Blood Debt: The 68th Hunger Games



Malcolm Evers

"Make sure you get a lot of water, who knows when the next chance will be for you to get some," My stylist tells me. I nod yes, much too nervous too nervous to say anything. I zip up my jacket, from what my stylist tells me all of this clothing looks like it would do well in the rough terrain or extreme elements. I have always felt comfortable in the heat, it's usually hot in 11, but the cold is not something I will be alright in.

"District 11 tribute," A voice comes on over the speaker, "Please take your spot on the platform."

"Alright," I say turning to my stylist, "I guess I'll see you later…or maybe not."

"Good luck out there Malcolm." He looks at me with such sadness; I know he doesn't expect me to come back.

A glass tube descends around me, separating me from the only person I will see today not trying to kill me. He holds my gaze as I'm lifted into the air by the metal cylinder.

Suddenly I'm in another world. Before I can even fully register my new surroundings I hear the familiar voice of Claudius Templesmith announcing the start of the Sixty-eight Hunger Games. I take a deep breath, less than a minute now. I know the plan, run as fast as I can for cover.

I scan the landscape for somewhere to hide, so often there are forests, but this time no such luck. The arena is barren and rocky. We are on some kind of plateau, I look right and a few hundred yards away are thorn bushes as far as the eye can see. Good cover, but not safe.

I continue to scan the arena when I see her, about 8 platforms away from me is Lolita. Maybe I should stay and protect her. But does she even need protection? She is so much stronger than me, and she has Kellen to help her. Even with his arm barely healed he got a seven in training. I think I would just slow her down, I wish her luck in my head, and keep looking for cover.

There! Behind Lolita to the left, a forest. Not a real forest, a dark creepy forest, filled with only dead trees, but it's the best shot I've got.

I get ready to make a brake for it; our minute must almost be up by now.

The gong rings, and I'm off!

Storm Shields

As soon as the gong sounds, the place goes crazy. I see my ally Evander to my immediate left, and to my right is Matt, both make a dash for the cornucopia, but the tribute I'm interested in is the one on Matt's right, the girl Amber, she is trying to escape, she thinks she can get away. She couldn't be more wrong.

I'm on top of her in a few seconds. "Please," she begs. She thought she would be safe from the bloodbath if she avoided it, she thought that no one would come after her without a weapon, but she didn't count on me. "No," she is crying "I don't want to die!"

"Nothing personal." A quick snap of her neck and her cries have been silenced forever. On to business. I rush for the bloodbath, it's already started, and everything is total chaos. I feel some blood hit me in the face, and for a terrible moment, I think someone has gotten me, but there is no pain, it's from the girl who turned her back on the careers, Aaralyn. Acely is fighting her, and seems to be doing fine, I can find someone else to pick off.

I grab a sword lying on the ground, I spot Matt, but he is sprinting away from the cornucopia, with supplies in hand. I'll just have to deal with him later. Out of the corner of my eye I spot another victim, Finch, he is actually a minor threat, so taking him out in the early stage seems like a good idea. I am about to land a killing blow when he spins around blocking the blow with an ax. Before I know it he is on his feet, attempting to get the offensive. Perhaps I haven't given this farmboy enough credit. He is vicious; I never saw any of this in the training center. Even so, he is no match for me.

I'm careful to take in my surroundings; I don't want to be taken out by any of these weaklings because I'm distracted. To my left is Allan's group, and they are facing off with Evander and Marius. It may be five on two, but Marius and Evander are contenders, I wouldn't ally with just anyone.

"Lexeon, look out!" I hear one of the group yell. Suddenly Lexeon's body flies into my field of vision, his body crumples on the ground. I parry another blow from Finch, and when I strike back, it almost does major damage, but instead I just graze his cheek. Still he is spewing blood from his face, I've created a good distraction.

Behind me I'm aware that Lolita is facing off with Chace; that should be over pretty soon. Chace is after all the second strongest tribute I've ever seen. I can hardly wait to kill him, but first there is the matter at hand, killing Finch.

Mattaniah Hestra

Hah, what a haul! I got a dagger and a backpack filled with goods. I got in and out, a brilliant plan really, and apparently I was the only one who thought of it. Everyone else either fled at the outset or is still fighting it out for supplies at the cornucopia, but I have what I need.

I can hear water flowing somewhere far off, that is where I should head. I've got a head start on everyone, so getting to the water first shouldn't be a problem.

There are only a few other tributes who avoided the bloodbath. I made sure to identify who went into the bloodbath and who ran from the fighting. I saw the District 11 boy, Malcolm run for the trees. Q and A fled too. None of them pose a threat. The only ones that could be any danger would be the couple from 5 and the crazy girl who pals around with them. They aren't incredibly strong, but they aren't weak either. I think I'll avoid them if possible.

There was one other tribute that ran from the cornucopia, or at least she tried to. Poor little Amber. I saw Storm jump on her; she killed her with her bare hands. I've never seen anything so brutal. I've always known that the careers were cruel, but seeing that shocked me. I wanted to help, I hate bullies more than anything, and Storm is as bad as they come, but trying to save Amber only would have gotten me killed too. The sad truth of this game is you can only watch out for yourself.

I have put a lot of distance between myself and the cornucopia by now, so I think I can slow down a bit. I slow my pace to a jog, but then I hear something truly terrifying. Footsteps. Someone is chasing me. I must not have heard it over my own running and heavy breathing. Now I'm running even faster than before.

How could this happen? It must be one of the stronger tributes, maybe Storm or Chace. I have to escape. The more I run though the more unlikely this seems. I am getting more and more tired, and I my pursuer is closing in on me. If I can get to the water, then I can escape, I know that many of the other tributes can't swim. Even if this one can, he won't be able to catch me, even by District 4's standards, I'm an excellent swimmer.

I can hear the water, but it is nowhere to be seen. I've been sprinting for almost twenty minutes, soon my panting is so loud I can't hear the other tribute, and after that I can't hear the water. I'll never make it.

Suddenly there is a tremendous pain in my back. It's over I've been caught, but I won't die with my face in the dirt, I will look this brute in the face. I turn to see my killer, expecting Chace or Fathom, perhaps Marius. I don't see any of these people. As my vision fades to black I see Kasha standing over me holding a bloody sickle.

Allan Fur English

I don't know whether or not Lexeon is alive. He hasn't moved since Evander hit him with that club, but I can't see any blood. If Evander had used the mace he is carrying now I wouldn't be wondering about him being alive. Maybe Evander did this on purpose, maybe he doesn't have what it takes to survive in these games, and he isn't a killer. I know that killing doesn't come easy, I'm still struggling with it myself, and honestly Evander seems like a far more moral person than I am. I think he might hate the other careers more than I do, but still he knows he needs them, just as I need my allies. Coincidently his and my allies are trying to kill each other right now.

"Jade duck!" I yell and seconds later Marius' sword slashes were her head was. Without Lexeon it is four on two. Amata has a sort of butcher's knife and manages to land a blow on Maruis. I block Evander's swing but am knocked backward, falling on the ground. Evander raises his weapon, ready to bring it down and crush my brains in but Jade blocks the blow.

"Get up!" she yells. The next thing I know my face is splattered by blood. It's Ashlyn, she's been hit. She had been distracted, something caught her eye outside of our battle, and I know what it is. About twenty yards away her district partner is fighting Storm. He isn't doing well. The cut on her torso seems to snap Ashlyn back to reality. She cuts Evander in the shoulder and his blood sprays over us as well.

Blood everywhere. Ashlyn's blood. Marius' blood. Evander's blood. My blood. Am I bleeding too? I can't even tell anymore.

Amata lets out an ear piercing shriek; Marius has a knife stuck in her side. Her hands are around his neck, he kicks her in the chest. I lose sight of them when I have to block another of Evander's attacks.

Kellen Ross

I've never really known insanity before this moment. I thought I had seen crazy people but nothing compares to this. The look in Fathom's eyes is one I can't even begin to describe. It's not like I'm even fighting a person. It's not like fighting an animal either. When I killed that wolf he wanted to kill me because I was a threat and a potential meal. It was a matter of survival, for both of us.

I thought that fighting these tributes would be like that. Kill or be killed. This fight is different. Fathom isn't trying to kill me because he knows it's the only way for him to stay alive. He is trying to kill me because he enjoys it. Excitement, that's the closest I can come to describing the look in his eye. His ax misses me by inches. I try to take this opportunity to strike, but he's just as fast as I am.

I can hear the cries of pain all around me, see the various battles all around us, but I've lost track of my ally. Lolita and I went to the cornucopia together, but were separated when two of the careers found us. If I can survive this fight, maybe I can find her, help her. That is if she hasn't run off already. Somehow I know that isn't the case though. Lolita wouldn't do that. She is one of the most honor bound people I know. Selfish maybe, but she would never abandon a friend and an ally. I really hope she isn't dead.

Just as I think this I hear her voice cry out in pain. I think she was fighting Chace; he is arguably the strongest tribute out here. Our only hope is if I can take out Fathom, and come to her aid. Easier said than done.

Fathom hits me in the same exact spot the wolf got me. I would laugh if I wasn't on death's doorstep. It looks like the Capitol's best healer working for a week to repair my arm was totally worthless. Next my leg is slashed too, I manage to hit his arm, but it's a glancing blow, he is still coming at me with everything he's got. I'm still fighting, but I know I can't win. My only hope is that Lolita has found some way to kill Chace and will save me.

Suddenly something I don't understand happens. The ground beneath me seems to be…vibrating? I see tributes running every which way, dropping their weapons, grabbing supplies. Everyone seems to notice this but Fathom.

Then I see it, the ground is opening up, swallowing up everything. The crack is spreading fast, and if I don't get out of here I'm going in too.

"Fathom, RUN!" I see Evander has stopped and is trying to break his ally out of his murderous rampage. "FATHOM!" He shouts again. It doesn't work. All Fathom sees is me.

"Forget it, he's lost it!" I think I hear Storm yell. I can't turn my back and run, I'd have and ax in my spine in a second, so I back up as quickly as possible. It's too late when Fathom is finally swallowed up. I sprint as fast as I can away from the gaping hole, but it's no use. Just as I think it's over I reach out, grabbing the edge of the newly formed cliff. I've made it, I'm alive.

Then the rock I'm clinging to crumbles away. I fall into total darkness. I think that-

Fathom Quill

I feel like a thousand needles are piercing every part of my body. The only sensation my brain can register besides the pain is the taste of blood filling up my mouth. I try to spit it out but my mouth is no longer under my control. I tell my brain to move my limbs, but nothing happens.

I see a light a few yard away, I try to look at it but nothing happens. I think I know what the light is, the hovercraft, but it isn't here for me, not yet. A minute ago I heard a thud, and I understand what that was now, Kellen.

How can this have happened? It wasn't supposed to be like this. How can I be a bloodbath, it's impossible. I should have won. All that blood and hardly any of it spilled by me. I didn't even get to kill anyone.

I start choking on my own blood, and I think I vomit. I wish I could just die. I feel like I am being dragged through a sea of glass shards. This would be so beautiful, if only it were happening to someone else. I have to scream, the pain is too much, but no sound will escape my throat. The light of the hovercraft disappears and I'm alone in the dark again.

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