Please Don't Leave Me

Chapter 7- My Weapon of Choice

"Are you hungry Kiyoko?"

Kiyoko looked up, Raido was approaching. She smiled at him. "I'm starving!" She laughed and he joined her.

Genma said, "I'm hungry."

"Too bad." Raido replied, "Lady Tsunade asked me to send you back in to her." He'd catch hell for the lie later but he wanted Kiyoko to have some peace for now. Turning to her he said "Is barbecue alright?"

"That sounds amazing!" She stood next to him.

"Then lets go." He led her out and down the stairs. "Lady Tsunade says she thinks she has some ideas for you. We'll need to come back tomorrow afternoon and see what she's figured out. In the meantime she's loaned you some money to get clothes and stuff that you need. So lets go eat."

They were walking down the streets and chatting, Raido saying hello to people he knew as they passed. "I'll introduce you to people but I don't want to overwhelm you right now. Konoha is a busy place."

"Thank you."

They had arrived at the restaurant and found a booth to sit in. Kiyoko thought it was so neat that the table had the grill built into it. Raido ordered for them and then turned back to her. "So what do you think of Konoha so far?

He was sitting across from her and she took the opportunity to check him out. She'd been so busy hiding behind him she hadn't really looked at him up until now. He was handsome, she thought. He had an unassuming face that was dominated by the scar that ran across his nose and one cheek but it somehow suited him. His lips were curved in a way that always made him look like he was about to smile, which she thought made him look kind. And his hair was dark and spiked up off his head where it rested above his headband. "It's nice. I wish I didn't have to keep saying thank you and that I could finally say you're welcome to someone but I suppose that will change. I'm amazed at the welcome I am getting. Everyone is so kind here. Konoha is not like Iwagakure at all."

Raido smiled at her, he knew Iwagakure was a rough town. "In time you'll be able to repay the kindness. You'll see."

Their drinks and food arrived, the waitress putting the meat on the grill and laying out plates with more meat and condiments on it.

"I don't know how this works," she admitted. "I've never been to a restaurant like this before."

"It's ok." Raido showed her how to turn the meat on the grill so it would cook evenly.

As they ate they chatted and got to know each other better. Raido learned that she hated raisins, which he could understand, they were overrated anyway. He told her that he hated radishes, especially the pickled ones.

As they were finishing their meal Genma slid into the booth next to Raido. "That was a sweet one, Raido."

Raido looked at him with the most innocent face he could muster and said "I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Yeah, right. I just got to return all the books she wasn't using to the hospital library because you told me she wanted me in there. Thanks. Just remember, what goes around comes around."

Raido laughed, "Serves you right for being such a smart ass all the time."

The two men laughed together and Kiyoko smiled at them. Their friendship was apparent. "You guys are such good friends. How long have you known each other?"

They both looked at each other, and Genma replied, "I rescued him from a slimepit when we were about five. He washed up pretty well so we kept him."

Kiyoko laughed, "Obviously a long time. May I ask, what is that thing you're always chewing on?"

"This? It's a senbon pin, my weapon of choice." He handed it to her for inspection. "Extremely sharp and good for getting the enemy at the joints."

She shivered and handed it back. "Isn't it a little dangerous to keep it in your mouth? What if you hurt yourself with it?"

"Well it hasn't happened yet so I think I'm good." He dismissed her fears. "What about you? Do you have a weapon of choice?"

"Yeah, skunk!" The laughter bubbled up out of her as she said this. "It worked, Raido was the only one brave enough to come near me." She looked at Raido with a little too much adoration for Genma's liking.

"Well, that's Raido for you. Always willing to go the extra mile for a lost kitten. I guess I'm off now. It was nice hanging with you." He suspected that for the moment she had eyes only for her rescuer and he wasn't in the mood to compete.

"Good bye. It was nice seeing you again." She waved goodbye to him as he left. "I didn't insult him did I?"

"Nah. He's just like that. Don't worry so much." Raido checked his watch, which he had remembered to put on after getting cleaned up. "It's getting late. We should just go back to my place and go shopping tomorrow. Lady Tsunade has given me a few days to help you get situated." He paused, "I hope you don't mind us planning for you to stay at my place while she finds you something?"

"Oh no! I appreciate it! I just hope I'm not a bother."

"I doubt that. Now come on." He left money on the table for the bill and they rose to leave.

They were walking down the street heading towards his place when a man with most of his face covered up and a pretty girl with pink hair turned the corner and almost walked right into them.

"Oh!" Kiyoko exclaimed looking up the man. She could only see one eye, his mouth was covered by a mask and his other eye covered by his headband. She couldn't tell if he was smiling or not.

"Kakashi-Sensei! You should be more careful!" The girl with pink hair exclaimed.

Kiyoko looked at her, she certainly wasn't afraid of him. "No. It's my fault. I'm sure," said Kiyoko.

Raido spoke up, "Hello Sakura, Kakashi. How are you? This is Kiyoko Takenaka. Kiyoko this is Sakura, she's Lady Tsunade's apprentice. And this is Kakashi, he is one of the ninja's and a sensei in the village.

"Hello. It's nice to meet you."

Sakura smiled warmly at the woman. "It's nice to meet you too. What brings you to Konoha?"

"Ummm" She wasn't sure how to answer that.

"She's moving here." Raido offered.

"Well that's nice. Welcome to Konoha, Kiyoko." Kakashi sounded nice but he looked like he was sizing her up. She shifted under his gaze, feeling uncomfortable.

"Where are you from?" Sakura inquired.

"Umm, Iwagakure, sort of." Kiyoko was getting nervous, she didn't want to repeat the story again. "Your hair is so pretty."

Sakura smiled. "Thanks."

"She had a bit of an issue back home and needs a new start. So Lady Tsunade is giving her a helping hand." Raido said, "But for now she needs rest. So we'll be going."

Kakashi and Sakura both smiled and waved goodbye heading on down the street. Raido and Kiyoko resumed their way to his house. When they got there Raido unlocked the door and indicated she should go in.

She surveyed the room as she entered it. It was a smallish living area, on one side there was kitchen area separated from the living room by a counter top bar. There was a short hallway with two doors off of it, she assumed that they were a bathroom and a bedroom. It was a good place for a bachelor to live. All of sudden she realized that she didn't know if he was a bachelor.

"Umm, Raido?"

"Yes?" He had hung up his flack jacket and now He was walking towards the kitchen as he answered her.

"I hope I won't be in the way."

"I wouldn't have offered if you were. Why?"

"Well, I just realized, if you have a girlfriend she might not like me being here."

He laughed "Kiyoko, my job doesn't give me time for a girlfriend. I'm gone as often as I'm home. I don't know many girls that would put up with that. And every time I leave it might be the time I don't come back. I'm a ninja and a ..." he trailed off, she still didn't know that he was one of the top assassins in the village. He wasn't sure if that would scare her or encourage her.

"And what? You were going to say something else. What was it?"

He sighed, well she'd find out. "I'm also a trained assassin."

Kiyoko wasn't sure she liked that and wondered if she should bolt. Then common sense took over, if he'd wanted to kill her he wouldn't have brought her back here to do it.

"You look a little frightened. Don't worry. I only assassinate the guys who deserve it."

She laughed, "I'll admit, it scared me but I believe I can trust you."

"Good. Shall we sit for a while? Or are you tired?"

"I'd like to sit for a while if you don't mind."

"Sure. I could make tea if you want?"

"Nah. I'm good. Lets just talk." Talking with him made her feel at ease and the idea of sleeping, alone, frightened her. She knew she couldn't ask him to hold her again tonight but she wanted to put bedtime off as long as possible.

"So what can you tell me about being a ninja?"

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