they both were wearing the caps. Namjoon then asked the girl to give them a private booth to sit.She poured them some water and said “the menu is right outside,so please have a look and order.”Jungkook gave a confused look to Namjoon,who got up and went outside and clicked picture of the menu.”I have clicked the picture Jungkook-ahh you decide what you want to have”Namjoon.Jungkook who was now intently staring at the phone decided to order “Fish and Chips along with beef Wellington” and Namjoon decided to order “Shepherd’s Pie” as they were ready to order.Namjoon called that same girl and ordered the food. “Do you have a bar menu?” to which the girl nodded and gave him the menu.He asked Jungkook what he wanted to drink,Jungkook decided for beer while Namjoon ordered red wine.”Coming right up,my name is Stacy”the girl introduced herself.

Hi guys this book is dedicated to BTS...it's one of my favourite Korean band...this a fictional story I have created how it will be if I get a chance to meet them.. There is no intention to disrespect them..


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