Blood Debt: The 68th Hunger Games

The Feast

Chace Castellan

"You're staying here," Finch tells Azeika. "You too," he adds glancing at Proxy.

"Hah! Try and make us!" Proxy retorts.

"Do you want to die?" Finch asks.

"Do you? There are three others out there, we all need to go if want to stay alive," Proxy shoots back.

"All of us going guarantees nothing," I chime in.

"Well it gives us a better chance of survival, and we need whatever chance we can get," Proxy asserts.

"Maybe we should just forget the whole thing," Azeika suggests.

"Unfortunately that isn't really possible, the Gamemakers are trying to starve us. The only way we can survive is to take the bait. If we don't go to that feast we aren't going to last long."

"Fine, then I'm going, and so is Proxy."

"No, you have to stay safe!" I shout at her.

"Is our safety any more important than yours or Finch's," Proxy says stepping right next to me. Her tone isn't harsh, it's decisive.

"No, but…" To tell the truth I put Proxy's safety above my own.

"Then we are all going," Proxy says with an air of finality.

Finch and I glance at each other nervously.

"Just try and stop us," Azeika says with a smile.

"Alright," Finch says, "Let's get going, it's a long way to the falls." The four of us grab our weapons and start the long trek to the waterfall.

"So, anyone ever been to the top before?" Proxy says glancing around.

"Not me," I respond. Finch shakes his head too.

"Well something tells me that the other tributes might have already been there." Proxy says.

"What makes you think that?" I ask.

"Why not just have the feast at the cornucopia? What reason could they have to put it at the top of the falls? With the Gamemakers it's never random; everything they do has some reasoning behind it. Well, we know that they are trying to take us out, but they can't make it look like they are doing that. So they draw us into a battle where we are unfamiliar with the terrain, if the others are that gives us a distinct disadvantage."

"That makes a lot of sense Proxy," Finch agrees.

"So then what's the plan?" Azeika asks.

"I think we hang back until we see the others," I say. I look around the group to see if they agree. Their nods tell me that they do.

"Hey Proxy," Finch begins.


"I've been wondering for a while…how did you get that one in training?"

Proxy bursts into laughter, "Oh that, I almost forgot." Finch gives her a puzzled look. "I tried to burn the training center down, it seemed like a good idea at the time," She says with a smile, and all of us crack up.

Marius El'Serdi

I never thought I would see it but Storm is practically… giddy. The thought of her being able to finally fight Chace to the death has put her in such a good mood that she hasn't even insulted me since the announcement of the feast.

She realizes of course that it may not be that simple. Who knows who Chace will be with? The different scenarios are endless. Maybe Chace won't even show up. Storm says she is fine with this because it will just allow her to "clean out" the weaker tributes before she gets to fight Chace. I just hope I'm not one of those that she cleans out.

By the look of the sky we still have a few hours until sunrise. That's good: it's a long trek, almost all uphill. We've pass a lot of landmarks on our way to the falls. The first thing we see is the dead forest where I hunted down Malcolm. Right after that is the place where the forest meets the thorn bushes, where Evander died. We make sure to avoid the river, who knows which tributes could be walking along it. We don't want our battle to be premature.

My trip down memory lane continues as we reach the base of the falls. This is where Aaralyn escaped us. We make our way up to the plateau at the top of the falls, and Storm declares, "Were here!"

Storm has her plans for this next bloodbath that is sure to take place, and so do I. I'll asses the situation, and in the end I'll do whatever I need to kill as many other tributes as possible. If I get a chance to kill Storm I'll take it, but if not I'll just have to settle for slicing up some other tributes.

We find a cluster of rocks to conceal ourselves behind and wait. We only have to wait a couple for hours for the sun to rise, and I see the platform raise out of the ground about fifty yards from us. It is filled with just about everything that a tribute could ask for. There is a banquet of the delicious Capitol foods we ate during our time there. Medical supplies are there too, which would definitely be useful.

After a few minutes it's clear that no one else is going to make a move to the goods. Storm and I know what we have to do. It's time to get to that platform. If any of the other tributes were brave enough to show up this should draw them out.

Finch Anderson

We see the careers make their way to the table and we know that it's now or never. If we don't attack them now they can take the supplies and leave. We have our weapons ready; a nod from Chace tells us its time.

We rush forward and I see a look of despair on Storm's face. I doubt she expected to see all of us together, and her only ally is Marius. The odds are not in her favor. I would be lying I f I said I wasn't excited for another chance to fight Storm. I know that the Games and this kind of rutheless thing is what we are fighting against, but I've been holding a grudge against Storm since the bloodbath.

In seconds Storm and my swords come into contact with each other, and Chace is right behind me. He swipes at her with his scythe. I know firsthand how dangerous his attacks can be. I see, for the first time, fear in Storm's eyes. Chace and Storm alone are evenly matched, but with my help the battle is pretty one sided. Her ally is no use to her; he is too busy battling two tributes himself. After blocking one of my blows Chace hits her in the side.

Out of nowhere everything goes to hell. Out of the corner of my eye I see some silver objects fly through the air, which I know but can't immediately place. I see one of the objects imbed itself in Azeika's neck and I know what they are. Jade's throwing knives, the ones she used against the careers when I saw the fight. But Jade is dead, which means that someone else has her knives, and there is only one other tribute left in the arena. I look around quickly and see the tall blonde running towards us. Aaralyn.

I quickly try to get my bearings, Aaralyn threw more than one knife. Storm must have deflected one, which lies by her feet. Another is stuck in Marius' arm and one in Proxy's stomach. The boom of a cannon tells me Azeika is dead. Proxy will join her soon enough if she doesn't get out of here.

"Chace!" I yell as Aaralyn runs over to Storm. He holds his scythe ready to join the battle going on between Aaralyn and Storm. "Get Proxy out of here, grab some supplies and go!"

Chace hesitates, "I can kill Storm, the others won't let us get away,"

"I can buy you enough time, RUN!" I shout.

"I'm a better fighter, you take them, I'll stay."

"No, Proxy needs you not me, GO!" Chace holds his stance for another second before rushing to the platform and grabbing food and some first aid supplies. He runs over grabbing Proxy, who vomits up blood as he picks her up. Azeika lays lifeless beside them and Marius has crawled off to who knows where.

I see Storm glance over a Chace, she knocks Aaralyn back and makes a move to his direction. "Not so fast," I say getting in her path. I know this is the end for me, I'm going to kill

Strom smiles back and says, "Fine I'll kill him later, "I'll just have to finish what I started at the bloodbath." He smile fades as Aaralyn rejoins the battle. We are now in a three way fight to the death.

Aaralyn Twila

Storm lunges at me and I barley have time to block it. She quickly has to get back on the defensive as Finch attacks her. Storm doesn't waste any time trying to hit me again, I duck out of the way and take the opportunity to strike Finch. He grits his teeth but doesn't cry out in pain. Finch wouldn't do that.

All I can think about as we fight is how much I have respected the way he played the game. Like me he did not rely on anyone else. That is why I was so confused when I saw him run towards the feast with three allies. Alliances are supposed to break and get smaller as the games go on, not get bigger. Finch continued to confuse me when he told his friends to escape while he stayed and fought, even though he would be fighting two careers.

What made him join these people, and practically sacrifice himself? It doesn't make any sense. My thoughts are interrupted as Storm slices me on the right arm while I parry Finch to my left. I take a few paces back and Finch unleashes an array of attacks on Storm. She blocks every one. She quickly retaliates by taking a wide swipe at his chest, but he backs up just in time. I swipe at Storm but all I do damage to is her hair.

I've never been in a fight like this, one where everyone is trying to kill each other. No allies, only enemies. Of course there never were any allies for me. I closed myself off. I wonder, can I beat Storm alone? I see her ready to land a hit on Finch, she is sure to finish him off. I do something that surprises even me, I deflect the blow.

Finch looks at me in shock, unable to comprehend why I would save him. One look from me tells him that I need him to kill Storm. If we keep fighting each other Storm will kill us both. Together, however, we can beat her. After it over we will be opponents once again, but for now we are on the same side.

Together we move forward, each of us attacking Storm, working in unison. She blocks most of our blows, but has no window to attack. Finally, as Finch swings low, I swing high and he makes contact with her leg. She stumbles, but is still on the defensive. Her time is running out. She can't hope to beat both of us. Storm is as good as dead.

I never thought I would be, but I'm glad to team up with Finch. He is one of the few other tributes I could actually stand. Well, him and Jade.

A second later I hear Finch gasp, but there is nothing in front of us that surprising. I realize that what made Finch gasp was actually behind us when I see the dagger in his back. I spin around to block the attack I know is coming for me and I cut Marius across the face, hitting one of his eyes.

He screams in pain, and I swivel back to deflect the oncoming attack I know Storm is about to land. I manage to deflect it, unfortunately not well enough. She misses my heart, but cuts me across the abdomen. I hear Finche's cannon and fall to the ground.

Storm Shields

"Three more down…" I whisper to myself.

"AHHHHH!" Marius squirms around on the ground next to two of the corpses, clutching his face. Blood is pouring out of his head. I need to patch him up quick if I want to keep my ally.

"Don't move!" I order as I make my way to the table. I grab all of the medical supplies I can find. Marius' injury is pretty bad, he has a huge gash running down his face and he lost an eye. Still, he should be a match for Proxy, and that is all I need him for.

Chace may have gotten away this time but the Gamemakers won't wait too long before they give us a finale. Of course we will have time to recover, after all that action they will want to take a break. Not for us of course, but for the audience. I'm sure our three person fight will be talked about all day around the Capitol. And the districts for that matter. Two should be proud, both its tributes making it to the final four. Of course we are two of the best tributes to ever compete in the games, so it comes as no shock to me.

I clean Marius' wound and start to bandage him up. If it wasn't for him I'd surely be dead. Of course I know he only did it because I'm his best chance at survival. I know we will kill each other as soon as we get the chance, but we have been keeping each other alive for a week, and seeing him go might bum me out. Besides if he died I'd have no one around to insult.

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