All the way home

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The others had headed up to bed as Callen sat on the sofa with Gibbs looking through the case file.

"What about that new kid of yours?" Callen asked.

Gibbs glared at him, "New Agent, not new kid." He snapped.

Callen nodded, "Still hurts dad?" he asked, there was no one around and Callen could let his guard down. "Ziva did what she had to do; at least it wasn't like Caitlyn. How's Tony taking it?" he asked worried about his 'brother'.

Gibbs sighed and drank his beer, "He's coping, slowly getting through it, but he's like you unless you know what to look for you ain't gonna see it." He said.

"Been here much?" Callen asked.

"A few times," Gibbs admitted. "He joined a support group for men," he said.

Callen's eyebrow shot up and he smirked, "Really?!"

Gibbs glared at him, "You will NOT mention it, or pick on him about it." He ordered.

Callen rolled his eyes, "Yes dad,"

"Seriously G, he's trying his best and this is a good thing for him," Gibbs added.

Callen stifled a yawn,

"Finally, Jet lag wins in the battle against Callen's insomnia." Gibbs chuckled.


"Go to bed son, we have work to do in the morning, we'll be leaving at 0600, gonna meet up with the Feds, hope your team is ready by then."

Callen yawned again and nodded, finally heading up to bed.

06.00 and the team was up, dressed and ready to leave, Callen was the last one down, he was dressed but not entirely awake. He got to the bottom of the stairs and stopped as a hand put a mug of coffee in one hand and his bag in the other.

"Callen, it's to go head to the car,"

"Yes dad," he said sleepily, taking three steps outside in the cold D.C. air and realizing what he had just said. He turned to see his team all stunned behind him, shrugging it off he turned to them, "So you driving, Sam?" he asked as he watched Gibbs pull off.

"Neither of you going to lock up?" Kensi asked,

"Na, just pull the door up, come on we're going to be late."

Sam walked past dropping his voice so the others couldn't hear, "Yes dad." He said with a grin which got wider at Callen's glare.

Max woke up and reached over for Sara. She wasn't there and he sat up abruptly. "Sara?" he called around the empty room.

"Max…" Sara's voice came from the bathroom, "Max…I think I need help." She called.

Within seconds Max was in there beside Sara as she was sliding down the wall, "My water broke, Marty's coming." She said.

Max opened the bedroom door and yelled down the hall, "LUCA!"

"Yeah?" Luca's sleepy voice came, "What's up Max?"

"Get the car, the baby's coming." Max shot his nephew a grin and went back to help his wife.

"Max. I just need to get dressed and get my bag." Sara said now her contraction had passed she waddled into the bedroom.

"I'll get it," he walked up to her had kissed her "We're gonna be parents." He grinned, in the three years since he had been with Sara this was his happiest moment.

Sara nodded and winced, "Max?" her face looked worried, "They're too fast…I think…" she winced again, "Call the paramedics."

Max opened his cell phone and made the call and he helped Sara onto the bed.

Five minutes later Sara was breathing heavily and Max was losing his cool, there were no paramedics and he could see the baby's head.

"Hello?!" a voice called up the stairs. The voice sounded familiar but Max shook it off as a large African American man and a smaller man walked in the room,

"Hey she needs help we can see the baby's head." Max said moving to Sara's side.

Sam shot Callen a look, there was no recognition at all on Deeks' side, and it had been sheer luck that the FBI had intercepted the paramedic call, they had jumped in as soon as they got to the FBI stakeout.

"Help her?" Max snarled.

Sam had delivered babies and he took point Callen taking Sara's blood pressure, "I'm Greg and this is Tom," Callen said introducing themselves to Sara.

"Sara Giamatti, my husband Max…and hopefully soon our son Marty."

"Marty?" Sam asked shocked.

Sara hissed as another contraction made her bare down.

"Ok Ma'am you need to push." Sam said.

"Come on baby," Max said sitting behind Sara on the bed and supporting her.

Sara cried, the pain overwhelming her. Max hadn't even remembered to take his meds this morning, and the two men at the end of the bed were making him jumpy.

"Do something." He ordered.

Sam kept up the charade even though he just wanted to tell Deeks to shut up, "The head's out, now just the shoulders." Sam said.

"He's nearly here babe, you're doing great." Max prompted his wife.

Sara screamed as she pushed again and suddenly she fell back exhausted as a baby's cry filled the room.

Fornell turned to Gibbs in the stakeout, "Was that a baby?" he asked.

Gibbs shrugged, they knew that paramedics had been called that morning to the Giamatti home, but they had no information about children living there.

Luca already cuffed and standing behind them grinned, "Marty, I have a cousin."

Kensi blanched, "Marty?"

"Max and Sara have a son. You will never take him now; my uncle will fight to protect his wife and child." He snapped.

Sam tied off the cord, "You wanna cut it?" he asked Deeks.

Max moved and cut the cord, Sam wrapped the baby and handed it to Sara, "We need to take you to hospital for your postnatal check up."

Max looked at his son, "He's beautiful Sara." He said kissing her.

Sara looked up at Max as Callen and Sam transferred her to a chair for moving, "Max grab my bag and don't forget your meds baby." She said.

Opening the pill bottle beside the bed, Max took one of his tablets and grabbed Sara's bag.

"We'll take her," Sam said "You follow in the car. We're going to Bethesda." He told him.

Max nodded. He walked to his car and as Callen closed the ambulance he looked at Sam, "He didn't recognize us at all?"

"I know, I would like to take a closer look at those med." Sam said as the regular ambulance men took over.

"These meds?" Callen handed the pill container to Sam.

"Um, they looked privately made, no pill name on them." He said.

"Abby might be able to figure out what they are."

Max drove halfway down the road then he was stopped by a flurry of police cars. "MAX GIAMATTI…FBI…STEP OUT OF THE CAR WITH YOUR HANDS UP." A voice came over a loudspeaker.

"What?" Max snarled, he threw the car in reverse and drove backwards up the road.

"Dammit!" Fornell snapped, he turned to where Gibbs had been standing moments before to see his car and the rental car the Los Angeles team were using heading up the road on the heels of Max's car.

Fornell turned to his team, "Well don't just stand there, GET HIM!" he yelled running for his car.

Luca for his part was sat in the back or Fornell's car, "Go uncle Max." he grinned as he saw Max's BMW M3 GTR speeding up the road knowing that maybe apart from the yellow and black car, none of the other cars were going to catch him.

Kensi and Eddie peeled off from the pursuit.

"Kensi, you not going after him?" he asked as Callen and Sam caught up to them.

She got out of the car, "So we're heading to Bethesda right? If he goes anywhere it's gonna be to see his kid."

Sam nodded, "Yeah, kids cute, but if Gibbs doesn't catch up to him that's where he'll head to, Regan, you're with me, we are taking these to Ms Sciuto, we need to know what Deeks' has been taking."

"Kenz, you and I are off to Bethesda hopefully we'll get Deeks before the FBI does." Callen said and held out his hand, "I'm driving." He told her.

Max pulled up the car having finally lost the yellow charger he got out of the car and proceeded to lose his temper on his car, he kicked it and swore pacing up and down, one thing was clear to him, the FBI were going to take his wife and son from him. They were the only stable thing he could remember and he wasn't having some do-gooder cop trying to turn his son against him.

He opened the trunk of the car, he moved the baby car seat he had into the back seat and set it up, ready for his son, he had two pre-packed emergency bags and $50,000 ready for a fast move, he checked the magazine on his gun, it was fully loaded.

He climbed into his car, god help anyone who stood between him and his son. He looked in the mirror to see a sad version of him staring back.

"This is wrong, you need to trust them" the mirror version of Max said.

"Shut up." Max snarled.

"You're son is safe where he is."

"Shut up." Max snapped again.

"They can help, you're going crazy." The mirror version of him said calmly.

Max hit the steering wheel until his hands bled, "SHUTUP,SHUTUP,SHUTUP!" He screamed.

He reached into his pocket but his meds weren't there.

"Sara has them," he decided,

He drove to Bethesda not noticing that the yellow car he'd been running from was parked near the entrance, He walked in the main entrance scratching his head, the voice inside practically screaming at him to stop.

He stopped near a glass panel, the entrance was empty but for a nurse sitting in reception, he shook his head and walked on.

"Can I help you sir?" the woman asked.

"Maternity." He snapped.

"Second floor." She said her eyes were sad as they searched his for any sign that he knew her.

Max scratched at his head again.

"Shut up!" he hissed to himself shaking his head to clear it as he walked towards the elevator.

The door opened and the old man from the yellow charger was there his gun pulled, "NCIS FREEZE DEEKS." Gibbs growled.

Max's hand went for the gun at his waist.

"Deeks please!" Kensi's voice cut through his haze.

"SHUT UP!" He screamed waving the gun around, "I need Sara, move old man or I'll kill you." He snarled.

"Deeks!" Callen warned.

"SHUT UP DEEKS IS DEAD!SHUT THE HELL UP!" Deeks dropped to his knees and held his head…."Please….I need Sara I need my meds…." He howled as a burst of pain shot through his head and his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

A real doctor who had been nearby moved out past the agents, "What meds is this man on?" he asked.

Callen pulled a tablet out of his pocket.

The doctors eyes widened, "This is a highly psychotropic drug, stopping these will kill him, I need to give him this now, but this is a huge dose for someone his size,"

"Give him it." Callen ordered.

The doctor fed Deeks the tablet and laid him out on a gurney, "We will need to dial his meds down slowly." He said.

"Write a script doc, we're taking him in, he's wanted for murder." Gibbs ordered.

The doctor looked at him, "Agent Gibbs, your reputation here precedes you. You can take him, but I am coming to make sure he's stable, anything at all goes wrong with him, and I'm bringing him in and you'll have to shoot me to stop me."

Gibbs looked at the doctor, "Ok Doc."

"Strohl, Lance corporal, Marines." He said proudly.

Gibbs nodded. "Ok Strohl, but you are responsible for him."

"I still feel we should keep him here," the doctor protested.

"He's a dangerous criminal, he'll be safer in isolation at NCIS, and our ME will be on hand to assist you." Gibbs offered.

Finally the doc nodded.

Deeks moaned the doc transferred him to a gurney and they took him to NCIS.

"Sara…Marty…." Deeks groaned as he fought against the restraints, Dr. Strohl injected him with a sedative and he fell into a fitful sleep.

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