Finding Peace

Chapter 19- A date with Kakashi

The next morning Asami was having a leisurely morning enjoying a cup of tea on her porch. It was early and Konaha was still waking up, people bustling off to work, kids running off to school. She liked the early morning, with the sun still rising, it was warm but not hot yet, and you had a whole day in front of you to do all sorts of things. She was going to spend it with Kakashi, quite easily her favorite activity.

She thought about Kakashi and herself, wondering where it would all go. She had realized last night when he went home just how much she missed being part of a family but she wasn't sure that was what Kakashi wanted in all of this. It wasn't that she was in a hurry get married and have children, she had already raised Kichirou and although she didn't mind the idea of her own children she wasn't in a hurry either. It was more that she wanted the companionship that a family offered. She wanted to share tea on the porch with someone and dinner at night. She knew that Kakashi couldn't be there all the time because of his job but she felt that knowing he would be there when he could seemed like it would be enough. It had been that way with her father.

She wondered for the thousandth time what her father would think of Kakashi. He had only talked about him once. He had come home after a mission and mentioned his name to her mother.

"They're recommending Kakashi Hatake for Anbu."

Her mother had replied "Wasn't he in your class, Asami? He seems so young."

Her father had replied before she could say anything. "He is young. Too young if you ask me. He's good enough for it though. Tough road that boy's had after his father..." Her father had trailed off.

She knew now what her father had avoided saying then. He had grown up with no family at all essentially. She sighed, well he seemed no worse for the wear but she wondered if he just hid his pain well. As if her mother were standing right behind her she heard her say "You can't live in the ifs of life Asami." She shook herself and got up to go inside.

She had just made it to the door when Kakashi appeared at the top of her stairs, smiling through his mask at her.

"Oh! Kakashi! Am I late? I'm not even dressed yet!"

Kakashi had already observed that she wasn't dressed, her bathrobe billowed in the breeze and he thought it made her look very nice. He had been up early, and paid a visit to the memorial. He'd then decided that he didn't want to wait till mid-morning to see her. He'd been pondering the question of his bachelorhood all night and still had no good answers. One the one hand he knew he loved her and he felt very much at home with her. On the other hand he wasn't sure how to be a family and he had commitments that meant frequent absences. But, he reminded himself, it would be nice to come home to her smiling face, warm arms and sweet kisses, not to mention the food.

"No, you're not late. I'm early. I can leave if you want." He made to turn and go back down the stairs but she caught his smile as he did it and they started laughing together. She threw her arms around him and gave him a hug and then kissed him through his mask.

"You know you're always welcome. I was going to have breakfast, are you hungry."

Kakashi wondered again that she was always ready to feed you. "Do you know that I have never shown up at your door and had you fail to offer me food? How do you do that?"

Asami smiled up at him, he was so good looking, even with mask. "I don't know. My mom was like that and I guess I just learned it from her."

"I bet I could show up here with a team of filthy ninja, in the middle of the night, and you would offer to feed us. Wouldn't you?"

She shrugged, "Probably. Kichirou is always after me for giving away onigiri also. But my mom always said we were the lucky ones. We had, and for that reason we should give. She wasn't just talking about the food. She meant love. She loved people with food, that was her way. She used to say that we were lucky enough to have a happy home with family who loved each other and that it was our job to spread that love through onigiri. I think she gave away more than she sold, and I probably do the same some days. But I want people to know they're valued, if I can do that with a simple box of onigiri then why shouldn't I? Want an omelet, good looking?" She had been in Kakashi's arms while she talked and now she pulled away to go in the house. "I'm starving!"

Kakashi looked at her in awe, she made it seem so natural, caring for others. It was just the way she was. How could he ever learn that? "Of course I do. Have you ever had me turn down food?" He followed her into the house and then the kitchen.

"Does it bother you if I cook in my bathrobe and then get dressed? It just seems easier."

Kakashi pulled her into his arms at the same time that he pulled his mask down and leaned down to kiss her, "You can stay in your bathrobe all day if you want, I think it looks amazing on you."

He had resumed kissing her and she leaned into him enjoying the feel of his strong arms around her. She hoped his eye was closed as well so that he wouldn't notice her blush.

"You're so pretty when you blush like that." Too late, he had stopped and pulled back a bit to look at her.

This only made her blush deepen, "Really Kakashi!"

"Well it's true! I should make you blush more often in fact." He was teasing her now and she knew it. She wiggled out of his grip and playfully punched him in the arm.

"Watch out good looking. I might just burn your omelet."

"I have had worse and I am sure even your burned omelets are better than some of the food I've eaten." He chuckled at the look on her face.

She made them breakfast while they laughed and playfully teased each other and then he offered to clean up while she got dressed. For the third time that day he contemplated conquering this thing called family with her. How hard could it be, he was a ninja that hunted high level assassins for heavens sake.

"So are you going to tell me about the teacups on the tower or will I have to use my ninja skills to drag it out of you?" They were laying on the grass by the waterfall looking up at the clouds in the sky together. They'd had lunch at the barbecue place and wandered around the shops until Asami admitted that she wasn't much of a shopper and would prefer a quieter place where they could just visit. So they'd headed out of the village into the surrounding woods and ended up by the waterfall.

"Oh sure. It was Anko's idea."

"Well I would expect that."

"Oh you would, would you? I came up with some of my own at times too you know! Anyway, you know how she's into tea ceremonies?" Kakashi nodded his head. "Well she wanted to have one at school and our sensei wouldn't let us. She was fuming mad. So she got it in her head that we could paint teacups all over the tower instead. We had to wait a month until my father was out on a mission, which is why no one ever suspected us probably. During that time we practiced using our chakra to climb the tower, we practiced on the cliffs near here. And then one night we grabbed all the chalk we could find and climbed the tower, painting tea cups everywhere. It took hours really, between me falling because I couldn't control my chakra properly yet, and us laughing. It's amazing that the guard didn't hear us or sense the genjutsu that she had cast to cover us. And that," she said with a flourish, "is how the hokage tower got teacups all over it. You're only the third person to know."

Kakashi watched her, damn she was beautiful, as she smiled at the memory. He was trying to connect the Asami he knew with the story she had just told when he noticed her face had clouded over. "What's wrong?"

"It seems so long ago, like another lifetime. My parents where here and my family was whole then. Even Kichirou, he was just a baby but he was here. I miss them so much!" Tears formed in her eyes and she fought them back.

Kakashi rolled up on his side so he could keep her attention. "I imagine you do miss them. You have great memories though."

"Oh! I'm so selfish! You don't even have that do you? I'm so sorry Kakashi!" She felt bad. They had never really talked of the different ways they had grown up, she in a close loving family, he all too fast and on his own.

"Don't worry about it. I can't miss what I didn't have." But can I live it? He wondered to himself. "I like to hear about your family." He leaned over her and kissed her and when he went to pull back she pulled him down for more which resulted in him almost landing on top of her. She held him there and they kissed for a while, enjoying the closeness of each other.

When he finally pulled away he looked into her eyes, "you certainly have a way about you Asami."

She giggled, "what's that supposed to mean?"

"I don't know. You just do."

"Hmmm, I hope that's a good thing. I'm getting a little chilly so why don't we head home? I can make you your last dinner before your mission?"

"Sounds perfect."

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