All the way home

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Callen and Abby pulled up outside the mall and within moments Callen was unbuckling the car seat and held it on his arm as they walked towards the stores.

"So where first?" He asked as they walked inside.

Abby looked at the Mall map, "There." She said pointing to a nearby shop, "That sells most of what we need." She told him.

Callen nodded and looked at Marty, hoisting the bag of baby supplies they already had on his shoulder he turned to her, "Ok Abby Sciuto, you lead the way."

She smiled, "It'll be my pleasure G. Callen…and Mr. Deeks Junior?"

"Ouch…that's a mouthful." Callen said walking along with her,

"Well we have two Marty's and Tony'll kill me if I call him junior…" Abby walked along in silence for a few moments, "He's still small…so what about a nickname for him."

"Abby?" Callen gave her a sidelong glance.

"Deeklet?" she offered. Callen shook his head.


Callen laughed, "That makes him sound like a drink!" he looked over at the baby who was awake and looking at them, "Ain't that right squirt."

Abby rolled her eyes, "Well you can't call him squirt…he doesn't look like a squirt, he looks like a mini Marty."

"Sounds like a five n dime Abbs," Callen said as they opened the door to the store.

A store assistant walked over to them as she spied the baby, "Welcome, Aww he's such a cute baby, a chip off the old block," She said grinning at Callen, "What's his name?"

Callen looked at the boy, "Chip…his name is Chip." He said with a grin.

"Oh he's so small!" the assistant gushed, "How old?"

"Born yesterday, I need to get supplies in for him, could you help me?" He asked.

"Oh My Gosh Yes! and can I say your wife looks lovely for someone who's just had a baby."

Abby grinned and winked at Callen, "Thank you, Chip was a bit of a shock, we weren't expecting him, and so we need everything,"

The assistant called some help and they walked around the store listening to the assistant's advice on what Chip needed.

Two hours, a feed, diaper change and hundreds of dollars later, they finally left the store, all their purchases were in the back of Gibbs' truck.

"You handled that really well Mrs. Callen." Callen laughed.

"And I looked good!" Abby grinned, giving a quite laugh as she looked at Chip and he yawned. "Aww, he is such a sweetie." She said.

Callen sighed as they turned into Gibbs' street, "Yeah he is, and I hope his father realizes that," he said.

They parked up and Abby took 'chip' into the house, Gibbs had already got there and helped Callen in with the baby stuff.

"So you nicknamed him Chip?" Gibbs asked warily, "How did Abby take it?" he asked.

Callen shrugged "Fine… why?" he replied.

"You remember that crazy assistant of Abby's?"

Callen leant against the truck, "Er…chuck? Charles Sterling?"


"Crap!" Callen cursed, "She seemed ok with the name, we couldn't keep calling him Marty, it's too confusing…"

"Talk it out with her!" Gibbs called out carrying a flat packed crib up the path.

Callen grabbed two large bags of supplies, "Damn!" he swore running up the path behind Gibbs.

Marty sat on the floor of the break room looking at the two gob smacked agents.

"Marty, you know you're not going to get the electric chair don't you?" Tim said squatting down to the man who held a chocolate bar in one hand and a tissue Kensi had handed him in the other as he looked at them not making a sound but shaking his head as tears were rolling down his face.

"Miss Fern?" Marty asked after he wiped his face with the tissue and stood up, "Does this mean I have to go back to my momma?" he asked a small shake in his voice.

Kensi didn't know what to say to him, "Maybe, you wanna tell me about her?" she asked as she got him a soda and sat him at one of the tables.

Marty took a drink of the soda, "I like this." He smiled. "Thank you."

"Tell me about your momma?" she asked hoping this time it didn't bring Max back.

"Momma's, momma." Marty shrugged, "She has lots of friends and she's very pretty, Daddy likes it when momma gives him her money, momma's friends give it to her."

Kensi shot Tim a look, "What's your momma's name?" she asked.

Marty took a sip of his drink, "Momma." He said, "Daddy calls her bad names if she doesn't have friends over."

Tim took his tablet and sat next to them, "Was your momma called something else by her friends?" He asked, he hated to push the detective the state he was in, but they needed to find out more about the woman who had been murdered along with their agent.

"Um….Sometimes they called her honey or baby?" Marty said, "Momma wasn't a baby though…Grandma came once…she called her Caroline, but momma shouted at her I didn't see her again." He said sadly, "I liked her she gave me hugs, ya know the nice kind…not the other kind." He shifted uncomfortably.

Marty yawned, "Do I have to go back and see that doctor again?" he asked.

"We do need to get you back there, he's not going to hurt you, but you need to have your medicine." Tim said.

Marty shrugged, "Ok Mr. Tim…" He carefully wrapped his half eaten candy bar up.

"You can finish that first you know?" Kensi said.

"But…" Marty stopped and slowly unwrapped it. He looked at it sadly and Kensi put her hand on his arm.

"What's wrong?" she asked,

Marty shrugged, "Nuttin'…it's just, if I eat this now…I won't have anything for later."

Kensi smiled, "Marty, You'll have dinner later, I think Tim's getting it."

"Really?!" Marty grinned.

"Sure as soon as you've seen the doctor, I'll head down to Beltway Burgers and pick you something up." Tim said.

Marty grabbed Kensi's hand, "Come on Miss Fern…we gotta go…I'm getting dinner!" he grinned excitedly.

Callen looked at the nursery. Well, the corner of his room that he and Gibbs had turned into a nursery.

After having a chat with Abby, she had told him in no uncertain terms that 'this' Chip was an angel and would not in any way be associated with the negative memories she had with the other 'Chip'. She had held him, fed him and rocked him while Gibbs and Callen set up the furniture needed for the baby and with a small, but gentle flourish she lay the infant in his new crib. He yawned and put a tiny thumb in his mouth. All three adults smiled.

"Deeks does that too." Callen said quietly.

Gibbs chuckled as Callen ushered them out so that Chip could sleep. He turned on the baby monitor and followed them downstairs.

Gibbs got Callen a beer, but he turned it down and grabbed a bottle of water instead, Abby and Gibbs joined him at the table as he listened to the baby monitor.

"You sure you wanna do this G?" Gibbs asked.

"Dad, I'm not leaving him in the system, I'm team leader, and Deeks is on my team. I know him…He's going to want his son at some point, I can and I will do this."

"What if you get too attached?" Abby asked, she was in her opinion already too attached to the baby, but he was so cute.

"Won't be the first time I've gotten attached and had to let go, I've survived before I'll do it again." Callen said matter of factly.

Gibbs shot Callen a look, which Callen ignored.

"I'll either be Dad or Uncle Callen, I can live with either." Callen said. "Either way this kid is getting stability and a family." He said a bit more forcefully than he intended.

Gibbs put a plate of sandwiches in front of them all, "I know you want what's best for this kid, and we'll help you all the way."He said, he saw the way Callen looked at the baby and just didn't want his foster son hurt.

"Did you tell Diane?" Callen asked. He had never really gotten along with his foster mother, but he still kept in touch, more out of duty seeing as he still saw Gibbs, than anything else.

"Tobias called her, Emily asked if she can come and see him tomorrow." Neither of them realized that Abby was still sitting at the table.

"Diane? Diane was your foster mother?!" She exclaimed.

Callen shrugged, "For a month, then she left." He took a gulp of his water.

"It wasn't your fault." Gibbs said, an age old argument opened again, "She liked you, it was me she didn't get on with."

Callen shrugged, "You think she'd wanna see the baby?" he asked,

Gibbs looked at his bottle and then the clock, "They're coming at seven. Did you know she was seeing Tobias again?" he said.

Callen laughed, "NO!" he choked on his water, "Really! Emily must be fuming!"

"I had her hiding in the closet; it reminded me of when you used to hide in there from her." Gibbs smiled, "now the team will be here at six for dinner, so Abbs, you up for your three bean casserole, I'm gonna do steaks, and Callen, get some sleep, you have night feeds."

"Gibbs, I don't sleep." Callen protested. There was a noise from the monitor and Callen dropped his sandwich onto the plate, grabbed Chip's bottle and headed upstairs forgetting the baby monitor.

Gibbs and Abby sat listening as Callen walked into the room.

"Hey buddy, you hungry," there was a noise as Callen lifted the baby from his crib.

Callen sat on the bed, putting the infant in his arm and gently rubbing the nipple against the child's face, "There you go champ." He said as 'Chip' started suckling.

He found himself yawning as little Marty drank his milk up and Callen burped him and then changed him, he leant back against the pillows as Marty fell asleep again.

"Don't worry kid, I'll keep you safe, I'll be just as good a dad to you as Gibbs was to me. When your daddy is better then I'll be the best uncle in the world, I promise you'll have the childhood me and your dad should have got." He yawned as he rubbed the infant's back. "You just sleep now, Uncle G has it all in hand, you're safe and sound."

He yawned again and in the kitchen two very emotional federal employees gave a small laugh as Callen let out a snore.

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