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Illicit Lily


Aria has been stressed for a while now and has not satiated her cardinal urges. When Eiriol teased her with the chance of a sexual encounter she takes him up on the offer. It is a one night of passion.

Romance / Erotica
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Untitled chapter

Aria had been working the circuit for a while now, her days would be a trapeze show with her flying through the air to meet all the requirements for the trials. She had been stretched quite thin and was feeling guilty for wanting to just stop a moment and take a breath. The problem was when she did manage a moment with her thoughts, they would just take a stroll down to the dilapidated parts of her psyche that were in desperate want of affection.

She stretched her arms out and stared at the book she had in front of her. The thick tomes discussed the argument of how Deus Kai was a righteous figure or a stringent figure that forces one to follow the path that had been destined for them. She sighed softly and stuck her tongue out at the tome and it didn’t respond in kind, it wasn’t as if she had hoped that it would come to life and admonish her for her lack of drive to be a pious studious student, but she had been wanting something to take her mind off that infuriatingly gorgeous man.

She knew they were twins, the simple fact was they were nothing alike. One while heartwarming, courteous, and an extrovert the other was calculating, unbendable, but also considerate. She was often drawn to Lysander’s warm personality, but he was extremely difficult to gauge. Eiriol on the other hand had that cold demeanor and while for most it was off putting and she had been drawn to him, his encouraging words and self reflection commentary had been a driving force for her to try harder. Whether he had meant to or not, Eiriol had piqued her curiosity and her mind often wondered about him.

Eiriol di Oscurio was a man of many talents and extremely dedicated to his work, but far more so to his younger twin brother, Lysander. He dedicated his life to being an aide that could take the strain and struggles away from his sibling, all the while he kept the temple in running order. He had no time for trivial manners and yet. He looked at the dessert package that was sitting at the corner of his desk. It was wrapped in a shiny paper with a card attached that had a small drawing from Aria that had her chibi character drawing, a trademark of hers so that people knew it was really her, and a message that said, “A break is needed even by the likes of you.” He opened up the package slowly and stared sadly at the gift. She was always thoughtful and dutiful with her affections for everyone. He was friends with several of the competitors in the trial and they all had received gifts from her, it was like her own little way of pepping everyone up.

He had just overheard his brother the other day about how she had left him sunflowers on his balcony just to make him smile while not invading his space or wasting his time. Eiriol knew for a fact that Lysander never believed anyone wasted his time and he was especially fond of that woman. He had been passing the art gallery that day, his brother had pretended to be a painting just to watch her. It had been a private moment and yet, he couldn’t help, but spy and see what was happening. The smile that appeared on her foolish face made his chest hurt a little. He shook his head and took a bite of his gift and allowed the sweetness to spread in his mouth. He cherished the moment with a gentle breath of relief.

He returned to the paperwork he had been reviewing with the spoon hanging from his mouth all the while attempting to convince himself that he wasn’t anything special to her.

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