Konoha High! A Love Story? Psh! Yeah right


Everyone in class found themselves in their homeroom rehearsing the play.

"Only true love's first kiss can break this spell laid on the poor damsel" Tenten quoted.

"True…love's…?" Temari murmured and hovered over Sasuke's lips, but not making any contact faking out a kiss.

Sasuke's eyes opened up slowly as if he was woken up from a peaceful slumber as Temari got up, "Who are you?" he questioned Temari.

"I'm the prince who was called to save your life from your horrid fate" Temari majestically bellowed.

"My…prince…?" Sasuke softly spoke.

Shikamaru tried to stifle a laugh hearing Sasuke speaking in such a girly manner. Looking around the room, he could tell everyone else was doing the same thing.

"Yes, please, let us be off to your kingdom where we shall wed and live happily ever…alright I can't STAND this anymore! This is highly ridiculous!" Temari called out breaking the cloudy atmosphere.

Everyone groaned.

"What's the problem now Temari?" Sakura complained.

"This is stupid, seriously! The girl as known the guy for, like, 2 minutes and suddenly they're off to get married?! This guy could be some perverted, abusive, wife-basher, which wouldn't be a surprise since he just went off and kissed her without any hesitations! I mean, WHO THE HELL DOES THAT?! Sure she's grateful that he saved her from an eternity of sleep, blah blah blah, but how does that have anything to do with marriage?"

"We get what you're saying Temari, but this is a fairytale, problems like abusing and what not don't exist! The details don't matter and your his your true love, so marrying him is normal…" Sakura sighed in grief

"Doesn't change the fact it's STUPID. Can't we do something about this? My lines are so…cheesy!" Temari pleaded.

"Sorry Temari, but you can't change the original story…"

"Geez, I'm just not cut out for this role…" Sasuke groaned pulling off his wig, "you need some dreamy, dramatic, doe-eyed girl to play the princess, like Ino"

"See! Even Sasuke agrees that I was MADE for this role!" Ino huffed.

"No Sasuke! You HAVE to play as the princess…you're so good!" The girls in the class complained with their eyes sparkling.

Sasuke's face turned sour.

Naruto, Kiba and Shikamaru couldn't hold it for any longer and belched out a massive laughed that filled the room.

"I guess having a pretty face does have its disadvantages…" Kiba grinned

"S-S-Sorry S-Sasuke…" Naruto apologized trying to stop laughing.

Shikamaru gave a huge smirk.

"The hell to you all!" Sasuke yelled out and stormed out of the room slamming the door behind him.

"No, Sasuke wait!" Naruto called out for him chasing him down the hallway, "You're still wearing your dress!!"

Sasuke swiftly ran back in the room slamming the door shut yet again fearing his life hoping no one saw him.

"Idiot…" Temari thought.

"Alright! That's enough…one more time everyone! This is the last rehearsal before the festival tomorrow." Neji called out clapping his hands.

After the last painful dress rehearsal, Temari slung her bag around one arm and collapsed on the grass around the front taking a breather.

"Geez it's so tiring this whole play thing…" she thought to herself letting out a huge sigh.

She froze when she felt some cold touch her cheek.

She turned around to see it was a can of soda with Shikamaru holding it.

"Hey" Shikamaru greeted.

"Hey…" Temari replied smiling.

She grabbed the can of soda, cracked it open and took a large sip out of it.

Shikamaru sat down next to her and laid back.

"Thanks" Temari said gratefully.

Shikamaru nodded looking up at the clouds.

They sat there for a little while in silence wondering off in their own dreams.

"Is your family coming down to the festival tomorrow?" Temari asked still staring down at her feet.

"Yeah…but I'm not sure if I want them to because of your bad acting…" Shikamaru grinned.

"Shut up! I just find the whole thing ridiculous and the girl's a total ditz case! I mean, there's a reason why there were no spin-wheel thingos in her town, yet she sees one and thinks 'oh yeah, why not try and use this thing and prick my finger on it?' How stupid could you get! And the whole marriage thing. She only knew the guy for two minutes because the stupid perv kissed her and she agrees to go marry him! .Hell!!"

"Temari...I'll say this again. It's.. It doesn't have to be realistic"

"I guess...but I get shivers down my spine by just saying those seedy lines. It's disgusting!" Temari poked out her tongue.

Shikamaru laughed, "Don't worry, tomorrow's the last time you will have to say any of those lines ever again. I'm glad I didn't get a role." Shikamaru sighed and continued to look up at the clouds.

"I wish you did get a role so you can suffer with me. It's unfair you don't have to do anything..." Temari huffed.

Shikamaru laughed, "Well, let's walk around together at the festival and I'll suffer enough from that to make up for it"

Temari punched him playfully on the shoulder, "You asked for it".

Konoha High's cultural festival had finally begun.

There were many banners and flyer and balloons with multiple stalls and lots of people bustling about.

It wasn't as extraordinary as the Mist's, but it did give them a good run for their money.

"Wow, so many people..." Temari stared in awe.

"Not use to the crowds huh?" Shikamaru asked

"No, Suna was really small, so even with parents and relatives, it never got this big"

"Ok, you go off and have fun then. I'm going to go lie on the roof and watch the clouds. Later" Shikamaru started to walk off.

Temari grabbed him by the shoulder, "Oh no you don't! You offered a day of suffering, so you're gonna get it!"

"But the weather and the clouds are so perfect today. How was I meant to know that" Shikamaru whimpered

"I don't know. You're the genius" Temari smirked and dragged him around the multiple stalls.

Temari was having a ball and Shikamaru held a grumpy look on his face the whole time, but inside, he was having fun.

"Hey, look! They have takoyaki and ramune over there!" Temari shouted out pointing to a distant standing, disappearing into the crowd.

"W-Wait up troublesome woman!" Shikamaru ran after her and accidentally bumped into someone.

Looking up at the man he bumped to, he saw a tuff of brown hair and purple paint on his face.

"Oi! Watch where you're going!" the man swore

"Uh...sorry..." Shikamaru apologised, 'Jerk'

"Kankuro, don't go around here picking up fights with whoever you bump into. It tends to happen all the time at festivals" a red head young man behind him explained, "sorry for my brother's lack of manners" he apologised to Shikamaru.

"No problem" Shikamaru accepted the apology. 'How the hell are they related?'

The brown haired guy, seemingly named Kankuro, huffed and stormed off.

The red head bowed his head and walk off after him.

'Well that was weird...' Shikamaru thought to himself

"Hey lazy-ass! Take your time why don't ya! I thought I lost you" Temari yelled out to Shikamaru

'Funny...Temari and that guy Kankuro pretty much have the same level of abruptness' at this Shikamaru grinned.

"What's so funny?" Temari asked curious to what he was grinning about.

"It's nothing..."

"Well, we better get back to our classroom soon. It's about time to get ready to perform"

"You're right...I'm just gonna go to the bathroom first" Shikamaru explained and disappeared to the Mens.

"I'll wait to make sure you don't run off and go watch some clouds" Temari smirked and leaned on the wall.

When Shikamaru was finished, he walked out the door and saw Temari.

"Hey Shikamaru! My brothers came" Temari smiled happily.

"IT'S YOU!" One of the 'so called brothers' yelled out pointing at him.

Shikamaru looked to Temari's left and saw the browned haired 'Kankuro', who was now pointing at him, and the red head.

"Kankuro...your an embarrassment" the red head quoted with one hand on his forehead shaking his head displeased.

Temari punched Kankuro in the face, "Stop being rude"

"Temari...that was too harsh" Kankuro whined.

Shikamaru stifled a laugh watching the man getting brutally bashed by his siblings.

"Sorry about that Shikamaru. The rude one is my younger brother Kankuro who is in the same year as us; and the other more polite one is my youngest Gaara, who is one year below us. Brothers, this is Shikamaru" Temari explained.

'How are they related? Temari's blonde, Kankuro's a brunette and Gaara's a red-head. Is that even possible? Did some recessive gene decide to step up and dominate or something?' Shikamaru thought, "Hi" he greeted nervously.

"Hello again. It's nice to know your name now. I apologise on my brother's behalf for before and now" Gaara replied apologetically.

"Oh, it's no problem." Shikamaru held his hands up. 'At least I'm on one of the siblings good side. He talks so formally…is he really younger?'.

"By the way...what do you mean before? Have you guys already met?" Temari asked.

"Yes, let's say we 'bumped heads' earlier on today" Gaara commented.

"Why are you guys here anyway?" Temari questioned.

"Can't we visit our cute little sister?" Kankuro asked sarcastically.

"Please don't call me cute" Temari grimaced.

"Oh, that's right! Someone very interesting came along with us today to visit you as well!" Kankuro had a massive smile on his face.

'This can't be good...' Shikamaru thought looking at Kankuro's menacing smile

"Someone very interesting...?" Temari questioned

"Temari...?" a voice from behind called out

A shiver went down Temari's spine recognising the 'all-too-familiar' voice, 'No it can't be...'

She turned around to face the one who said her name. "Hikaru?!" the man's name slipped out of her lips.

"You've grown pretty tall" Hikaru smiled going in to hug her.

Shikamaru stepped in between them with an arm spread out blocking off the hug.

There was a stalemate.

Shikamaru didn't know why he did it...but he did. This 'Hikaru' seemed to be the same one that Temari talked about at the hot springs when they were…uh…'accidentally watching' them. Some reason that made him angry.

There was a large gap of silence.

"SHIKAMARU, TEMARI! WE'VE GOT A PROBLEM!" Kiba yelled out running to them with Akamaru by his side.

All of their heads flicked to look at him.

"Oops...uh sorry for interrupting but we have an emergency. Temari, Shikamaru, why aren't you in the classroom yet?! Hurry up! We have to go! There's a problem amiss!" Kiba continued and grabbed their hands and dragged them away with three very confused boys staring at their backs.

"So what's the problem Kiba?" Shikamaru asked the frantic boy dragging him by the arm.

Temari was still in a daze.

"Well…the typical really…" Kiba answered

"What do you-" Shikamaru was interrupted by a siren.

Temari woke up from her daze to see a bright white van with a large red cross on it drive into the driveway.

"What's the ambulance doing here?" Temari wondered out loud.

"Tsk, not again…" Shikamaru frowned.

"What again?" Temari questioned

"Yep…again…" Kiba sighed.

"Is he ok?" Shikamaru asked Kiba ignoring Temari.

"Yeah, it's not too bad, but he can't perform" Kiba explained

"What?! Can't perform?!" Shikamaru yelled out in shock and annoyance.

"Ok I'm missing something here. Do any of you mind explaining?" Temari sort of hissed annoyed at the fact that she's being ignored.

"There's been a fight…again…" Shikamaru finally decided to answer the confused blonde.

"A FIGHT?! Between who?"

"You'll see…" Shikamaru grabbed the door to the classroom that they were meant to be in already.

Temari watched the door slide to see a very injured Sasuke on the other side.

Beads of sweat was running down his face, there were multiple tissues and clothe covered in blood surrounding him while he was sitting against the wall looking listless. Everyone was running around franticly, panicking around the room grabbing whatever supplies he or she could get their hands on as well as preparing for the play.

Sakura was treating his wounds as fast as she could, especially the gashes on his arms and legs.

A bandage was wrapped around his head, which was also soaked in blood.

Not to mention that he had so many bruises on his bruises that he was practically coloured blue.

'If this is what they called 'not that bad', then I'm too afraid to know what IS bad!' Temari thought to herself staring at the bustling room, 'I mean…Kankuro and Gaara have been in many fights themselves, but this is some major damage!'

"Who…who did this to him?" Temari was almost too afraid to ask.

"It was-" Shikamaru was yet interrupted again by a noisy blonde.

"DAMNIT! HE RAN OFF AGAIN! THAT STUPID COWARDLY BASTARD!" Naruto screamed in frustration. He himself was covered in scars, but not nearly as bad as Sasuke's.

"Naruto, calm down! You have to let someone treat you!" Sakura told him off still treating Sasuke.

"No, not until I catch that frikin' weasel!" Naruto argued back.

"Weasel?" Temari questioned.

"Itachi. He's Sasuke's older brother" Shikamaru answered.

"His BROTHER did this to him?!" Temari gasped.

"Yeah. His brother is a total bastard. He's part of a large gang that calls themselves 'Akatsuki' full of really strong and dangerous people. It's best if you stay away from them. A long time ago when Sasuke was young, him and Itachi were really close…but…"

"But what?"

"One day, I don't know the full story, but as far as I know, Itachi…killed his, THEIR parents who were the leaders of the police corporation. Then he just went up and left straight afterwards leaving Sasuke all by himself"

Temari could hardly believe what she was hearing. No wonder why Sasuke's practically emotionless.

"And I thought my family was messed up…" Temari thought out loud

"Well, even though our group looks really bright and happy, all of our families are pretty messed up. I guess school's our refuge. Our group is like a safe little cage where we can hide away from all of our troubles…wow that sounded immensely lame…" Shikamaru rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment.

"No, I get what you mean…I kinda feel the same. Though Kiba said that THIS is not that bad…so what do you recall as BAD? Or is it better if I don't know…?"

"Ah…well one time we had broken property, a collapsed building…as well as multiple fractures and broken bones the first time they clashed. I guess seeing this as a result shows that Sasuke and Naruto have probably gotten stronger…but it's still not enough"

"Is…uh, Itachi THAT strong?"

"Strong is an understatement. He matches up to me in brains, exceeds Neji and Tenten put together in martial arts and physical ability as well as Naruto's and Lee's energy. He's not someone you mess around with…they're all like tat in the gang. Apparently the leader, 'Pain' is worse."

"It's a shame that someone that powerful uses his ability for no good…" Temari sighed

"It's not as if he was always like that. He used to be kind and caring and the only thing he really cared about was his little brother Sasuke, though looking at the situation now, it makes you want to rethink that idea…"

By this time, the paramedics stormed into the room with a stretcher carrying out the injured Sasuke into the van, as well as finishing treating Naruto who had no need of a hospital.

Naruto wanted to accompany Sasuke back to the hospital, but couldn't since everyone convinced him to stay behind to perform.

After a bit of a clean up, the room started to function as usual and everyone started to get dressed into their roles.

"What are we going to do without our princess Kakashi?" a student asked the silver-haired man.

Kakashi looked up from his book, "Shouldn't there be a replacement person who learnt everyone's roles?"

"Oh, that was Shikamaru" Ino blabbed.

Everyone stared at Shikamaru who was trying to escape the room secretly, but it was too late.

"Come on Shikamaru~ Come and try your costume…" Ino cooed with an evil look in her eye.

"God no! I'm going no where NEAR that dress..." Shikamaru quoted and started sprinting out the door.

Temari ran after him and caught up quickly and grabbed him by the back of his collar, "I…don't…think…so…" she grinned, "How can the play start with no princess? I'll need to save someone" she laughed evilly.

"Get Ino to do it! She always wanted the role, be nice and do her the favour!" Shikamaru panicked

Temari grinned devilishly, "You know that I was never the nice type" and dragged him back into the room to wear the dress.

"Troublesome woman…"

"It's good that you're the same size as Sasuke so not many adjustments were needed to be made to the dress" Hinata smiled while sewing up the hem a little.

"Mmm…yeah, great…" Shikamaru agreed sarcastically.

"Now, now…a princess shouldn't frown so dully…" Temari entered the room fully changed into her prince outfit. Her hair was out of its usual four pigtails and tied back into a low ponytail instead with a feather hat on top. She wore a purple long sleeve top with white puffy sleeves, a white collar, a gold necklace with a cross on it, black tights, black boots, a brown belt with a (fake) sword and a red cape. The typical 'prince' outfit.

The room hushed seeing her. It really suited her image. She was definitely bold enough to fit the role and carry out the clothes. Some of the girls in the room swooned by her mere charm.

"You should consider using some white eyeliner to open up and brighten those eyes of yours…mascara won't hurt either…" Temari suggested

"What?! Make up too?!" Shikamaru complained

"And a nice bow on your head" Temari started to laugh not being able to hold it in longer.

"Guys don't wear make up!" Shikamaru continued

"Yes, but princesses do~" Temari cooed

Shikamaru grimaced.

When Shikamaru was finished changing and the make up was applied, much to his displeasure, and the bow was added to his hair since a wig was not needed being so long as it was after releasing the hair tie, he genuinely looked like a princess.

He looked a bit more awkward than Sasuke did, though he was much better than anyone expected.

"Not bad if I say so myself!" Kiba grinned looking at Temari and Shikamaru.

"Doesn't really look out of place or anything" Tenten commented.

"Such a youthful appearance!" Lee yelled out

"I'm not sure if I should take those as compliments or insults…" Temari wondered.

"Sorry…" Hinata apologised for no reason.

"Hey everyone! Time to get moving! We're performing in five!" Neji called out to everyone, as they were moving around backstage.

Finally, Shikamaru walked on to the stage with Neji and Ino, who were the king and queen, and they started to speak their roles.

Shikamaru tried to ignore the fact that there was a massive audience full of people with large grins on their faces.

The girls squealed with excitement enjoying the eye candy in front of them.

It was highly embarrassing, but he had to do it.

'I'm going to kill Sasuke after he's healed' he thought while saying his lines.

"Now my daughter, you are now 18 years old. No matter what, you must be careful" Neji majestically said.

"Yes Father" Shikamaru replied in a soft tone. He couldn't bring himself to speak with a girl's voice.

There were clear giggles in the audience.

Shikamaru tried his hardest to not turn red.

Afterwards, it was his solo scene where he pricks his finger on the needle.

He didn't really, but he had a hard time trying to find a way to fake it, but to look real.

He did eventually, and 'fainted' on to the floor.

Ino ran in screaming.

Neji gasped.

Then Tenten, Kiba and Sakura filed onto the stage with wands in their hands.

No one had really seen Kiba's costume until now…and they knew why.

His was pretty embarrassing with the fake, gold glittery fairy wings behind him, as well as the tights/leggings and loose sleeveless top covered in gold, shiny sequins and a crown on top of his head.

Everyone on stage tried to stifle a laugh.

Tenten and Sakura just wore simple, glittery dresses and wings.

'Hinata definitely did not make that Kiba's. She can do a lot better, plus Kiba would've shown it off to please her' Shikamaru thought to himself.

Though the girls in the audience didn't seem to mind, enjoying seeing the 3 hotties on stage.

"The spell of the eternal slumber has been casted on the poor beauty!" Kiba cried out dramatically.

Then a puff of smoke appear on stage.

Out of it emerged Naruto laughing evilly, though it seemed too bright to be evil.

"Serves you right for not inviting me to her birthday!" he cackled.

The girls squealed yet again enjoying the show of another hot boy.

The show continued on.

Finally it came to the scene where Temari shows up to kiss the, uh, lovely maiden awake.

"Only true love's first kiss can break this spell laid on the poor damsel" Tenten quoted.

"True…love's…?" Temari murmured now bending down over Shikamaru.

The audience hushed anticipating the kiss that was about to be shown.

A few wolf whistles came from the audience, but they were quickly told off by fangirls immensely enjoying the show and getting lost in the moment.

'Will she do it?' Shikamaru thought and for some reason he felt himself going red, 'Why the hell am I going red? It's not like we haven't done it before; but still…in front of an audience?'

'Should I do it? I really should since it would make the scene more 'authentic' and it's not like we haven't done it before. I should actually be happy since many girls wish they were me at the moment being allowed to kiss Shikamaru. Gosh, the embarrassment though! Gaara, Kankuro and…and Hikaru are probably in the audience watching, that just wouldn't be appropriate!' Temari's thoughts rushed through her head.

Shikamaru felt her face getting closer. Her warm breath smelt of mint as it drift into his nose. He resisted the urge to move closer himself since he was meant to be asleep. 'Dammit! Why is she taking so long?'

Temari moved closer when their lips were about to touch and stopped.

Shikamaru felt his hormones going crazy inside his body. He started to sweat. Temari stopped at the most tempting spot with the 'near kiss'. The most exciting part about a kiss is the 'almost contact' stage, where your lips almost touch; which is where Temari was at.

Shikamaru started to panic trying to resist the urge to move forward and kiss her.

He could feel her smiling.

'Damn. The troublesome woman plays with me, even in moments like this'

Soon after what felt like the longest moment ever, Temari pulled away and Shikamaru almost forgot that he was meant to open his eyes and say his lines.

Shikamaru got up and the play was continued.

Finally the curtains came down and it was the end of the play.

Temari took a deep breath and looked around, but she couldn't see Shikamaru anywhere.

She walked around back stage and then felt someone grab her arm forcefully pulling her into a room

She flicked her head around to see who it was.

It was Shikamaru.

"Shikamaru…why did you pull me in this room all of the sudden? You scared me!" Temari told him off.

But something was different about Shikamaru.

His eyes were glazed over with something unknown and he seemed to be breathless.

"Shikamaru…are you al-" Temari got cut off by Shikamaru's lips.

She squealed a bit at the unusual force.

Her heart was beating fast.

A bead of sweat fell down her face.

She could feel herself press against him.

He pressed her against the door.

Shikamaru was more aggressive then usual.

She would normally slap anyone who would do this…but she didn't want it to stop.

They continued until they had to come up for breath.

"Shi-Shika…" Temari couldn't make out any words. She was rendered speechless.

"This is what you get for teasing me on stage troublesome woman" Shikamaru grinned slyly.

'So that was what brought along this new Shikamaru. I guess I was rather cruel' Temari pondered, "Maybe I should do it more often. I quite like this new Shikamaru"

Shikamaru grin grew even wider and he dove down and devoured her lips once again even more fired up by her words.

Temari giggled. It was so fun learning about Shikamaru's not-so-lazy self.

Shikamaru moved to her neck.

"Shika…" Temari said warningly.

He kissed the crook of her neck sending shivers down her spine.


The door behind them suddenly flung open and they toppled out onto the floor.

"Well, well…isn't this suspicious?" Kiba grinned evilly seeing a Temari laying on top of Shikamaru awkwardly.

"Now what were you two lovers doing in the storage room huh?" Kiba questioned watching the couple get off the floor.

"This troublesome woman thought she might have left her phone in here while grabbing material for the play yesterday and forced me to help look for it" Shikamaru quickly blabbed out an explanation.

"FORCED you to?!" Temari yelled out playing along.

"Ok…" Kiba still wanted more answers, "so why is Shikamaru's lipstick smudged all over his face…and yours Temari?"

'Shit!' Shikamaru swore to himself.

"The lipstick was itchy so we tried to rub it off. We had the same shade on…" Temari knew it didn't sound credible, but it had to do.

"Right, and pigs fly. What about you guys falling out the door?" Kiba's interrogation continued.

"The troublesome woman tripped as I was about to grab the door handle and fell on me, then you opened the door and we fell out" Shikamaru tried to explain making it up as he went on prepared for the fact he was going to ask this.

"Uh…huh…" Kiba didn't sound quite convinced.

"Temari, Shikamaru, y-you can change now" Hinata stuttered slightly

'Phew, saved by Hinata' they both thought.

They both rubbed their mouths while leaving the scene and Kiba behind as fast as possible.

There was a short silence as they walked.

"So what brought along the sudden urge to eat me Shikamaru?" Temari asked slyly.

"Punishment for playing with me on stage" Shikamaru replied.

"I don't know what you're talking about…" Temari said sarcastically

"You know what I mean! I felt your smile tempting me"

"So you were tempted?"

"Shut up. Just admit you were playing around with me"

"Ok I admit it. But it was too hard to resist…and it obviously worked"

"I am going out with you aren't I? Isn't it normal for a guy?"

Temari laughed, "Fair enough. Though I really did enjoy the all-new 'aggressive' Shikamaru. So much fun…"

Shikamaru went bright red. "So you enjoy the thrill do you now? Would you like to try it again?" Shikamaru started to push Temari against the wall with a smirk playing up on his lips.

This time it was Temari's turn to turn red.

Shikamaru's face came closer to hers.

He paused, and then pulled away.

"Just kidding! Your face is bright red now" Shikamaru chuckled loudly.

Temari burned up even more and punched him.

"Ow, can't you take a-" Shikamaru got cut off by Temari's lips.

Temari pulled away instantly, "Who's more red now?" she laughed and walked off leaving a very stunned Shikamaru behind.


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P.S. Ramune is a Japanese soft drink 'lemonade' that comes in many different flavours. I love it but to open it you have to push a marble down. Quite interesting; but hard at first. The trick is to use your palm and put the bottle on the floor.

Takoyaki is a floury, gluttonous ball with a piece of octopus inside. Normally has seaweed and something else as a seasoning as well as mayonnaise and some sort of special sauce.

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