All the way home

Chapter 28

Deeks awoke in a strange room, in a soft bed. No sounds of orderlies doing their rounds and no muted sounds of screaming from down the hall.

Then there was a scream… followed by a child's cry.

Deeks curled into a ball wrapping his arms around his head blocking out the noise he was sure was one of those terrible memories he had had to work through. He was convinced the scream came from his own child.

The door knocked but he didn't move.

The door cracked open an inch and Caroline poked her head inside.

Hearing the whimpers that Deeks couldn't keep inside she came in and sat gently on the bed.

"Shh…." she whispered carding her hand through his tousled hair.

"I didn't mean to?" Deeks blurted out moving instinctively from her touch.

"It's ok son, you didn't do anything, it was one of the children. The family have only been here a week and he's still traumatized."

"Not in my head?" Deeks asked checking.

Caroline shook her head, "No son. but if you want to talk I can give Nate a call." she offered.

Deeks sat up sleepily and rubbed his eyes. Caroline smiled seeing in this man the vestiges of the little boy she had loved so much.

"I brought you a hot chocolate, it's still early, but I remembered how much you used to like them."

Deeks broke into a grin, "I do mom...thanks."

He took the drink and his eyes lit up at the mini marshmallows on the top.

He relaxed as the hot chocolate coursed through his body, "Nice." he sighed.

"You still have a few hours before breakfast, it's still dark outside would you like me to leave so you can go back to sleep."

Without thinking Deeks' hand reached out and grabbed her. "Don't leave." he breathed.

She smiled and nodded. "I'll stay."

Callen awoke with his phone ringing, he hit the answer button as he moved away from the bed and a sleeping Joelle.

"Callen's handyman and repairs." He said wondering who was ringing him so early.

"Hey G." Sam's voice replied over the phone.

"Sam?" Callen yawned as he moved over to the kitchen and switched on the coffee maker. Then he peeked in on Jake who was asleep face down on the bed with his arm hanging onto the new toy truck that Joelle and Callen had brought him.

"I figured you'd be up, seeing as you don't sleep." Sam's bright voice came over the speaker as Callen quickly shut Jake's door.

"I was asleep...hold on…." He grabbed his coffee and headed for the door of the trailer.

"G?" Joelle called sleepily.

'Phone call.' Callen mouthed pointing to the phone, 'Be outside, love you.'

Joelle nodded and fell back to sleep pulling his pillow towards her.

Callen moved to a deck chair he had outside and put his coffee on the small outdoor table he had.

"What can I do for you Sam." He asked neutrally.

"I just drove by your house, it's for sale. Does this mean that you aren't coming back at all?" he asked worried.

"To Los Angeles, Or OSP?" Callen asked.

He took a sip of his coffee and watched as a family pulled into the diner for an early morning breakfast, Wanda giving him a wave as she looked out of the window. He waved back as Sam replied. "Both."


"No?" Sam's voice sounded surprised. "I thought you were considering coming back. You're a great Agent G, you want to give all that up for what you have there?"

Callen looked up as Joelle, wearing his blue shirt stepped down from the trailer and put some toast beside him giving him a kiss on the cheek as she turned to take her shower before Jake awoke.

Callen smiled, "Yep."

"It's that much better?" Sam asked worried for his friend.

Callen laughed, "A thousand times better Sam, I have my family and ….I'm getting married."


For a second Callen swore he could hear his friend without a phone at that moment.

"Yeah Sam, I'm getting married. I figured that was why you called I sent you and Michelle an invite a few days ago."

"No...I...I had no idea, does this mean you've talked to Hetty then?" Sam asked.

Callen's face clouded over, "No...Nate has insisted that I talk to her, she's coming down today while Jake and Jo are at school."

"You got another kid?" Sam asked.

"No, Joelle. My fiancee, she's Jake's teacher." Callen explained.

Sam chuckled, "Only you G."

"Sam." Callen said his tone changing.

"Yeah G."

"This wedding, don't tell everyone. I can't have them up here. Just you, and Nell, you understand?"

"Nell knows?" Sam asked surprised.

"She's picking up Gibbs and Tony from the airport and is driving them out here."

"When is the wedding G?" Sam asked.

"Two months." Callen smiled knowing where Sam's mind was rightly going.

"Is she…?" Sam's voice shot up and Callen laughed.


Sam chuckled, "My lips are sealed G, but we are coming down to meet her this weekend, Michelle will kill me if we don't."

"No problem, you can come and see the new house we are fixing up." Callen offered.

Still chuckling Sam signed off and Callen went and got ready for his 'showdown' with Hetty.

Dropping off Joelle and Jake at school, Callen headed to the room in the doctor's complex that Nate had been renting for his visits to both Callen and Jake.

Callen had refused to allow Hetty to see Jake or turn up at the trailer. More importantly he had asked Nate not to tell her his new address. Hetty had tried to contact him by letter, another reason why he had decided to meet her and move.

He knew that what she had done to him hurt him greatly and that his questions could only be answered by her.

He parked his truck up and walked into the reception.

"Hey G." Mary-lou the doctor's receptionist walked in.

"Hey. Is he here?" Callen asked.

Mary-lou nodded. "Got here an hour ago, has a really creepy old lady with him." she said.

Callen laughed, "Creepy just about cuts it. Oh, before I forget have you got those Prenatal Vitamins Doc Halliday prescribed for Joelle?" he asked.

She smiled and handed over a small bag, "There ya go dear, now you head on out the back, that Doc of yours has the same room as usual." she told him as he took the bag in his hand and headed to Nate's temporary office.

Callen stood outside the door for a second, took a deep breath and knocked.

"Come in." Nate's voice floated through the doorway.

His hand shook slightly as he opened the door and walked in.

Putting on a mask of bravado he walked right by Hetty and sat in his usual chair facing Nate. "Hey Nate." he smiled and sank into the chair not even looking at the little woman sitting next to him.

"Morning Callen." Nate replied.

"Good Morning Mr. Callen." Hetty said.

He wanted to not say a word to her, but he had promised Nate he would be civil.

"Ms. Lange." he replied distancing himself from her.

Hetty looked sad but said nothing.

Nate cleared his throat, Callen wasn't going to make it easy for him or Hetty.

"I asked you here today Hetty as Callen has reached a point in his recovery where he needs to be able to say what he needs to to you."

Hetty nodded solemnly.

"I can make this easy." Callen said, "You broke my trust Hetty. Not once but many times. I don't know why you feel that I don't deserve to be happy or have a family. but that's not the issue now. I could put up with you hurting me, betraying me and letting me down. That is something I was used to growing up. Even after we went to Romania and I discovered you knew my mother's name, you knew all about her and never told me, I forgave you because I owed you. You saved me when I was at my lowest ebb." He turned and for the first time looked her in the eye.

"You know what I can't forgive you for?" he asked, he waited for less than a second. "You put my son in danger. That I won't forgive you for. I don't know and frankly Hetty I don't care if you thought that Jake would be better with Deeks than me. He was scared, hurt and abused and you stopped me from getting to him. Whatever debt I owe you will be repaid. The house you made me buy is up for sale, you just bill me for when you had me, anything else you think I owe you and even if it takes the rest of my live I will repay you. But I never want to see you again."

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