All the way home

Chapter 22

Callen looked over at Nell with a look of barely disguised panic.

"Jake...Jake son, it's Daddy...can you talk?" He asked.

Jake opened his mouth a few times and then shook his head.

Callen had a sick feeling of dread wash over him and settle in his solar plexus. From his own childhood he remembered kids being this traumatized, he himself had been one of them.

Nell caught Callen's eye and nodded to his unspoken request for a doctor and went in search of him.

"'s ok son, you're safe now. I'm gonna ask you some yes or no questions so you only have to nod or shake your head, you ok with that?"

Jake nodded and buried his head in his father's side.

"Did the man that you were with...Max...did he hurt you?" Callen asked.

Under his arm he watched as Jake nodded not moving his face from the safety of his father's chest. Callen's gut clenched and he bit his inside lip.

"Did he touch you...anywhere he shouldn't?" Callen held his breath awaiting the reply.

Jake shook his head and Callen let out a huge breath he had been holding and rolled his eyes to the ceiling in a silent prayer of thanks.

"Do you know what happened to the other man who was with you?" Callen asked.

Jake shuddered and buried his face deeper into his father's chest. With a start Callen realized he was silently sobbing.

He rubbed his hand up and down his son's back making comforting noises until Jake fell asleep in his arms.

Nell and the doctor walked in to see him slowly rocking his son against his chest, whispering promises that he would never leave and that Jake was safe.

She smiled and the doctor walked quietly up to the father and knelt down,

mindful of the sleeping child he kept his voice low."Miss Jones said you wanted to talk to me?" he asked.

"Jake...he can't talk did there something wrong?" Callen asked.

"I would say it's shock, I understand he was kidnapped?"

Callen nodded.

"In fact from what I've been told you were both put through the wringer, I wonder if I may examine you as well, I talked to your last doctor he said he was still concerned about your wounds."

Callen looked worried but Nell smiled at him reassuringly, "It's ok G, let him look, you won't have to leave Jake."

Callen nodded and shifted slightly not waking his son, "It's a bit sore but it feels ok."

The doctor looked at it and smiled, "It's healing well, As for Jake I have a child therapist that I would like to work with him, he's not well known and he treats adults more than children now, but he is the best in his field, his name is Dr, Getz I asked him to consult if you would be agreeable to that?"

Callen jumped and quickly stilled as Jake shifted in his arms, "Nate Getz?" he asked.

The doctor smiled, "You've heard of him, that's good. He used to be a first rate child psychologist, then he was moved to work for the government...I talk to him occasionally, but I think he would be perfect for your son Mr. Carter."

Callen smiled, "Me too, when is he getting here?"

There was a knock on the door and a familiar face peeked around the corner, "I'm looking for a Jake Carter?"

Callen grinned, "Hey Nate."

"Callen?" Nate looked shocked.

Callen smiled, genuinely pleased to see his friend, "Hey this is Jake." he said as his son stirred and woke up and looked fearfully at the new man in the room.

Callen looked down and smiled stroking Jakes hair comfortingly, "It's ok sprout, this is Nate, he's daddy's friend I've known him for a long long time."

Nate smiled and crouched down so he didn't look so big and imposing, "Hey Jake, my name is Nate. I hear your voice got scared away and you need some help finding it." he said softly.

Jake looked at his father and nodded.

Nate looked thoughtfully around the room, "Did you check under the bed?" he asked.

Jake shook his head.

Nate got on his hands and knees and looked under the bed.

"Nope….wait….is that it?" he pointed to the back corner.

Jake looked at him curiously and slowly climbed off his father's lap to go and look.

He looked at Nate like he was stupid and shook his head, all the adults resisted the urge to laugh.

Jake looked in the closet and behind the curtain like Nate told him, then he stopped and Nate looked at him.

"Do you know where it is?" Nate asked.

Jake pointed at Callen.

"Daddy has it?" Nate asked.

Jake nodded.

Nate looked at Callen, "G? You have Jakes voice in there?" he walked over and took out his penlight and with a wink examined G's eyes.

Jake shook his head and climbed onto his father's lap and wrapped his arms around him, "It's here." Jake whispered.

Nate grinned, "You found it."

Jake smiled, "Daddy kept it safe." he couldn't talk any louder than a whisper but it was there.

"Daddies do that." Nate agreed, "Do you think now that you've got it back you could talk to me?" he asked.

Jake leaned towards his dad and whispered in his ear.

Callen hugged him tight, "Yes Mr. Nate is nice and he won't take you away. Listen how about you stay here with Mr Nate and I go with Nell for something to eat, I'll bring you back a present. He reached into his bag and took out a plushie and handed it to him.

"SULLY!" Jake said in a harsh whisper and hugged the plushie monster to his chest.

"He looked after me while you were gone and he'll look after you I'll be back soon."

"Promise daddy?" Jake said.

Callen smiled and nodded, "Really soon." he turned and walked out of the room.

As soon as the door was shut Callen crumpled down the wall.

"Callen?" Nell asked keeping her voice down.

"He's safe, he's really safe...and he's gonna be ok?" he asked.

Nell nodded, "He is."

"But...Deeks?" Callen asked concerned for his son.

Gibbs and Sam took Deeks into custody, he's been sent to a psychiatric unit for assessment.

"Where?" Callen snapped.

"Here...but the unit is secure Deeks can't get out."

"I need to see him." Callen said, he turned Nell to face him, "Please it's important."

Nell wasn't sure, but she nodded, "I'll call Gibbs and see what he says."

Callen nodded and stood as Nell went to make the call.

As soon as she had picked up her phone and turned her back Callen slipped out and headed for the hospital's main reception.

An old man looked up as Callen approached his desk.

"This is a secure unit." He said.

Callen took out and ID, "Dr. Nate Getz, I have a patient here. Martin A Deeks."

"Ah yes," The man squinted as he looked at the ID. "Go on in Doctor. Room 118."

Deeks was restrained, but medicated as Callen entered the room and stood for a moment looking at his former friend.

"What did you do to my son?" Callen growled.

Deeks turned his head.

" took son...I want him back."

"He's my son, you signed him over to me, then you took him and hurt him. You nearly killed him with alcohol poisoning, you scared him so much that he couldn't speak."

Deeks pulled against the restraints, "I will get out of here Callen, I will take my son back and I'll kill you!" Max screamed.

Callen wanted to put his hands around his throat and strangle him, to watch as the light left his eyes and the danger to his son was eliminated.

But Deeks had been a friend and Deeks was in there somewhere.

"Deeks many people want you back, you need to work with the doctors, not just for me, but for Jake, I will always be his daddy, but maybe one day you can be a part of his life too and he can look on you without fear."

"Not like him…." Deeks said.

"Then don't be, Deeks. Don't be Max, he's too much like your father, you are better than them."

A tear escaped, "Callen...please...I don't want to be...I couldn't stop him, he's too strong."

"No Marty, you are the strong one, you faced your father at eleven, you became a good man, you tried to help your mother, you did your best for your son. You are Good. Hold onto that and get better."

Callen couldn't stand being there but he knew that he needed to be able to one day tell Jake that he had made his peace with the man.

As Callen turned to leave, Deeks started to slip again, "Callen….Callen...tell him...tell him I'm sorry, I love him...I…...I'm gonna get out of here and kill you!" Max took over and started screaming obscenities at Callen as he closed the door.

"I'll tell him Deeks." Callen said quietly and headed out the exit.

He rounded a corner and walked right into Gibbs and Sam, "Where have you been?" Gibbs asked looking at Callen concerned.

"Making my peace." Callen said and headed back to where his son was waiting.

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