All the way home

Chapter 13

Callen pulled up at the safe house about ten minutes after Kensi and Sam had arrived with Jake.

He jumped out of the car slamming the door and ran into the building, "SAM!" he shouted.

"Shh…" Sam said stepping into his sightline. "It's ok, Jake's fine."

"Where is he?" Callen asked looking around.

"Kensi has just put him down for a nap,"

"You're sure he's ok? No one tried to get him from daycare?" Callen asked.

"No…no he's fine a little cranky maybe and flushed, but…"

Callen interrupted, "That's normal, he's cutting a new tooth." He relaxed slightly, "Let me see him and then as soon as the others get here I'll fill you in." he said.

"Upstairs third door on the left." Sam said

"Thanks Sam, I know where Jake's room is," Callen said, Sam stood open mouthed and watched as Callen took the stairs two at a time.

Walking down the hallway to Jake's room he could hear Kensi talking quietly to him, he leaned against the doorframe and watched as Kensi rocked him gently stroking his sore cheek soothing the now quietly sniffling boy.

Kensi started as she saw Callen watching them.

"I…Sorry…" she said as Jake woke.

He grizzled and turned to look at Callen, "Dada." He sniffed.

"You feeling bad baby?" Callen asked taking him from Kensi; he walked over to a drawer and pulled out some teething gel and childrens Tylenol gave him a spoonful and rubbed some gel on his gums.

Jake started to settle as the pain finally went away and Callen lay him down in his crib and grabbed a stuff monkey. "Here ya go sport, you get some sleep. Daddy's gotta go downstairs with auntie Kensi, Grandma'll be here soon, you sleep sweetie." He said as he turned the light down low and grabbing the baby monitor closed the door.

As they both went down the stairs Callen listened as Jake fussed a bit and then fell asleep.

"Come here a lot do you?" Sam asked as they walked into the lounge.

Callen sat on the couch and sighed, putting the baby monitor on the table, "This is one of Hetty's homes, safe enough for a safe house…Has Nell or Eric gotten anything yet?" he asked.

Sam shook his head, "I haven't heard from either of them." He admitted. "I don't get it what's going on G, why is someone targeting you and Jake, is it the Comescu's?" he asked.

Callen shook his head, "I know who it is but I don't want to say anything yet, not till Hetty and the others are here, it's easier if I do it all together ok?" he asked.

Sam frowned he was annoyed but he nodded. "Do I need to call Michelle? Are my kids in danger?"

Callen shook his head, "No…they're fine, Hetty's sending a couple of agents to watch your house as a precaution but the person after me and Jake right now is fixated more on Jake than the team."

"So it is a Comescu?" Kensi said worried.

Callen sighed, "Later…you guys want a coffee, Hetty keeps a pretty mean stash of coffee here." He said.

Max woke up his head pounding and for a moment forgot Sara was dead. He reached over and realized that not only wasn't he in bed, but he was still fully dressed on the floor propped up against the wall where he had sagged in his grief yesterday.

Marc walked in the room, he was still grief stricken at the loss of his sister, but he had Max now…and that he could use to his advantage.

"Max…I got coffee man…you ok?" he asked crouching down and handing him the beverage.

"I don't want coffee." Max snarled, "Whiskey Neat!" he snapped.

Marc nodded; "Ok…" he walked over and poured Max a drink. Soon after he had started this he had learned that after a whiskey Max was nasty…really nasty. "There ya go." He handed Max the drink and sank into an armchair looking sadly at the devastation in the room.

"Sara would screw if she saw this." Marc remarked without thinking.

"Well, she ain't gonna see it is she." Max snapped back, "She missed out on so much, especially Martino's first six months all because of that fucking fed. He took my son Marc, I want him back…he's all I have left of Sara now."

"We will get him back, we just need to bolster the troops first, just give me a little time." Marc said.

"Gimme time, gimme time!" Max snapped, "That's all we've been hearing for months, it's too late for Sara now ain't it."

"We need more men and ammunition Max, Storming an NCIS safe house isn't something you do without weapons…what you gonna do knock on the door and ask for your son back?" Marc snapped back.

Max sighed, "No Marc, you are right as usual, but how much longer, Martino is getting older, I don't want him thinking that Fed is his daddy, he's my boy."

Marc sat back the plan was to take out Max and raise the boy as his own, with Sara. Now she was dead this complicated things, but he was nothing if not flexible.

"I have a deal…it's a big one, with a Russian arms dealer, if we can do that and find where they are keeping your boy, we can launch an offensive to get him back." Marc said.


"Dmitri Romanov, he has some draganov sniper rifles and some grenades, we just need to sell him enough coke to take back to Russia, so you in?" he asked.

"How much does he need?" Max asked suddenly all business.

"About $10 million dollars worth." Marc said.

"Jesus Marc!" Max exclaimed, "How are we gonna get our hands on that much coke?"

"LAPD took down two drug cartels this week, I have a guy on the inside, and they have that in their evidence garage. Gonna send some men with ya and you can run a heist on the main precinct."

Max shook his head, "I don't like it man…it's too risky."

Marc looked at him askew, "So you don't think it's worth it for Martino?" he asked.

Max's head shot up and the glass in his hand went sailing across the room and landed with a smash against the wall, "I'll do anything for my son."

"THEN YOU NEED TO DO THIS!" Marc shouted at him.

Max balled up his fists but refrained from following his instincts and beating Marc to a pulp.

"Lt. Stimson from the LAPD will be over later to give us the blueprint of the LAPD evidence lock up. He's been on the payroll for years; he's as crooked as they come. So don't give him a hard time ok Max."

"Fine." Max snapped.

"Go wash yourself up Max, you stink." Marc said as he started cleaning up, "We still have a reputation to maintain, I will deal with Sara, you work on getting yourself ready for getting your son."

Max dragged himself into his bedroom and stripped off for a shower, noticing Sara's jumper still left on the bed from last night, he picked it up and sniffed it smelling her scent and fell back onto the bed holding the jumper. He had lost everything now…there was no stopping him now.

Hetty walked in the door to find her Agents sitting drinking coffee.

"Nice to see that you are taking your responsibilities seriously?" she quipped turning as Callen handed her a cup of tea.

"We saw you over the monitor, and you know the combination." He said with a smile.

She took the tea gratefully and looked around, "And where is young Mr. Callen?" she asked.

"Sleeping, he's got a slight temperature, I gave him some teething gel and a spoonful of children's Tylenol, and he should sleep for a few more hours." Callen told her.

"Is he in his room then?" she asked.

Callen nodded and showed her the monitor, "Any word on Nell and Eric?" he asked.

"Miss Jones came to your house and collected some things for young Jake, and then headed to ops to collect Mr. Beale."

"Anything?" Callen asked.

"We had information, that the mother…Sara, died last night, no one has seen Mr. Deeks since then, it is rumored that he killed her." Hetty said as Kensi gasped and Sam looked shocked.

"Deeks?" Sam asked.

Callen sighed, "Deeks didn't die, and he's been missing for months with Sara and Marc Giamatti,"

Kensi turned looking at the two of them fury on her face. "If Deeks isn't dead then who the hell did we bury six months ago?"

"The coffin was empty, Mr. Deeks went missing from Bethesda, but we lost his trail, the man who told Mr. DiNozzo and Mr. Callen that Mr. Deeks had died, turned out to be Marc Giamatti…Ms. Sciuto saw them both leaving the hospital."

"And we are only hearing about this now…Why?!" Sam snapped turning to Callen, "You knew didn't you…you let us grieve for all those months, and you knew…why didn't you go after him…were you that desperate for a family that you thought if we save Deeks he'd take Jake from you?"

Callen stepped back as if stung.

"Deeks is one of us, we need to find him and save him." Kensi argued.

"He's still Max right now and a danger to Jake…we were just waiting to see…" Callen started but Kensi cut him off.

"You were waiting?! What the heck for, you want him to lose what's left of himself, you want him to never see his kid again…God, Sam's right…you let your quest for a family override your concern for a team member, you let Deeks down all so you could steal his kid and play daddy!" she snapped.

Callen turned on his heels and left the room leaving a furious Hetty staring at the pair of them.

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