All the way home

Chapter 37

A week before Callen and Joelle's wedding, Kensi had been with Deeks as they opened the new shelter and pro bono law offices of Marty Deeks.

Sam, Michelle, Hetty and the rest of the team had turned up Roger Bates and Jeff Versey had both been there in support of Deeks' newfound law career as well.

Kensi leaned against her husband as they sat in chairs on a podium and their local councillor told the waiting press and assembled dignitaries about how Mr. Deeks and his wife had decided to help the local community by personally rebuilding and financing the shelter for abused and battered women and children, then adding the law offices to it. Kensi looked slightly tired as she rubbed her heavily pregnant stomach.

"You ok?" Deeks whispered to her.

Kensi nodded, "Braxton Hicks, don't worry." She shot him a slightly strained smile.

Caroline sitting on the other side of her next to Jeff leaned over "You alright guys?" she asked.

Deeks nodded, "Just the baby practicing again." He smiled and turned his attention back to the speaker who was just announcing him.

"...So, finally you get to hear from the man who made this dream a reality, Mr. Martin Deeks Attorney at Law…"

The crowd clapped as Deeks got up and walked to the podium.

"A few years ago I was in a bad place,I needed help and got it, the results of which you see today. I have always wanted to help those who had helped me when I was a child, you see I have been where some of these families who come here for help have found themselves, I…" Deeks stopped as there was a loud gasp from behind him. "Kens?"

"Deeks my water just broke!"

Deeks turned back and grinned, "Saved by the baby. Ok, I'm gonna go and become a father, this place is now open, please enjoy the open house today, there are staff on hand to answer any questions you might have."

He turned to his mother, "did you call an ambulance?" He asked as the press clamored for questions and Jeff and Roger helped out fielding them as Deeks turned to the matter at hand.

Early the next morning 7lb 10oz Maisy Jane Deeks was born. Deeks was thrilled at the shock of dark brown hair she had.

"Kens' she's beautiful." he said as he held his daughter and his wife rested. He sent Callen a text message so he could let Jake know when he was ready but knew he was getting ready for his wedding and that having let Wanda and Hetty help the wedding Callen was preparing for was far larger than the small Justice of the peace ceremony Deeks and Kensi had opted for a month after they had found out she was expecting.

He had looked at Kensi in her flower print dress and then had thought she couldn't get more beautiful. He was wrong. Looking at her now, still plastered in sweat and having just given birth to their daughter, she was more beautiful than he had ever seen.

"Everything is finally perfect." he sighed looking down at the small bundle in his arms, he took out his cell phone and snapped a picture sending it off Callen for her big brother, he hoped one day in the future they could meet.

Kensi closed her eyes, smiling as she realised she was now both a wife and a mother, she reached out her hand finding Deeks', be here when I wake?" she asked.

He smiled and kissed her hand, "Always." He promised.

The day of the wedding dawned bright and clear.

Jake woke up first, slipping out of bed to go and check on his little brother as he slept and he took Scrat outside to relieve himself.

He squealed as his father grabbed him and twirled him around.

"DAD!" he said in a harsh whisper, mindful not to wake anyone. "Don't I'm too old for that now. I'm a big brother, not a little boy!"

Callen laughed, "You are seven years old and in no way, too old." He looked at the chairs being set up by the catering staff who had turned up an hour earlier. "You keeping Scrat away from the workers?" he asked.

Jake nodded solemnly. "Of course, he knows it's special today. When's grandma Hetty getting here?"

"Soon." Callen looked up as the curtains opened in the newer part of the house where Wanda and Bert were staying. "You wanna help me take up a coffee to Grandma and Grandpa?" he turned to head toward the kitchen as he heard a car pull up. "We'd better hurry Aunt Sue is here to help your mom."

Jake screwed his face up for a second and then headed towards the house whistling for his dog as he went.

Scrat ran around their legs as they entered the family kitchen.

"Mr Callen...Good morning!" the catering manager smiled as they entered.

"Hey Marie, is it ok if we just borrow the coffee for a second." he leaned towards the pot as she waved him away. "Mr. Callen, this is your wedding day too. You know I promised you a full service, There is a full breakfast set up in the dining room on trays ready to be taken up. Your parents have a tray ready to go and I assume your soon to be sister in law will be taking up the bride's tray."

"So I can't make Grandma's breakfast?" Jake asked his face falling a bit.

"It won't be ready if you don't Jake. I need your help with this important bit and then you and your father can take it up." Marie smiled.

Callen nodded in thanks as she handed Jake napkins and a small spray of flowers to go on the tray.

As they turned to walk up Marie called them, " forgot your grandpa's paper, you know he likes that in the morning."

Jake nodded and ran to carry it up the stairs. He had always liked Marie even when he was small and she had been helping out at the diner on weekends before she had branched out into the catering business on her own. She had jumped at the chance to be a part of this wedding and was going to do everything in her power to make it perfect.

As they turned to the stairs a call came from the front door.

"Hellllooooo!" The high pitched voice came, "Where's my little man?"

"Daddy save me!" Jake whispered.

"Sue, Just in time...I have Joelle's breakfast ready!" Marie called out as she walked past and high fived Jake who grinning ran after his father.

Sue distracted by the caterer turned to help out. "Of course anything I can do."

As they got to the top of the stairs and turned the corner, Jake leaned against the wall fanning himself with the paper, "Phew that was close!" he exclaimed dramatically. " may have to eat her later." he said full of seriousness. Callen suppressed the urge to laugh.

"He can't eat your Aunt Susan...she'll give him stomach ache."

Jake screwed up his face as he thought it over, "Yep...ok Scrat. You can't eat the auntie."

"Come on Jake you wanna knock the door for me?" he asked.

Jake made sure the paper was smooth again and knocked the door.

"Come in!" Bert's voice came from inside.

Callen nodded as Jake opened the door. "Grandpa, Grandma...we got you breakfast, you gotta wake up, mom and dad are getting married today."

Wanda was already sat up in bed as they walked in with the tray.

"Morning mom." he said as he leant over to kiss her cheek.

She patted the bed for him to sit near her. "Good morning Greg. How are you and the boys?"

Callen smiled, "Brilliant. John is still asleep, I'm gonna go check on him in a minute, I want to get him dressed and fed first. He can hopefully sleep then until the wedding."

Wanda smiled, "He's a good boy, a very placid baby."

"Takes after his mother."

"Did you go and see Joelle this morning?"

Callen shook his head, "No, I slept on the floor in John's nursery. I figured we could keep the bride from seeing the groom before the wedding and I could ensure that John didn't wake Joelle up last night."

Wanda took the coffee that Callen handed to her and looked at the breakfast. "So, you both made this?" she asked.

"Marie made it but she let me help" Jake smiled as he passed the flowers to her.

"They are beautiful thank you Jake." Wanda said.

Callen stood, "Well, I better get the boys washed and dressed, do you two need anything before I go?"

"No, I called Hetty yesterday, she's should be here in a few hours. We are going to look over any last minute preparations."

"You sure you are ok with letting her help with this?" Callen asked.

"Greg, she is more your mother than I am. I know you both had your differences and she is making amends and working hard to be a part of your life, but remember what you told me. She saved you, even before everything went bad between the two of you she tried her hardest and was always in her own way looking out for you. Today is not a day for animosity you are marrying the woman you love, the mother of your children. Let it go today and enjoy my son."

"Thanks Ma." he leaned over and placed a kiss on her head. "Come on Jake." Callen said to his eldest son.

"I gotta put on my new suit Grandma, Mommy says I look handsome like Daddy in it, and she's wearing a special dress today. Are you wearing one too?" Jake asked.

"Not as special as your mother's dress, but I am wearing a nice new dress."

"I think you will still look as beautiful as mommy." Jake smiled as Callen ushered him out of the room, closing the door on Wanda and Bert's chuckles.

An hour later freshly dressed, both boys were taken downstairs by Callen who was still in his jeans.

"Well...look at you, still not dressed." A familiar voice said.

"Sam!" Callen grinned turning around with John inhis arms.

"And who's this?" He asked with a smile.

"This is my youngest son, John."

"Named after Duke?" Sam asked.

Callen nodded, "Yeah, he was special to me, him and Gibbs, but I wasn't about to call him Jethro, I would never have heard the end of it." he admitted.

Michelle cooed at the baby and took him from Callen, "Wanda asked me to bring him over and said for you to head to the shower."

"Come on G, gotta get your tie done," Sam grinned.

"You still got the ring?" Callen asked worried.

Sam turned him around and back towards the stairs as Callen looked back.

"JAKE, don't even think about touching that cake!"

He called and smiled as he heard his son groan,"Awwww. Dad!" and stamped towards the back yard.

Before he knew it he and Sam were standing at the back end of the garden with the celebrant and they were waiting for Joelle to come down the stairs.

John was sleeping happily in a decorated bassinet near Hetty and Wanda and Bert and Jethro were looking proudly at Callen as he fidgeted with his tie.

"G...Stop it." Sam hissed as the small string quartet started to play the wedding march.

"I'm gonna puke." G hissed at his ex-partner as a knot of nervousness appeared in his gut.

"You'll be fine now shhh." Sam nudged him as the large patio doors opened and Joelle stepped out of the house.

Everyone melted into the background as he looked at her. She was perfect and soon she would be his. He smiled as Jake walked in front of her carrying the pillow with both his and her rings tied to it, Scrat walking to heel beside his boy with a blue bow around his neck.

The next hour seemed to just float by, he stood staring at her until Sam nudged him to say I do and before he knew it the celebrant said.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

"Finally." He sighed and pulled her to him as she giggled and kissed him.

"Ewww!" Jake placed on hand other his eyes and the other over his brother's eyes. "Mom! Dad! there's people here!" he exclaimed as those at the front laughed.

The newly married coupled turned picked up both boys, Joelle holding John and Callen holding Jake and as a family they walked back down the aisle.

Callen's old team stood together as the wedding photo's were taken. Hetty smiled as she stood next to Sam, "You know Mr. Hanna, I think both Mr. Callen and Mr. Deeks have finally found their way home. It was not with us after all, but both are happy."

Sam nodded with a wistful smile thinking of the couple and their newborn baby back in Los Angeles, "You know Hetty, I think you're right."

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