Please Don't Leave Me

Chapter 20- Stay with Me Kitten

"Come on bitch, it seems your new friends aren't so friendly after all. Maybe they're afraid of the fight."

Genma heard it as they walked away. He understood Kakashi's reasoning but he knew Kiyoko wouldn't. He wanted so badly to turn and wipe that smirk off Fumio's face but he knew that would put her in too much danger.

When they were out of sight he turned to Kakashi, "What now?"

"We wait. They need to camp for the night. And, we get backup."

Fumio, dragging Kiyoko along beside him said "Come on Kin. We need to find cover."

He had pulled her into the woods and then walked for an hour. Finally stopping just before the sun was going to set. It cast long shadows around them makiing the forest seem eery and dark. "This will do. Lets settle down for the night."

Kin started gathering wood to make a fire.

"What do you think you're doing?" Fumio was pissed.

"Making a fire, it's cold."

"You idiot! We can't make a fire. We might as well just walk right back to the village."

"Oh yeah." Kin felt a little stupid but he dismissed it.

"And you." Fumio turned on her. "Were you in on that?"

Kiyoko was terrified. She was at their mercy and she knew that Fumio was angry enough to just kill her. She debated as to whether that wasn't the best idea but decided she wasn't ready to die. "No. I accept that I'm yours. Just please be gentle with me."

"Hhmmph. You're mine and I'll do whatever I want. For now I'm not taking any chances." He pulled the small bottle of sake out of his pocket. "You'll drink this, all of it."

Kiyoko obediently took the small bottle and drank it's contents, wrinkling her nose. It was the worst sake she'd ever tasted. Just as she finished it Kin screamed.

"Fumio! I can't move!"

"What? What are you talking about? You idiot! You didn't drink the other bottle did you?" As he finished his sentence three leaf shinobi dropped from the trees above them and a fourth walked out from the trees. Kakashi, Genma and someone Kiyoko didn't recognize were standing in front of Fumio. She felt familiar hands grab her and pull her back into the trees behind her and Sakura's reassuring voice, "Sorry we took so long. We got backup."

Kiyoko's heart soared and she watched the drama unfolding. The leaf shinobi were amazing, appearing to move in slow motion. Kakashi grabbed Fumio's arm and twisted it behind him while Genma took the opportunity to give him a well aimed punch in the stomach. He then turned on Kin and did the same.

"Don't ever assume that a leaf shinobi is afraid of a fight from scum like you." The anger in Genma's voice could be felt in the air and Kiyoko shivered. She was getting cold and didn't feel well.

The third shinobi was a man, taller than Kakashi, and he had a beard. He took out some rope and tied Fumio's hands behind his back, none too gently. Then he leaned in to his ear and said "My father was the third Hokage of this village and I don't appreciate trash like you hanging around it."

Fumio's face paled.

The fourth ninja in the clearing was just standing there, he was the shortest of them, his hair was pulled back in a ponytail. He held his hands in front of him and stared at Kin with concentration.

Genma walked up to Kin. "What's the matter slug? Why don't you run?"

"I-I can't! What's wrong?"

Genma looked at the younger man and grabbed Kin's arm "you can release him now Shikamaru."

Kin relaxed but only long enough to have Genma wrench his arms behind him and tie his hands like the other man had done to Fumio.

Everyone in the clearing, except for Fumio and Kin, relaxed.

Genma motioned for Sakura and Kiyoko to join them. He put his arm around Kiyoko "Sorry kitten. We didn't mean to give you a scare, we just didn't want to see you get hurt. Are you ok?"

"Yeah I think so."

Sakura spoke up, "I'm a medic. Can I check you for injury?"

Kiyoko turned and submitted to her scrutiny. She wondered who the other two men were but before she could ask Sakura spoke up.

"Do you feel alright?"

Now that she thought of it she didn't feel well at all. She thought she might throw up and everyone was still moving in a sort of slow motion around her. She had thought that was how they fought but the fight was over so why didn't they go back to normal? Her vision was getting cloudy and dark too. Sakura was in her face yelling, what was she saying? Stay with me? That didn't make any sense since she wasn't moving at all, was she?

Sakura started yelling at Kiyoko, "Stay with me Kiyoko. Keep your eyes open!"

Everyone in the clearing knew something was wrong and all eyes turned on Sakura and Kiyoko, just in time to see Kiyoko start to crumple to the ground as Genma caught her.

Kakashi was standing on the other side of Fumio from Asuma. And they simultaneously grabbed him by the arms. Kakashi turned so he was facing Fumio face to face. "What have you done?" The anger in his voice made even his friends shiver, it wasn't often that the copy-nin showed his anger like that.

Fumio just chuckled. Kakashi left his field of vision for a moment but it was replaced with Genma's fist. Fumio laughed out loud as it made contact, seeing the anger in Genma's eyes as he passed out.

The group made their way back to the village gates. Sakura carried Kiyoko, Asuma carried Fumio, and Kakashi was leading Kin along who was being very cooperative and quiet. Shikamaru and Genma just followed quietly.

When they got to the gates Shikamaru said "Well, If you don't need me."

Genma replied, "You're good. Thanks for the help."

Kin wondered what they were going to do with him. Genma turned to him and got up in his face. "What did you guys give her? Why did she pass out?"

"Dude, calm down. It was just a something to make her sleep through the night so she couldn't escape. She'll wake up in the morning."

Sakura looked down at the girl she was carrying. Her vital signs were weak. "What was it exactly?"

"I-I don't know. Fumio got it from some guy."

Sakura thought she might like to punch him but she was holding Kiyoko and couldn't. "Do you know what it was called?"

"I don't. But there is another sake bottle in my pocket laced with it." He figured he should be as helpful as possible, maybe it would help.

Genma stuffed his hands into Kins pocket and came out with a bottle. He handed it to Kakashi who took it and said "Alright, Kakashi and Sakura will take Kiyoko to the hospital, Asuma and I will deal with these two idiots."

Kakashi nodded, accepting the bottle and they turned to leave. "Do you need me to take her?"

Sakura shook her head. "I'm good. Lets go. I'm worried for her."

Genma and Asuma headed to the tower with their prisoners.

When they got there and were in Lady Tsunade's office they reported the whole incident to her.

"I can't believe that two of my most elite jonin not only messed up the plan but then one of them lost it and punched the target." She was pissed.

Genma shrugged, "He was fighting Asuma's attempt to tie him up. I didn't want to see Asuma get hurt."

Tsunade regarded them and looked at Asuma, who just shrugged and nodded imperceptibly. She didn't believe the story but she let it go. Fumio probably deserved it anyway. "So what are we going to do with you two" as she looked at Kin.

Sakura and Kakashi took off for the hospital as fast as they could manage without risking injury to Kiyoko. When they got there Sakura ran in and started yelling orders.

"I need an empty room! And I need bloodwork and labwork." She looked around her, everyone was just standing there, "NOW!"

Kakashi reflected that Tsunade's attitude had rubbed off on her but her tone had gotten people moving. A stretcher had appeared and she placed Kiyoko on it and started moving down the hall. At the last minute she turned to Kakashi, "Do you have that bottle?"

He handed it to her and thought that he liked the new and improved Sakura. He couldn't wait to see what else she'd learned. He said goodbye and left to find Raido and fill him in.

Sakura handed the bottle to the lab assistant who had appeared. I need that analyzed, yesterday if possible! And then I need an antidote for it. I think she's been overdosed."

She said all this as she wheeled Kiyoko down the hall towards an empty room. When the tech showed up to do bloodwork she stopped long enough to let him draw blood and then continued on. She looked at Kiyoko, "Stay with me Kitten." She smiled. She liked the nickname Genma had given her, it suited her. Like a stray kitten, Kiyoko had wandered into town and wormed her way into the heart of everyone who had met her.

She pushed the stretcher into a room and sat down to watch and wait.

Kakashi made his way to Raido's house. When he got there he knocked and waited. Raido opened the door looking like he'd been asleep. "I have something I have to tell you."

Raido wished he hadn't fallen asleep but he did feel as if he was finally catching up and healing. "Sure. Mind if I eat?"


While Raido made a sandwich for himself, offering one to Kakashi, who turned it down, Kakashi filled him in on the events of the afternoon. Raido was getting a sick feeling in his stomach and when Kakashi finished he said "Where is she now?"

"Sakura took her to the hospital. She thinks she was poisoned."

Raido was up like a shot. "Sorry Kakashi. Lock it on the way out." And he was gone.

He ran all the way to the hospital and barged through the doors and up to the main desk. "Which room is Sakura in?"

The girl behind the desk looked up slowly and said, "She asked not to be disturbed."

Raido leaned over and in the coldest assassins voice he could muster he said "Look sweety. I'm here on business from the Hokage herself. If you know what's good for you then you'll tell me where to find her."

The girl turned the most interesting shade of grey and then said "room 14."

Raido almost felt sorry for her, almost. He ran down the hall watching door numbers when he got to fourteen he stopped and caught his breath. Then he pushed the door open slowly and went in.

Sakura was standing next to the bed with a chart in her hand, she looked up. "Oh hi Raido." She didn't seem surprised to see him at all.

He sat down in the chair next to the bed, took the unconscious Kiyoko's hand in his and said "Please don't leave me, Kitten."

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