All the way home

Chapter 15

It had been five years since anyone had seen Callen or Jake.

Sam, Kensi, Eric and Nell had looked everywhere for them, no credit card usage, not signs of Callen on any camera's or any watch lists, as Hetty had added his name to the FBI database as a person of interest.


However, Callen had seen them.

On the few trips he had taken into LA he had spotted them, he'd even spent one day watching the boat-shed and had seen the two new agents who had joined the team.

Forty miles outside of LA in the small town of Phelan, Callen and Jake had settled down nicely, Callen…or Greg Carter as he was now known worked as a handyman at the diner and for the other people in the small town. Jake Carter had grown up and now at five years old he was Wanda and Bert's favorite customer and surrogate grandson.

Wanda had rented Greg and Jake the old trailer at the back of the property, Greg had found some old child's toys in the shed attached to the trailer which he had fixed up for Jake given Wanda's blessing. In return, he fixed the diner's appliances when needed free.

Wanda had taken to the young man and his son as soon as they had walked in the diner, and the first night she had been locking up when she heard him screaming in his sleep and knocked on his door before he woke his son. They had sat together until 3am, Callen not saying much and Wanda telling him about how her son had come home from leave with PTSD and how she had chatted to him to help put his demons at rest.

Greg never talked much the first month there, but slowly he came to trust this nice old couple, he had to admit they reminded him of a few of the nicer foster parents he had had. Jake had trusted Wanda instantly and became a hit with the old couple, Wanda had made him a birthday cake every year and had taught Callen how to throw a party for the boy, when Greg had come to her explaining he had never done it before and had no idea how to throw a birthday party.

Instead of ridiculing him as he expected she sat him down and made a list of what Jake liked and what he did not like, the names of the few boys he had made friends with at Kindergarten. Greg, Wanda and Bert planned it and Jake's first birthday was in Callen's opinion the best party he had ever seen.

In addition, Jake grew in those five years like a weed.

Max had pulled off the biggest robbery the LAPD has ever seen. Over ten million dollars in cocaine went missing, and Lt. Stimpson was found dead at the scene.

The manhunt spanned over 10,000 men and Marc and Max Giamatti disappeared from sight that day and with no evidence neither the FBI nor NCIS or the LAPD had enough evidence to prove it was them.

They took their haul, exchanged it for the guns from Romanov, sold all but one and were out of the country with 20 million dollars by sunrise that day.

Even Max could not believe the ease at which they pulled off their plan, as they relaxed in their new home in Italy, they had purchased a huge villa.

Max had hired over forty private detectives in Los Angeles to find out where his son was, there was no information from any of them for years although he knew they had been working hard to find out where.

Each day that passed Max's hatred of Callen and fury at the loss of his son grew.

Then he got a call, he smiled as he listened to the news, "We are on our way." He said and put the phone down.

Sam and Kensi had built a new team, Hetty was still operations manager and she too was looking for Callen, having Eric run a program looking for him in the background of every case they ran.

For months Kensi and Sam had been partners, they still were but the team did not run as cohesively.

They were good, that had not changed but the seamless way they worked, the total trust, apart from at work it was not there.

Monty came in with Kensi to work every morning, he was showing his age and the new agents did not like him, but Sam also adored the dog, so they put up with him.

Kensi placed her bag by the desk as Monty flopped into his basket.

"Morning Hetty. " Kensi said as the older woman walked into the bullpen.

"Morning Ms Blye. How are you today?" she asked reaching down to stroke Monty's head.

"We're ok," She put some kibble in Monty's bowl and refilled his water bowl from yesterday, Monty lay his head on Deeks' old LAPD t-shirt and huffed loudly.

The two new agents walked in, laughing about the man they had arrested on their last case, "Mr. Stills, and Mr. Redding, I hope you are both up to date with your paperwork?" Hetty said.

Both looked abashed and headed to their desks, "Yes Hetty." The replied in unison, Kensi grinned and Hetty looked at her, "You have some for me as well I think, Ms Blye." She added.

Sam smirked and handed a strip of bacon down to Monty who wolfed it down happily.

Nell came running down the stairs, and looked for Hetty. "Hetty…I think I've found him" she said gesturing towards her office.

Sam stood up, "Who…Deeks or G?" he asked.

"Callen…and…it's not good." She said sadly.

Hetty nodded towards her office, "Ms Blye, Mr. Hanna with me, Mr. Stills and Mr. Redding, I believe Mr. Beale has a case for you."

Stills and Redding gave each other a resigned nod; they had been members of the team for over two years but still were not included when the names Deeks or Callen were mentioned. Both had tried to research the men that made their new team clam up and speak in harsh whispers.

Stills turned to Hetty, "No…not this time, both Stan and myself always get pushed aside, now are we a part of this team or not?" He snapped at her, before she could answer he continued. "Now neither Stan nor myself have any idea what your beef is with this Deeks or Callen guy, or what they have done, both files are classified, but it sounds dangerous and we both know if it were one of you we would want you at our backs, we are…or at least we thought we were a team."

Hetty sighed, "Yes Russell, you are right, you are a part of this team, if you and Mr. Redding would like to come into my office Miss Jones can fill us in on the status of Mr. Callen and then we will fill you in." she said leading the team to her office.

Callen had got up early, Jake was sitting in front of the small television in the trailer catching up on his Saturday morning cartoons while eating his dinosaur cereal, Callen took five minutes to have his shower and grab Jake's school clothes.

He walked out of his bedroom to see Jake sprawled on his stomach shoveling cereal down his throat.

"Sit up Jake, you'll choke." He said as he went to the kitchen area and poured himself a coffee.

"Yes daddy." Jake said and slowly sat up, waiting until Callen sat down with his back to him and lay-back on his stomach again.

Callen smirked looking in a small mirror he had installed at the table area, where he could spy on his son in the living area.

"Eat up, we have to go see Wanda and Bert I have work to do."

"Ok dad." Jake sat up and finished his cereal carefully taking his bowl and dumping it in the sink.

Callen added his coffee cup and grabbed Jake's bag, "Come on then squirt."

Wanda sat in the booth in her diner, Bert shakily making food for the two men, who were holding a gun on his wife.

"I don't understand why you won't leave; we offered you what was in the till." Wanda sobbed.

"We are not here for money, I am here for what is mine." The younger man growled.

"But we don't know you, I don't have anything of yours." She cried.

"No but Callen does." Max snarled.

"I don't know anyone called Callen!" Wanda said.

Max smiled as Callen's beat up truck pulled into the parking lot. Wanda put her hand over her mouth in terror.

"Greg!" she breathed.

"Callen." Max sneered.

"No…no you have the wrong man, that's Greg Carter and his son Jake, he's just a handyman, he's no threat to you, please, just let me talk to them and send them away." She begged.

Max laughed as Marc moved out of sight in the kitchen.

"One wrong word and my brother will kill your husband, you see you didn't take anything from me, he did and I want it back."

"Daddy?" Jake asked as they walked towards the diner, "Can I ride my bike today?"

"Sure, you can get it from around the back, I have to fix grandpa Bert's toaster." He said. He walked into the diner, turned and called out, "Bert, Wanda, we're here." Callen closed the door watching Jake run around the back to play on the small bike that his dad had fixed for him.

He stopped as the bell finished ringing and he noticed Wanda sitting in the booth her tear stained face staring at him.

He reached for the small of his back where he still kept his gun, but stopped as a barrel was pressed into his shoulder, "You still carrying Agent Callen?" Marc asked.

Callen raised his hands, "Small of my back." He admitted shooting a glance outside where Jake was riding happily on his bike.

"Who are you and what do you want?" he asked his heart pounding, his worry was that a Comescu had found him.

Max stood up and turned towards him, "I want my son Callen." He snarled.

"Deeks…" Callen said shocked.

"My name is Max, you know that!" he snarled.

"De…Max…you can't take him from me, he doesn't know you, you gave him to me to keep him safe from this sort of thing, please, Marty, Jake is my son." Callen begged his blood turning to ice as Jake dropped his bike and came running into the diner.

"Dad!" Jake started as he entered, he saw the men with guns and his eyes widened. "Daddy?" he asked his voice scared as he ran over to Callen and grabbed his leg. Callen wrenched Jake's' arms off him and pushed him towards Wanda.

"Deeks we need to talk, but not in front of the boy, let Wanda take him out back, he doesn't need to see this."

Max looked at his son, he could see so much of Sara in him, for a moment Deeks looked at his boy, not Max. A small smiled graced his features.

Callen noticed, "Deeks, let him go with Wanda, we can talk."

Deeks started to nod, but Max took over again, "NO…He's my son he's coming with me!" he yelled his hand shaking holding the gun.

Jake squirmed out of Wanda's hold and ran towards Callen, just as Max fired the gun; Callen threw himself in front of Jake and took the bullet, falling down with blood streaming from his wound.

"DADDY!" Jake screamed,

Wanda cried out as Max picked up Jake and headed for door with the five year old screaming under his arm as Wanda dropped to Callen's side and pressed napkins into his wound, as Bert called 911.

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