All the way home

Chapter 36

Hetty sat as the small boy watched her awaiting an answer.

Joelle went to say something but Callen shook his head. He wanted to see what she would say as well.

"Well Mr Callen." Hetty started.

"My name is Jake...Mr. Callen is my daddy." Jake replied.

Callen stifled a chuckle.

"Jake." Hetty amended. "A long time ago, when you were a tiny baby, you would spend a lot of time with your father at my house. However there was a problem and some people said things they didn't mean and your daddy got upset. He took you here to keep you safe and I lost touch with him. I looked for your daddy for a very long time."

"Like hidin' seek?" Jake asked.

Hetty and Callen laughed. "Just like hide 'n Seek." she agreed looking at Callen.

Callen smiled warmly remembering the few times he had been hiding, his thoughts straying back to Eugene Keelson for a second and him being alone before the team could help him knowing at that time he had still had the backup of Hetty's if he had needed it.

"You know your daddy is really good at hide 'n' seek. It took us a long time to find him and you. Unfortunately when we found him you were not there."

"Because the bad man took me?" Jake asked sadly.

Hetty looked at Callen who nodded.

"Yes, but then I made a mistake and upset your daddy while trying to do what I thought was the right thing to do."

"Like when mommy makes me eat peas?" Jake asked making a face.

Hetty nodded. "Yes and daddy was upset with me."

"Did you get a timeout too?" Jake asked. "Mommy sends me to timeout if I am bad and make her upset." He explained.

Hetty nodded. "Yes young man, I guess you can say I was in timeout and now I have to behave but I was allowed to come and see you."

Jake nodded and turned to climb on his dad's lap wrapping his arms around his neck and whispering into his ear.

"Daddy...will Grandma Hetty go away again?" he asked.

"I don't think so. Not if she can help it. She lives a long way from here in Los Angeles but I hope she will visit us as much as she can."

Jake nodded and climbed back down weighing the smaller woman up in his mind, a move reminiscent of Deeks when Hetty had first handed him the form to become LAPD Liaison.

"Ok...You will, won't you Grandma Hetty?" he asked.

Hetty smiled, "If it is ok with your mother and father I would love to."

Jake turned and looked at his parents. "Will Grandma Hetty have to share my room as well as the new baby?" he asked.

Callen smiled and shook his head, "Nope. But I think that maybe we can fix the house up and everyone including Grandma Hetty, Grandpa Bert and Grandma Wanda can all have their own room."

"Cool can I play with scrat?" Jake asked as the puppy jumped up at his leg.

Callen nodded and Jake picked up a ball and ran into the backyard the puppy following happily after him.

"G?" Joelle asked, "Remodelling the house, are you sure we can afford it, We just had enough to make the mortgage repayments on the house?" She sat down rubbing at her stomach worried.

Callen smiled, " it's ok, it's gonna be ok. Jake inherited some money, and we have some too."

"Well if Jake has inherited some money, it's for his education we shouldn't spend it….I mean …" She trailed off as Callen took the first of two checks from his back pocket and placed it in front of her.

"Holy cow!" She was stunned, "That's Jake's?"

Callen nodded, "All his, most for education most for after he's 16, 18, 21 and 25. He'll have it in stages with a final payment when he's Thirty or married whichever happens first. I'm going to see a lawyer about it tomorrow. This is ours." He placed the second check in front of her.

"G!" Joelle gasped, "This is too much."

Callen nodded, "Deeks insisted. It's for us and for Jake."

"What does he want for it?" Joelle asked worried for the child.

"Nothing, he wanted to see me to sign over all rights to Jake. In the original adoption agreement I had left it so if Deeks was well he could take him back at any point."

Callen pulled Joelle into his arms as she started crying, "He's not taking our son is he?" The fear was evident in her voice.

"No, he's ours Jo. Forever, all he asked is to be allowed to write to Jake when Jake is older, and if Jake ever asks to meet him we will let him."

"We would anyway, it's got to be about what is best for our son." Joelle said firmly.

Callen smiled. It was times like this that he knew he had picked the right woman to help complete his family. Strong determined and full of love for their child.

Hetty looked at them, "I know Miss Taylor that Mr. Callen would always do what is good for both you and your son."

Joelle nodded, "I know that," She wiped her eyes, "Sorry, Hormones."

Hetty nodded in understanding.

"We can do the house up, but the very first thing I want to do...Jo I want to buy Jake a bike, a real shiny red bike. He's been asking Santa for one every year, the best I could do was a secondhand one that I did up for him."

Joelle smiled, "That's a brilliant idea, I was thinking of getting one for him as a wedding present. Hetty you will come to the wedding won't you?" she asked.

Hetty smiled, "I would love to attend."

Joelle looked at Callen realizing maybe she should have asked him first but he nodded, after all anything his pregnant girlfriend wanted was alright with him.

Deeks watched as Kensi smiled at him lighting up the whole room.

He was on cloud nine. He had sorted out the niggling problems he'd had about not providing for Jake and had made his peace with Callen. He had worried about it ever since he had found out about the fortune he and Jake had inherited. His only solution was to put the money to good use helping others.

Nate had come back in telling them that Callen had left. Deeks and Kensi hadn't taken it badly as they both knew that he'd had a lot to process and would need time. He just waited for that day when Jake would start writing to him and hopefully one day they would meet and maybe he could become a surrogate uncle to the boy who shared his DNA.

Nate himself had been in for a shock as he entered to find Deeks smiling like an idiot and twirling Kensi around the room.

"What's happened?" Nate asked after telling them about Callen's departure.

"Kensi's pregnant… I'm going to be a father." Deeks smiled. No matter what he was not going to fail this child.

For a second a dark look of worry crossed his face, Nate made a note of if but said nothing as Kensi hadn't noticed.

"Congratulations you two." He said.

"This is wonderful news." Caroline said.

"I'm going to take my vacation and maternity leave, I'll let Granger know as soon as he gets back from Washington." She smiled.

"We'll have to make the house at the back bigger." Deeks sighed pulling over the plans with a groan which changed to a laugh and slight grimace of pain as Kensi punched him in the shoulder.

"How far along are you?" Nate asked.

"Just a few weeks, I got it confirmed by the doctor this morning while Deeks and Callen were in their meeting this morning."

Deeks looked at the house, "It is going to need to be bigger." He said seriously, "I will need this part for my office and a waiting room, I want the nursery and our room to be on the opposite side of the house."

Kensi nodded in agreement, "And security as well, especially if you want that entrance to your offices there." She said pointing to the door of the house which was outside the perimeter fence.

"It needs to be accessible to everyone in need." Deeks said.

"Maybe, we can just build your office here and have a gap and build the house separately?" Caroline suggested.

"It would take up too much land." Deeks argued, "The kids need space to play."

"But both Lots either side of us are up for sale, they have been for years, no one wanted to buy and build next to a homeless shelter." Caroline argued.

"So we buy them then. Extend the shelter this way," He said pointing to the left, "...and we put my office in this lot and the house stays there." Deeks said his eyes lighting up, "We can do this...a totally free family law center for spousal abuse victims and a bigger shelter for those in need."

Nate looked over the plot, "Deeks, you think you have room for a few extra rooms in your law center?" he asked.

"Sure why?"

"I'm thinking that maybe I could offer counseling and see if I can get some other therapist friends to donate time too."

"Really?" Caroline teared up, "That would be brilliant. I'm...I'm…" she was lost for words and hugged him.

Nate smiled, "It's a good thing you guys are doing here. I'd like to help and be a part of it. If I can."

Deeks nodded and they settled down to plan the new shelter/law center and a brighter future for them all.

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