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The name says it all

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Mingi x Wooyoung 🔞

⚠️WARNING! This chapter contains Erotic sex. If your uncomfortable with the topic, Please Skip!

This is all entertainment purposes, Please don't take any of this seriously. Enjoy!


Mingi and Wooyoung had been dating in secret. Hiding it from the other members, due to fear that they might judge them. But sometimes, It's hard to keep it a secret because Mingi is so horny all of the time. And It's the fact, He gets horny during group practices.

"Wooyoung?" San smiled, walking up to him, after practices ended.

"H-Huh?" Wooyoung turned around curiously.

"U-Uhm, I was wondering... If you wanted to go out with me, at the coffee shop, Maybe this weekend. N-Not as a date. b-but like a hangout?" San blushed slightly, and looked down.

"Sure! Why not!" Woo smiled brightly.

Mingi was watching from a distance, and glared, continuing to pack up his things. Mingi was 'that' type of boyfriend. Kind, Sweet, Soft. But if we were to see you with another guy, He'd get jealous real quickly. But he didn't let his jealousy overtake him.

"Saturday at 6?" San asked.

"Sure! That works! I'll call you. I'm going back to the dorms to sleep." Woo waved goodbye, and left the studio. Mingi followed behind Wooyoung, until he arrived at the dorms.

"A date, huh?" Mingi asked.

"Oh my gosh! Love... You scared me, and what are you talking about?" Woo gasped, and chuckled a bit.

"A date with San?" Mingi replied.

"Oh no no! You got it all wrong. Just a simple hangout." Woo replied, as he opened the door to the dorm, Mingi followed inside.

"Mingi... You can't be in my dorm, Policy rules.." Woo mumbled.

"Does it look like I care? I know it's just a hangout. But I don't want you hanging out with the other members." Mingi said, setting his bag down, and walked behind Wooyoung, wrapping his hands around his waist and kissing his neck.

"It's not like he's gonna kiss me. Just a hangout, no need to overreact, and Mingi, let go. I want to shower, and sleep peacefully." Wooyoung sighed.

"You moving your hot body during practices makes me want to fuck you so badly." Mingi replied, as he licked behind his ear, making Wooyoung receive goosebumps.

"M-Mingi?" Wooyoung asked.

"I feel like San asked you out because he knows how hot you are. I mean, you are sexy. But you're so much sexier when you cry out my name in bed." Mingi smiled, as his hands went down the younger pants.

"Mingi! You can't say things like that, and Take them out.." Wooyoung blushed.

"Oh, but I can. Your mine, aren't you~" Mingi smiled.

"Y-Yeah... I guess." He mumbled.

"So, then... Let me help you." Mingi kissed his ear, whispering in his ear.

Mingi slowly started to stroke Wooyoung, The younger started moaning softly. This turned Mingi on so much, he was getting harder and harder by the minute. He rubbed his hardness against Woo's butt.

"P-Please~" Woo mumbled.

"Please, What?" Mingi asked.

"The members are across the hallway, we can't do this. Maybe later, and I just want to sleep and shower..." Wooyoung said.

"Fine, go shower." Mingi smirked.

"Thank you.." Wooyoung said, running off to get his towel and walking into the bathroom, While Mingi followed behind.

"You just won't ever give me a break." Wooyoung sighed.

"I'll turn away when you start to get naked." Mingi said, sitting on the toilet.

"Close your eyes." Wooyoung replied.

"Okay. Tell me when to open it." Mingi said, having a big smirk painted on his face.

Wooyoung quickly began to take off his clothes, and Mingi opened his eyes, watching Wooyoung's body in lust. This made him even harder and hornier.

"Damn, Woo~" Mingi bit his lip.


"Damn, But baby... I don't think I can ever take my eyes off of you, especially if you are like this." Mingi smiled, getting off the toilet.

"I mean, it's not the first time you've seen me like this." Wooyoung grunted, whispering to himself.

"What was that?" Mingi asked.

"N-Nothing. Just close your eyes. No, actually! Just leave the dorm!" Wooyoung pointed to the dorm, grabbing the towel and covering his body.

"Hm, no." Mingi replied.

Mingi walked up to his dear boyfriend and pulled the towel off of him. He couldn't keep his horniness anymore. His eyes only filled with lust and sex, Mingi picked up the younger, and placed him on the sink of the bathroom, and slowly shoved his finger inside of Woo.

"O-Oh my g-god~!" Woo moaned loudly.

Mingi kissed the youngers neck, as Wooyoung continued to moan, He felt a third finger enter inside of him. He felt his hole expand, but he didn't want to scream, due to the members next door.

He covered his mouth and a tear fell his cheek. Mingi enjoyed watching him moan and gasp, Mingi starting biting him, and sucking on his nipples, leaving hickeys everywhere to let people know he was his.

"M-Mingi. M-My H-Hole~!" Woo grasped onto the edges of the counter on the sink, trying his best not to moan.

"What about it? Am I making you horny?" Mingi said, trying to add a 4th finger, but it wouldn't fit.

"D-Don't add another f-finger. I won't be able to take it.." Woo cried out, after he felt Mingi's finger touch his spot.

"Dang. I think I might have to loosen you up more. You're too tight." Mingi said, pulling his fingers out.

Wooyoung gasped again. It felt weird, after having 3 fingers up in his ass. Mingi pulled a condom out his pocket, and pulled down his pants.

"Condom or No Condom." Mingi smirked.

"U-Uhm.." Wooyoung mumbled.

"No Condom, It is." Mingi pulled Wooyoung's legs, and adjusted him in a comfortable spot on the sink, and Mingi thrusted into Wooyoung.

"Oh f-f-fuck~!" Wooyoung screamed.

"Shhh, baby. You don't want them to hear you." Mingi thrusted into him again.

"T-too r-r-rough~" Woo moaned out.

"Nothing is ever too rough, Love." Mingi started thrusting harder into him, Making Woo's voice break and his moan crackled, down into some tears.

"You're gonna break me!" Woo sniffled.

"That's the point, babe. Now you won't be able to walk during tomorrow's V-live vlog." Mingi kissed Wooyoung, as he pounded and thrusted into Mingi.

He started to speed up, He picked up Wooyoung and Woo hugged him tightly, and cried quietly, as he went extremely fast, Woo accidentally cummed on Mingi on accident.

"Who told you. You can do that? You're such a bad boy." Mingi chuckled softly.

"H-Huh?" Woo looked down, huffing for air.

"Don't worry, Once I'm done with you, I'll buy you 12 wheelchairs." Mingi said, carrying woo out of the bathroom and placing him on the bed, and tried to fit his entire dick inside Wooyoung.

"SONG MIN-GI!" Woo screamed at the top of his lungs.

"You're using my full name too. Wow, Jung Wooyoung." Mingi thrusted his entire power into him.

"F-FUCK, MY I-INSIDES~!" Wooyoung screamed loudly, but Mingi covered his mouth, making sure he wouldn't make a single sound.

Mingi quickly flipped him over, and started pounding inside of him again, smacking his butt and leaving red marks all over. Mingi left his bite marks on Wooyoung's back, as Wooyoung moaned, cried and screamed in pleasure.

"I'm coming.." Mingi mumbled, as he started speeding up as fast as he could.

"A-Ah..." Wooyoung said, cumming on the bed already. Wooyoung was so exhausted and so close to collasping.

But Mingi simply wouldn't allow that. He kept pushing, and thrusting into Wooyoung until he dumped his seed into the Younger's ass.. Mingi pulled out of Woo and collapsed on the other side of the bed.

Mingi's seed pour out of Woo, as he tried to catch his breath.

"I hate you..." Wooyoung huffed.

"You love me, Princess." Mingi smiled happily, pulling Wooyoung against him and kissing him.

"If you won't let me shower, can I atleast sleep?" Woo asked.

"Yes, My Love. You can sleep now." Mingi huffed for air, and Kissed Wooyoung's cheek.

"Night-Night." Wooyoung replied, after he said this. He automatically went to sleep. As If he was a computer getting ready to shut down.

"I love you, Jung Wooyoung, But I have to go now. Sleep, Well~" Mingi kissed Wooyoung's forehea

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