All the way home

Chapter 16

Callen desperately tried to fight off the paramedics and Wanda as they tried to treat him, "I have to get Jake!" he protested.

"Greg, you need to let them help you, the police will put an amber alert out for your son, they are pulling up now." she said looking out of the window as the police cruiser pulled up.

" don't understand…" Callen mumbled as the paramedic injected him with a light sedative, he flopped back and they worked on patching him up.

Wanda quickly filled the officers in on what had happened about how the two men had taken the five-year-old child.

They put out an Amber Alert for Jake Carter and then as a precaution they took Greg Carter's fingerprint while he was starting to come around.

Officer Kelly Betts looked down as a small beep sounded on her portable fingerprint scanner.

She grabbed her handcuffs and cuffed the drugged man to the table leg that was bolted to the ground.

"What are you doing that for, he's the victim here!" Wanda said shocked.

"There is an FBI/CIA bolo out on this man, Federal Agents are being dispatched to pick him up, I don't know what he's supposed to have done, it's classified but I don't want to be on the receiving end if he got away again."

Wanda and Burt looked at this man they had thought of as a son for 5 years, who was he?

As two more cars pulled up to the diner and the occupants went to talk to Officer Betts' partner, Callen stirred.

The paramedic injected another sedative into him, "It'll help with the pain." he said and looked over at the Officer, "Does he need to be cuffed to that?"

Officer Betts nodded and moved away to see what was going on outside.

Callen moved his arm and realized he was cuffed to something above his head.

"Jake?" he groaned, he blinked as he woke and cleared his head, he felt groggy and disoriented. "JAKE!" he pulled at the restraints and lifted his head to see both Wanda and Bert staring at him.

"Wanda...Bert, please you have to help me." Callen begged.

"Who are you?" Bert growled, "The police say you are wanted by the FBI and CIA, you a terrorist boy?"

Callen shook his head and pulled again at the handcuffs. "No I'm not, please, Jake is in danger." he reached for the small bobby pin he kept in his watch strap and picked the lock on the cuffs as the officer turned to see who was outside.

He reached for the small of his back and realized his gun wasn't there.

"STOP OR I'LL SHOOT!" Betts snapped as she turned to find Callen uncuffed and sat up.

Callen raised his hands, "I am unarmed, I just needed to sit up, I just want…"

"Callen…" Sam's voice cut in as the four Federal Agents entered the diner. "We've been looking for you everywhere."

Much to the surprise of not only the two new agents, but the occupants of the diner too, Sam walked across the room and pulled his ex-partner into a hug.

"I thought you were dead G." he growled out.

Callen pushed him off and took a step back as Kensi moved to re-assured the officer that Callen wasn't a threat.

"Might as well be." Callen snapped turning away, "Jake's gone,"

Sam's gaze darkened, "You put him in care?" He asked.

Callen shook his head, Deeks found me.

He stopped and shot Sam a dark look, "He finds me, you found me…." he stepped back in caution, "Did you guys tell him where I wanted him to have Jake back didn't you?"

Sam put a hand up as Stills and Redding moved to protect their teammates.


"Greg, son...your wound is bleeding, sit down son." Wanda moved to grab the first aid kit, and G relaxed into her touch. He smiled sadly, "I'm sorry Wanda." he sighed.

"It's ok son, I not a terrorist?" she smiled.

G gave her a smile back, "No...not a terrorist, ex-federal agent, this is Sam my partner." he sighed, he was forgetting something as the painkiller the Paramedic had injected earlier finally started to take effect.

"Painkillers working?" Wanda asked patting his arm, knowing he needed to know that someone was there keeping him grounded.

"Uh-huh…." Callen nodded, he lifted his shirt as Wanda changed the dressing on his wound, "Jake ok?" he slurred.

"It's all gonna be ok Greg," Wanda promised him hoping that she wasn't lying, "You let that medicine take effect, lay back here son."

"Ok ma," Callen breathed out heavily and let the meds take effect.

Sam stood and looked at the interplay between surrogate mother and son, Callen had obviously found somewhere he felt safe.

Until Callen fell totally under he kept a tight grip on Wanda's hand, "Keep Jake safe, I'll just sleep for a bit." he sighed.

He dropped her hand and she stood up, rubbing her hand down the pinafore that was a part of her uniform and she turned to Sam.

"Ok, you seem to be in charge here," she said, "You explain to me why men had kidnapped my grandson and shot my son and no one is doing anything about it." she poked Sam in the chest and he took a step back.

"We have a description of Jake that your husband gave us and our best people are checking traffic camera's to find Deeks and Jake, trust me ma'am we care about them as much as you do." Sam said raising his hands in an effort to placate the woman.

"You care about them?" Wanda snorted, "Greg's been living hand to mouth barely being able to keep himself alive, every penny he makes has been invested in Jake, you say you care but none of you have been here for the last five years, you don't know what he's had to do to make sure that boy had decent food and clothing." She blinked a few tears away and turned looking at Callen who was moaning quietly in his sleep.

She reached over and touched him gently on the cheek and he slept again.

"You weren't there when he was screaming, when he had the nightmares, apparently when he needed you the most you turned your back on him!" she snapped.

"We did." Kensi agreed walking up to the woman, "We made a mistake and we paid dearly for it, we have been looking for him for a long time, we want to bring him home."

Bert came out with a small grey blanket, "Here honey, I have his blanket." he lay it over Callen's still form. "And word on my Grandson?" he asked.

"We are looking." Kensi said, "We will find Jake." she promised.

"We need to look where they were living, to see if there are any clues, do you have an address for them?"

Wanda looked confused, "He don't have an actual address honey, he's got a trailer on the back corner of the lot, round out of sight of the road. He doesn't get mail, the trailer has a generator for electricity but everything is charged to the diner." she explained.

She handed Sam the spare key.

Sam turned to Stills and Redding, "You stay here, Liaise with the LAPD and see if Eric has anything on Deeks or the kid."

They nodded and went over to call Eric as Kensi and Sam headed in the direction that Wanda pointed.

"I wonder why he drove the truck over here, it's not that far?" Kensi asked.

The trailer looked basic and clean on the outside, Sam opened the door and they stepped inside.

There was a old tv in the corner, a threadbare rug in the middle of the floor. A bowl and a mug in the sink and a small refrigerator and a two ring hob. There was a small air conditioning unit, that had obviously been taken from somewhere else and been tinkered with to fit the trailer. There were kids pictures taped to the fridge and the walls, one or two covering a few holes in the wall of the trailer.

Kensi looked at a picture of a two men a boy and a woman. 'My Family by Jake Carter aged 5' written proudly in the bottom corner.

There was a ledger in a closet above the small table in the kitchen area, Kensi took it out and looked through it.

"It looks like Callen was just keeping his head above water," she said.

Sam walked down past her to the two rooms that the trailer had, "This one's a bathroom." he said, he saw all of Jakes bath toys and the fact that there was a shower hanging over the obviously had installed bathtub that Callen had put there for his son.

"There's a bedroom here, looked like Jake's." Kensi called as she opened the room at the back.

There was a comfortable bed and lots of books and toys, the room was painted patchwork, it looked like Callen had used different pots of paint to make the room bright and airy.

Kensi smiled at the two handprints above the bed, "Jake and Daddy." were written in paint underneath.

There were a cornucopia of soft plushie toys on the bed and he had a full wardrobe, the clothes all be it obviously worn, maybe thrift store items, it was obvious that Jake hadn't suffered being in this trailer.

She turned as Sam looked at the room with a knowing smile and then he looked in the other closets, "There's not a lot of Adult food in here, everything seems geared to Jake, the only thing that looks like Callen's is the coffee."

Kensi looked in the icebox and started at the gun hidden there.

"There's a gun here!" she pulled it out and placed it on the table.

Opening more closets revealed a small shelf with clothes for Callen and a wash kit. A big manila envelope.

She sat on the bench by the table and opened the envelope.

"Sam?" she called looking through the paperwork, "There's a whole new set of I.D's here for Callen and Jake. it looks like he was planning on moving on."

Jake opened his eyes and looked at the blond haired man who was driving the car he was in.

"I want my daddy." he groaned. He tried sitting up but he was strapped in by a lap belt that stopped him from moving too far.

"I'm your daddy." The man in the drivers seat said to him.

"No you're not, Daddy is my daddy." Jake said scowling at the man in front.

"We are going to stop soon, you had better behave." The man said, Jake gulped, he didn't like this man at all.

He sniffed as he cried, he missed his daddy and he wanted to go home.

"I want grandma Wanda and grandpa Bert and Daddy, I wanna go home." he whined.

The car screeched to a halt and the man turned and looked at the terrified child.

"I don't know what that man told you, but he isn't your daddy, I am and I'm gonna teach you to behave."

"'re scaring the kid." Marc snapped giving the boy a sad look.

"That Fed has ruined this kid, he's too spoilt, he needs to learn his place." Max snapped. "Martino, sit still."

Jake looked confused, "My name is Jake Carter."

Max got out of the car and opened the rear passenger door.

"Get out!" he yelled undoing the belt and pulling Jake from the car.

"You listen to me kid, your name is Martino and I am Max your father, that man stole you from me as a baby and I don't want you to mention him ever again do you understand?" He snarled.

Jake nodded shaking, he didn't like this man and he really hoped that his daddy would find him soon and take him home.

He rubbed his arm which hurt from the pressure that his 'father' had put on it when he pulled him out of the car.

Max hit Jake once around the head and threw him back in the car, "Now behave." Max snapped. He slammed the door shut and climbed in the drivers seat.

"Careful Max, he's just a kid." Marc warned him.

"I'm teaching him, he needs to learn… Didn't do me any harm as a kid, we need to stop for a few days, those people will have called the cops by now, I ain't gonna lose my kid again coz of a damn Amber Alert." Max started the car up again, "Next motel we come to you get us two rooms and I'll park up with Jake."

They drove for a hour longer until they saw a motel at the side of the road. Max parked up while Marc booked two rooms. taking Jake and hiding him under his coat he carried the boy into the room.

"You yell or squirm and I swear kid you'll regret it." Max had snarled as he picked him up.

Jake buried his head in the crook of the man's neck and sobbed quietly as Max carried him to the room.

Max threw Jake on the bed, "You sleep here, now get into bed."

Jake wanted to let him know it wasn't his bedtime but he wasn't going to argue with the man who had taken him from his daddy.

He stripped down to his briefs and climbed in the bed pulling the covers up to his chin, he missed his monkey and his daddy and he turned his back to the man who was sitting on his own bed and opening a bottle of whiskey. He turned on the TV and Jake looked over hearing his name over the television.

"...Jake Carter, five years old, blond haired blue eyes, taken this morning from a diner in Phelan, Police think the men his is with are armed and dangerous, under no circumstances should they be approached…" Max switched off the screen.

"They know nothing, go to sleep Marty." he said.

Jake looked at him for a second and Max's gaze darkened.

"Ye...yes daddy," Jake replied his voice wavering in fear, he closed his eyes and prayed that his daddy would find him soon.

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