All the way home

Chapter 32

Deeks sat listening to his mother as she gave her statement about what happened to Sam and Jeff at the same time, refusing to go to either the boat-shed or the LAPD precinct citing the fact that she had too much to do to waste time with different agencies measuring their testosterone against each other, then with a smile reminding both men what she had done to the testosterone of the last man to mess with her.

Deeks had stifled a laugh as they both instantly said "Yes Ma'am." and sat meekly at the large kitchen table.

"Deeks, You don't need to listen to this." Versey said worried for his friend.

"As Caroline Deeks' lawyer I am entitled to be here to give her counsel if she so wishes." He said shooting his mother a hopeful look.

"You're a lawyer?" Versey asked.

"Ex- Public defender, my license is current, kept up annually. Hetty made sure it didn't lapse while I was away." Deeks explained.

Sam nodded knowing that Hetty had done everything possible to make sure that if Deeks was able to come back to them fully that he would have something to come back to even if it wasn't NCIS.

"Ok...So if your client would like to tell us what happened." Jeff said and listened intently as again Caroline recapped what happened. All three men in the room wincing when she explained how she had delivered her own brand of justice to the rogue cop.

Kensi was in the backyard watching as Monty ran around sniffing the night air and nudging a lanky teenage boy who was sitting on a bench in the far side of the yard as far away from people as he could get.

She walked around the yard so he could see her coming.

"Hey." She said as she sat near him but not too close, "You ok?" she asked.

The boy shrugged, "Suppose." he replied. "Too many cops in there for my liking."

Kensi nodded, "I know what you mean, you been here long?" he asked.

The boy shook his head, as he turned to her she could see the slight marks of fading bruising. "About two weeks." he admitted. "My mom and little sister are with me, we were lucky. The last shelter we tried wouldn't keep us together as I'm too old to stay with her, mom met Angie and she told us about this place. It's better than the streets." He looked at her, "You coming to stay?" he asked shyly with a slight smile.

She shook her head, "My friend lives here, I just brought him home from the hospital, saw all the cops."

"You Marty's friend?" He asked, "Marty is awesome. Mom says he's a lawyer, he's gonna help to keep keep him away."

"Your dad?" Kensi asked.

The boy gave a curt nod and turned away.

"Don't worry if anyone can do it Marty can."

"Marty can what?" Deeks asked as he walked up to the couple, "Simon, are you monopolizing my girl?" he asked with a grin.

Simon blushed, "Marty!" he exclaimed.

"Your girl?" Kensi asked grinning at Simon. "You know Simon here is twice the gentleman you are, I might let him take me on a date."

"I...I gotta go…" Simon blushed again. "Nice to meet you Kensi."

Kensi smiled, "I mean it Simon, you are a real gentleman and it was a pleasure to meet you. You tell your mother she should be proud of you."

Simon gave Monty a quick stroke and ran inside.

"He's a great kid." Kensi smiled as Deeks sat down next to her.

"He is, you should have seen him when he arrived, he was a wreck. He's blossomed here."

He found his hand brushing against hers their little fingers entwining.

"How are you?" Kensi asked.

Deeks took a deep breath, "Honestly...? Not good." he admitted, "They hurt my mom Kens, I only just got her back and...and they tried to hurt her."

He shook as he thought how close he'd come to losing her.

Kensi moved and held his hand, "She's ok Deeks. She's going to be fine." She smiled, "I can see where you get your drive and determination from."

"Thanks." Deeks said turning to her. "Thank you for still being here."

She smiled at him, "Where else would I be Deeks?" she asked.

"Well, maybe out catching criminals...working, not spending time with a freelance, broke, pro-bono lawyer."

"You're going back to law?" she asked surprised.

Deeks smiled, "Only for people here. It's my way of giving back and working for my room and board."

Kensi smiled and Deeks' heart fluttered, although he would never have admitted it, but Kensi's smile was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

"Maybe I've been waiting to meet a lawyer, kinda like the idea of dating one."

Deeks smirked, "Maybe I'll meet one you can date." he suggested.

Kensi punched him in the arm. "Douche." she joked, turning to look at him her next words were cut off as he kissed her.

She sat back stunned for a second. "Deeks I…Marty?"

Marty moved to get up, "I'm sorry, I just….I…" he stopped as she pushed him gently to the ground and kissed him back.

"I've been wanting to do that for so long." Kensi smiled, "I thought I had lost you...I...I don't want to lose you again Marty." she confessed.

"I'm not going anywhere." he breathed holding her close.

Callen lay in his bed in the new house he and Joelle had brought.

She was sound asleep her arm draped across his chest.

He smiled as he heard Jake moving in his new room, his feet stomping across the floor and his dvd player starting up to play Ice Age for the millionth time.

He wasn't looking forward to today.

Callen had planned on a surprise for Jake for later today. Wanda had talked to him about it last week. After some coaxing from Wanda and Bert he gave in and agreed that maybe it would be a good idea.

That part he was looking forward too, the look on his son's face when he saw what it would be.

Joelle had already brought the things he needed for the surprise all he needed to do was pick up the surprise itself. Keeping this a surprise from Jake had been a feat in itself. Jake was a lot like his father and was into everything, he was a born investigator and even Callen had to smile when he had told Joelle in class that he wanted to be a policeman when he grew up.

But before he could pick up the surprise, he had another job to do.

He had been putting it off for weeks, after talking it over with Nate and discussing it with Joelle he had been told that it would be alright for him to take this step. For them all to heal he had to do this.

So, listening to his son laugh along at his dvd Callen slipped out from under his fiancee's arm and slowly sat up.

Joelle stretched as his movement woke her. "Did you get any sleep at all?" she asked.

He yawned and turned to give her a smile, "Some…" He admitted. "You guys gonna be alright today?" he asked.

"Sure, Jake wants to buy something for his little brother or sister, so we are going shopping, then I promised before we went home we would stop in the diner for lunch." She told him, "Wanda promised him mile high pancakes."

Callen smiled, "Ma hasn't told him yet that six pancakes aren't really a mile high."

"Jake knows, but our son is insistent that the chocolate ice cream makes them taller." Joelle grinned.

Callen smiled, it had been a big step for Jake to start calling Joelle mom, but as soon as he had done it, he had taken the woman into his heart as firmly as he had been taken into hers. She was his mother now and nothing would change that.

Callen headed to the shower and stood thinking under the spray.

He hoped more than anything that this was the right thing to do. He knew it wasn't the right thing for him, but it was probably the right thing for Jake and that was the important thing.

Driving to Los Angeles, knowing he had three places to go he wasn't sure which one to do first…. Scratch that...he knew exactly where he had to go first, everything else would hinge on how this would go.

He walked up to the gate and pressed the buzzer, hoping that the person he had driven so far to see was actually home.

He took a deep breath as the intercom crackled.


" names Callen, I'm here to see Marty Deeks."

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