All the way home

Chapter 2

Gio Martinez sat on a bollard on the dock smoking a cigarette and watched as the two men pulled up in their dark sedan.

"Hey Luca, you're late." He snapped and then he took a good look who was there. "I…I….Max…I never realized you'd be coming?" he stammered.

He had been told that Max Giamatti was going to oversea some of his operation, but had no idea it was tonight. He started to sweat, he had hoped to sell Luca down the river to the feds, and lessen his charges, but this was too big, an actual Giamatti, here!

"I hear you been talking to some 3 letter birds." Max snarled, the whiskey he'd drunk earlier was obvious on his breath and Luca stepped back.

"I…No?" he said he shook a little as he remembered he was wearing a wire, Agent Sacks had given him.

Max looked at Gio who was shaking, "Luca, check the perimeter, see if we're being watched." He said and raised his gun at Gio, "You looked scared there boy, What'cha scared of eh?" a snarl like grin crossed his face, "Are we being recorded?"

The kid shook harder, "They said…they said I wouldn't do jail time, It was only to get Luca, I didn't know you'd be here sir." He was crying now and Max smiled.

"Luca is my second, there is no way I'd let the feds take him, or you…They are right Gio, you won't do jail time."

Gio relaxed for a second and then stopped looking at the nasty smile on Max's face. "Wait…my family…."

"I'll take care of your momma Gio, she bakes great cookies, and my wife loves them."

"So you're going to let me go…I'll take a message to the feds, I'll tell them I was wrong?" he begged.

"What was the agents' name…the one in charge?"

"F…Fornell….and …S…Sacks…" he stammered.

Max smiled again and pulled Gio in close so his mouth was next to the microphone on Gio's wire. "Agents' Fornell and Sacks, I suggest you stay out of my affairs and away from my family." He warned and pushed Gio away from him.

"No….NO! NO!" Gio took off running until two shots to the head stopped his flight cold.

Luca walked back in and looked at the body. "Max?" he asked.

"He was going to betray you." Max said simply.

Luca looked at the blond haired man in awe, "So you just took him out…this may create a problem." Luca warned.

Max smiled "Someone once told me the only easy day was yesterday." He laughed.

"Yeah…Who?" Luca asked and stopped as he saw the frown pass his face. "Sorry man I forgot." He said as they walked back to the car.

Max shook his head, "It's not your fault, the fact I can't remember doesn't really bother me that much anymore, I mean, if I'd had someone out there that cared they'd have come and found me, the only people that do care are Marc and Sara."

"I care Uncle Max." Luca grinned at him.

Max rolled his eyes and ruffled the boy's hair.

Luca was a good kid; he had worked hard and was Marc's son all the way. Max was surprised when a year ago Marc had sent the kid to live with him and Sara and learn the business. But he'd taken to him well and although no one else in the business knew Luca was Marc's son Luca was trying hard to earn money and make his father proud.

"Come on kid, let's get home before the cops show up." He said and climbed into the car.

Four hours later the dock was swarming in FBI agents as Gibbs and his team pulled up.

Fornell frowned as he saw his friend climb out of the car.

"Jethro, why are you here?" he asked confused.

"Dead body." Gibbs said gesturing at the body of Gio Martinez lay out on the dock.

"Oh no!" Fornell stood in front of him as DiNozzo, Bishop and McGee all piled into the back of him, Gibbs glared at them and they backed up. "This is my case Gibbs, this one is personal. You're not getting it."

Gibbs looked at his old friend and took him over to one side, "I got a call that this might be tied into the case of the murder of an NCIS agent." He said.

Fornell looked at the body, "You think Gio Martinez murdered that San Diego Agent?" He asked.

Gibbs shook his head, "No, but maybe it ties into it…care to share?" he asked. "Maybe we can help."

Fornell looked at him, "Your office an hour." He said.

"My guy's get the body." Gibbs said and nodded to his team to get to work.

Fornell looked at the team and noticed the new member. "You got Bishop, from the NSA?" he asked.

"Yep?" Gibbs said smugly.

Fornell smiled, "Good luck with that." He laughed. He called Sacks over and they headed out leaving Gibbs and the team to do the legwork.

"DiNozzo, bag and tag, Bishop, sketch, McGee, see if that camera over there works, need some video thingy for it."

"On it Boss," they all said.

Back in the office, DiNozzo had taken the evidence down to Abby in her lab as Ellie Bishop sat cross legged on her desk chewing on a granola bar and McGee was pulling up the security footage from the murder scene.

Fornell walked in and looked at the scene with a wry smile, "All working hard Jethro?" he asked.

Gibbs shot him a look and walked around his desk, "You up for sharing now Tobias,"

He slammed a folder on his desk, "Gio Martinez a small time runner for the Giamatti family. The LCN task force have been following them for some time, mostly with his activities on the west coast but a few years ago a new player arrived, we don't have much information about him. We know he didn't exist prior to three years ago, his name is Max Giamatti, brother in law to the head of the family Marc Giamatti. He's much more dangerous, he has fifteen confirmed kills in the last 3 years according to Gio, who refused to help take him down so we were focusing on Marc Giamatti's son Luca."

"So you think this Luca killed him?" Ellie asked shifting position, smiling as Tony walked back in and dropped a soda in front of her.

"No, we've heard rumors about this Max Giamatti, he's ruthless and we think he may have been responsible, but no one has caught him yet." Fornell said looking at her.

Ellie picked up the file on Max Giamatti that Fornell had left on Gibbs' desk and sat on the floor behind her own desk.

"Does she ever use a chair?" Fornell asked.

Gibbs smirked "Bishop has her own way of working, and it seems to work well." He admitted.

She looked up at them, "So Max is married to Marc's sister, that's where his name comes from, but before that, he was Max Gentry." She said.

Gibbs turned to McGee who ran the name in the computer. "Boss we got a hit. Max Gentry is a restricted alias."

"FBI, CIA?" Gibbs asked.

"No?" McGee looked puzzled, "Us, NCIS…LA…and there's a BOLO out on him." He said.

"Head to MTAC, Get Hetty online, I need to talk to her." Gibbs said.

Callen, Nell and Hetty were visible on the screen as Gibbs connected with the Los Angeles team.

"Mr. Gibbs you wanted to talk with me?" Hetty said with a slight smile as Gibbs bristled as the use of the Mr.

"I have a case may be linked to one of yours out here, we have a body a man called Gio Martinez, we think he was involved in organized crime down here, the FBI have the case but Martinez was dealing on Navy ground and we got called in, but we have a name but you guys have the file on lockdown, Max Gentry?"

"Deeks!" Nell said and covered her mouth as Callen looked over at her concerned. He turned back to Gibbs, "Gentry was an alias for one of my men, our LAPD Liaison, Marty Deeks, he went rogue and we lost him, FBI said he was dead."

Gibbs nodded to McGee, "We have a recording…taken off the body, he was wired for a FBI sting." He said he stood back as McGee played the voice recording through the room.

"You're going to let me go…I'll take a message to the feds, I'll tell them I was wrong?" Gio's desperate voice came over the speakers.

"What was the agents' name…the one in charge?" Deeks' voice was clearly heard and Nell gasped as Callen put a steadying hand on her shoulder.

"F…Fornell….and …S…Sacks…" Gio stammered the terror in his voice evident.

Max/Deeks' voice came clearer as he spoke directly into the microphone, "Agents' Fornell and Sacks, I suggest you stay out of my affairs and away from my family." He warned the sound of Gio's body falling away was evident.

"No….NO! NO!" Gio's running footsteps were heard and then the sounds of gunshots.

McGee stopped the recording as he looked on the screen he could see Hetty's shocked face, Callen's barely contained anger and tears streaming down Nell's face

"Gibbs, I'm bringing my team over to Washington," Callen said looking to Hetty as if waiting for her to challenge him. "Deeks was ours; We need to know what's going on with him."

Gibbs nodded, "See you soon Callen. Stay low." He said and signed off.

In Los Angeles a shocked group of people looked at each other for a second not sure how to proceed.

"Mr. Callen I suggest you get your team together, Ms Jones, can you book them some flights and accommodation." Hetty said.

Nell nodded going to book the four tickets for the team as Callen went to fill in the others.

"And Mr. Callen?" Hetty said as he was halfway down the stairs.

He turned to look at her, "If it's possible…bring him home." She said.

He gave her a small smile and carried on down to his team.

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