Konoha High! A Love Story? Psh! Yeah right

Mixed Up Roles and A Dress Again Sasuke?

School has been so chatty lately since it was time for the Cultural Festival to start.

I've never had a Cultural Festival before since Suna never held one from the lack of people in the school.

Our form room teacher Kakashi had grabbed a few pieces of paper, and then sliced them into many little pieces.

Then he handed out a piece to everyone in the room.

"Ok class," Kakashi had spoken up over the chatter after giving out the pieces of paper to the class, "Please write down what you would like to do as a class out of the choices off the board onto the small piece of paper given for the cultural festival, then after writing it down, place it into this little box on my desk", pointing at the small box with a question mark on it.

Afterwards, Kakashi started to write on the board the choices they've got.

They were:

A Café

A Play

A Stall

Haunted House

A different type of performance on stage

Some kind of game

Temari contemplated at the choices given.

She definitely did NOT a want to do a Haunted House or a Café (for obvious reasons) and she wasn't a fan of performing since that was what her school did every year and she wanted a change, so all that was left was a stall. But that sounded so boring, so Temari was definitely stuck.

"Hey Temari, what are you going to choose?" Sakura asked her discretely.

"I don't know…it's hard to choose…" Temari answered staring at her blank piece of paper.

"Choose the play Temari! I want to act as the main female role really badly!" Ino pleaded.

"I don't care what it is as long it isn't the Haunted House or the Café…ugh choosing is so troublesome…" Shikamaru complained.

'Looks like Shikamaru is thinking the same thing as me' Temari thought.

"Why don't you want to do the Haunted House or Café? The Haunted House sounds like fun" Kiba asked curiously.

"Yeah…I wonder why…" Sasuke thought out loud sarcastically grinning.

Shikamaru glared at him.

"Anyway…" Temari started speaking try to break the awkward air, "I'm still not sure, what about you Hinata?"

"U-Umm…I'm thinking about the C-Café…I really don't like performing in front of people, but I do like sweets". Hinata stuttered slightly.

"If Hinata says Café, then I'm in…" Kiba quoted.

"What about you Chouji?" Shikamaru asked

"I don't know, Ino's writing mine" Chouji stuffed some chips in his mouth taking full advantage of Kakashi being really lenient.

"Well, I say the play sounds fun…well anything on stage really…" Tenten stated her opinion.

"I think a store will be easiest to manage…" Neji calmly spoke.

"Why has no one asked for my opinion? I'm all for GAMES!" Naruto yelled out happily.

"Naruto! Calm down and write something down…the same goes for the rest of the class. Let's try to get this done fast so we can just muck around afterwards." Kakashi told off Naruto calmly.

"Are teachers meant to say things like this?" Temari pondered.

Everyone finally quietened down a bit and placed their suggestions into the box.

Temari just scribbled down 'stall' thinking that no one will choose it and placed it into the box.

After everyone in the class had written what they wanted to do, Kakashi spoke out to the class again in a lazy tone, "Alright, now we'll tally up the results. Neji, you're the Student Council Pres, can you please do it?"

Neji got up from his seat, a bit reluctantly, and started pouring out the little pieces of paper out of the box and counted them up.

Tenten went down to help him and started tallying up the results onto the board.

When they finished, Tenten moved away from the board and revealed the results.

After a couple of moments for everyone to read and analyse the results, the winner was…

A play.

"Aww man!!" a couple of male classmates complained.

"YES!!!" Ino screamed out in joy.

Hinata shuddered.

Sakura shrugged.

Shikamaru sighed out a 'troublesome'.

Temari didn't think much of it.

She didn't fancy performing, but she didn't exactly hate it.

She definitely DIDN'T want a main role, a side role would do.

It was moments like these when she hoped that she had some skill like sewing or painting, so she could just get away with just being in the stage crew or something.

"OK everyone. A play it is! Now it would be good to first figure out who will take charge of the costumes and background painting, as well as a script and so forth".

"Ah, Hinata! You should do the costumes! You're really good at designing and making delicate things like that. Also, that way you won't have to perform." Sakura suggested

"Hinata, can you make clothes?" Temari asked curiously.

"U-umm…not very well…" Hinata replied humbly.

"Are you kidding?! You're like pro Hinata!" Tenten exclaimed.

"Yeah, Akamaru still loves the doggy jumper you made him for Christmas" Kiba mentioned.

"O-ok, I'll do it!" Hinata then got up and told Kakashi.

In the end, Hinata and a few other classmates were doing costumes, Sai and others were painting the background and Chouji and Lee with a few others were stage crew.

Afterwards, they learnt that the play was Sleeping Beauty.

"Now that that is over, everyone who doesn't have a role, please line up at the front and pick out a piece of paper out of this box. Whatever is written on your piece of paper is the role you are going to fulfil. No swapping allowed. You are what you get, no questions asked" Kakashi explained to the class pulling out yet another box from under the table.

Everyone reluctantly got up from their seats and lined up at the front.

Temari stuck her hand in the box and pulled out a piece from the bottom.

She then returned to her seat and slowly pried open the piece of paper.

'Prince' is what it said.

'What?' Temari thought.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Sasuke bellowed at the front.

"What's wrong Sasuke?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke showed Naruto his piece of paper.

"BAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAAAAA!" Naruto started laughing with tears coming out of his eyes, "YOU GOT PRINCESS! YOU GOT PRINCESS!!" He went hysterical.

"WHAT?! That was my role!!" Ino cried.

"Here, you can gladly take it" Sasuke hand over his piece of paper.

Ino beamed.

"No you don't!" Kakashi yelled, "I explained before that there's no swapping"

"But Kakashi, I can't play as the princess!" Sasuke complained…amazingly.

"Sorry Sasuke, but what you get is what you get…" Kakashi said a little sympathetic.

Ino pouted.

'They probably should've separated male and female roles first before picking them out' Temari thoguht

"What did you get?" Shikamaru asked Temari from behind.

"You wouldn't believe it" Temari replied.

"Why? What is it? Don't tell me…"

"Yep, the prince." Temari cut him off.

Shikamaru chuckled.

"What did you get?" Temari asked.

"The best role ever…back up" Shikamaru managed to say after chuckling

"What, so you just fill in the role of whoever can't perform?"


"Can't we swap?" Temari begged

"No way. Me and Sasuke? No thanks" Shikamaru rejected rather quickly

Temari sighed. She knew better that it was no use.

"Alright everyone! Be quiet now and tell me your roles!" Kakashi yelled out for attention.

Slowly, everyone yelled out his or her results.

Sakura got the role of the pink fairy, Ino got the role of the Queen/mother, Neji was the King/father, Tenten was the blue fairy, Kiba's role was the gold fairy, which is now the golden fairy godfather and Naruto is the evil witch.

'It's really hard to picture Naruto as anything evil being so bright and happy and all' Temari thought to herself and looking around when Naruto said that he was playing the evil witch she could see everyone's faces were in doubt.

"Temari, what role did you pick up?" Kakashi asked.

Temari swallowed hard, "…the prince…" She murmured.

Everyone turned around to look at her and started to whisper to one another.

Shikamaru started chuckling again.

"Man…I wish I could play as the prince…then I could have a kissing scene with Sasuke…" Sakura sighed in envy.

Shikamaru suddenly stopped chuckling. He didn't think of that.

Neither did Temari.

"Well I still want to be the princess!" Ino complained and huffed.

"Why am I always playing the character whose left out…" Naruto whined.

"Dude, at least you don't have to play as a chic!" Kiba argued

"Well since the role got changed slightly by gender, you are still a guy Kiba…but with wings" Chouji explained

"He would probably rather get a pair of cute doggy ears and a tail" Sasuke smirked

"Are you trying to pick a fight?!" Kiba screamed

"Well at least you can all show YOUTH! I'm in the background not even seen…I'M SORRY GAI-SENSEI!" Lee cried and ran out of the room

There was a large silence.

"Well…that was weird…" Naruto managed to say.

After some more chatter, the bell went signalling lunch.

Everyone filed out of the room.

Temari took a step out of the door and she felt someone drag her away.

It was Shikamaru.

"W-Where are you taking me?" she stuttered slightly at Shikamaru's abruptness.

"I just want to talk…" he explained and continued to drag her away to a secluded area.

When they were finally alone, Shikamaru let go of Temari's hand and turned to face her.

"What's up Shikamaru?" Temari asked raising an eyebrow.

"It's about the play…" he explained

"What about it? I really don't want to be reminded…" Temari groaned.

"I don't want you to…kiss Sasuke" Shikamaru flushed a little bit

"Well that makes two of us. You're the one who didn't want to swap"

"Well me kissing him doesn't really solve anything either" he mumbled

"Unfortunately, as much as I want to change that fact, there's nothing I can do. It's not like you have to worry about it, Sasuke doesn't exactly 'swing' my way…" Temari giggled a bit.

"But still…you shouldn't really…" Shikamaru murmured.

"And why is that?" Temari teased.

"What do you mean?" Shikamaru stalled for time.

"Why shouldn't I kiss anyone else?"

"Don't make me say it Temari…" Shikamaru groaned

"Say what? I have no idea what you're on about; that's why I asked" Temari grinned.

"Don't play innocent with me, you know why"

"I'm pretty sure I don't. That's why-" Temari soon go cut off by Shikamaru's lips.

Temari hated to say it, but she did feel like she was melting.

She normally hates all of those stupid girly stories and fairytales when their prince of their dreams saves them and gives them a kiss and they always describe the feeling of melting.

It normally makes her feel sick and want to barf.

But for some reason, that was the last thing she was thinking of and melting was the best way of describing it.

After a little while they parted for a breath.

"Is that a good enough reason for you?" Shikamaru huffed

Temari took a deep breath, "Yeah, I think so"

They laughed for a little bit and then they returned to their lockers to put their books away and met up with their friends in their usual meeting spot.

It was a few days later and everyone was trying on his or her costumes.

Temari stepped out of her changing room a little nervously.

"Waaah!!" everyone swooned.

Temari had to admit that Hinata was good with costumes.

She made herself look like a really authentic dashing prince.

Not too manly, but not too feminine either.

She had a cape; she wore tights and a puffy sleeved top, boots, a belt with a sword and a feather hat.

She also had to tie her hair in a low ponytail.

"Wow Temari! You make a way better prince than any guy in our class would've" Ino smiled

"I say!' Tenten gasped in awe.

Temari felt completely and utterly embarrassed.

Then the attention turned away from her when a girl with long black hair walked out.

There was complete silence.

That girl was Sasuke.

He wore a long, frilly, purple princess dress that was designed like an old fashioned, ballroom gown.

The skirt puffed out, the top part hugged close to his body giving an illusion of an 'hourglass' shape, it was padded to give him a bit more of shape and he was also wearing a wig giving him long, black, wavy hair.

Nearly everyone in the room was blushing.

Even the guys.

"It's amazing how much dresses seem to like you. It really suits you. Purple is so your colour" It was Shikamaru's turn to grin after whispering to Sasuke.

"Want me to hurt you?" Sasuke gritted his teeth.

"That would be very un-princess like, now wouldn't it Sasuke-beauty?"

"Get lost" Sasuke hissed.

"Ne, ne Sasuke! It's like Déjà vu isn't it" Naruto commented

"Shut it Dobe. Don't you start!"

"Well, I'm gonna leave you two love birds alone" Shikamaru chuckled walking away.

"Aren't you afraid I'm gonna steal a kiss away from your lovely maiden?' Sasuke threatened

Shikamaru pause in his tracks, "You wouldn't dare…after all, what about Naruto?"

"Yeah Sasuke! What about me?" Naruto whimpered not actually knowing what's going on.

"Well, it's not like I'll choose to just to piss you off, I do have better things to do even though it sounds fun, but Kakashi seems to be really into it, so we might be forced to."

"Well then there's nothing we can do about it is there?" Shikamaru glared

Sasuke grinned evilly.

"KYAA!" All of the girls swooned a bit delayed after being so stunned.

"Is that really Sasuke" Some of the guys in the class murmured to each other.

"Watch out Sasuke, it seems you're targeted by both genders. Lucky you" Shikamaru chuckled and walked off towards Temari.

Temari watched Shikamaru walk towards her grinning.

'Oh great, he's going to make fun of me. I'm sure of it' she thought to herself.

"You look good" he complemented.

Temari paused.

Did she hear right?

"Thanks…" she flushed a bit.

Then what was that silly grin for?

"Isn't it funny how much dresses suit Sasuke?" Shikamaru commented

'Oh, that's what he's grinning about'

"It's amazing how well that costume suits you" Shikamaru continued to observe.

"What do you mean by that?" Temari questioned

"I mean exactly that"

"Why is it amazing?"

"Because it is"

"Don't make me make you say it again"

"Technically I never said anything of the sort"

"And would that sort be?"

"What ever you're insinuating"

"And what would that be?"

"Your annoying troublesome woman"

"And you're a lazy ass but you don't see me complaining"

Shikamaru and Temari continued to throw remarks at one another.

"I don't even know what their fight is even about anymore…" Kiba commented watching the couple hiss at each other un-namely things.

"Its now just down to plain insults…" Hinata sighed.

"Just ignore the stupid couple Hinata, just ignore…" Neji quoted.

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