Konoha High! A Love Story? Psh! Yeah right

Hot Springs Arc Pt 2 Playful Shikamaru?

"WHAT?" they both exclaimed at the same time

"There's no way I can stay in a room with this guy!" Temari screamed out in protest pointing at Shikamaru in disgust.

"I'm sorry…I have no control of this…" the receptionist apologised

"Well, I suggest you to get some control of this if you don't want your face rearranged" Temari hissed grabbing the receptionist by the collar giving him a deadly glare.

'I feel sorry for that guy. He's going to be devoured by Temari's dark side' Shikamaru thought to himself

"Whoa, whoa Temari…" Ino pried Temari hands away from the now frightened man and pulled her away, "calm down…let's have a talk…"

Ino dragged Temari with the rest of the group.

"Look, it's not that big of a deal. Technically, you just have to sleep in the same room as him, doesn't mean you have to stay in there the whole day. We probably won't sleep much anyway. At night, all of us girls will group together in a room and have a slumber party and when we're all buggered, we'll go back to our rooms and sleep. It won't be that bad. Shikamaru's too much of a chicken to make any sudden moves anyway so there's nothing to worry about" Ino explained trying to calm Temari down

"Hey, do you mind keeping the insults to yourself…how troublesome…" Shikamaru murmured

Ino ignored him.

Temari didn't like the idea of a bunch of squealing girls at a slumber party much, but its way better spending more time in a room with Shikamaru then necessary.

"Fine…" Temari murmured giving up.

"Good. Then the girl slumber will be in mine and Sakura's room and you guys can do whatever you want" Ino brushed her hands thinking a job well done.

"Hey, why do you and Sakura get to stay in a room together?" Tenten complained

"Well, since our tickets was just an extra given to Chouji and Lee and we didn't really earn it, they couldn't have known who else was going, therefore we get to sleep wherever" Sakura explained

"Ok, then lets get this all settled" Kiba announced and they all marched to the receptionist booking in their rooms.

Temari apologised for her uproar…not seriously of course.

Everyone had their rooms on the same floor very close to each other.

They all split up into their rooms to try and sort things out.

Temari and Shikamaru's room was a bit further down than the rest.

They opened the door and saw that their luggage was already there next to a single king sized bed in a very luxurious oriental styled room. There was a small kitchen, fridge, LCD wide screen TV, stereo system and so many other gadgets.

Wait…single king sized bed?

"Oh crap…don't tell me…" Temari stared at it in horror expecting for the worst.

"Yep, only one bed and NO couches…"

"AS IF THEY'RE NO COUCHES!" Temari yelled out

"Ouch…quieten down a bit. Go check yourself" Shikamaru clapped his hands over his ears.

Temari ran around the room triple checking every surface, but no luck.

"Argh! I just got here and trouble has already started" Temari pulled at her hair in stress.

Shikamaru sighed, "Look, if it's too much trouble, I just sleep on the floor ok? Don't panic too much otherwise you'll go bald"

Temari looked at Shikamaru in shock. Ok, so she did over react a bit…alright a lot; but she wasn't used to the idea of going out and having overnight trips with guys. Most guys at her school got greased off and never tried.

She felt bad. Reacting like this was pretty harsh on the guy. She made him sound like a pervert that she can't trust. When she really thought about it, it wouldn't be that bad.

"Don't worry about it. You can sleep on the bed too. I'm sorry for over reacting…" she whispered softly.

Now Shikamaru was shocked at the sudden change of heart and personality.

"What's this? Is the strong, bold, spunky Temari apologising and accepting me a little" Shikamaru grinned

"Shut up! The bed's massive so we'll have plenty of space to sleep. But I swear, if you cross the line, YOUR DEAD!" Temari threatened

"Don't worry; I'll take your word for it…" Shikamaru held his hands up in defence.

"Anyway, it's just sleeping. I won't be back here until the dead of the night anyway when your fast asleep so technically we'll be out of each others way for most of the time" Temari reassured herself.

"I don't know…I think it'll be a lot of fun staying in a room together. I might just wait for you to come back" Shikamaru cooed in Temari's ear causing her to blush.

Temari scoffed fighting off her blush, "I'm telling you, you better not try anything-"

"Don't worry, I won't have to. You might just come to me yourself" Shikamaru remarked cutting her off

"And why would I do that?" Temari cocked her hip to the side, smiling slightly.

"I don't know, why would you do that?" Shikamaru moved up a little closer to her bring his face close to hers grinning back down at her.

Unfortunately this got interrupted by loud knock at the door. "Hey, Temari, Shikamaru! Meet us all at the main lobby in 15 and get ready for the hot springs" Ino called out through the door.

Shikamaru and Temari separated from each other really fast with hearts racing.

"Y-yeah, that's fine Ino. Thanks, we'll see you then" Temari called back

They heard footsteps fading away from the door.

"Well…let's start unpacking" Shikamaru mentioned rubbing the back of his head.

So they did and met everyone at the lobby.

They all explored the resort together admiring the large tennis courts, swimming pools and of course the large hot springs.

Chouji's favourite part was the luxurious buffet.

"It's odd…" Neji thought to himself

"What is it Neji?" Tenten asked

"Well, hot springs are such a traditional Japanese thing, yet this resort very western…"

"Dude, if that's all you're worried about, then ignore it. Who cares?" Kiba laughed out loud.

"K-Kiba, where's Akamaru?" Hinata softly asked the loud Kiba

It was amazing that he could even hear her soft tone over his laughter.

"Ugh, the hotel doesn't allow dogs, therefore Akamaru couldn't come. My sister's looking after him at the moment…" Kiba explained

"Oh, that's too bad Kiba" Lee said trying to sound apologetic

"Come on guys, lets head to the hot springs" Ino yelled out in excitement.

So the girls and boys went their different ways to the open air hot springs.

Naruto got bashed by all of the girls and Sasuke for trying to peep. The rest just ignored him and enjoyed the show.

Then they went to the buffet and ate a grand lunch. The staff was getting worried about the amount Chouji was eating.

Afterwards they headed to the tennis courts and played doubles. Sakura and Lee obviously won since Sakura plays in tennis tournaments and no one can stand up to Lee's energy.

After that they headed to the large pools. There were about five different pools including the massive wave pool. Ino squealed and went photo crazy seeing Sasuke in swimwear and no top.

Temari was quite impressed with Shikamaru's body.

It wasn't bulky, but not lanky either. She didn't know that he was toned and muscular. You could kind of make out a six pack when you looked close enough. He was wearing dark green board shorts that went over his knees.

Temari herself was wearing a halter-neck bikini with a singlet over it and short board shorts. A few guys, as well as Shikamaru, were goggling at her a bit. Even Temari had to admit that she had a pretty good body. She wasn't ultimately skinny like Ino and she wasn't flat like Sakura, she was curvy and still had meat on her bones whilst being skinny. She even tied her hair in a ponytail to make a bit of a change.

Hinata was also getting a few good looks since she was quite curvy herself even though she tried to hide it under a one piece, black, athletic swimsuit; but Kiba snared back and growled scaring them all off.

Amongst all of this, the guys were creating a scene because nearly every girl that walked passed swooned by looking at them and fell over causing some damage.

Temari knew that only trouble could occur.

They all messed around with each other when Ino finally decided to drop her camera, frolicking in the waves.

Some random guy tried to make a move on Tenten, but Neji called it off very smoothly.

On the other hand, whenever a guy tried to make a pass at Hinata, they would find themselves drowning one second later by a pair of hands pulling them under water.

Eventually it stopped.

Ino and Sakura had a few fanboys which they flirted around with a lot, grabbing number and such; but totally got ditched when girls tried to make a move on Sasuke.

Lee and Chouji just played around in the water having fun scaring Sakura and Ino in the process.

Temari just watched the bunch of them having fun not trying to participate at all. She wasn't bothered and tried to hide her body with a towel to remove some staring.

"Hey there pretty lady" she heard someone say behind her.

It was a man's voice.

"Wanna go get a coffee together sometime?" the man asked her

This man was tall, bulky and had brown eyes and hair. In someway he looked a little threatening, but of course that won't stop Temari.

"Sorry, but no thanks…" Temari replied trying to keep it nice.

"Oh come on, you won't even give it a try?"

"Sorry, but I really don't feel like it" Stop asking you douche bag Temari thought

"What about another time then?" the man continued not giving up. When you look closer, he was about the same age as her.

Temari, trying to keep cool, got up, "I have to go. I think my friends calling me…"

"Hey, where do you think you're going" the man said and grabbed her wrist.

"What do you think you're doing? Get away from me..." Temari was about to unleash her wrath until she felt the man's grip loosen a bit.

"You heard the lady, back off!" a familiar voice threatened

Temari turned around and saw that it was Shikamaru. His eyes were cold and dark.

"Back off man, I saw her first" the man growled and Shikamaru

Shikamaru didn't even blink, "I think you should be the one to back off. That happens to be my roommate you're trying to make a move on here"

Temari flinched a bit at the sound of Shikamaru's voice. It wasn't the usual lazy, slurred tone he normally spoke with. It was so cold, and bitter that it sent a shiver down Temari's spine.

"Alright man! You win. I'll go now" the man replied in retreat and ran off to some blonde bimbo.

"I could've handled it myself y'know" Temari snapped at Shikamaru trying to hide the fact that she thought he looked really cool just then.

"I'll take that as a thanks" Shikamaru thought out loud.

After they finished with the pool, they took a quick shower at the pool changing rooms; which was very clean for a changing room and headed off to have dinner.

It was a traditional Sukiyaki meal that night.

They all sat on the floor and ate around a low table enjoying themselves a lot talking about random things about school. 'She did this, he did that, did you know, you'll never guess' was repeated over and over a lot that night.

Temari zoned out for a bit kind of missing home. She hadn't seen her little brothers for a while now and hoping that they're ok by themselves. Not that there's any reason for them to not be after all they have maids to answer their every call. She couldn't ever imagine the situation she's in. She was at a luxurious resort, not that that's new being rich and all, surrounded by many friends who are laughing and joking around having the time of their lives. She even joined in on the laughter and when she did, no one backed away scared. She had to admit, as much as she missed home, she was having fun.

"…ri…mari…Temari!" A voice called her out of her daydreaming

Temari turned around in shock to see Shikamaru.

'Oh yeah…I ended up sitting next to him…'

"Are you ok?" Shikamaru asked cautiously.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I was just daydreaming" Temari gave a reassuring smile

Shikamaru looked back at her a bit worried, but broke it off when Chouji started to talk to him.

They were all walking back to their rooms getting ready for bed, or in this case for a slumber party, and Shikamaru and Temari were walking by themselves since everyone else's rooms have already passed.

"Hey, why were you so out of it during dinner?" Shikamaru asked

"It was nothing. I was thinking that the weather was looking a bit dull and wondering how things are goingat home" Temari answered. There was no point in hiding it.

"Must be hard being away from home…though I wouldn't mind getting away from my mum…" Shikamaru replied

Temari just laughed, "Well, it's not like I really need to worry. My brothers can be taken care of by the maids and they're old enough to know when to eat and such, so I'm probably just a little home sick"

"Well it has been a while. It's only natural"

They reached the door to their room and Temari pulled out her P.J's.

"I'm going to get changed in the bathroom ok?" Temari called out to Shikamaru


Temari slipped into her pyjamas. It was just a purple tank top and a white pair of shorts with a massive jumper to go over it. She assumed that she was just going to share a room with Tenten or Hinata, so she never thought about how she looked in her pyjamas; but now that she had a proper look, it made her look a little slutty. Her shorts were pretty short so her massive jumper was pretty much the same length. She shrugged a let her hair out. She could see the kinks that her hair ties made.

She opened the bathroom door just to see Shikamaru in his boxers.

She slammed the door closed instantly. "At least give me some warning next time!" Temari yelled out trying to calm down. She didn't know why she was reacting so much, after all she's seen him in bathers; which is the same thing, but it was different.

"Sorry, it's ok now" Shikamaru told her

Temari opened the door slowly and cautiously to see Shikamaru packing his clothes away into the closet.

She walked out and when she did, she could feel Shikamaru's eyes looking all over her making her feel self-conscious.

"What?" she demanded trying to sound as if she wasn't affected. She started to check out Shikamaru a bit. He was wearing a plain, loose, grey t-shirt and baggy, black tracksuit pants.

Shikamaru's face flushed a bit, "It's nothing"

"What? You're interested in what you're seeing?" Temari smirked putting on a flirtatious tone

Blood rushed to Shikamaru's face. He coughed and looked away for a bit, "I'm pretty sure you were just checking me out before.

Temari stalled for a bit and started to blush the same.

Shikamaru grinned at the reaction.

"Well I was wondering if there could be at least one good point about you, but I was sadly disappointed…" Temari sighed trying to sound disappointed shaking her head side to side.

"Oh really? Something about your reaction said differ" Shikamaru grinned even wider and sauntered towards Temari leaning one hand on the table next to her moving himself close to her. His arm stretched across her body leaning on the table restricting any movement forward.

Temari walked backwards a bit, but Shikamaru's eyes caught hers and stopped her from moving.

"Still not happy" Temari continued feeling a bit breathless

Shikamaru's mouth moved towards Temari's ear, "You're lying' his voice sounded cold and dark like before.

His breathe tickled her ears and a shiver ran down her spine. The position they were in was really intoxicating.

"No I'm not" was all she was managed to say in return.

He nipped her ear with his teeth.

Temari shuddered feeling her face going bright red.

Shikamaru moved his head and made it face hers at a really close distance, "What about now?"

Temari had just about enough. She started this and there was no way she was letting him take all of the fun. She closed the gap between them so their chests were touching and only their faces were apart at a very small distance, "Hmm…I dunno…what about you?"

Shikamaru was a little shocked at the sudden change and enjoyed it none-of-the-less. His grin grew even wider, "I'm quite enjoying myself at the moment"

Temari smirked and felt the distance finally about to close, but yet again they were interrupted.

"Hey Temari! What's taking you so long?" Tenten complained on the other side of the door knocking.

Temari and Shikamaru were so surprised that they jumped back.

"Coming!" Temari called back and ran to the door not looking at Shikamaru at all.

Temari ran out of the door and shut it fast, "Let's go Tenten".

"Uh, ok"

They started to walk back to the rooms, "Hey Temari"


"Why is your face all red?"

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