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COMPLETE Romance/Erotica/Fanfiction Peter Parker wants his girlfriend to feel loved on her birthday. [I do not own the cover image]

Romance / Erotica
Doris Chamberlain
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Part 1 of 3

I put the cappuccino cheesecake on the top shelf of the refrigerator. Finally, something finished. Now all I had to do was wait a few hours. I closed the refrigerator and, looking at the state of the kitchen, I sighed. First thing first I put the dirty mixing bowls in the dishwasher. Then I took the plate of my meager lunch, that I had forgotten on the small table in the living room. My girlfriend had been dragged out by her friends that morning, so I had wasted no time in preparing an elaborate lunch. After my quick meal, I had arranged the bedroom, the study and the bathroom. I had also put vases with fresh flowers throughout the house. Purple orchids, her favorites. I wanted everything to be perfect for her return. After starting the dishwasher I put on a random music playlist on my phone and mopped the floors. Now I just had to wait for my girlfriend to return, then we would make burgers together. I spent some time on the phone but, after a while I left it on the table and went around the house to check again that everything was ready. I put on some more elegant clothes and fixed my hair with a little gel. I looked at myself in the mirror. Was this enough? I wanted to surprise my girlfriend and show her how much I loved her. Thinking back to her, a smile instinctively broke out on my lips. After making sure everything was ready, I returned to the couch.

Shortly after 5 p.m. I heard her footsteps coming up the stairs that led to our apartment. I immediately sprinted to the nearest wall and climbed nimbly to the ceiling. As I approached the door I moistened my lips. I heard the keys turn in the lock. I smiled, mentally rubbing my hands together thinking about what I was going to do. I saw my girlfriend open the door, oblivious. She laid the bags on the floor and closed the door, then bent down to remove her shoes. I got into position. I saw her get up and look around doubtfully. She was looking for me. “Peter?” I saw her lift her gaze. Now!, I thought. I released my grip from the ceiling, remaining pendulous with my head down, and hugged her. “Welcome home, love!“, I shouted with a big smile on my face. Her incredulous look immediately calmed and I heard her wonderful laughter fill the air. I leaned in to give her a kiss. She pulled away immediately after, but that was not enough for me. I wanted more. I captured her lips again with mine. I deepened the kiss, sliding my tongue into her mouth. She put her hands in my hair and pulled me closer to her. When we pulled away, we looked into each other’s eyes, both of us breathless. The temperature in the room seemed to have risen a few degrees in the meantime. “I love you,” she said suddenly, looking into my eyes. At those words my heart skipped a beat. I was so surprised by her words that I even risked falling from the ceiling. When she said it in that intimate tone, I felt like pinning her against the wall and making her mine immediately. Too bad I was upside down at that moment. I gave her a quick kiss. “Me too,” I then replied. She smiled, then picked up the bags from the floor. “Do you want to see what I bought today?” I nodded and took her hand in mine. “Let’s go,” I said enthusiastically. She had an eye for picking out her clothes. She looked at me dubious but went into the living room anyway, holding my hand as I walked across the ceiling. I noticed that she watched fascinated as I avoided the chandelier. I decided to tease her affectionately. While I was still hanging upside down, I held the living room door open for her and said, “Ladies first,” with a wink. She snorted in amusement and walked over to the couch, where she laid the bags down. I landed next to her and sat down. “Close your eyes,” she said, “It’s a surprise.” I obeyed. I heard her rummage through the bags beside me and extract something from them. Then the rustle of clothes being removed. I waited impatiently. I wanted to take a peek at her beautiful body but restrained myself. I began drumming my fingers on her knee. When she finally told me I could open my eyes, I snapped to my feet automatically. “Ah!” I exclaimed. I sat back down slightly embarrassed and observed her. She was wearing a short black skirt and a pale pink crop top. I emitted a whistle. “You’re so beautiful, darling.” She smiled sweetly at me and spun around, laughing. I closed my eyes again, to let her change again. “Peter.” I felt a light touch on my leg and peeked up. She was wearing a wine-red dress that hugged her curves perfectly. She was stunning. A thrill of pleasure ran through me. I wanted her. I watched her body with ravenous eyes. She spun around and her skirt lifted slightly, revealing for a moment her white underwear. I felt the blood rush to my groin and crossed my legs, pretending nothing was wrong. She was damn beautiful. She changed into her normal clothes, then gasped and put a hand on her stomach, which had started to rumbling. She clapped her hands cheerfully. “Time for dinner! Let’s go!” She dashed into the kitchen. I watched her from the couch. She pulled out the vegetables, meat and cheese from the refrigerator. Then she went to the pantry and grabbed the bread package. She turned to me and tossed it to me. “Come to bread with me,” she said playfully. I scoffed but finally stood up from the couch and joined her in the kitchen. She meanwhile had turned to wash the salad in the sink. I approached slowly and encircled her hips with my arms. I lasciviously rubbed my pelvis on her asscheeks, getting even closer to her. I nibbled on her earlobe, whispering, “These are indeed some really nice buns.” She, taken aback, dropped the salad spinner into the sink, causing water to splash everywhere. She turned off the faucet and turned to me, her shirt completely soaked. “You sure know how to get a girl wet.” I hid my face in her neck, stifling laughter against her soft skin. “It’s my specialty,” I murmured, starting to kiss the side of her neck. I licked a few drops of water from her neck, continuing to leave her little kisses. I reached her mouth, while my hands snuck under her wet T-shirt. I heard her moan softly and she took my face in her hands, deepening the kiss. One of her hands ended up in my hair and she began stroking it, tugging it lightly. I felt like I was on fire, shivers running through my body. She started grinding on me. Fuck, that was hot. I gasped for air, overwhelmed by emotions. “Why don’t we take off this shirt, hm, honey? It must be very uncomfortable.” I started lifting its hem, uncovering my girlfriend’s beautiful body. “Naughty boy, you distracted me,” she said, blocking my hand. “Let’s have dinner, first. I spent the whole day walking around the city and I’m famished.” I groaned disgruntled. “But I’m your favorite snack, am I not?“, I asked. She didn’t answer but gave me a peck on the lips and her sweetest smile, and that was enough to say that yes, of course I was her favorite snack. Then she went to her room to take off her wet clothes. Meanwhile, I leaned against the nearest closet door and sighed in frustration. Then I shook my head and took a cutting board and a knife. I started chopping the tomatoes and the onions, waiting for her to return and trying to calm down. A few minutes later she popped out of the bedroom door. “You know what? I’ll take a shower while I’m at it.” I nodded my head, indicating that I understood, as I continued chopping the vegetables. “A very hot shower, Peter,” I heard her shout from the other room. I put down the knife and lifted my head in confusion. “Yeah?“, I finally said, resuming cutting vegetables.

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