Please Don't Leave Me

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I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about the issue of Human trafficking. You may not believe me but there are more people living in slavery today than ever before in history. You'd think we'd know better but sadly many still don't. I urge you to do a search for human trafficking. (If you search slavery you will prob get porn sites, unfortunately.) Human trafficking is a violation of our basic human right to have control of ourselves. And it offends me deeply. I hope you consider some way you can get involved to stop it. IT IS WRONG at every level! And don't think you can't do anything because you don't have money or your young or whatever! Even spreading the word helps. Let's make a difference in the world.

Phew! Sorry. I didn't write this story with a PSA in mind but it kind of happened while I was publishing it. Sorry if that was too heavy for you.

Thanks for reading!

Love, Lady

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Disclaimers- All characters and the world are the intellectual property of Masashi Kishimoto. He's done an amazing job of creating them and making them come alive for us. This story is my creation of what might happen with his characters. Thank you for reading.


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