Konoha High! A Love Story? Psh! Yeah right

Truths Revealed

"Hikaru?!" Temari yelled out to the man dragging her arm around the school, "Where are you taking me?"

"Somewhere I can talk to you privately" Hikaru replied seriously.

Temari said no more.

They continued to run until they finally found a place to rest.

Temari collapsed onto the ground breathing heavily.

'Since when did he get so fast? His hands…they're so big now' she thought.

"Temari" Hikaru looked at her seriously.

Temari gazed back into his eyes.

'His eyes are so serious and stern. I can't read him anymore. What happened to the Hikaru from a few years back? Clumsy Hikaru…'

"Temari…do you remember what you used to call me back when we used to see each other a lot?" He asked.

Temari paused, "Yeah, 'Clumsy Hikaru' I recall".

"That's right. Back then I use to be so clumsy. Always falling over, dropping things, breaking things. I always needed you to protect me from things that scared me; like the neighbours dog"

Temari laughed, "I remember Rolo. You really were scared of him"

"Well I wanted to tell you that in the time I haven't seen you, I've been trying to get stronger. I aimed to become less clumsy and able to stand up for myself. I wanted to become stronger…"


Hikaru shook his head, "I needed to become stronger so I can stand up for myself without needing any longer. It's my responsibility. Also, I've been wanting to tell you all this time…"

I snapping sound broke through.

Hikaru looked around and saw nothing, just to realise it was Temari.

She had snapped slightly, "BULL SHIT!"

Hikaru took a step back not being used to her sharp tongue.

"'Always been wanting to tell me' huh? DON'T YOU DARE LIE TO ME! I haven't even HEARD from you for two WHOLE YEARS. Not even a single usual Christmas card and you're telling me that you've been wanting too tell me something?! You could've disappeared off the face of the Earth and I wouldn't have known!"

Silence came after Temari's outburst.

'Shit, that was harsh. Hikaru hasn't seen me like this before. Damnit! I need to learn self-control more…' Temari thoughts got cut off by hearing a chuckle.

She realised that Hikaru was laughing.

"Wh-What's so funny?" she questioned feeling herself blush a bit.

"So-Sorry" Hikaru tried to manage to say in between laughs, "It's just that, I've never seen you like this before. I thought it was very cute" he continued to laugh

Temari was speechless, 'Cute? Is this guy mad?!'

"Yes, I even accept this new part of you" Hikaru slightly murmured.

'Here it comes' Temari embraced herself.

"I just wanted to reveal everything to you. No more secrets"

Temari looked down.

"I know I have to make up for everything and a way to start is to tell you directly" he continued.

Temari started to shuffle her feet.

"I would've told you via email or through a letter, but I know it would only be right to tell you face to face"

Temari twiddled her thumbs.

"Even though it's been a while and changes have happened, I have to come to terms and accepted that, so Temari…"

Temari squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for those three words…

"I am gay"

Not those three words.

"What?!!" Temari screamed out alarmed flicking her eyes open and looking up. 'Did I hear that right?'

Taken back a little bit yet again, Hikaru took a step back, "Ye-yes, you have heard correctly".

Temari couldn't believe her ears. This was not what she was expecting, "B-But…I thought…I mean…why go through all the trouble of taking me away in private saying all the 'I've been meaning to tell you this' crap"

"Well, it was because…remember when we were young and I gave you a kiss goodbye before I had to leave?"

"Yeah…" she felt a little bit embarrassing.

"I thought that I had to own up for that, therefore needed to tell you"

"What?! You were gay then?"

"No, I didn't realise until much later, but still; I took your very first kiss away from you without your consent and didn't even follow through with it 'til the end. It's a very despicable act that I thought I had to take responsibility for; which is what I'm doing now" Hikaru started to get fired up.

Yes, Temari was rendered totally speechless.

"Temari? Are you ok? Your kind of pale…" Hikaru looked at her concerned.

"Ah! Y-Yeah…I'm fine, I'm fine!" she stuttered a reply.

"I understand if you don't accept this. It's is very sudden and I also did something so unforgivable…"

'What's with him? Is he really from this time? He acts like he's from 100 years ago with all of this 'first kiss' stuff' Temari pondered.

"No, no! It's nothing like that! I'm totally fine with it and don't worry about the first kiss and everything; it's really ok! It doesn't matter now. It was a long time ago!" Temari explained in a very jostling tone.



"Oh Temari you are ever so forgiving!" he cried out loud holding both of her hands together, "How could I ever not put more effort in keeping in contact with you! Even after so long, you have forgiven me so easily. I definitely owe you one!" Tears were forming in his eyes of joy.

'Wh-What happened to the smooth Hikaru from before?"

"Well, I can't hold you back any longer! You must hurry along to see your friend in hospital now. Please go. Do not worry about me."

"Uh, ok..well I'll talk to you soon ok Hikaru?" Temari started to run along back to Shikamaru

"Of course my dear Temari. Goodbye. Say hello and give my apologies to Shikamaru. I hope you two have a bright future ahead of you" Hikaru waved with large arm motions.

Temari smiled. 'Well that explained his incredible taste in fashion'

"A question before you go Temari!" He called out hastily


"Why do you like him?"

Temari thought for a bit, "I guess it's because it's fun to be a troublesome woman" and left.

Temari had finally gone back to where Shikamaru was, but only to see Shikamaru not being there and only Gaara and Kankurou.

"Where's Shikamaru?" Temari asked them.

Gaara handed over a piece of paper and a couple of $20 notes, "Shikamaru told me to hand this over to you. The piece of paper is a map that Shikamaru drew to show you how to get to the hospital. He got a phone call and needed to go over there first ahead of you. Also, the money is for a taxi ride if you didn't want to walk"

"Psh! I don't want to owe him anything! I'm not that lazy!" Temari pouted.

"Shikamaru told us you would say that, but Kankurou insisted on him doing it anyway telling him to not be a 'tight ass' I might have recalled. Sad to hear a man that has known Temari for only a few months understanding her better than her own brother" Gaara shook his head in disappointment.

"I was only being cautious! It's not like we're losing anything if she decided to walk!" Kankurou tried to explain himself.

Temari looked at the drawn map. It was drawn really well as to be expected of Shikamaru. She understood where to go, "Ok, well I guess I'm off! I'll call you guys when I get back".

"Wait, what did Hikaru want to tell you?" Kankurou asked.

"I'll tell you later, actually he might tell you himself" she ran off.

Kankurou and Gaara looked at each other very confused.

Temari started heading towards the hospital everyone was at.

She stopped at a corner and opened up the piece of paper to see which direction to go next.

"Hey there good-looking" a man's voice was heard.

Temari ignored it as if she didn't hear it and continued to scan the map.

"I'm talking to you. The spunky looking blondie over at the corner reading a piece of paper" It continued.

Temari could no longer ignore it and looked over to see where the voice was coming from.

Behind her was a man, maybe a couple years older than her, leaning against a wall. He had platinum blonde hair which was slicked back with a tonne of hair gel, casual rugged clothes that used to be a school uniform resembling her own, purple coloured eyes (obviously coloured contacts), a cocky smile, wearing a black sweat wristband with red clouds on it, a ring and a silver beaded necklace with a circle pendant with a triangle in it.

A 'dangerous stud' Ino would probably call him.

"I haven't got all day, what is it?" Temari hissed.

"Whoa, whoa babe. Calm down I just wanna talk. Names Hidan. Want me to show you a good time?" he stuck his tongue out creepily.

'What a typical 'creep pick up line'. "Yeah right! Move along, I haven't got time for you" Temari turn away.

"Wait! What's your name missy?"

Temari started to get irritated, "None of your business and don't call me babe or missy"

He laughed, "No need to be like that".

He started to walk up to her strutting along the way.


Tripped landing face first.

Temari laughed menacingly, "Oh yeah, real smooth"

"Shut the hell up bitch!" He got up straight away with a little scratch on his nose.

Temari noticed no blood or broken bones which was a bit odd.

"Look, I have somewhere to be…"

"Oh no you don't! Not after laughing and insulting me like that!" he snapped grabbing her arm.

"Let go of me you jerk!" Temari tried to tug her arm away, but he didn't loosen his grip.

He was stronger.

Much stronger than she thought.

'Damnit, no time to be getting cold feet' she cursed in her mind, yet showed no signs of panic.

"I guess I'm gonna show you a good time anyway" he grinned scarily.

"Stay away from me or I swear…"

"Swear WHAT?" Hidan questioned.

There was a glint of fear in Temari's eyes, but she shook it away quickly.

"I swear I'll…"

"Oi! What's going on here?" another voice came out of no where.

'If voices keep popping up like this, I'm going to get a hard attack'

"Well…if it isn't Mr. Student Detective Policeman coming to the rescue…" Hidan grinned.

'Mr…what?' Temari turned to see who it is.

It was no other than Shikamaru.

"Shika-maru…?" Temari questioned.

"Temari?! Hidan let go of her" Shikamaru glared menacingly at Hidan.

Hidan smiled and let go of Temari's arm, "What ever you say"

There was an imprint of his hand on her arm.

She didn't even realise how tight he was holding onto her.

Temari backed off and swiftly walked to Shikamaru.

"Are you ok?" Shikamaru looked at her concerned.

Temari nodded her head. Some reason no word could come out of her mouth.

"So this is your girl I suspect Shika-man. You've got good taste I must say" Hidan complemented cockily.

"You better have not done anything to her" Shikamaru steamed.

Temari had never seen him so worked up; and what was with his nickname Hidan gave him?

"No man! Just having a friendly chat. Clearing up a misunderstanding. It's all good, after all, why mess with the detective's and chief policeman's daughter's son's girl?" he continued to grin.

Shikamaru's glare didn't lift off.

'Detective and Chief Policeman's daughter's son?!' Temari wondered a bit stunned

"Hey Hidan. You're not causing trouble again are you? I'm not bailing you again" yet another voice came up.

'Of course, another anonymous voice pops up'

"Nah man Kakuzu. Just having a friendly chat y'know" Hidan explained himself.

"I don't care what it is unless it doesn't concern my money because I know your flat broke" 'Kakuzu' replied.

Temari looked at 'Kakuzu'. He had green eyes, same uniform but not so damaged, he had multiple stitches, the same black wristband with red clouds, a ring, a bandanna covering his mouth and nose and a briefcase.

"Shikamaru, I hope Hidan hasn't caused any trouble" Kakuzu hoped.

"He hasn't, but that may have changed if I came a little later" Shikamaru replied still glaring at Hidan.

"Why don't you guys trust me?" Hidan whined.

Everyone looked at him sceptically.

"Oh come on Kakuzu! Not you too!" Hidan complained

Kakuzu looked away, "Come on, lets go. Leader called a meeting today"

Hidan looked at Shikamaru, then Temari, "Tch! What ever, lets lose this joint" and followed Kakuzu walking away.

"Who were they?" Temari asked the now calmer Shikamaru

Shikamaru looked at Temari, "Be careful. Remember the gang called 'Akatsuki' I told you about that have Sasuke's brother Itachi in it?"

"I remember…"

"Well those two are also in it. Notice the sweat wristbands? All members have one. They are all unbelievably strong and dangerous so it would be best if you stay away from them. Why were you talking to HIdan anyway?"

"Meh, he tried to make a move on me"

Shikamaru's eyes widen, "You can't just meh that thought Temari! Hidan is the sickest one of all and really corrupt in a way. Not to mention really strong. Nothing you do seem to hurt him, he just laughs it off. Please, just stay away from all of them no matter what. I'm not always going to be around…"

Temari opened her mouth to argue saying that she didn't need his protection, but the look in his eyes made her stop, "Ok, I'll stay away. It's not like I wanted him to talk to me anyway. He's just really hard to ignore"

Shikamaru grinned, "Do your best"

"Heh, if you can block Kankurou out, you can block anyone"

They both laughed and started walking towards the hospital again.

"Hey, why didn't you mention that your dad's a detective and your mum's the chief policeman's daughter? What happened to making medicine and stuff?" Temari questioned remembering what Hidan had said.

"Oh, didn't I tell you?"

"No, you just mentioned deers and medicine"

"Ah, right must have forgotten"

"HOW CAN YOU FORGET SOMETHING LIKE THAT?!" Temari said a bit louder then she had meant to.

"Eh, it's not a big deal. My dad's a detective and I help him out in some cases sometimes, including the one that put Hidan in jail, and my grandfather is the chief of the police force. Although, my mother isn't interested, therefore she stuck to science and creates medicine instead. End of story"

'Explains how he can fight so well to leave Kankurou shaking in his shoes'

"So you do detective work as well"

"Yeah, when my dad gets a really difficult case, I tend to help out. That's the only time when I'm bothered. Small cases are just too troublesome to deal with."

"Right…so why did you have go ahead first?"

"Oh, I had to sign a few forms for Naruto to give permission to do such and such. Signing papers is really troublesome"

"Why do you have to sign a few forms for Naruto?"

Shikamaru looked at Temari, "You're full of questions today aren't you?"

"I guess I am" Temari looked back

Shikamaru sighed, "Well it's because I'm sort of Naruto's 'guardian' in many ways"

"You're his guardian!!" Temari tried to keep her voice down a bit.

"Yeah, it's because our family is watching over him since he's an orphan and all; and since my mum and dad don't have the time to keep up with Naruto, which believe me, it's difficult, I have also got the rights to sign forms and such as Naruto's guardian or supervisor"

"B-But you're the same age and everything. How could you possibly be…?"

"There are a lot of advantages when your family plays a big role in the police. It's like how you had a lot of privileges being the daughter of the principal"

Temari looked back remembering all of the classes she could skip and how the teacher never could really lecture her and such, "That's different though. One's school and the other's law! You can't compare!"

"In the end Temari, law is pretty much like high school. The higher you sit up, the better your life is"

Temari was a bit gobsmacked at this answer, but decided to keep her mouth shut.

They continued to walk the rest of the way in silence, "Well, we're here"

Shikamaru lead the way and a lot of nurses lowered their heads as if to bow when he walked by.

Shikamaru would just smile politely during this.

A couple of the younger nurses even went as far as winking.

'For petes sake! This is a hospital, not a playground' Temari thought to herself watching a few of the girls in the waiting room giggle and squeal to themselves seeing Shikamaru walk by.

"Uh, you ok Temari? You seem kind of tense…" Shikamaru questioned looking at Temari really closely.

Temari tried not to flush, 'He probably doesn't even notice anymore', "Yeah, I'm fine"

Shikamaru looked at her a little concerned and then notice the couple of squealing girls. He grinned and took her handing leading her along the rest of the way.

Temari looked at there linked hands. It was as if he knew what was annoying her.

"You know that's nothing. If I was Sasuke, we would've been attacked right now" Shikamaru quoted.

"What? I wasn't…"

"Never mind" Shikamaru cut her off.

They continued to walk and finally stopped at a private room.

They let each others hands go and walked in.

It was a very spacious room all clean with only Sasuke and the gang in it as well as his own bathroom.

"Hey Sleeping Beauty, how are you feeling?" Shikamaru asked Sasuke walking up to him.

He looked at Narut's face. There was a bit of concern, but otherwise alright; so there doesn't seem to be anything all that life threatening.

"What ever" Sasuke replied.

"Oh I'm so glad you're ok Sasuke~" Ino cooed sounding like she was about to sob.

Sasuke looked at him worried, but nodded her head in relief.

"Wow this is a really swish room for a hospital…" Temari whispered to Shikamaru.

"Yeah it's a private room. Sasuke doesn't deal well with crowds"

"Why's that?"

"Well if there's a girl, they tend to attack him at night and annoy him and when there are guys, they tend to be too noisy for him and half the time want to pick a fight with him due to him not wanting to socialise, therefore being cocky"

"Some how, I don't doubt that"

"Only male nurses are allowed to look after him as well"

"Geez, Sasuke really is too good looking for his own good"

They all continued to talk to one another until Sasuke spoke.

"Shikamaru" he started.

Shikamaru looked at the Sasuke with only one gauze on his cheek and a bandage wrapped around his forehead.

"Me, Naruto, we want…we want to…" Sasuke tried to find the right words.

"You want to end this?" Shikamaru finished his sentence.

"Yes, but we can't do that with your consent. I was originally thinking of hiding this from you, but it's impossible. With knucklehead here, you'll eventually figure it out, so it was best to talk to you"

Shikamaru looked at him seriously.

Sasuke looked at him seriously back.

Naruto looked down at his feet.

There was a stalemate.

"I'll have to think about it"

"What?! But…" Naurto opened his mouth to argue.

"There's no rush here. Sasuke's still healing so even if I gave my answer now, you couldn't do anything. Until Sasuke, and you as a matter of fact, are fully healed, I won't give my answer"

Sasuke pouted for a bit, and then grinned, "Fine, as you like Shikamaru"

"S-Sasuke!" Naruto opened his mouth.

Shikamaru grinned back, "Well then, get well soon"

"If Shikamaru does happen to say yes, then you have to count me in!" Kiba commented.

"Yes! We have to stick together as a team to stay youthful and finish it together!" Lee yelled out in joy.

Neji nodded as if to say 'me too'.

"But, you guys can't-" Naruto tried to argue.

"This is all of our battle now Naruto" Chouji cut him off.

"I know you guys just want to fight Itachi, but to get to Itachi, someone has to fight off the rest of the members" Neji agreed

"Y-You guys…" Naruto looked like he was about to tear up.

"Well get well first and we'll figure out details later" Shikamaru replied.

"D-Does that mean a yes Shikamaru?" Sasuke questioned.

"A definite answer will come afterwards" Shikamaru smiled and walked out of the room.

Temari followed him, "So, what are you going to do now?"

Shikamaru kept walking, "I guess I have to start making plans".

Ok. Time to clear some things up.

I was originally going to make a love triangle including Hikaru, but I've decided that I wanted KH to be an easy reading fanfic with a few gripping moments.

To tell you the truth, I hate love triangles a lot of the time because you always tend to favour one and think the girl is stupid if they chose the other.

And Temari isn't stupid. Neither is she the irrational type like the other typical shoujo girls.

Also, since Shikamaru and Temari are already together, it would be strange to have a love triangle don't cha reckon?

Normally all of the people in it have to be single and two get together; but since two have already gotten together, it isn't really going to work.

Then I thought of Temari just brushing Hikaru off, but nah I felt bad for Hikaru and Temari wouldn't do that to a childhood friend.

So sorry to those who like love triangles, but they don't make things easy to read and half the time I want to punch the screen.

Ok, so now that that's cleared (I hope) as for how long these series of chapters are going to be…I don't know.

I have no particular number but it isn't going to be any time soon.

As for my other story The Playful Argument etc. I've drawn blank on it, so when I've completed KH, I will go back to working on it.

Sorry for my lack of humour in some chapters, but unfortunately I want some intense moments, therefore less humour.

I hope this chapter has humoured you a bit more :D

I had trouble describing Hidan I must say.

The colour of his eyes I had always questioned.

Are they pink, purple, maybe brown, magenta?

I stuck with purple anyway.

Also his hair is like grey/silver; but since this is modern time, that can't be allowed (unless it's Kakashi because he's smexy :P) so I settled with platinum blonde.

Sorry about no Christmas Special, I just haven't found the time to write :O

I will attempt Valentines, but I can't guarantee anything since Valentines is a very sappy lovey-dovey time and well…I can't do that all that well in writing without felling totally embarrassed…

Ah well, I hope this clears some things up

If you really want me to attempt it, I can try to tackle it XD

Looking forward to any of your reviews and answering anything else.; also your responses.

Much Love


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