All the way home

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

He woke up, alone in a room with a glass window…no not a window a mirror.

The room was dim and the light seemed to be filtered, he sat up rubbing his hands down his face. He looked at his wrists they were wrapped in bandages, pulling one down he noticed burns from where something had chaffed him. There was a plastic cup and a jug of water in the room on a small four legged table. He reached over and lifted the water to his lips. He took a small sip, it seemed ok.

But he wasn't sure.

A tremor pulsed through his body and he rubbed his arms up and down with his hands to ward off the perceived chill. The door opened and a man walked in.

"How are you feeling?" Dr Strohl asked.

Marty looked up at him, "Fine." He looked past the man trying to see out into the hallway, there were none of the usual sounds that he could hear, no doctors in the background and no nurses walking by and no sounds of patients.

"Where am I?" He asked as the doctor shut the door.

"You're friend told you…you're in D.C."

"D.C? Like Washington D.C?..." Marty's eyes went wide. "I can't be here! I'm gonna get it bad!" he looked around for his clothes but only had hospital scrubs on. "This isn't a hospital is it?" he asked.

The doctor shook his head. "No you're in custody." He said and stepped back in shock as Deeks started to cry.

Sam looked at Gibbs through the glass, "Is he crying?" He asked in shock.

Kensi looked over at Callen who shrugged; he glanced at baby Marty asleep in the car-seat.

"Is this a side effect of the medication?" Callen asked.

The others looked on at him. "I have no idea." Gibbs said. "Hanna, you go in and ask the doctor. See if you can get him to let us in on what's going on."

Sam nodded and walked out of observation and knocked on the door to the room Marty was in.

"Come in…" Dr. Strohl said.

"Hey Doc I…." Sam stopped as Deek jumped off the bed and moved to the corner of the room like a scared rabbit, his eyes darted from the doctor to Sam and he pulled himself into a ball and covered his head. "Doc?"

"I didn't mean too…Is…is he dead?" Deeks asked looking up at Sam through his arm.

"The man you shot?" Sam asked, thinking he was talking about Dickerson, "Yeah, you wanna tell me what happened?" he asked.

Deeks cried harder. "I…I didn't want to kill him. Ray said it'd just stop him and he'd go away."

"Ray?" Sam asked sitting on the bed.

Deeks sobbed harder, "Does momma hate me now…am I gonna get the 'lectric chair?" he asked his breath hitching between sobs.

"The what?"

"Da…Dadd…he said…I was bad and I was gonna be so bad I'd get the 'lectric chair…I don't want that…he said your brains boil and you die peeing your pants…" He dissolved into hysterical sobbing, "He's gonna haunt me and kill me now!" he moved further away from the two men. "He's gonna get me and now I can't hide…I just wanted to stop him hurting us, I just wanted to stay safe." His red rimmed blue eyes looked up at Sam with such sorrow that he wanted to hug the detective.

"Agent Dickenson was hurting you?" Sam asked.

"Who?" Marty stopped crying and wiped his eyes.

Sam stood up and Marty shrank back.

The doctor stepped in-between both of them. "What's your name son?" he asked. Sam looked confused and sat back down.

"M…Marty…Br...Brandel…" He sniffed wiping his eyes on the back of his hand.

"How old are you?" The doctor shot a glance at Sam.

"'Leven." He sniffed.

"Who did you shoot if you didn't shoot Agent Dickenson?" The doctor asked him.

"My…D…D…Daddy." Marty looked up, "I didn't want to kill him honest…but no one would help and he…he hurted me a lot. I just wanted to police to take him away so I could…" his voice trailed away and the doctor looked at him.

The doctor turned to Sam, "out." He said then he turned to Marty, "You'll be fine son; you just have a glass of water and wait here.

"But…" Marty started fidgeting. "Yes sir." He said looking up again as Sam.

Sam and the doc walked out of the room to find Gibbs, DiNozzo, Kensi and Callen waiting for him.

"What was that?" Gibbs asked.

"I think the medication is fracturing his personality without the reinforcement of the memory Sara Giamatti was giving him, he's disassociating and he's latching on to the nearest personality in his head that matches the situation."

"His eleven year old self identifies with this?" DiNozzo asked horror-struck.

Callen nodded, "It would, he shot his father when he was eleven, it was a through and through, nice clean shot." He mused aloud.

Gibbs glared at him.

"We can't charge him with anything, not while he's in this state no court in the land would convict him. So that means keeping Fornell and the Feds out of the way. He needs to heal." Gibbs said.

Callen turned to Kensi, "Deeks finds Sam threatening in this persona. Maybe you should be in there with him, Tone, you wanna go with Da…Gibbs and head off Toby?" he asked.

Tony smiled at the slip up. "Yeah sure Cal,"

"Sam and I will…"

"Sam will work with Bishop and McGee. You have to take Abby and go shopping." Gibbs said to him.

"What for?" Callen asked.

Gibbs opened the door and turned Callen towards the sleeping newborn.

"Oh…OH! God I forgot!...I can't ever forget about him." Callen said shocked.

Gibbs fished out his wallet, "There ya go son, get everything he needs and take him home."

"How can I investigate this case and look after Marty?" Callen asked worried.

"Agent Callen I believe I owe you one." Director Vance said walking down the corridor, "I just heard about the baby and Mr. Deeks from Agents' McGee and Bishop." He said, "Take Ms Sciuto and the rest of the day drop round this address before you head to the Navy Yard in the morning, Leave the baby there."

"I'm not putting him in care!" Callen said taking a step between the director and the baby.

"I would never suggest it," Leon said slightly affronted, "Like I said I owe you, this is my house and that is my children's nanny, she has agreed to look after baby Marty until you leave for Los Angeles."

Callen looked relieved, confused but relieved, "Thank you sir, but what do you owe me for?" he asked.

Vance smiled, "Picking my pocket, Hetty is too valuable an agent to lose."

Callen looked contrite and cleared his throat, "Er…Sir, You knew that was me?"

Vance smiled, "You can take the kid of the street, but you can't take the street out of the kid." He quoted; Callen looked confused, he was sure that by the time he'd said that to Hetty, Director Vance had been on a plane bound back for Washington. "Hetty." Vance clarified for him, "Now get going."

"Yes Sir." Callen said and turned to pick up the sleeping child.

They all left to deal with their assignments and Vance turned to Kensi and the doctor, "Ms Blye, Doctor Strohl, how is Detective Deeks?" he asked.

The doctor ushered the Director into the observation room where Marty was still sitting where he'd been left looking really uncomfortable but glancing at the door every few seconds. "Excuse me." Kensi said and left.

"He's going through 3 distinct personalities right now, Max Giamatti or Gentry as you have, this is the most violent and uncontrollable. We have Detective Deeks who thinks its 2010 and now the emergence of Marty Brandel, who thinks he is eleven and has just shot his father."

Vance looked through the glass as Kensi entered.

"Marty?" she said as she walked in.

Marty looked up at her and smiled, "Hi." He said shyly. "Are you an Angel?" he asked.

Kensi smiled and shook her head, "No I'm not sweetie, my name is…"

"Fern…I'm gonna call you Fern, my little sister was called Fern and she was as pretty as you are." Marty smiled his lopsided grin, Kensi's heart melted.

"You can call me Fern." She said. "You look uncomfortable, are you ok?"

Marty looked at the floor and gave a small nod.

"No you're not are you, what's wrong, you can tell me." She pushed gently.

"I'm…I'm hungry and I need to use the bathroom, but the big man told me I had to stay here…and I'm under a rest coz I'm a bad kid…I shot my Daddy…It's ok if you don't want to be in here with me, Daddy said I was always gonna be alone." Marty sighed, "And He said ya don't gets food in Jail…but its ok I've been hungry loads a times." He said brightly.

Kensi smiled, "Let's take you to the bathroom and then see if we can find you a candy bar ok?" she said.

Marty smiled, "I like candy." He said.

She nodded towards the mirror and took Marty's hand. "Come on Shaggy."

Marty giggled and followed.

Vance turned to the doctor, "This isn't permanent is it?" he asked.

The doctor shrugged "I don't think so, I would like to ask a colleague of mine to come and asses his mental health, will she need clearance?" he asked.

"I will need her name." Vance said taking out a small notebook from his pocket.

"Cranston, Doctor Rachel Cranston." He said and stopped as Vance picked up his phone and dialed a number.

"Rachel…Leon…I'm with a Doctor Strohl at NCIS, I need you to come down and asses a patient, it's for one of Gibbs' cases…No DiNozzo hasn't finally gone off the deep end." He smiled as he listened to her and then he hung up. "She'll be over in an hour; you should know she's affectionately known around here as Doctor Kate's sister, her younger sister Kate used to be on Gibbs' team." Vance explained.

Kensi waited outside the door as Marty used the men's room, he walked out and looked at her standing there, "Look I washed my hands," he said turning them over to show her how clean they were. She smiled and took him by the hand to the break room, where McGee was standing at the Vending Machine,"Kensi…?" He asked.

"Hi Tim, this is Marty." She said with a look that McGee got. "He's eleven." She added.

Deeks walked up to the vending machine and put his nose to the glass, "Is that real candy?" he asked awed, "How does it get out of there?"

Tim smiled, "You put money in the slot and press the buttons and the candy bar comes out." He explained.

Marty's face fell, "Oh…Ok…Thanks…" he turned to Kensi "I'd better go back now," he said his stomach gurgled at the sight of all that food.

"I thought you were hungry?" Kensi said, "You sound like you're hungry."

"My tummy's just being silly." Marty said sadly, "Besides I don't have any money and I don't wanna steal, I told…I said stealing is wrong."

Tim smiled and produced a candy bar and held it out to him, "Stealing is wrong, but asking for what you want is ok as long as you ask nicely."

Marty shook his head, "You ask and ya don't get." He said repeating a mantra he'd been told time and again.

"But how do people know what you want if you don't ask?" Kensi asked him.

Marty shrugged, "Ya get what ya given and ya grateful fer it."

"I would like to give this to you," Tim said, "but only if it's what you want." He added.

Marty stared at the chocolate bar as if it were made of gold, "A whole one? A whole candy bar for me? Really? Not just the wrapper, I like to lick the wrappers." He admitted.

"No the whole bar." Tim said and jumped as Marty hugged him.

"Thank you Mr. Tim, I've never had a whole candy bar before." He grinned.

He took the candy bar and looked at Kensi, "Fern…Do I have to go back to jail now?" he asked.

Kensi nodded, "It's not really jail, and it's more that you're poorly and need to see a special doctor right now, we are going to make you better."

Marty looked up from his position cross legged on the floor, "Then I get the 'lectric chair?" he asked the two shocked agents standing in front of him.

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