Konoha High! A Love Story? Psh! Yeah right

Pt 5 Confessions and Smartass Sasuke

A tear ran down Temari's left eye out of frustration from the sudden outburst she just had.

Shikamaru stared at her dumbfounded with eyes wide open.

Temari wandered about what he was thinking. Even with the change of expression, he was very hard to read.

Shikamaru didn't know what to think. For the first time in his life he wasn't thinking. His mind came to the halt at the sudden overload of information that he had to catch up.

He wasn't sure on how to feel either, so he was left with the dumb look on his face.

There was a very large pause.

"Damn…" Shikamaru mumbled.

Temari's heart stopped and she held her breath while looking down at her shoes with sudden interest in the buckle

She didn't know how to respond.

'Damn' isn't exactly a word of encouragement or acceptance…

He sounded…disappointed…

Great, now she felt like she was going to cry.

Bawl her eyes out.

What did she mention about feeling helpless in front of him?

She continued to be interested in her shoes.

"It's suppose to be the man who makes the first move, but you bet me to it, troublesome woman…" Shikamaru continued

Temari's heart started to go again and she felt like she could breathe.

Actually, now it was beating too fast and her breathing became shortened.

Her head flicked up to look at the pair of chocolate liquid eyes meeting her teal ones.

Shikamaru was grinning looking pretty proud of himself.

"Shi…Shika-" Temari started to babble again, but Shikamaru's finger placed on her lips soon interrupted it.

"Don't take my second chance as well…" he whispered

Temari felt like she was melting and stop speaking straight away.

She thought that she will her punch herself later for being so girly and bubbly and intent on listening to the man in front of her.

But then again, one time couldn't hurt.

After all, she herself is a girl.

"I've…liked you for a little while now," Shikamaru started to explain while blushing, "When I first saw you, I thought you were like all of the other girls who won't leave me alone and babble on making a fuss; but you weren't. When you saw me, you looked at me indifferently. You spoke so rough and casually, I became curious. You were a challenge to understand and get to know and I normally hate challenges…" Shikamaru took a deep breath, "But I think I can make an exception this time". He grinned cheekily with a bit more colour coming onto his cheeks.

Temari opened her mouth, then closed it, then opened it again.

She was stuck on what to say.

"Please don't go silent. You look like a fish doing that…" Shikamaru commented

Temari would normally get angry at him for saying this, but she wasn't. This wasn't a time to get angry. Instead she gave him a wide, cheeky smile baring all of her teeth.

Shikamaru broke it off and grabbed her hand; "We better go catch up to the rest before things get difficult" he explained and pulled her along to find their friends.

Everything happened so fast.

Temari didn't know what to do anymore. She had drifted off into dreamy haze.

"Hey, can you answer a question for me?" Shikamaru asked seriously

"Yeah…" Temari agreed snapping out of her haze.

"Why are you afraid of thunder and lightening?"

Temari paused for a bit.

"Gah! Never mind...you don't have to tell me if it's too hard…" Shikamaru scratched the back of his head roughly.

Temari shook her head, "No, I'll tell you. It's because it reminds me of the night my mother died"

"Oh…sorry…" Shikamaru apologised.

"No, it's really ok. I still remember it though. It was a dark and stormy night. My mother had just given birth to my little brother Gaara and she was lying on the hospital bed. I came over to her and she looked so frail that I felt like I couldn't touch her otherwise she'd shatter. She reached her hand out to me and I held it. She was shaking so hard. I didn't know what to say so I just continued to hold her hand. Then my father walked in and…pulled the plug. He wasn't meant to, but he just did. I ran to him crying and asking why he would do that to mother trying to plug it back in, but he just smacked me and said I was being to loud and reason was because there was no longer any use of having her and walked out of the room. The doctors and nurses started to charge in, but it was too late. Mum was already gone. Thunder kept resounding in the room so every time I hear it, I would always remember that horrible scene. I hate that bastard called my father!" Temari looked down after her explanation.

Shikamaru went silent for a bit, "So that's why…"

"I still won't forgive him" Temari spoke yet again.

"Death…" Shikamaru spoke softly, "Is a hard thing to deal with. The idea of not seeing someone again is hard…for anyone. Especially someone close to yourself. I have never experienced it before myself, besides my grandparents that I hardly knew since they died when I was really young, so I don't know how it really feels, but I know it isn't something to can just forget".

Temari stared at him in response, "Yeah, you're right. That's why I could never be someone like a policeman or a nurse or a…I don't know…a ninja because you'll have to experience it all of the time".

"A ninja?" Shikamaru questioned slightly grinning.

"Oh shut up. The point is I would never become one because of the pain of death," Temari hissed.

"Yeah, but death shouldn't be something we should fear and hide away from. We have to accept that we all have to face it sometime. There's a reason why it's a good card in the Tarot cards".

"It is? I always thought that it's a bad card because in all of those movies, whenever it shows up the main character's in trouble"

"Nah, the movies lie. It literally means a new start, beginning, an opening of a new chapter. Like reincarnation…"

"Oh, I get it; because after death in a new life"

"Exactly" Shikamaru responded still grinning.

"Uh…Shikamaru…" Temari mumbled.


"Can we, keep our relationship a bit of a secret for the moment? Let Tenten and Neji have their moment in the spotlight for now. I really can't be bothered being bombarded with questions from the girls tonight and Tenten can't get away so easily" Temari quickly explained making sure Shikamaru didn't get the wrong idea.

Shikamaru nodded, "Sure. The same goes with me and the guys"

Temari looked at him intently. He looked like he was telling the truth so she sighed in relief.

"Hey! There you guys are!" Naruto exclaimed as they had finally caught up.

Shikamaru quickly let go of Temari's hand.

"We were wondering where you guys went" Tenten raised an eyebrow

"What took you two so long?" Ino complained.

Temari hesitated on what to say.

Luckily Shikamaru answered them without a doubt, "Needed to go to the toilet"

"Fair enough…" Neji nodded accept the answer.

"Come on! Let's go already!" Kiba barked

So the gang walked around the luxurious resort having a good time.

It was now night time after dinner and the girls had slipped into their PJs and were all located in Ino and Sakura's room.

The mocktails and popcorn were all out and they all sat on the massive bed once again.

The girls were interrogating Tenten still who looked like she was about to die, but still answered truthfully.

It was lucky that Temari hadn't said anything about her and Shikamaru and neither did he otherwise she'll be in that exact spot.

When she eventually does, it'll be a Friday afternoon after school when they are all busy on the weekend. This way they couldn't question her in class since it was over for the week or over the weekend since they were busy, though she'll turn off her mobile just in case; and hopefully they would've cooled down by Monday and the teachers will tell them to shut up for talking in the middle of class. She could probably handle an hour of interrogating during lunch and if not, there was always the library.

After a while they decided to turn in and go to bed.

"Well, I guess this is the end of our Hot Springs party. After all, we have to return home tomorrow…" Sakura sighed

"How sad…" Hinata looked down.

"There's no need to be depressed girls! We could always have another sleepover party whenever we want. Plus the cultural festival is up next week; which is going to be fun! Plenty of hot boys will be visiting our school!" Ino exclaimed with excitement for the last bit.

Temari had almost forgotten about the cultural festival, "What will we be doing this year?"

"I dunno. We do something different every year. Normally we would write up everyone's opinion on the board and vote for which one they would like to do. If there's a draw in any, we would chuck it in a hat" Tenten replied

"I hope we do something easy like a stall where we get heaps of free time to snoop for some hotties," Ino commented

"Or maybe a Maid café! I've always wanted to wear one of those cute outfits!" Sakura suggested.

'Definitely not' Temari thought

"I-I hope not a h-haunted house…" Hinata stuttered

'Have to agree on that' Temari thought yet again.

"I don't mind as long as it's fun and easy…" Tenten laid on her back

"What did you do at your school Temari?" Sakura asked

"Oh, we never had a cultural festival because our school's so small and not many people live around the area and those who did will have no choice but to attend our school so there was no point. Instead we held a performance for all of the parents and guardians at the end of the year" Temari answered

"Like a play?" Tenten wondered

"Yeah…we would have a play where some student would act, while others would play music, make props, costumes, write the script, work backstage, the lights, all of that."

"What would you do?" Hinata asked.

"Being the principal's daughter, I was normally forced to play a role with my siblings"

"You have sibling? Brothers or sisters?" Ino questioned intrigued.

"Two brothers. One's a few months younger and the other one's a year younger"

"Do they look anything like you?" Tenten asked

"Nah, not at all. One has brown hair, while the other one has red. We all don't look alike."

"How strange…" Sakura pondered.

"Gosh, we were meant to be leaving and we ended up talking for another half hour. I'm really buggered so I'm going now…" Tenten got off the floor and walked to the door.

Everyone followed.

"True, you wouldn't want to keep Neji waiting now do you?" Ino winked

"Shut up Ino…" Tenten hissed and left.

Temari and Hinata also bid them goodnight and left.

Meanwhile during the sleepover, Shikamaru was down at the lobby re-checking their time to leave tomorrow.

On the way back to the lifts, he walked past Sasuke.

"I see you guys have finally hooked up…" Sasuke commented.

Shikamaru stopped, "What are you going on about?"

"Don't play dumb. I can tell. Nice cover up with the 'toilet' business" Sasuke smirked

"Whatever. Just don't mention anything. We've agreed to keep it a secret now so I hope you respect that" Shikamaru snarled

"Fine, I know better than to talk about someone else's business. Why keep it a secret?"

"Well…why do you want to keep you and Naruto a secret?"

"So it doesn't cause a commotion at school from the girls."


"I still don't think it would be that bad…"

"Temari nearly broke something during PE for just talking to me last time. Imagine when they find out a bit more"

"I see, you have got a point" Sasuke nodded his head in agreement

"Right, so that why it has to stay a secret"

"Fair enough. It's safe with me. Plus, I wouldn't want you to use our secret as a scapegoat out of your situation now would I?"

"I'm glad we have come to an understanding"

They both grinned at each other and returned to their rooms.

When Shikamaru had reached his room, he started to neaten up his stuff to get ready for leaving tomorrow and threw himself onto the bed for some sleep.

He soon woke up after a few hours from the sound of Temari's footsteps.

She quietly went to the bathroom and he could hear her brushing her teeth.

When she finished, she got out of the bathroom and tiptoed into the bed trying not to wake the already woken Shikamaru.

Pretending to be asleep, he lazily placed his arm around her waist.

She shuddered a bit, but she didn't reject it, neither did she accept it.

He decided to take it a step further and pulled her closer.

"You're not asleep are you lazy ass?" Temari murmured

"Damn, you got me" Shikamaru replied sarcastically.

"Sneaky bastard" she hissed in return, yet snuggled a little closer to him.

"I don't feel you pulling away" Shikamaru teased

Temari smacked him hard in the face.

"Oww…that hurt you know!" Shikamaru cried and complained

"I'm sorry" Temari apologised and kissed along his jaw line, which led her to his lips.

He returned the kiss.

Afterwards, Temari cuddled close to his chest and fell asleep.

It's a wonder to how Shikamaru controlled himself.

Oh how Temari tortures him.

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