All the way home

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Max slammed the door as he walked in the house and went straight over to the bar and poured himself a whiskey.

"Damn….Damn….Damn…." he cursed to himself.

"Max?" Sara called walking into the room. "Is everything ok?"

Max shrugged, "I was sloppy; I haven't been this bad since….."

"Since?" she asked kissing him.

"Since I was him…but that's a past life and I'm never going back to that weak insufferable idiot, Max fits me better, I'm happier being him. It's me…" he argued more with himself that with her.

Sara smiled, "I know you didn't want to give up being Deeks completely." She sighed and rubbed her belly, "Little Marty is proof of that." She handed him his pills and he took them and turned to her.

"Well he won't have some stupid cop in his childhood telling him about wrong and right and how you have to have a moral code…" Max shook his head, "Morals suck and are for the weak."

Sara smiled at him.

Max blinked a few times and yawned as his meds kicked in, "I'm tired." He snapped.

Sara stepped back. She knew better than to get within arm's reach for an hour or so after he'd taken his meds. She wasn't sure what was in them but her brother had insisted that he take them as he would die without them, but that whatever they were if given a choice he would refuse them and die. So she gave them to him as vitamins, Max didn't know any better and she didn't push it.

A while later she climbed into bed as Max put his arm around her, "I love you Sara." He breathed into her hair, "I can feel him banging in there, hold me make him go away." He said desperately clinging onto her she held him letting him know he was ok as he fell asleep and had the dream which haunted him so much.

It was night, he could hear running footsteps and water, he knew he was undercover and he was trying to bring down the bad guy who had dogged the LAPD for months, he'd been following this guy for a week solid when he'd lost him.

Looking out he saw one of Mitchelli's men standing guard at the bottom of a gangplank by a boat, he had tried to call Hetty and have her call the team for back up, the call had connected but he hadn't heard them, although with Eric's prowess he was absolutely sure he had heard him and help was on the way. He stopped when he heard a gasp from behind him.

"Marty!" a woman's voice cut through the gloom.

Deeks turned around gun in his hand, "No…Mom?" he stopped as she wavered struggling against the arm that was around her neck.

"Didn't you think we'd find out," the shadow encased man said, "Max Gentry…more like Marty Deeks LAPD. But soon you won't care about that."

"Let her go…please…" he begged.

"I don't think so." There was a sickening pop sound and the woman crumpled to the floor. Deeks screamed and moved towards her feeling the pinprick in his neck as he went past the man. He staggered a bit and fell forward reaching for the woman as the man in the shadows kicked her body off the dock into the water.

"Nooo." He moaned. Where were they, why weren't they here to back him up….his vision became foggy and he climbed up and staggered out from behind the crates. He saw a man standing there holding a gun that turned and looked towards him. Not thinking he aimed his gun a fired.

He watched with satisfaction as the man fell into the river, he didn't care anymore…he didn't know why he didn't care anymore, but the man's death had provoked no feelings in him whatsoever.

"Max!" the other man's voice came….Max who was Max? oh yeah…he was Max…Max was a good person to be, Max didn't care, Max couldn't be hurt, Max had no one to rely on but himself, Max was safe. A safe place to be he was Max.

He shook his still groggy head and scratched his neck where the thing had bit him and followed the kid to the car.

Marc Giamatti stepped out of the shadows and watched as the former LAPD officer and one of his new protégés headed to the airport. He picked up his cell phone and made a call. "Sara, I'm sending a friend, Max Gentry to you…yeah the guy you met last year, he's had an accident can't remember who he is…well he can but he's a bit foggy, there are some pills in his pocket, make sure he takes one every two days, he's ill Sara, he'll die if he doesn't." Marc smiled as his sister got all worried and promised to do as he asked.

Marc closed the phone, and smiled, walking away he knew be it months or years before they found him, with those drugs in his system the man's sense of right and wrong would be so skewed that the LAPD would never take him back and all the evidence he had gathered on the family would be useless.

Eddie, Sam, Kensi and Callen, finally touched down in Washington DC and Callen went over to the car rental place to pick up a sedan left in their names.

Grabbing their bags and sitting in the car, Kensi turned to the boys, "Are we headed to the Navy yard or to a hotel first?" she asked hoping for the latter.

Callen shrugged and pulled out his phone, "Jethro…G…we got time to unpack first or do you want us there," he looked at the clock, it was nearly dinner time and he had to admit he was hungry. "Ok…Cowboy steaks…your place…" Callen laughed, "I'll take my room, you got space for the others?" he asked. He waited as Kensi, Sam and Eddie looked at him strangely, "Sure on my way."

He closed the phone and looked at the team "Ok, guy's we're going to unpack and eat first." He told them.

"Cool. You get us a decent hotel G?" Sam asked with a smile.

"You're staying the same place I did while I was here recuperating from my gunshot wounds a few years ago." He told them.

They drove to East Laurel street in Alexandria and pulled up outside an older craftsman style house; "Here? We're staying at some old bed and breakfast?" Eddie asked.

Callen looked slightly affronted, "You don't like it Regan, there's a motel up the road. This isn't some old bed and breakfast, this is my home on the east coast." He smiled as he noticed the car in the driveway.

Kensi and Sam stood at the door waiting for Callen to knock.

"It's never locked guys," he said and walked in dropping his bag by the door and taking off his jacket.

"Jethro!" he called walking into the kitchen and helping himself to a beer, The others stood nervously as the heard footsteps climbing a set of stairs.

"Callen, you drinking my beer yet?" the gravelly voice called back.

Sam and Kensi were shocked as Callen sunk into the oversized couch and put his feet up on the coffee table. "YEP!" he shouted back. "Come and sit down he'll be here in a sec." Callen assured them. All three of them stood inside the living room as an older man walked around the corner.

"Gibbs." Sam smiled and greeted the man, "Long time no see how's it hanging?"

Gibbs looked at him, "fine, Ms. Blye?" he smiled at her remembering her from the operation Blackbird case, "And you are?" he looked at the new man.

"Eddie Regan Sir." Eddie held his hand out.

"Don't call me sir, I work for a living, just Gibbs'll do." He said he looked at Callen drinking beer on his coffee table. He resisted the urge to roll his eyes, "How many foster parents told you not to put your feet on the table?" he asked knocking them off and reaching for a beer.

"Just you Gibbs," Callen smiled.

Sam looked at the pair of them and realized the familiarity they had had to have stemmed back years.

"He was one of the 37?" Sam asked as he too took a seat and Gibbs moved to light the fire.

Callen nodded, "Last one." He admitted.

Gibbs turned from the fire, "G, you have your room, Kensi can have the one next to yours and Sam and Eddie you can share my room."

"Where are you going to sleep?" Kensi asked.

"I rack on the sofa." He said pointing to the pillow and blanket on the end table. "We'll eat soon and then we'll go over the case as we eat."

The team nodded and went to unpack, all following Callen as they sought to get a glimpse of the room he had as a teenager.

Callen sighed and opened the door, "Look now, but hurry I need to shower, don't touch the DVD's they're Tony's." He warned them, "That lot's mine." He said gesturing to the books and nick knacks on the other side of the room. "We share it."

"Tony?" Eddie asked.

"DiNozzo, Gibbs' SFA. We share the room," Was all Callen would say as he walked and dropped his bag on the bed. "Kensi, you have Kelly's room…Gibbs' daughter, she died, don't ask." Callen said quickly. "And guy's you're in here. You and Sam can toss for the bed." Callen grinned as he walked back into his own room to shower.

Eddie looked at the bed and then the floor. "I'll take the floor." He offered not wanting to upset Sam. Sam smiled as he saw the cot in the corner. "You don't need to…you can use this." He said handing the folding bed to him.

Eddie nodded and set to work setting the bed up.

Half an hour later refreshed and eating Gibbs talked them through what they had so far.

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