Konoha High! A Love Story? Psh! Yeah right

Lunch time!

The gang of 5 girls went around to find somewhere to sit and eat their lunch. Unfortunately, everywhere they went was too crowded and noisy.

"ARGH! How can EVERYWHERE be so busy?" Ino screamed in frustration about to pull her silky blonde hair out. Of course, she didn't.

"I didn't think it was possible since the school's so big." Temari said

"What about going under that tree we used to sit under?" Tenten suggested

"Nah, Tayuya and her gang has already taken it and I definitely don't want to be around the same area as her!" Sakura denied.

"B-behind the gym?" Hinata asked.

"Oh no, not that again! Last time we sat there, a confession took place and we got caught listening in and got called snitches for ages!" Ino complained

'How cliché" Temari thought.

"Um, correction there! You got caught and you got called a snitch! We walked off before hand and didn't stick our noses in other peoples business." Sakura corrected her.

"What ever! I was just curious about how Kenta confesses." Ino said trying to explain herself.

"Come on guys! Let's just try to find somewhere to sit before Lunch ends!" Tenten said

Then Temari remembered that spot where she was when she first arrived. "I know somewhere we can sit!" she said

They all looked at her, shrugged and followed her lead.

Temari eventually found her way back to that grassy area where she first saw Shikamaru laying down; and there they were, the five hottest guys sitting together on the grass as well as a couple of others. One of the new additions was a bit on the chubby side, while the other one had really big eyebrows.

"Oh my god! No way! So this is their hideout! You're the BEST Temari!" Ino squealed in excitement fixing her hair and skirt.

"A-are you s-sure it's ok f-for us to j-just walk up to th-them and s-sit?" Hinata stumbled.

"Who cares?" Sakura said happily, "We're just as entitled to sit here as them right?"

"I don't mind…" Tenten said unsure, but didn't want to lose this chance.

Temari just stood there and stared at the pineapple head from afar, a bit stunned, then again, did she want to see him again, therefore went here in high hopes sub-consciously? Then Temari just stopped her thoughts and shook it away cursing that she's thinking too much.

"What are you waiting for girls? An invitation? You know we're not going to get one!" Ino said while marching towards the seven guys with her lips slightly pouting and her hips shaking more.

They all followed her and soon, all of the guys turned their heads towards their direction noticing the incoming.

"Heh, looks like this hiding spot finally got discovered" said Neji grinning

"Oh well, it worked for a while. Good job Shikamaru for finding it." Said Chouji

"Should we leave while we can?" asked Lee

"Nah, not bothered" said Shikamaru with an aloof expression

"I hope they're not annoying…" Sasuke said not looking away from his lunch

"Who cares? They're hot!" said Kiba cheekily.

"I agree with Kiba! Let's stay!" Naruto said excitedly.

Sasuke glared at Naruto. "What Sasuke? Oh don't worry, I'm not going to cheat!" said Naruto with a huge grin on his face.

Sasuke grinned back, "Dobe".

Ino got to them first, she practically ran, and put on her best flirty, cutesy voice, "Umm…excuse me, I hope you don't mind if we sit with you guys."

The guys looked at each other and just nodded; while shifting to let them in their circle. Ino screamed with glee inside.

Shikamaru looked at Temari and grinned. Temari went a bit pink and looked the other way and sat between him and Neji. Tenten sat next to Neji and Lee, Sakura sat next to Kiba and Lee, Ino sat next to Sasuke and Chouji, Hinata sat next to Naruto and Kiba.

So it was like this: Temari-Shikamaru-Chouji-Ino-Sasuke-Naruto-Hinata-Kiba-Sakura-Lee-Tenten-Neji-Temari.

Ino started flirting with Sasuke, who was ignoring her and talked to Naruto while eating her lunch, Sakura was trying to stop her discreetly while ignoring Lee talking about who-knows-what, Tenten and Neji had started small-talk and Hinata was mumbling to Naruto with Naruto going "WHAT? SPEAK UP!" obnoxiously and Kiba telling Naruto to shut up. Chouji was just munching away at his lunch.

Temari tried to distract herself by playing with her sandwich, she was too nervous to be hungry, and tried to keep herself from looking in his direction.

"So, you're that girl from earlier…?" Shikamaru asked by whispering in her ear. His breath sent shivers up her spine. She kept her cool and turned her head answering in an aggressive tone, "So what if I am?"; just to see his face up close to hers. They both turned a bit pink and shifted a little further apart so that they were a decent distance apart.

"There's no need to be angry. I was just going to ask what your name is since you rudely failed to last time" Shikamaru said in a bored tone

"You were the one being rude asking someone for their name with out introducing themselves!" Temari snapped back.

Shikamaru sighed, "Why do women have to be so troublesome?" he mumbled. "Ok then, lets start over. Hi, my name is Shikamaru Nara. I'm a second year at High School. What's yours?" He said grinning his gorgeous grin again.

Temari smiled back giving in, "Hi Shikamaru Nara. My name is Subaku no Temari. I'm here on exchange from Suna Academy and also a second year. Nice to meet you." They shook hands a laughed.

"Ne ne! Everyone! I have a GREAT idea!" Naruto said loudly as usual nreaking everyone's conversation, "Lets all go to the Cultural Festival that Mist High School is holding!"

"That's a great idea Naruto! Let's all meet up this weekend!" Kiba agreed giving him a hi-five.

"That's totally a great idea! Don't you agree girls?" Ino asked us excitedly, beckoning us to agree.

We all nodded.

"Well, what do you say Neji, Lee, Chouji, Shikamaru, Sasuke?" Naruto asked.

"Sure, there's no council duties this weekend and it's been a while since I've gone out." Neji said

"Yum…takoyaki" Chouji said munching on his chips, everyone taking it as a yes.

"…it's troublesome, but why not?" Shikamaru answered to Temari's relief. She would have made an excuse not to go if he didn't since you couldn't talk to anyone else.

"Going out is youth! Therefore I will go!" replied the hot-blooded Lee

"Mm…sure since Naruto suggested it, it should be fun…" Sasuke said

"Then it's settled! We will all meet at the train station at 10am and go to the Cultural Festival!" Naruto said full of excitement.

They all nodded in agreement and then the bell went, signaling that lunchtime is over.

"Aaw…lunch is over already!" Sakura complained

"So we'll meet you guys here tomorrow at recess and lunch…?" Ino asked hesitantly wishing for a yes.

They all looked at each other and nodded, "Yeah, meet ya here tomorrow!" Kiba confirmed.

Then the boys separated from the girls and headed to their lockers.

"Temari! You're my little ANGEL!" Ino screeched in Temari's ear.

"Ow, lower the volume would you!" Temari said back covering her ears.

"I'll have to agree with Ino, Temari! You really are! You got us to spend a WHOLE lunchtime with the five hottest guys and again tomorrow! That's a miracle!" Sakura said

"S-so that's w-where they h-hide" Hinata said timidly

"It really was in a secluded place. Not only do we get to sit next to them every lunchtime, we're also going out with them this weekend!" Tenten said excitedly

"I know! Oh my god! What will I wear? All right, I'm going shopping after school for clothes. You guys in?" Ino asked

"Sure, I could use some new clothes! I just got paid." Sakura said

"Uh…I don't th-think I can…" Hinata said, "I still have heaps of homework to do!"

"I can't go either…I have Karate club activities today" Tenten said declining Ino's offer.

Temari thought fast for an excuse to get out of it. If she was stuck with just Sakura and Ino, she may die, "Uh, me too guys. I have stuff to do after school too."

"Aaw…oh well…I guess it's just you and me Sakura"

"Oi girls! Get to your classes would ya!" said Asuma

So they went their separate ways to their classes.

Temari had P.E. next with Tenten. They went to the gym and got changed into their P.E. uniform (Temari got informed to brings hers before school started) and went outside of the gym to meet the rest of the class. Neji and Shikamaru was also in the same class, so Tenten dragged Temari to go stand with them.

"Hey guys! Do you know who our teacher is?" Tenten asked starting conversation.

Her and Temari got chucked a LOT of glares in their direction by rabid fangirls.

"Nup, no idea" Neji replied calmly not noticing the tense atmosphere.

"Please don't let it be Gai-sensei!" Shikamaru pleaded

"Who's Gai-sensei?" Temari questioned


"Him" Shikamaru replied beckoning towards the direction the voice came from.

Temari turned around and saw a bigger and older version on Lee.

"Oh no~" Tenten complained looking a bit faint, "Why him of ALL teachers AGAIN?"

"Get ready for some pain. We have quite the bad luck don't we Tenten, having him again?" Neji said


So they all did as they were told. Tenten and Neji ran to the front and kept their pace, while Shikamaru and Temari ran near the back. Shikamaru was too lazy and Temari wasn't bothered putting in effort.

"Why aren't you going ahead?" asked Shikamaru and he ran the same pace as Temari

"Not bother. I guess that's why you aren't either?"

"Yeah. You know me well."

They grinned at each other. Temari received some glares in her direction yet again by rabid fangirls.

She could hear them talking, "Stupid noob. Thinks she has the right to talk to Shikamaru!"

"Just because she's from a prestigious school"

"She needs to know where she stands!"

Temari looked back at them and gave them an evil look. They backed off.

Finally the laps had ended.


The whole class moaned.

Now they had to do as many continuous spins on the bars as they could.

'Easy' Temari thought. She always exceeded when it came to physical activities, not that she was bad at the books either. She could do about 12 spins before she gets dizzy, which is not bad.


"So HOT!" said some of the fangirls as they watched mesmerized by Neji and Shikamaru spinning beautifully and perfectly in sync sweating away by the heat. Shikamaru finished at 20, while Neji finished at 25.


'Wow, who would of thought that the lazy-looking Shikamaru had the strength to do that? First he has an I.Q. over 200 and now he can also do 20 spins? What can't he do?' Temari thought to herself also mesmerized. 'No way am I going to lose to him!'

Temari went after one of the fangirls and started spinning. When she got to 5, she noticed that the bar was more slippery than usual and that she couldn't stop. 'Damn it! The stupid fangirls must of somehow oiled it! Shit! I'm loosing grip!' she thought slowly slipping away but couldn't stop since she started off strong. By the tenth spin she lost grip and flew in the air. She closed her eyes preparing for the hard ground, but she didn't fall on the ground. Someone was holding her.

It was Shikamaru catching her princess style. The fangirl's plan backfired.

"Hey. You ok?" Shikamaru asked her panicked.

Temari was too dizzy to answer, but she could feel a blush coming on.

"Oi! Hey! You ok?" he asked again more worried.

Temari was able to bring out a nod "…dizzy"

Shikamaru's eyes widened and then he grinned crookedly in relief, "…troublesome"

"Oh my gosh! Temari, are you ok?" Tenten asked running up to her.

"Yeah…just…a tad…dizzy…"

"I bet you are." Neji said following Tenten

A bit of a crowd started to form.

"Alright, lets head to the nurse's office." Shikamaru said walking while still holding her.

Temari couldn't bring herself to complain, so they headed towards the nurse's office.

Soon Temari started to come back to normal and took a big look on what was happening. Shikamaru was holding her princess style. Hmm…not embarrassing at all!

"You…can put me down now…" Temari said still a bit dizzy

"No. You still won't be able to walk properly." Shikamaru said calmly

"I'll be ok…just put me down" Temari said again

"I said NO! It may be troublesome but you still won't be able to walk properly!" Shikamaru said slightly raising his voice.

Temari was a bit shocked. She has never heard him raise his voice before. 'Why is he so demanding?' she wondered, 'Could he be THAT worried?' Unconsciously, she snuggled her head a bit more into his chest. They both blushed a bit more, but didn't say anything.

They finally reached the nurse's office to see the nurse wasn't there. Shikamaru placed Temari on the bed gently. "I guess we have to wait for the school nurse" Shikamaru said breaking the silence.

"Yeah…" Temari replied. She was feeling fine, but she didn't want him to leave.

There was a bit of silence.

"Umm…Shikamaru…" Temari said unsure, "Why did you raise your voice before?"

Shikamaru stared at her in a bit of shock, not sure what to say to her, "I guess I was a bit worried. You could have really hurt yourself if I didn't catch you. Then you didn't respond when I first asked you if you were ok…" he looked away a bit embarrassed.

Temari smiled sweetly, "Thanks"

Shikamaru turned around a bit surprised. He didn't think a tough girl like Temari was capable of saying 'thank you'. Does this mean she has a soft side behind her spunk and bite? Why did he find this so alluring…?

Temari just realized her recent behavior and slowly looked up, "But don't you think that I'm always going to act like a damsel in distr-" but she stopped mid sentence because her face was reall close to Shikamaru's.

Like...really close.

They stared into each others eyes not daring to move; drowning in pools of teal and brown. Shikamaru moved a little forward and...


They broke off to see Tsunade standing right there in front of them. Both of their faces turned into a deep crimson colour.

"Sorry for interupting..." Tsunade mumbled a little uncoordinated.

"Uh…well-you, see…uh…Temari wasn't…uh…" Shikamaru mumbled trying to explain himself, but couldn't seem to.

"Save it Shikamaru. Do you know where the school nurse is? I need some asprin."

"No, she wasn't here when we arrived."

"I see…carry on then while I try to find her." Tsunade said and left the nurse's office.

The couple stared at the now closed door with a blank expression on their faces.

"Well…see you tomorrow. Your friends will probably be here soon." Shikamaru said avoiding Temari's gaze.


And Shikamaru left.

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