An Unexpected Romance

By Ann Shannon


Chapter 15-Walking on Water

Chikako sighed. It had been four months since Tobirama had been called away to assist Suna and they hadn't heard a thing. She missed him and she desperately hoped he'd be home soon.

"I heard that sigh." Mito said. They were taking a breather while they trained.

"I know. I miss him." She remembered the warm feeling she had when he held her. The warmth of his presence, she missed it and it felt, right now, as if she could almost feel it again.

"Well I'd hope so. You'd only been married what, five days, when he left. He'll be home soon."

In truth she was excited to have him home soon. She and Mito had been working on a little surprise for him and she was excited to show it to him. Well, she thought to herself, you'll just have to wait.

"Come on, Chikako. I'm beat and we've been out here for a while anyway. Lets go home."

Chikako got up and followed Mito off the training field, as they came to the edge of it Hashirama came jogging up. "Come on! They're back!"

Chikako's heart soared. "Is everyone ok?" She asked guardedly

"Yes. Tobirama will tell you all about it." She broke into a run as he yelled after her, "He'll be by the main gate still."

She arrived at the main gate within a few minutes and saw the crowd that had gathered to greet the men returning. Scanning the crowd she found Tobirama talking to a family with one of the ninja that had traveled with him. As he spoke he glanced up and saw her, he smiled imperceptibly, and turned to finish his conversation. Chikako smiled, he'd seen her and she knew he'd be over as soon as he could be, she sat down on a bench and waited. And she knew she could feel the warmth of his presence here. She watched the man who was her husband. They had spent just five days together since their marriage a little over four months ago and yet she felt a connection to him like none she'd ever felt.

"My, your awfully patient, child."

Chikako smiled at Akira, "It doesn't pay not to be, obasan. He saw me and will come greet me when he is done. My upbringing may not have prepared me to be a housewife but it did prepare me to be patient while men finish their business."

"What's this about men and finishing business?" Tobirama asked, and then turning to Akira "Hello Akira-obasan. It's nice to see you."

"It's nice to see you're back Tobirama. I'll let you greet your lovely wife and see you later." And she rose from the bench and left.

Tobirama sat down next to Chikako. "How are you?" He put his arm around her shoulders and looked into her eyes.

"I'm good. You had a successful mission then? And no one died?" Chikako looked up into his crimson eyes reveling in the feel of him sitting so closely to her.

"We did, although it took longer than expected. Kin was injured and took a long time healing, we waited almost a month for him." He pulled her close. "Is anything wrong Chikako?"

She shook herself, "No, nothing. I'm just feeling shy."

"Well, we are being watched by the entire village, I can understand that." He leaned closer to her and whispered in her ear. "I'll greet you properly when we get home."

Chikako blushed and looked up at him. "I'm so glad you're back."

"Speaking of home, do we have one yet?" He stood and took her hand to walk home.

"No. I couldn't choose a location without you and so I waited, but obasan has moved in and has been teaching me how to cook and keep house." She smiled up at him.

"Mmmm. I'd go hungry just as long as I could spend my nights with you." He nudged her arm with his and looked down at her. "Still blushing Chikako? We've been married over four months now."

She giggled at him, "Tobirama! You're terrible!" and she started to run towards home with him following.

When they got home and got into the kitchen no one was there yet so he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. It was a deep kiss full of longing that let her know how much he had missed her and she returned it eagerly. "I can't wait for bedtime." He growled in her ear.

"Me either." She said bashfully.

"But first I need to clean up. I'm a mess. Do we have a bathhouse yet?"

"No. I've been using the Yamanaka's bathhouse. Hashirama built one here but there's no water yet. Maybe next week."

He groaned, "that means that I need to go to the hot springs and everyone will want to talk. Or..." he ran upstairs and returned quickly with a change of clothes and a towel. "Want to go with me?"


"Come on." He grabbed her hand. "I have an idea."

She followed him out the door.

He led her to an area at the edge of the village where the river ran through it. It was very private and cut off by a cliff on one side where it made a sharp turn. Since it was on an as yet undeveloped side of Konoha it was unlikely that anyone would happen by.

"Have a seat," he indicated a rock where he laid down his clean clothes and towel. He then proceeded to strip down.

Chikako watched, initially shocked and a little embarrassed, but then she remembered their last night together and she simply admired the man who was her husband. His chest and back were muscled and peppered with scars from the years of training and fighting he'd participated in. He pulled his pants off and dumped them in the pile of dirty clothes he was making. He was back to her and when he turned around she blushed and looked him in the eye. "Do you like what you see, Chikako?"

"Yes." she said in a small voice, as she stood and walked over to him. She wrapped her arms around him and leaned up to kiss him, pressing her clothed body to his naked one. "You're very nice to look at."

He kissed her back and then pushed her away a little, "And very dirty." He turned and walked into the water, gasping a little as the cold hit him.

She watched him for a few minutes and then, after looking around a little, she made a decision. He was back to her for the moment and she took the opportunity to remove her clothing also, as she dropped her skirt and panties on the ground Tobirama took a deep breath and dove under. When he came up she was standing, naked, above him, on the water.

His eyes grew wide as he took in her beauty. "How? I thought you didn't have any training?" He pulled her ankle, easily disrupting her chakra control and causing her to drop straight into the water next to him. She slipped under and felt his strong hands grab her waist and pull her back. She broke the surface spluttering and gasping from the shock of the cold water and laughed at him as he pulled her close to kiss.

"I've been training with Mito while you were gone." She smiled at him, enjoying the feel of their bodies pressed together. "I have one other thing I've learned to do but I've never done it in the water. I'll have to show you when we finish."

Tobirama pulled her very close. "I don't intend to ever finish what I'm about to start." He leaned in to kiss her neck and trailed kisses across her shoulders, his hands roamed her body and she pulled close to him relishing the feel of him so close to her.

They sat on the rock where he'd placed his clean clothes, Chikako in front of him, leaning back into his chest. "I missed you so much, Tobirama."

"I know, I missed you too."

She had put her clothes back on and he rose to finish dressing. "So what else did you learn that you wanted to show me?"

"Well, I'm still not great at it, but here goes." She looked directly at him, quickly making a few hand signs, immediately the world around him became watery and shifted, instead of standing by the river with Chikako he was standing by the waterfall in Iwa surrounded by stones. He looked around. He knew it was a genjutsu but it seemed as real as day to him. Then it broke and he was back in front of Chikako. He blinked his eyes, "That was amazing, how did you learn to do it?"

"Well, Mito started teaching me about chakra control and she realized I was a genjutsu type, so she tried teaching me some basic stuff. I can't hold it long, and it's not always complete. And Hashirama can break it like it's nothing." She sounded annoyed at this last bit.

"But four months ago you couldn't do a thing and look at you! I'm very impressed. And in some situations you might need only a min or two anyway." He hugged her close and then turned to grab his shirt and put it back on. "Lets get home. I'm starved."

They wandered home, chatting as they did. He told her about Suna and some of the adventures he'd had there and she told him about learning to cook and do laundry with Akira. When they arrived home Mito was preparing dinner.

"Did you want help, Mito?" Chikako offered.

"Not at all. I want you to enjoy Tobirama. You've been so patient while he was gone." She smiled at her. "She never complained once Tobirama. She's a good wife."

"I know."

Hashirama came in. "I'm glad you had a good mission, Tobirama. I'm sorry it took so long."

Tobirama sighed, "It can't be helped, it's the nature of the world."

Chikako rolled over in bed and sighed. Tobirama had been home a week and she loved falling asleep and waking up in his arms. It was still dark, he was in the habit of rising early for training and she usually got up with him.

"Today's the day Hashirama will build our house, Chika-chan." He had adopted the nickname that Momo had used with her.

"I know." They had chosen a location two days ago but Hashirama had been busy until today, meeting with clan elders.

"I'll be back after training."

"See you soon."

Chikako rose and went downstairs to find Mito. They usually trained later in the day and just visited in the morning. When she got to the kitchen Hashirama and Tobirama were sitting at the table with grim looks on their faces. Mito was making tea. "What's wrong?"

Tobirama looked up at her. "Your father wants me to visit. He wants to trade some men with us for training."

Her heart sank. "When?"

"The message said soon."

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