All the way home

Chapter 31

Callen turned back and looked at Hetty.

"What do you want from me, absolute forgiveness?" He asked his voice betraying the turmoil going through him.

"I do not expect forgiveness Mr. Callen, but I would like a little understanding. I would like you to know that, yes, I made mistakes but my goal first and foremost has always been your well being." Hetty said clasping her hands together as she spoke.

Callen moved and sat in the chair across from her.

"You have kept secrets my whole life." He said his voice low as he leant towards her anger still visible on his face. "You knew me when you found me. I thought I was just lucky, but you knew exactly who I was. You could have told me about my mother then. Granted you didn't know the man you had married was my father…," he stopped and cocked his head a bit thinking. "Didn't you ever mention to my father about me?" he asked.

Hetty shook her head, "I told him I had taken in a child, but as I knew he had lost children we didn't talk more. He wasn't able to leave Russia at the time, his work was too important."

"His work?" Callen asked his curiosity overcoming his anger.

"He helped people in danger of incarceration by the state for being conscientious objectors to flee the country."

"Oh…" Callen felt deflated, this fact he had known, he was hoping there was more to it.

There was, but Hetty wasn't about to tell Callen that his father was a double agent. He didn't need to know that.

"And when you knew that the man you were married too was my father? Why didn't you tell me then?"

"You had just found the footage of your family and had been through so much those few days I couldn't tell you. You needed to rediscover your father for yourself."

"You could should have told me… I'm not a child Hetty!"

Hetty smiled sadly, "That is true and yet in a way you were my child and I worry for you. I will always worry for you."

"And if we hadn't found Jake….A...alive?" his voice cracking on the last word.

"Then I would have lived with the guilt forever and you wouldn't have had that guilt as you could have blamed me and my actions."

Callen looked at his feet, not able to look her in the eye.

"Thank you…" he mumbled.

"I don't care….I'm not staying here and you can't make me!" Deeks yelled as he threw a water jug across the room.

"Mr. Deeks...the injuries you suffered…." The doctor started arguing.

"Are minor. I know this I've had them before, I need to leave you can't keep me locked up in here...I can't do this again!" He couldn't help the tear that escaped.

The others had gone as visiting hours had ended, the more time went on the more he was reminded of the secure unit he had been locked up in. Flashbacks were coming thick and fast, he needed to get out of there.

"I will call your next of kin, we will see what we can do, but if you do not calm down Mr. Deeks we will have to sedate you."

"Over my dead body." Deeks snapped. "Gimme a phone!"

The doctor all but ran out of the room and stopped at the sight of a large African American man with a badge and a beautiful woman by his side.

"What's going on?" Sam asked.

"I have an uncooperative patient inside, he's threatening to leave, I was just about to call his next of kin." The doctor said feeling very harassed.

"We'll take care of it. We are his family." Sam said.

"Very well." The doctor said heading off to look at Deeks' notes.

"Marty?" Kensi called as she slowly opened the door and looked at the empty bed.

"Kens?" Marty's scared voice came from the corner as he sat with his arms over his head. "I didn't get my meds Kens...I can hear him...he's laughing...laughing at me...calling me weak."

She wrapped her arms around him ignoring the looks Sam gave her as she kissed his head. "It's ok...We're here now Marty. Sam's here too, he'll get your meds and we'll take you home ok?"

She relaxed as Deeks nodded and Sam walked out of the room in search of a soon to be ex-doctor.

Caroline jumped in surprise as the main gate buzzed. She had heard from Kensi about the mistake that happened with Marty's medicine and she knew they were leaving soon to come home. She was on the phone to Jeff Versey, filling him in on the events at the hospital as she knew them.

"Hold on…" She left the line open as she went to the intercom. "Hello….Who?... LAPD?... What problem?...Of course I'll let you up." she pressed the button for the security gate.

Walking back to the phone she picked it up, "It's ok Jeff, it's the LAPD there has been reports of a disturbance here. it's probably Malicious. We get that from time to time." She informed him.

"Caroline hang on the line, I'll just check…" Jeff said as he pulled up the report page on his computer.

"Ok...oh hang on I have to answer the…" There was a crash as the door the was kicked in. "What?! NO!...Who are you?...Help...No!" Caroline screamed and the line went dead.

Jeff dropped the handset and ran into Bates' office interrupting a meeting.

"Detective Versey?" Bates looked up the annoyance on his face being replaced with worry as he saw the look on the detective's face.

"Some guys have just kicked their way into the shelter." Versey told him.

"Which shelter, get some black and whites to go…" Bates waved it away.

" Shelter…." Versey insisted.

"Ah….Ok, Jeff Versey. This is Jacqueline Rivera, Internal Affairs, she cleared Deeks and I think she had better come with us." Bates said as he grabbed his gun. "I'll fill you in in the car." He added to her as the three of them hurried to help.

The four men came into the building and Caroline hit the panic alarm, which rang in the local precinct and in the building so the residents could lock their doors.

"Who are you, I've called the police." Caroline said bravely squaring up to them.

"We are the police…" The same man who had hit Deeks said.

"You hurt my boy." Caroline said fury evident in her voice.

"He knows too much and could put us away…. He pretended to be Deeks but we know he's really Max. He's a mean son of a bitch who deserved everything that happened to him. He destroyed a good thing we had going and he killed a cop. He's gonna pay before we all go down. We know he's got files on us all and he's living here. We want them."

"I don't know about any files." Caroline said moving away only to find her arms being grabbed by another man. "GET OFF ME!" she snarled ripping her arms from his grip.

"You should learn your place woman." he snapped.

Caroline let out a sarcastic laugh, "What do you think this place is? I've learned my place and I found my place and it is NOT to be pushed around by the likes of you!" She turned and slapped him around the face.

He smiled and twisted her arms and put her in handcuffs. "Well that's assault on a police officer."

"You're an insult to your badge….NO! Stop...Keep away from there!" she yelled as they headed to the stairs. "Damn you!"

Even with her hands tied behind her back she was relentless. There were innocent women and children up there and she was damned they were going to be hurt.

She rammed herself bodily into the body of the man heading to the stairs, "You leave them alone!"

"He's here is he?" One man spat with an evil grin, "I thought we worked Deeks over good...hoped he was dead."

Caroline turned and kicked him in the testicles, smiling wryly as he let out a high pitched squeal and doubled up in pain.

"You touch him again and I'll rip them off!" she snarled.

The man stood up and hobbled over backhanding her around the face, "I'll kill you for that…" he vowed.

"I don't think so…" Sam's voice made them jump. "Federal Agents you are all under arrest."

"I don't think so we're cops, she's resisting arrest."

"She's not broken any laws." Jeff said as he entered and unlocked Caroline's cuffs. "Are you ok?" he asked concerned.

Caroline gave a sad smile, "I've had worse."

Bates walked in, "Ok, You lot are under arrest, I have a van coming, Rivera, this is the lot that attacked ex-LAPD Detective Deeks, they were working with Stimson, they have admitted it."

Jacqueline Rivera smiled, "Mrs Deeks will you agree to testify?"

She walked up the the man who hit her and looked him in the eye. "In a heartbeat." she snarled at him, "I'll enjoy watching you go know what they do to cops in prison don't you?" She smiled as Bates and Rivera led them away.

"Damn you're feisty." Versey said in awe of her, "I can see where Deeks gets it from."

Caroline smiled, "They picked on the wrong woman, I'm not a victim, none of us here are, we are survivors." Walking over she hit the panic button again and another bell rang throughout the house.

"All clear." she explained to them.

"Marty's outside, I thought it would be best to find out what was going on here first before he came in." Sam said, but was forestalled by arguing at the door.

"Just let me in! I live here! MOM!" Deeks yelled trying to get past the uniformed officer as Kensi tried to get him back into the car.

Caroline pushed past them all and ran to her son.

"Marty...Marty...I'm's over." Caroline pulled Deeks into a hug and pulled him past the officer and into the house.

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