All the way home

By Gina Mae Callen

Thriller / Other

Chapter 21

Max awoke and looked over to the other side of the room.

"Still there?" he drawled sarcastically at the kid.

Jake looked up and him and nodded. He hadn't moved from the spot he had been in when the maid had walked in the room and he was desperate to use the toilet.

Jake shot a look towards the bathroom.

Max growled, "Fine...go ahead, but don't you dare shut that door."

Jake nodded, he ran into the bathroom and pulled the door up just short of shut and took care of his business. He quickly washed his hands and tried to wash his face but his eye hurt, he looked in the mirror and winced at the large purple bruise that was still growing to cover his right eye.

"MARTY!" Max shouted and he jumped.

He ran out to the main room.

"You took too long." Max grumbled, "I need food." He stopped and looked at Jake's face taking in the large bruise evident on there.

"You ain't coming out looking like that, you stay there I'll go and get myself something. You open that door to anyone but me and I swear you'll be the death of someone."

Jake's eyes widened and he nodded fervently.

Max pulled his boots on and looked as Jake reached up to touch his face.

"That hurt?"

Jake nodded and Max picked up the bottle he had been drinking from.

"Drink this." he lifted the drink to the boys lips.

Jake shook his head, it smelled funny and he didn't like it.

"DRINK IT!" Max snarled and pinched the boy's nose so he swallowed roughly choking on the foul smelling liquid.

Tears poured down Jake's face.

"And the rest, it'll make the pain go away." Max said as he moved to gently rub Jake's back.

Jake had to admit as his head went funny, the pain was going away and it was nice, Max rubbing his back like that.

Soon his eyes closed and he fell asleep.

Max threw the boy's unconscious body on the bed.

"NO!" Deeks screamed inside Max's head, "You'll kill him!"

Max sighed and for a second reached and checked the boy's pulse. "He'll sleep it off gnat, stop bothering me, I need food."

He pulled on his coat and walked out locking the door and leaving the inebriated child on the bed.

Max smiled as he walked into the diner and ordered himself a large breakfast and coffee, grabbing a newspaper someone had left in the booth he settled in for a nice leisurely breakfast.

Gibbs had to hold Callen back as he watched Max walk out of the room and lock the door.

"Where is he? Where's Jake?"He asked worried.

"I don't know, let's just see where he goes." Gibbs said.

Sam walked up having walked around the building and walked past the diner.

"He's sitting in a booth eating his breakfast, there is no sign of Jake."

"I have to go in….I have to see if Jake is ok." Callen said.

Sam nodded at Callen once and he wrenched his arm away from Gibbs and ran over to the door.

He knocked but there were no sounds of movement inside.

"Gibbs, you got your lock pick kit?" Callen asked.

Gibbs reached into his pocket and pulled out the small brown leather pouch.

Within moments Callen had the door open and his gun at the ready.

Opening the door he stopped at the sight in front of him and dropped his gun.

"Jake?" he breathed, he took a shaky step forward. "Jake!"

He dropped to his knees beside the prone body, reaching his hand out he tentatively touched the side of the boy's neck.

"He has a pulse but it's thready, he needs an ambulance."

Gibbs nodded to Nell, "Call them, Stay with Jake and Callen, Sam and I will deal with Deeks."

"No...I want him, he's gonna pay." Callen growled while holding Jake's head in his lap.

"Jake needs you, you wanna leave him now?" Gibbs pushed knowing that Callen would want to be there for his boy first.

Jake opened his mouth as if he wanted to groan but nothing came out.

Callen took a whiff of his breath, "He's drunk, my son is drunk!" he exclaimed in disbelief.

"It's ok Jake...Daddy's here." Callen said and held his son protectively, "Find him Gibbs, make him pay for this."

Gibbs nodded and he and Sam headed to the diner.

Max was so absorbed he didn't even notice as the two men entered, afterall he was far enough away that on one could find him.

So he was surprised when the two men sat either side of him in the booth.

"Don't cause a scene, we will shoot you unless you come with us quietly." The older man said.

"You have no idea who you are dealing with." Max growled, "you might want to walk away now."

Sam smiled, "Not a chance Deeks."

"I am not Deeks, the name is Max, Max Giamatti, you got the wrong guy." he said feigning innocence.

Gibbs placed his badge on the table, "There are children in here Giamatti, don't cause a scene, just walk out quietly."

"Gonna finish my coffee first." Max said taking a sip of his drink.

Sam looked up as the server walked over with a jug of coffee and flashed his badge and shook his head.

She walked away worried but said nothing.

"Finish your coffee then we are leaving," Gibbs said quietly.

They looked up as a kid at another table squealed with laughter. Gibbs' hand tightened on Max's arm as he shifted.

"Don't." he reminded the younger man.

Max took his arm away from Gibbs.

"Ok you've finished." Sam told him, "We are leaving now."

Max laughed, "You didn't even ask about the boy?"

It was Gibbs' turn to smile, "See those ambulances' one of those is for him. He's gonna be fine."

They walked him out of the door Max feeling Gibbs' gun in his back.

Callen tensed as the door knocked.

"Paramedic's!" A man's voice came from behind the door.

Nell opened it and let the two man team in.

"Hey, I'm Toby, this is Oz, What's the problem?" Toby asked with a smile.

"Nell Jones, NCIS." she said identifying herself, "This is Callen and his son Jake. Jake was a kidnap victim, we just recovered him. We think he may have alcohol poisoning." she told them.

Toby smiled as he sat next to Callen on the bed.

"Hey Jake, my name is Toby I'm here with your dad ok, I'm gonna look at you and see what I can do to make you better."

Callen looked up at him.

"He can't hear you, he's unconscious."

Toby smiled, "He may be unconscious but he might be able to hear, and from what your friend said he's been through a rough time and I don't want to scare him." He explained.

"Thank you." Callen relaxed a bit and Nell smiled realizing that Toby's tactics were calming Jake's father just as much as Jake.

Callen moved back and let Toby and Oz put Jake on the gurney and he followed them to the ambulance, "I'm coming too." He said climbing in behind Toby, "I can't lose him again."

Toby nodded and moved to let the other man inside.

"I'm coming as well, they are in protective custody." Nell said hoping that Toby wouldn't call her out on it.

He smiled and with that they closed the door and headed off to the hospital.

It smelled funny and there was strange beeping and he hurt, he hurt really really bad.

He wanted to open his eyes, but he was worried that the mean man who kept calling himself daddy was out there. If he could just be quiet for a bit longer, maybe he would be left alone again.

"How's he doing?" Nell asked.

Jake stiffened, the mean daddy had brought a lady back again?

Tears slipped silently from the corner of his eyes as he remembered what happened to the last lady Max had brought back.

"Better, I think...he's still asleep." Callen said.

They had been there three days and Callen hadn't left his son side the entire time. he had survived on the food and coffee that Nell, Sam and Gibbs had brought into him.

He had insisted that no one but the three of them be given access to the room for now, he knew that Kensi and Eric would be upset but they would understand and he didn't give a damn what Hetty thought about it.

Jake opened one eye slowly….he knew that voice….

He looked around the brightly painted room.


He opened his mouth but still nothing came out, he turned his head and reached out with one hand to poke his father in the shoulder.

He was really here...and the other? He looked around, there was no sign of him.

"Hey buddy?" Callen said his voice cracking with relief, "How are you feeling?"

Jake sat up slowly, tears rolling down his face, his daddy was back.

He smiled from ear to ear.

More than anything he wanted to tell his daddy what had happened, how much he hurt, how glad he was to be back.

He opened his mouth, but still….nothing came out.

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