All the way home

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Max opened his eyes and found himself in a dark room, on a gurney, strapped on a gurney…with handcuffs!

"Sara!" He called pulling at his restraints.

"Mr. Deeks calm down!" Dr. Strohl said quietly.

Max pulled at his restraints, "Let me go you've got the wrong guy!"

The doctor slowly moved the gurney to a sitting position, "Where the hell am I?" Max snarled. "Where's Sara?! And who are you?"

"I am Dr. Strohl; I am here to help wean you off your medication."

Max shook his head, "No, you can't…I'll die! You're trying to kill me!"

"I assure you Mr. Deeks, I am trying to do nothing of the kind, and can you tell me who prescribed your medication."

Behind the glass Deeks' old team, Gibbs and DiNozzo watched as the former detective fought every step of the way with the doctor.

"Very well, Max…" Dr Strohl said as he took out a notebook, "Tell me what you know about yourself."

"What do you mean?" Max looked wary,

"You say you are not Martin Deeks and that your name is Max Giamatti, what is your earliest memory?"

Max shook his head, "I don't….My….what?" he looked confused, "Where's Sara? She has my medication."

"She's in the hospital, she will be fine." The doctor reassured him.

"Hospital? Why is she in hospital? What happened? Who hurt her?" He pulled at his restraints again "I'll kill them!" he snarled.

"She's not hurt she had a baby do you remember?" The doctor asked.

"Baby?" Max looked even more confused, "Sara had a baby?"

"You have a son, called Martin,"

"No…No I don't…I…" Max groaned as his head hurt again. His hand started flexing and within moments he was convulsing.

The doctor looked at the two-way mirror, "I have to give him another dose of this, does anyone know what it is yet?" he asked, making sure Deeks got another dose of the medication.

Within moments the medication took effect and Deeks was laying asleep on the gurney.

Abby came running down the hallway, "I know what the drug is!" she said as she burst into the observation room. "Oh Poor Deeks!" she exclaimed looking at him asleep on the gurney.

"What is it Abbs?" Gibbs asked as the doctor entered.

"Its Zaleplon it's a sedative-hypnotic, almost entirely used for the treatment of insomnia. It is a non-benzodiazepine hypnotic from the pyrazolopyrimidine class,"

"Huh?" Tony said.

"It's a drug used to treat insomnia, it makes the sufferer sleep but it has a side effect, it's a sedative Hypnotic, Long-term use of sedative-hypnotics for insomnia has traditionally been discouraged for reasons that include concerns about such potential adverse drug effects as cognitive impairment, Anterograde amnesia, daytime sedation, musculo-skeletal impairment, and subsequently an increased risk of harm to oneself and to others." Abby said waiting for the information to sink in.

"So it's not his fault?" Kensi asked.

"No, but he's been on such a high dose that he doesn't know anything about what's going on with him."

"So, he's all drugged up we can have our Deeks back?" Sam asked.

"Guy's drugged, but drugged or not He killed someone." Regan said.

"Yes but we need to find out why the Anterograde amnesia happened in the first place, it also means everything he knows is what he's being told, everyday by this Sara person. And…" Abby paused as she breathed, "I think the big question is why he only remembers her and not his team?"

Gibbs nodded in agreement.

Sara sat up in her bed in the maternity ward, little Marty was dozing by her side in his crib, "Nurse, have you heard from my husband yet?" she asked.

The nurse walked up to her bed, "I'm sorry Mrs. Giamatti, but I haven't."

The nurse left the room and was stopped by a blonde woman and a youngish looking man with badges; she nodded and let them in.

"Mrs. Giamatti?" The man asked.

She looked at her baby and then up at them, "Yes?"

"I am Special Agent McGee and this is Agent Bishop, NCIS we'd like to ask you a few questions." Tim said.

"Do you really need to talk to me now? I just had a baby?" Sara said

"Ma'am we know you have been cleared for release and we have been authorized to take you in for questioning."

"I…but I…?" Sara looked worried.

"I'll wait outside while you get dressed Ma'am." Tim said.

Sara sat in her room as the two agents waited outside, this was not going as her brother had planned it, now she had a child and Max was in custody and she could see herself behind bars just for following her brother's orders.

She held Marty and looked at him, he was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen, "I love you so much little one, but I can't stay, I hope one day you'll forgive me." She kissed him and lay him back down in his bassinet. She pulled her clothes on and snuck out through the second door in the bathroom that was shared with the room next door.

Five minutes passed and Marty started crying.

Emily looked at Tim; "I don't think she's in there?" she said and knocked on the door as the baby's cries got louder. Emily opened the door and realized that apart from the crying baby the room was empty.

"Gibbs is gonna kill us!" Tim sighed. He turned to leave but Emily called him back.

"We can't leave the baby, we'll have to take him with us." She picked him up with a much practiced hand.

"Bishop, do you have kids?" Tim asked.

She shook her head, "No, but my brother does. Two." She replied getting Marty dressed into an outfit and clean diaper. Grabbing a Nurse Tim managed to secure a car seat for little Marty to travel in and they set off back to the navy yard.

Deeks sat up groaning, he was surprised to find this time he wasn't cuffed to the gurney.

"I've put you on a new medication that should help with the effects of the one you have been on." Dr Strohl said.

"Medication?" Deeks said, "Doc, Where am I?"

He swung his legs over the edge of the bed, and vomited into a bowl that was nearby, "God what happened?"

"What's your name?" the doctor asked.

"Marty Deeks? I'm not crazy doc I know my name."

"What year is it?" the doctor asked,

Deeks reached for a glass of water, "2010, why? Look my head feels fine. Is Kensi ok?"

"I don't believe this!" Regan snapped from the other side of the glass, "We're supposed to believe he's suddenly better?"

"No," Abby replied, "Right now with this 'antidote' he's lucid, as his need for the medication kicks in again he'll be less lucid until it eventually clears his system. He's gonna swing between Deeks and Max until we can get him stabilized, we just need to find out whether it was the drug or something else that sent him over the edge in the first place.

Callen looked at Gibbs and they walked out into the hallway with Tony.

"I'm worried about this," Callen admitted.

"Ya think?" Gibbs said

"I'm worried about Regan, has he ever met Deeks?" Tony asked.

Callen shook his head, "He came on board after Deeks' disappearance,"

"I'll watch him, if this is not Deeks' fault we need to find out who did this to him and why?" Tony reiterated.

Callen smiled at his 'brother' "Tone, I think you need to go in with Kensi. You're right I can't send Regan, and Sam and Deeks were not on the best of terms, besides it's time we filled Hetty and the director in, right Gibbs?"

Tony smiled, "Sure G, I'll take her in for a bit."

Tim and Bishop walked around the corner, "Boss we have a problem." He said and looked down at the sleeping baby in the carrier.

"Where is Sara Giamatti?" Callen asked.

"She left…she left a note for Deeks and the baby."

Callen took the bagged note and read it. "Oh my God!" he looked down at the poor kid. "Do not call child services, if Deeks won't take him on I will." He said instantly.

"Callen?" Gibbs asked.

Callen just looked at him, "Deeks was, is on my team, this happened to him, do you not think I wouldn't step up to support my team dad!"

Tim and Bishop looked shocked.

Gibbs grinned, "No son, I think before Kensi goes in Deeks should meet Marty Junior."

"Poor kid," Tony snapped, "No one calls this kid Junior right!" he said glaring at the small group of people.

They all nodded and Tony went to talk to Kensi as Callen and Gibbs carried little Marty in to see his dad.

Deeks looked up as the door opened, "Callen!" he smiled, "You wanna tell this doc I'm ok. Hetty will be going mad with me stuck…wherever the heck we are?"

"You're in D.C. Deeks." Callen said.

"D…D.C?" Deeks stopped and looked at him, Callen looked older and he was carrying a baby.

"How did I get here?" he asked.

"Deeks it's 2013, this is Martin Deeks Junior, your son." He said showing him the baby.

"My…NO!...who?" Deeks looked around, "Ok this is Sam's idea of a joke yeah?"

Callen placed the baby next to Deeks who turned and looked at him, he was cute, Deeks had to admit that, and he looked like him, "Who's his…."

"Your wife, Sara Giamatti."

"Giamatti…like Marc Giamatti the crime lord I was going to meet with?"

Deeks moved away from the baby, "Callen? I don't like this; what's going on?"

Callen handed Gibbs the baby noting that Deeks reached his hand out to stroke the child's cheek as he passed him, there was something there.

Gibbs handed the baby out the door to Bishop.

"Where's he going?" Deeks asked.

"Just outside, someone's going to feed him."

"Can you tell us about the op with Marc Giamatti?" Callen asked sitting on a chair as Gibbs leaned against the wall.

"Sure Bates sent me in undercover, we were due to meet down at the docks, then….then…." Deeks started hyperventilating, "no…" Deeks breathed as some memories hit him.

"You shot and NCIS agent and a woman." Callen said nodding to the tech in the other room that ran the camera footage that Eric had pulled all those years ago.

Deeks watched his eyes wide and tears streaming down his face, "No…no I didn't kill her, I wouldn't kill her I couldn't…he stood up and walked to the far corner of the room and sank to his knees. "NO you're lying, Sara….SARA!" he yelled, "I need it to go away I need my meds, please Callen, don't make me watch this!"

Gibbs pulled up the picture of the dead woman and Deeks threw up in a trash can, "GET IT OFF!" he snarled and threw the trash can at the plasma,

"Deeks who is that."

Max looked at them, "I already told you I'm not Deeks! Get those out of here!" he grabbed the photos and threw them at Callen, "Get out of here cop and take the whore's picture with you."

"Who is she?" Callen persisted

"Her name is Mary Deeks, she was no one." Max snarled.

He stopped as he heard a cry from the hallway, "Sara? Is Sara here is that my son…You can't hold them, you harm them and I'll kill the lot of you!" Max snarled trying to open the door, he only stopped as the Doctor who had been sitting unnoticed in the corner injected Max with a huge hit of sedatives.

Deeks looked at the picture as he started to sway, "Mom…no!" he fell back with Callen and the doctor catching him and steering him to bed.

"Callen help me!" Deeks begged as the sedative took effect.

"NO WAY? You've got to be kidding me…Hetty really!" Regan said as Callen and his team stood in front of Hetty in MTAC.

"Mr. Callen do you agree with Mr. Regan's assessment of the situation?" Hetty asked.

Callen shook his head, "The doc says it has something to do with the drug the Giamatti's kept him on and that 'Max' must have been Deeks coping mechanism to seeing his mother shot. Also there is the baby to consider in all of this."

"BUT!" Regan spluttered, "He shot an NCIS Agent."

"Maybe not Eddie, we didn't know about the second person there, we don't at this point know if Deeks or someone else shot him and if it was Deeks what was his state of mind? We can't overlook that." Callen argued. "I'm not saying Deeks is innocent or guilty, I'm just saying we need to complete our investigation."

"Mr. Callen, what about the child?"

Callen turned and mumbled a bit, "Mr. Callen?" Hetty pushed, "Have you revealed to Mr. Deeks that he is a father?"

"He doesn't believe me, but Max does and wants his boy back."

"So when Mr. Deeks is healed, do you think he will take the child or should be contact child services?" she asked.

"NO!" Callen snapped, "Hetty, can you have a lawyer draw me up a set of adoption papers, if Deeks won't take Marty, I'll adopt him."

"Oh this gets better and better, you'll marry his wife next!" Regan said sarcastically.

"SHUT UP REGAN!" Sam, Callen and Kensi said at the same time.

Regan folded his arms and moved away from the group.

"Mr. Regan, I want you on the next plane back to LA, I do not think your presence will be helpful to the investigation." Hetty said sternly.

"Mr. Callen I will do what I can and get them to you as soon as possible. In the meantime protect that child and try to find his mother. I will have a team this end track down Marc Giamatti and see if he can tell us more about this drug they've been giving to Mr. Deeks all these years, and Mr. Callen. See if Ms Scuito can find out the long term effect of exposure to his drug." She said.

Callen nodded and cut off the call, ignoring Regan he walked out of MTAC, at the top of the stairs he turned to look at his ex-teammate, "Regan, DiNozzo will take you back to Gibbs' house, help you pack and take you to the airport."

Tony looked up at that "I will?"

"Yeah." Callen said jogging down the stairs and stopping in front of his 'brothers' desk, "Don't let him in our room." He said.

"Oh!" Tony said nodding in comprehension.

Callen stopped and picked up the baby, holding him with a gentle rocking motion he soothed the baby who had been fretting. "Its ok kid, it's all gonna be ok." Callen said to the baby as Sam Kensi and the DC team stood watching gob smacked.

Callen turned with Marty in his arms, "Deeks is one of us, now we need to find out what they did to him and help bring him home. Coz this kid needs and deserves to be with his father, are you guys in?"

Callen smiled as the whole team nodded.

"Let's do it!" Sam said.

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