Konoha High! A Love Story? Psh! Yeah right

Pit Stop 4 Part 3: Sasuke in a DRESS!

Temari and Shikamaru walked out of the sick and terribly traumatising Haunted House hand in hand as usual.

"Hey, everyone! Someone ELSE actually escaped out of the Haunted House in tact!" yelled out a girl who looked at them dumbfounded.

"Where? Where? Is that even possible?" a boy ran to where they were fast looking around.

They both looked at Shikamaru and Temari and paused for a moment…

"Congrats, CONGRATS! You're the second couple to get through the Haunted House alive!" they both screamed in there faces.

Party poppers and streamers went off everywhere.

Temari just looked at them glumly.

Shikamaru wiped the spit off his face.

"What's the matter with you two? Cat got ya tongue?" the boy bent down to look at Temari

"What's the matter? What's the MATTER?" Temari started to steam, "I TELL YOU WHAT'S THE MATTER! I thought I was going to DIE and be DROWNED by frikin' SAND!" She grabbed the boys collar, "If I find out that you're the one who made this SICK and DISGUSTING Haunted House, I'm going to re-arrange your FACE!" Temari gritted her teeth staring down at the boys face, still holding his collar.

Shikamaru looked at the outraged Temari a tad frightened, but then he looked at the face of the terrified boy and grinned, he could feel the pain, almost like déjà vu. He was too tired and lazy to hold her back, after all, he agreed with her. Someone needed to pay for making him put in more effort than what he's comfortable with.

"Whoa, whoa…hold it girl! I di-didn't make this thing. I'm just here to congratulate those who pass so please don't hurt me. I didn't do anything…plus, you want the next clue right?" the boy said still looking frightened.

Temari huffed and let the poor boy go gasping for air.

"What would've happened if we went through the other door?" Shikamaru asked the boy.

The boy was still gasping for air, "Nothing. It would've been the same. The people who made this just wanted to scare the shit out of everyone entering with suspense and pressure from having to make a choice hoping for the best".

"I guess that's kind of smart…" Shikamaru thought out loud.

"H-here, your next clue…enjoy!" The girl stuttered and gave it to Shikamaru avoiding their gazes.

Shikamaru looked at the piece of paper he was given while they walked away aimlessly as far as possible from the fright behind them.

"What does it say?" Temari asked

"POP a question and get your next clue…that's all it says"

"What does that mean?"

"Well, let's take a look again. 'Pop' is in capitals, so that's got to mean something"

"Do they mean 'pop' as in a sound effect?"

"Like a balloon?"

"Yeah…balloons…ah wait Shikamaru, look!" Temari pointed at something ahead.

Shikamaru looked for what she was pointing at and saw a sign saying, 'Balloon Quiz Mosh Pit. Win big prizes!'.

"Sounds good enough for me" Shikamaru shrugged and walked towards the sign with Temari next to him.

They reached the destination and went to the service desk, "Uh, can we get the next clue here?" Temari asked.

A boy with glasses looked up at her and smirked, "Yeah, good job finding us. I see you two somehow made it out of that hell hole alive. Ready for the next challenge?"

Shikamaru shrugged, "Sure, tell us what to do".

"Ok. On your right there's a pit full of balloons. Find one with a love heart with both of your initials in it and bring it back here. Pop it and answer the question inside correctly and you'll get the next clue. Understood?"

Shikamaru and Temari both nodded, too exhausted to say anything more.

"Wait a minute," Temari thought for a moment, "Why is there a balloon with our initials in it?"

"Well, you don't think we planned this before you got here?"

Temari shrugged, "Fair enough."

They went to their right and faced a large pit, hoarding with colourful balloons. There could have been easily over 500 hundred balloons in there.

"How troublesome…" Shikamaru quoted

"We have to look through ALL of this?" Temari cried out

They started to step into the pit and slowly moved while picking up various balloons looking at them for the right symbol.

After ten minutes, they finally found it.

"Good job, let's get out of here" Shikamaru grinned looking at the little love heart drawn on the balloon with their initial in it in Temari's hand.

"What kind of question could it be I wonder?" Temari said staring at the balloon in her hand.

"Hopefully one we can answer easily"

They went to where the boy with glasses was and popped the balloon and retrieved the clue inside it.

"You found the balloon a little faster than what we hoped, but oh well. Your question is: How far off the ground can a Nimbostratus cloud be?"

The questions about a CLOUD? Who on earth would know that? Temari thought.

"It can be as high as 8000 feet, or as low as 350 feet off the ground" Shikamaru answered straight out without thinking.

Temari blinked at him.

The boy with the glasses blinked at him.

"What?" Shikamaru raised an eyebrow.

"How the hell did you know that?" Temari yelled out.

"I don't watch clouds for nothing…" Shikamaru let out a sigh.

Glasses boy laughed, "You're both quite an interesting couple. I hope you win the Hot Spring tickets." He handed them the next clue.

Temari took it, "We're not a couple"

"Right, whatever you say~" The boy chimed

Shikamaru sighed too lazy to deny anything.

The pair walked away from the boy to the main path and stood next to one of the building walls.

"Ok, let's read what this clue says…" Temari opened up the piece of paper, "The next clue has been with you from the very start. Haha." she read out.

"From the very start?" Shikamaru questioned.

"Yep, that's what it says. They even wrote 'haha' quite immaturely."

"What did we have from the start?" Shikamaru asked

"Uh, let's see…it has to be something they have given us since they would have to plant the clue somewhere. So we got the stamp book, map…uh…"

"The necklaces. It has to be the necklaces…" Shikamaru blurted out.

"You mean the lock and key pendants we're wearing?"

"Yeah, it's the only thing we haven't fully handled yet."

"I guess it's worth a try. We should try to unlock the lock with the key."

They tried to take off the necklaces, but they couldn't since only one hand was available.

"Ok, well, we'll just have to unlock it while it's around our necks…" Temari sighed

The chains were sort of short so they had to get close.

They both started to blush a bit when they could feel each other's breath on each others cheeks.

Their positioning was a bit awkward trying to co-ordinate the key to fit in the lock.

"Is the key in the lock yet?" Temari asked through clenched teeth

"Not yet, just a little closer…"

They moved a little more closer which made them blush even more.

"The keys in, but I can't turn it otherwise it'll choke me"

"Then you'll have to move a little closer…" Temari explained

Then all of a sudden, someone bumped Shikamaru.

Temari back got pushed against the wall behind her.

Shikamaru got pushed against her.

The lock/locket like pendant clicked unlock; but that was the least of their worries because…

They were kissing by accident yet again.

Oh God, why must you do this to me? Both of them thought.

Only this time, they didn't pull away straight away but lingered there a little longer.

I guess anyone that was looking probably thought it looked a bit kinky since Shikamaru was pushed up against Temari against a wall with both of their hands around the chest area holding an un-seen lock and key; but they didn't notice.

They hated to admit that they enjoyed it.

Only a little bit.

After a second that felt like forever, they let go.

They didn't speak. They only stood still looking at each other thinking about what had just happened and how they felt.

They didn't really know how to feel…they just…did.

"Well, the locks open! Let's have a look!" Temari said opening the lock like a locket trying to shake off the tension.

There was a piece of paper folded into a tiny square inside.

They unfolded it and all that was written on it was the number '101'.

"What does this mean?" Temari thought

"I don't know. It's just a number" Shikamaru answered

They continued to walk along the path thinking in the meantime.

"Numbers…numbers…" Shikamaru thought to himself.

"Hey!" Kiba called out to them with Hinata next to him and Akamaru running in front

"Oh, hey Kiba, Hinata. How are you two?" Temari asked

"G-good thank you Temari" Hinata stuttered

"Are you sure there's nothing going on between you to? You're holding hands" Kiba asked.

"Ki-Kiba! Don't intrude." Hinata told him off

"I could same thing to you two. You both look quite chummy together." Temari smiled stiffly

"What do you mean?" Kiba looked away a bit embarrassed, while Hinata's face went bright red, "Fine, I'm guessing you don't want me to say anything.

There was a pause.

"Guess who just won the Best Canine Contest?" Kiba grinned

"Did you win? Congrats!" Temari smiled

"Good job Kiba, I always thought you were a good dog" Shikamaru smirked cheekily

"Shut up Shikamaru" Kiba growled

"Did you get a trophy?" Temari asked

"Yeah, it's really big too; isn't it Hinata?"


"Where did you put it then being so big since you're not carrying it?" Shikamaru asked

"Oh, we just shoved it in a locker until the end of the day. It's only one dollar to hire and we weren't bothered carrying it either"

"Locker huh…? Wait, that's it Temari! Lockers!" Shikamaru blurted out suddenly

"Lockers?" Temari thought, "Yes, that's got to be it! Lockers! Thanks Kiba, Hinata, we have to go."

Shikamaru and Temari ran off feeling excited that they were getting close to the finish line.

Kiba and Hinata just stared at the dust cloud they left behind blankly.

"Weird" they thought.

"Here it is, Locker number 101!" Temari pointed it out.

Shikamaru grabbed hold of the door, but it wouldn't open, "It's locked"

"Maybe your key will open it" Temari commented

Shikamaru got his key and sure enough, it opened.

They reached inside and got a card saying 'Congratulations' on it and read it:

Dear the winning couple

Congratulations for finishing and winning the 'Love Test Game'.

For winning the game, you win two fully paid, overnight, hot springs tickets at a luxurious resort.

Please take this to the starting point with your stamp card and other belongings you were given at the start to retrieve your prize.

Thank you for entering and hope you participate again.

Mist High

"Does this mean we're finally finished once we return to the start?" Temari asked

"Yes, finally we will be able to rest at ease"

They headed back to the start.

They received many congrats and gave back the stamp card and map, though they got to keep the necklaces.

"Thank you for participating, here are your tickets. You may let go of your hands now." one of the girls said handing over the tickets

They let go of each other hands.

It felt so empty.

"Well…it's over…" Temari quoted

"Yeah…" Shikamaru thought.

There was an awkward pause not knowing what to say.

"You two should check out the notice board inside the main building next to the entrance. You'll find a surprise there." The girl told them.

They both shrugged and headed towards the noticeboard.

The festival wasn't as busy as it was in the morning since it was starting to get a little late and a few people were heading home. After all, it is a school festival.

It was 2:45pm, nearly time for them all to meet up again.

When they got to the noticeboard, there was a bit of a crowd around it.

Sure enough, there were pictures of all entrants who entered the competition all over it.

Temari could spot a picture of herself with Shikamaru in their costumes at the Cosplay Café.

There was also a picture of them drinking out of a milkshake together with those horrible heart shaped straws.

Another one of them jumping the hurdles and running three legged; and multiple photos of them in the Haunted House, including an embarrassing one of them hugging each other after the frightening maze.

Also, there was one of them in the balloon pit and at the lockers.

They were smiling or laughing in them and looking like they were enjoying themselves in every single one; which was true.

They hated to admit it, but they really did have fun and it was kind of sad that it ended.

"What's with this? Why is our picture pasted all over this thing?" Temari asked gob smacked not knowing what to say.

"Damnit. Those guys are so frikin' sneaky. No wonder why they were always taking various photos…including that Haunted House one…"

There was an awkward silence.

"I'm going to take that one off. They won't know and even if they did, what could they do?" Temari said pushing through a couple of people to get to the picture.

When she finally reached to the picture, something else caught her eye, "Hey Shikamaru, isn't this Naruto?"

Sure enough, there was a picture of Naruto wearing a suit next to a girl with long black hair wearing a long, elegant, olden time, western styled dress.

"Looks like it, but who's the girl?" Shikamaru wondered

"I don't know…she's kinda pretty, but a bit boyish…"

Shikamaru looked at it long and hard and then his eyes widened, "Wait a min- isn't that…Sasuke?"

"What?" Temari yelled out shocked and looked at it closer, "I think it is! If you look closer, it looks like him. Oh and look at this picture, it's of them together and Sasuke's not wearing the wig"

"Then it must be him in this picture. He must be the girl!" Shikamaru nodded

"Pft! Sasuke wearing a dress…who would've thought" Temari commented trying to stifle a laugh.

Shikamaru chuckled not being able to hold back.

Temari couldn't hold back any longer and laughed out loud a glorious laugh.

Shikamaru grinned watching her laugh out loud so beautifully.

"Oops, I guess we've been found out!" A familiar voice commented behind them

They turned around suddenly to see Naruto and Sasuke together behind them.

Naruto was grinning with his arm around Sasuke casually like he's hanging off him and Sasuke was just looking away.

"You don't mean you guys are…" Temari started

Naruto just gave a huge smile.

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