All the way home

Chapter 17

Jake woke up sleepily rubbing his eyes, 'it wasn't a bad dream.' He thought sadly, He really was in a strange place with two strange men. quietly he started to cry his missed his daddy, Grandma Wanda and Grandpa Bert.

He curled up as he felt the bed move and a hand grip him by the shoulder.

"Get up." Max growled.

Jake nodded not wanting the say the wrong thing. He sat up and pulled on his jeans and t-shirt from the day before.

Max opened a chocolate bar and tossed it at Jake, "Here kid...breakfast…"

Jake looked at it, "It's a chocolate bar, I can't have that for breakfast, daddy makes me cereal." he said stubbornly.

"I'm your daddy and I say you're having a chocolate bar. NOW EAT!" Max snapped.

Jake took the bar and nibbled a bit as Marc watched the pair of them.

"Max?" he said moving over to the side of the room, "Do you really think that is good for the boy?"

Max's eyes flashed in anger.

"Outside." He growled.

Marc shot a sad look at the boy and followed Max outside.

Max walked around the corner, out of sight of the road and the other patrons of the motel and grabbed Marc by the throat. Slamming him up against the wall he pulled his gun from the small of his back and aimed it in his brother in law's face.

"You tellin me how to bring up my boy?" He snarled.

"He's my nephew, my sisters son too...How do you think she would feel about your treatment of him?" Marc pushed.

"He's a wimp...too soft...he needs toughening up." Max snapped.

Inside his head he could here Deeks screaming, "No! No! No! Don't do that to him!" Max shook his head.

"You ok?" Marc asked concerned.

"Shut up!" Max snapped, although he wasn't sure who he was talking to himself or his brother in law.

He shook his head and walked to a small copse of trees muttering to himself as Marc looked on worried.


Max turned and launched himself at Marc, punching him over and over again. Marc slid down covering his head.

"I AM NOT MY FATHER!" Max growled menacingly as the punches reigned down.

'Really?' Deeks snapped at the Image of himself in his head, Deeks was watching it as if it were on a movie screen, he could see the movements that Max's hands were making, but had no control over his body. He leant against a wall that really wasn't there and talked at the screen.

"You're just like him…" He taunted.

Marc watched, wiping the blood off his face as Max walked away from him again.

"No I'm not...not Brandel...Not!" he mumbled.

"You know you are acting just like him, give Jake back to Callen...if you're not like dear old dad, give him back!" Deeks pleaded.

"You'd like that wouldn't you." Max said looking at the Ghost image of himself that only he could see.

Marc scrambled away, hoping that he could sort himself out...or get away before Max noticed.

"Don't even think about it!" Max said not taking his eyes off the ghost image, but pointing his gun off to the right squarely at Marc.

"Let him go…" Deeks tried reasoning with himself.

Max smiled, "I don't think so." He pulled the trigger and as Deeks faded away Marc's lifeless body slid to the sidewalk.

Max headed back to the motel room and opened the door.

"Grab your stuff." He snapped, "We're going."

"I...I don't have any stuff." Jake said as he stood up, but grabbed his sweater and pulled it on.

"You got that ain't ya, now don't backchat me." Max looked through Marc's coat pocket, took out his wallet and looked through it. Taking the money out of the leather wallet he threw it aside and placed it and a credit card in his back pocket.

He threw the key on the bed and picked up Marc's car keys, "Come on now, straight into the back of the car and no talking."

Jake nodded and as Max opened the door he ran for the car and stood, his hands in his pockets rocking on his heels waiting for Max to open the door.

Max slapped him around the back of the head, "Stop fidgeting." he snapped as he opened the door.

"Yessir." Jake said sullenly as he climbed into the car.

Max slammed the door shut and got into the drivers seat to drive away.

Jake looked around for the other man that was supposed to be with them, the taller dark haired one. But he was nowhere to be seen.

Callen was still out cold as Kensi and Sam walked back into the diner.

They stopped in surprise as the saw a woman sitting in the back booth across from where Callen was still sleeping, the medications working to their fullest effect.

"Hetty?" Sam said surprised.

"Mr Hanna," She said as if nothing surprised her, which in actual fact it didn't.

"Hetty?" Kensi echoed. "Why are you here?"

Hetty raised an eyebrow and took a sip of her tea, "For Mr. Callen and my grandson of course."

She looked over at her sleeping ex-agent, She was concerned that he had lost so much weight, he seemed haunted by the past five years, although she wondered how much of that haunted look was actually because he'd neglected his own well being over the last few years.

Callen groaned as he slowly woke up.

"Ma?" he mumbled.

Within a second Wanda was at his side, "'s ok, you're ok."

He sat up focusing solely on her.

"What happened, you get held up again?" he asked. Then it came to him, "Jake! They took can't call the police...I'll…" he stopped as he realized they weren't alone.

"Mr. Callen." Her voice cut through him and instinctively he held a bit tighter onto Wanda's arm.

"No!" He breathed, "Not you."

He sat up and looked past Wanda to the smaller, older woman sat in the booth opposite with the two others.

"I understand it may be unsettling, but we are here to help." Hetty promised him.

Shakily Callen got to his feet, "I don't need your help, been doing fine by myself for years."

Hetty stood up and walked to stand in front of him.

"And where is your son?" she asked icily.

"Bitch." Callen snapped under his breath and turned away from her. He whirled back to her grabbing the back of a booth as he did so feeling shaky.

"I did what you all wanted, I left...we left, we didn't contact you...We asked for nothing…" he couldn't stop the tears of pain that were in his eyes, although he would blame it on the medication in his system, not the pain in his heart. "We all of you turn up at the same time?" He leant down slightly putting his face near hers, "Did you sell us out? Did you tell Deeks where we were? Did you all think so little of me as a parent to spend all this time trying to find me to sell me out to Deeks?" He straightened up and shook off Wanda's hand.

"I haven't needed you for the past few years, I don't need you now….Go back to your happy life, I'll find my son myself…." He strode towards the door. opened it and went outside and around the corner...where he collapsed as the adrenaline left him.

Stills and Redding watched in amazement as the man they had only heard about in whispers had taken on Hetty and lived.

Never had either man seen her look as broken as she did right now, and both wondered what the man that had just left, had been to her.

Sam walked over and put a hand on Hetty's shoulder, "He's hurting, he doesn't mean it." he said quietly.

Hetty shook her head, "No Mr. Hanna, he does mean it." she replied sadly.

Sam and Kensi walked out of the diner looking for Callen.

They noticed the door to the trailer was opened and Callen came out lugging a duffle and throwing it into the back of the truck and went back inside not noticing them.

"We need to talk to him." Kensi said.

Sam nodded he was as mad as hell, his partner had upped and left nearly 5 years ago, with no word. They find him and now he was blaming them.

"What the hell are you doing?" Sam yelled at G.

"Getting my son back Sam, you can either help me or get outta my way." Callen snarled.

"Why the attitude man?" Sam asked genuinely shocked at this new version of his partner. "We were just trying to help."

Callen turned and pushed Sam against the side of the trailer with so much force that something inside crashed to the ground.

"Do you know why I left?" He snapped.

Sam shook his head, "No...none of us know, one day we were helping you raise your boy. The next you disappear."

"Deeks' son...I stole him remember….Your words...I drove Deeks away in my quest to take his son and have a family." Callen's eyes burned darker with fury.

Sam realized that both he and Kensi had said something like that.

"We were upset, we didn't mean it." He said holding his hands up trying to placate his ex-partner.

Callen stepped back and turned to the pair of them. "Yes you did." he said flatly and went back into the trailer.

Kensi shot Sam a worried look and he motioned for her to stay outside as he followed his partner inside.

Callen grabbed a broken mug, rinsed it out, and swallowed a couple of painkillers from the small cupboard over the sink. He winced as he stretched, his wound bleeding from his flight from the diner.

"G!" Sam said watching his ex-partner as he moved around and walked to the back of the trailer ignoring him.

He went into Jakes room, grabbed a plushie and a blanket. For a second he held them to his face, closing his eyes and breathing in his son's scent.

"Go away Sam...Take Kensi and her...and go back to your life." Callen walked past him and headed to the truck.

"You gonna find him in that?" Sam said pointing at the rusty brown truck.

"What's wrong with it?" Callen asked.

Sam looked at it, "It doesn't look like it'll make it more than a mile."

Callen climbed in and slammed the door, turning the key in the ignition a few times he hit the steering wheel in frustration as the engine flooded.

Grabbing his bag and the small bag he'd packed for Jake he climbed out of the truck and headed for the road.

"Dammit G!" Sam yelled as Callen walked past the diner heading to the road and walked in the direction that he'd seen Deeks' car go.

Kensi and Sam ran after him.

"Callen….Stop...please let us help!" Kensi called.

Hetty and Wanda walked out of the diner in concern watching as Sam and Kensi caught up to Callen.

"Why?" Callen snapped turning on them again, "You'll help me, and then take my son away…" as he turned away he dropped his bag and grabbed hold of the wound on his side.

Pulling his hand away he look at the blood that was on him.

"Callen...please…" Kensi ran up to him.

"You wanna help?" Callen asked rapidly turning white.

Kensi nodded not seeing the wound on him.

"Save my son." He begged as he allowed the darkness to take him and he crumbled to the ground.

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