Konoha High! A Love Story? Psh! Yeah right

Pt 3 Gossip Parties, Spying and Thunder

Wow I've been busy lately

I'm surprised that I even have time to write this XDD

Last chapter was a test of your reactions to my new 'style' and 'genre' of writing and also the different perspective of Shikamaru

Temari walked into the room where Sakura and Ino were staying and already could she smell the popcorn and mixed scent of Ino's and Sakura's perfume clashing in the air.

Her worse fears of a slumber/gossip party were coming true.

Temari had never really been to a sleepover before. It's not that she never had any friends; she just didn't like to be around them much.

That overbearing feeling of pressure to conform and making sure you say the right thing at the right time and such was not something Temari was a fan of.

But for some reason, she couldn't escape from this group.

"Hey, take your time why don't you!" Ino joked beckoning her to sit on the floor with the rest of them.

"We were about to eat the popcorn with out you" Sakura mention grabbing a handful of it and shoving it into her mouth.

Temari sat between Tenten and Hinata on the floor while listening to 'You Belong With Me' by Taylor Swift being played by pink iPod speakers with a matching pink iPod.

"Is everything ok with you Temari?" Tenten asked

Temari grabbed a handful of popcorn, "What do you mean?"

"Well, you were worried about sharing a room…" Hinata explained

'Wow she didn't stutter for once' Temari thought placing a couple pieces of popcorn into her mouth, "Oh, its ok now"

"Of course it is! It's Shikamaru. You were totally over reacting! I've known him since I was little and we used to have sleepovers with Chouji all the time and he's NEVER made a move or anything. The only thing he does is sleep really…" Ino clarified

The embarrassing moment that Tenten and Sakura interrupted flashed past Temari's mind, "Y-Yeah…" she replied, 'Bullshit'

"By the way…" Sakura started to change subject, "How was it like at your old school?"

That was a subject that Temari wasn't fond of. It's not like anything bad happened, it was just because there wasn't really anything to talk about.

"Nothing much. My dad was the principal so no one ever crossed paths with me. I had many friends, but nothing close and guys stayed away from me unless they wanted a broken nose" Temari babbled out at once.

There was silence.

'Oh god, did I just said all of that out loud? They probably think I'm a psycho, spoilt bitch now' Temari thought to herself covering her mouth as if she was trying to stop the words from spilling out of her mouth, even though it was too late.

"Wow, you were pretty cool Temari!" Tenten gasped

"You sounded so popular" Sakura commented

"I wish I could hold back from guys like you" Ino complained

Hinata smiled.

Temari's eyes widened surprised by their reaction. She laughed out loud feeling happy.

The rest of the girls looked at each other weirdly and joined in laughing until they were rolling on the floor in tears.

When they finally calmed down, they sat back up and collapsed onto the large king-sized bed.

"Alright, so now that we've sort've calmed down…" Tenten grinned

Hinata giggled.

"Shall we start playing truth or dare?" Tenten continued

'Oh god how cliché' Temari thought, but didn't argue.

"Sure, just wait a moment while I get the mocktails" Ino got up from the bed and headed to the mini kitchen.

Ino came back with a tray with 5 different coloured mocktails in fancy glasses.

"A pink one for Sakura, a light blue one for Hinata, a red one for Tenten, a purple one for Temari and a yellow one for me" she explained handing the assorted drinks out.

Temari could taste the grape flavouring in hers.

"Alright, I'm going first!" Sakura called out and took a sip of her drink, "Ino, truth or dare? Wow I really like this strawberry flavour!"

"Umm…" Ino thought out loud.

'She's going to ask for truth…' Temari predicted

"Let's see…truth" Ino answered

"Ok…" Sakura paused for a moment for thought, "How many guys have you made out with in your whole life?"

Ino went bright red, "What type of question is THAT?"

"A 'truth question' so fess up!" Sakura crossed her arms

Hinata blushed

Temari sat back trying to look bored, but she really was interested.

"Ugh, fine…" Ino gave up, "I've made out with two; once each"

There was a long pause.

"You're kidding me…" Temari gasped

"What? Do you think I'm a skank who just makes out with whoever asks?" Ino snapped.

"I'm sure she didn't mean that Ino…" Tenten quoted trying to calm her down.

"Then what did she mean?" Ino screamed

"I meant that I knew you had quite a few boyfriends in your life so I thought you might have at least made out more then once with a couple of them…" Temari explained making it up as she went along. She had no idea how many boyfriends Ino's had.

"Well, a majority were just flings ok?" Ino pouted.


Naruto, Kiba and Chouji were spying on the girls through a behind some bushes near their window listening in on their conversation.

"I thought so. I mean, she's been out with multiple guys so I suspected she's made out heaps" Kiba frowned answering Ino's question to himself in a low voice.

"Even though she puts up such an appearance, doesn't mean she's really like that. She's actually really sweet with good morals!" Chouji huffed feeling slightly offended some reason.

"Ok, ok, calm down lover-boy" Kiba put his hands up in front of him in defence.

"Guys, be quiet! I can't hear the girls!" Naruto complained

"Weird hearing that from you…" Kiba murmured

"Well, what about you Temari?" Ino snapped yet again, "How many guys have you made out with?"

"Hey, no need to get so angry…" Temari cocked an eyebrow

"C-calm down Ino…" Hinata stuttered a little frightened.

"I chose truth for you Temari so answer!" Ino yelled not listening to Hinata

"Oh, this is where you guys are…" Shikamaru remarked at the boys spying.

"Ssh! It's Temari's turn!" Kiba hushed Shikamaru

"They just asked her how many people she's made out with" Naruto told Shikamaru knowing that he'll be interested.

"And…?" Shikamaru commented acting like he didn't care and looked away even though he was listening intently on the girl conversing inside.

"Dude, we all know you care so shut up" Kiba snapped a little

Chouji smiled

Shikamaru continued to stay standing stubbornly though he kept his mouth shut.

"Fine…I haven't made out with anyone…" Temari confessed colour returning to her cheeks

There was a short pause.

Shikamaru sighed with relief secretly to himself.

"Serious?" Ino stared at Temari doubtfully and surprised

"Yeah, well I told you that I scared off any guys who tried to come close…"

"Were all the guys at your school that bad?" Sakura asked

"It's not that they were all bad…some were even pretty damn hot…"

"Well then…why?" Tenten questioned

"It's because I'm…sort of…rich…" Temari murmured

"Really?" Ino exclaimed in excitement

"Whoa, who would have thought that Sabaku was loaded?" Kiba commented

Shikamaru glared at him hard

"What? Don't stare at me so scarily" Kiba whimpered

Chouji just looked at Shikamaru sceptically.

"Yeah. It's hard to tell if a guy really liked my money or me. Also dating the daughter of the principal kind of gives you leverage…" Temari continued

"I-I never thought of it like that…" Hinata thought to herself

Ino stared at Temari sympathetically with puppy eyes.

"What? Don't look at me like that. It's not like I care…" Temari remarked

"Still…we never knew!" Sakura commented

"So you haven't done anything with a guy before?" Tenten asked curiously.

"Well, it's not like I haven't done anything…" Temari confessed

Shikamaru's ears perked up and he followed the rest and hid behind a bush.

"Well? Who was your first kiss with then?" Ino asked getting excited again

"Nuh-uh! I've answered my truth question! It's someone elses turn and my pick, so, Hinata, you act all innocent but you know you've got to make a choice in life!" Temari called out quickly trying to change subject.

"Naruto or Kiba? Who would you choose if any?" Tenten confronted her

Kiba's ears perked up this time.

Naruto looked worried.

"I-I-I-I d-don't know…" Hinata stumbled turning bright red

"Come on Hinata! We said you have to, so you HAVE to!" Sakura beckoned.

"W-well…I've liked Naruto for a long time and he's n-nice and e-encouraging…but K-Kiba has always been with me and h-has been very k-kind towards me…" Hinata managed to stutter out

"So you'll choose Kiba?" Temari questioned

Hinata's face went even brighter if that was possible and slightly nodded.

"Well that problem's solved Naruto…" a familiar voice came up from behind the nosy boys

It was Sasuke with Neji behind him.

Naruto smiled.

"Why are you guys hiding behind a bush anyway? You'll probably get caught soon." Neji commented

"Ssh! We will if you keep standing around like a douche" Kiba remarked

Neji and Sasuke bobbed down behind the bush with the rest of the guys not wanting to be bashed by crazy mad girls.

Hinata soon recovered from her daze and realised it was her turn to ask a question. "T-Tenten…do you like…N-Neji?"

Tenten's face turned bright red.

Ino laughed, "I'll take that as a yes"

"That was pretty forward of you Hinata! You hit the nail right on the head!" Sakura exclaimed laughing

"Shut up Sakura!" Tenten yelled feeling defensive.

"Woohoo Neji! Who would have known you were such the ladies man!" Naruto grinned

"Idiot, he's smart, rich, the possible heir to a large and successful company and the student council president! Many girls dig that." Kiba grinned along giving Naruto a playful punch.

"Oow…" Naruto complained

"Anyway, back to Temari…" Tenten cleared her throat and continued, "So how many have you kissed?"

Shikamaru sat up a little straighter due to his sudden interest keeping his ears wide open.

"Why are you all fixated on me?" Temari complained

"Because you're the newbie. We need more dirt on you" Ino teased

"Fine. I've only kissed once when I was really young" Temari blushed slightly, feeling a little uncomfortably.

"Who was it?" Sakura asked wanting to know more information

"You wouldn't know him anyway so why does it matter?" Temari sighed suddenly feeling tired

"So? The question requires more details" Tenten clarified

"Fine. His name was Hikaru, we've known each other since we were really little because our mums were best friends. He had to move and change schools when I was about 7 or something, so before he left he gave me a peck and that's all there is to it"

"Aww…that's so cute~" Ino cooed

"He liked you! What about you? How did you feel?" Sakura asked feeling intrigued and excited.

"Well, back then I did have a crush on him, but really; I don't hold them for that long. It's been years since the last time I've seen him. We pretty much only get one Christmas card a year from him and that's it. So it wasn't really anything to hold onto…" Temari clarified the last part to get the point across.

"That's too bad…" Hinata thought out loud.

Shikamaru calmed down. He didn't even realise how tense he was.

"You ok man?" Kiba asked staring at Shikamaru

Shikamaru put on his usual borish face and stared back at Kiba, "What do you mean?"

"Well…you just looked…kinda…I mean…ugh, never mind" Kiba gave up; not liking the feel of Shikamaru's bored glare.

"Oh! Is it because you li-" Naruto started to say really loudly

Shikamaru's glare cut him off.

"Dobe, remember we made a d-" Sasuke started to tell off Naruto but slipped and accidentally rustled the bushes too loudly.

"What was that?" Temari jumped to attention

"I dunno…it came from that bush over there" Tenten answered pointing over to the bush Sasuke rustled.

"Nice one Sasuke. Who would've known you would be such a klutz" Kiba commented.

"Shut up" Sasuke managed to say

"S-someone go check it out" Hinata stuttered a little frightened

"Uh, Sakura you go…" Ino beckoned pushing Sakura in the same direction as the bush

"Ok, well I'm off before I get caught even though I did nothing…" Neji walked off calmly, "Remember the deal, no ratting anyone out even if your tortured getting caught".

"Same goes…" Shikamaru yawned, "Time to sleep anyway. It's too troublesome to explain myself…" and crawled away silently

"No, you look Ino!" Sakura cried.

"I have to agree with Shikamaru, except, I'm hungry…" Chouji also crawled off silently somehow

"Well I'm off Dobe" Sasuke dusted the leaves off his top, "Remember to keep your mouth shut or we're in trouble with Shikamaru…" he left as graceful as usual…even though he was covered with leaves and branches.

"God guys, it's probably just a bird. I'll go look" Temari got up and walked towards the bush.

"Yeah, well see ya Naruto" Kiba grinned and ran off.

Naruto looked around to see everyone gone, "Wait guys! Don't leave me behind!" he complained and ran off after them.

"What is it Temari?" Sakura whined.

Temari looked over the bush and saw nothing, "Nothing…there's nothing here"

"What? But I'm sure I heard something!" Ino stalked over to where Temari was.

"Maybe it got scared and scampered off already…" Tenten suggested

"I guess so since there's nothing there" Sakura agreed

"Though it really scared me!" Hinata cried

"Phew that was close!" Kiba cried

"Why are you guys going back to Chouji's room?" Shikamaru asked walking back to his own room

"Well, we're not going to hit the hay yet, are we?" Kiba wondered

"Hey~ Why did you guys leave me behind?" Naruto complained running after them

"You're too slow sometimes Dobe" Sasuke smirked

"I'm not going to stick around so I'm going back to my room" Neji commented about to head off.

"You wanna get ready for Tenten early ey?" Kiba remarked grinning evilly

"What?" Neji spat out turning slightly pink

"You know, since you found out that Tenten likes you" Kiba nudged Neji with his elbow

Neji brushed him off, "Don't be stupid. We're not meant to know this and technically she never answered yes so the answer's unclear"

"Oh yeah! She went really bright red when Hinata asked her" Naruto pulled a thinking pose by putting his index finger and thumb on his chin.

Kiba laughed, "If Naruto noticed, then it must've been pretty obvious!"

'This is stupid' Shikamaru thought to himself. "Well I'm off to bed. It's too troublesome to be tired tomorrow. Bye" Shikamaru hunched over and stuffed his hands in his pockets and continued to walk back to his room.

"Let's go inside already. I'm hungry" Chouji complained and opened the door with the key, just to meet a pair of sad puppy-eyes owned by Lee.

"Where did you guys go? Did you forget me and went to go play soccer by yourselves~" Lee sobbed

"Oops…" Naruto slipped out.

Rain started to pour down.

"Well, I think it's time to go to bed" Temari yawned and stretched

"I think I have to agree sadly. Hinata's already starting to fall asleep" Tenten agreed

"Wa- huh?" Hinata mumbled a little groggy waking up from her near-sleep

"Aww…but it's still early~" Ino complained

"Ino, it's 2 o'clock in the morning" Sakura commented checking her mobile for the time

"Exactly" Ino pouted

"Nah, we have a big day tomorrow. We better sleep" Temari added in wanting to leave before they asked for anymore embarrassing details.

"Ok, well night guys…" Sakura yawned and opened up the door.

"Right then. Night!" Tenten gave everyone a hug and left

"Goodbye and goodnight" Hinata got up groggily, bowed and left.

"See ya guys" Temari waved and left too.

"Bye!" Sakura and Ino answered in sync then closed the door quietly behind them.

The rain started to poor down even harder.

"I hope it doesn't storm…" Temari thought to herself heading to her room.

She opened the door quietly and the light from the hall lighted up the bed inside with Shikamaru laying in it.

'Oh crap, I forgot he was in here' Temari thought to herself.

She quietly tiptoed to the bathroom and took her four hair ties out of her hair letting it fall down to her shoulders. She brushed it carefully and brushed her teeth.

When she was done, she crept towards the bed to 'her side' and slipped under the covers rocking the mattress slightly and snuggled deep under the covers.

She closed her eyes trying to get to sleep feeling a little uncomfortable under the stiff covers.

And of course with the man beside her.

Shikamaru had trouble sleeping himself for the first time in his life. The thought of other guys liking Temari unnerved him for whatever reason.

Temari tossed and turned still having trouble sleeping.

Shikamaru was facing away from her.

He felt the need to talk a bit hoping to bore himself to sleep, so he decided to start conversation the classic 'Shikamaru way'.

"Troublesome woman, stop tossing and turning so much" he mumbles trying to sound sleepy even though he was wide-awake.

"Shut up. It's hard to sleep under these hard and stiff blankets with this neat and tidy atmosphere that I'm not used to" Temari hissed

"Just try to get some sleep," he grumbled unpleasantly though he was clearly amused.

"You think I wouldn't have already if I could!" Temari snapped

"Try harder" Shikamaru remarked grinning under the covers

"Why you ba-" a crack of thunder cut her off

"What were you saying?" Shikamaru questioned her sudden pause

"I was say-eek!" Temari squealed out of character as more thunder boomed

The thunder continued to crash outside.

"Don't tell me that you're-" this time Shikamaru got interrupted when Temari suddenly moved towards him and clung onto his t-shirt.

"O-Oi! What are-" Shikamaru then stopped talking when he felt her shiver under the covers onto his skin.

"Sh-Shut…thu-thunder gives me b-bad me-memories…eek!" Temari squealed yet again as another boom of thunder rang through the room.

Shikamaru felt a bit shocked, but then smiled and hugged her closer trying to comfort her, "It's ok now…" he re-assured her, "This is different from that time…"

Tears started to sprout form Temari's eyes as she squeezed them tightly shut.

He repeatedly whispered those words constantly in a calm tone in her ear comforting her to sleep.

Temari soon fell asleep with the sound off Shikamaru's voice resounding in her ear.

The thunder soon stopped and Shikamaru fell asleep with the warmth of Temari's body next to his.

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