Konoha High! A Love Story? Psh! Yeah right

Crossed Paths of the Two Gangs

Temari sighed a long sigh while tuning out of Biology class.

Who gave a crap about 'cell structure and theory' anyway?

School has been normal lately.

Well as far as normal can get for Konoha High anyway.

Sasuke got discharged from hospital today and barely escaped his room; which was flooded with 'Get Well Soon' gifts and flowers.

The bell rang and Temari exited the room with Tenten back to the lockers.

They watched Sasuke, Naruto, Kiba, Lee, Hinata and Sakura staring at Sasuke's locker door.

"What's with everyone staring at Sasuke's door?" Temari asked while walking up to the gang.

"Are you all ready?" Naruto looked revved up.

"To experience such youth is surely a great honour!" Lee quoted youth as per usual.

Ino came up to them all, "Oh thank god I didn't miss this! I would've died. Stupid Kakashi had to be late again and lagged the class for too long!"

"It never ceases to amaze me when ever I see this" Neji said coming from behind

"Dude, I claim at least a quarter!" Kiba called out

"N-No Kiba, it's not our decision…" Hinata stuttered

"Well let's get this over and done with already! I'm getting impatient!" Tenten cried

"Ok I'm ready!" Sakura commented.

"What's is everyone talking about?" Temari questioned

"Just stand back and watch" Shikamaru replied calmly from behind her pulling her back a little further.

Temari looked back at him a bit shocked since she didn't feel his presence, but stayed quiet and backed away looking at Sasuke's locker intently.

Temari saw Chouji run for the first time up to them.

Sasuke grabbed his combination lock and started to enter his code.

As he slowly turned the wheel, they all looked at it intently with anticipation.

It felt like weeks have passed when he had finally finish his code and pulled on the lock with a click.

He slowly turned the handle and…

The door flung open by itself and millions of objects poured out of it in a sudden rush.

Cookies, cards, chocolates and many other crushed goods scattered all over the floor.

"What the hell's all this?!" Temari remarked with a surprised look on her face.

"What you're witnessing is every girl in the entire school's heart filled loved 'get well soon' gifts for Sasuke as he returned from hospital pouring out of his locker endlessly" Sakura explained.

"This is unreal! How do they even get these things into his locker? I understand slipping the cards through the crack of his door….but cookies?" Temari questioned yet again

"Easy! Every girl knows the combination of their love interests locker!" Ino replied

'It must be every locker in the school for Ino then' Temari thought

Shikamaru smirked as if he knew what Temari was thinking.

"Sweet! You've outdone yourself this time Sasuke!" Kiba cried out in happiness picking off various things off the floor.

Chouji didn't even waste time talking and grab as much as his big arms could hold.

"There is at least 5 months worth of recess here" Neji calmly calculated

Naruto laughed, "I bag these choc-chip cookies!"

"Hey! Don't go bagging all of the good stuff!" Tenten started to get into it

"Anything low fat is mine!" Ino called out

"Everyone! Th-This is Sasuke's decision" Hinata blurted out

Sasuke shrugged, "Let them be"

"This is like a positive side to Sasuke being in hospital…we all save money on our lunch fees by eating all of these gifts" Shikamaru grinned

Temari sighed yet the second time today, "If the girls were smart, they would get rid of the last gift and leave theirs to make themselves stand out"

Ino gasped in shock, "Oh no! That's not allowed!"

"Yeah! Sasuke's everyone's!" Sakura argued as if it was a known fact.

It probably was at such a strange high school.

'I think Sasuke thinks differ…' Temari thought to herself looking at the disgusted Sasuke.

'Technically, Sasuke belongs to only one person' Shikamaru looked at Naruto.

Naruto looked back at him and grinned, 'Of course, and airhead like Naruto wouldn't really take notice'

After sorting out who gets what present ignoring the crowds of people staring at them, they headed back to their usual spot on the grass to eat together.

Ino started talking about the usual 'daily gossip'. It was always like, 'did you see her hair?' or 'I heard they hooked up the other day' and sometimes, 'I can't believe she did that the other day!'.

Lee went to go have soccer practice.

Temari and Shikamaru would normally sit still quietly eating and maybe engage in conversation when the opportunity came up.

After Ino had finally finished, she stared at our favourite couple sitting next to each other.

Temari caught her glance, "What?"

Ino sighed, "I can't believe you guys are going out!" she let out.

Temari flushed slightly, but not noticeably on her face, "What do you mean by that?"

"I think what Ino's getting at is that you guys made such a fuss about each other constantly complaining about how much you get on each other's nerves and then suddenly you're going out" Sakura explained

"Not to mention that you didn't tell us until way afterwards" Tenten pouted.

"So what the hell made you change your thoughts about Shikamaru from being the most irritating to the most sexiest man alive?" Ino asked

"You think I'm sexy?" Shikamaru grinned raising an eyebrow looking at Temari.

Temari's face grew hotter and she looked away, "Hmph! I said nothing of the sort. Ino just made that up as an expression!"

'Not that I don't agree with it though…' Temari afterthought.

"Oh! What about that Hikaru guy?" Sakura beamed

"You're right Sakura! How could I forget about him?! Now that you're hitched up to Shikamaru, do you think I could give him a shot Temari?" Ino fluttered her long eyelashes innocently.

Shikamaru choked on his sandwich restraining himself from laughing; after all he knew the truth.

"Why are you laughing so hard Shika-man?" Kiba questioned

"Uh, Ino…you can try as hard as you want, but there is no way you can catch Hikaru…" Temari started

"WHAT?!" Ino scoffed in disgust clearly offended by Temari's accusation standing up abruptly.

Temari put her hands up in defense, "Wait, wait…before you get all defensive, at least let me drop in the reason as to why you should give up"

Ino pouted, but sat back down again.

"Why? Wh-what's the reason?" Hinata asked quietly

Neji looked at Temari a tad curious.

Naruto and Sasuke didn't notice since they were in an intense conversation.

Shikamaru scratched the back of his head finally recovered.

"Well you see…Hikaru is kinda…uh…" Temari didn't know how to break this to her.

"Is kinda what?" Kiba beckoned on.


Neji's eyes widened.

Sakura gasped.

Hinata's face went red.

Kiba laughed.

Naruto and Sasuke still weren't paying attention.

Tenten gasped.

Ino went pale white and then fainted onto the floor murmuring, "What a waste…wasting on stupid guys…"

"Ah well…Ino would always be the drama queen" Chouji grinned chomping down Sasuke's gifts; therefore not speaking 'til now.

"So…" Tenten tried to change subject, "How have your siblings been Temari?"

"Irritating as usual. Well Gaara not so much, he's always been the silent type and keeps things to himself and never asks for anything unless he really needs to; but Kankurou has only complained and whined all the time. As soon as I get home, he just asks me to cook him food or take him around the place. I swear he can't do anything on his own!" Temari complained and breathed a long tiring sigh, "Which reminds me…they weren't home this morning…"

"Geez, no need to talk bad about me Temari. I really can feel the undying love now" a familiar voice spoke

They all turned around to see Gaara and Kankurou standing behind them.

Wearing their school uniform.

"WH-WHAT?! Why are you both wearing the same school uniform?" Temari questioned loudly.

"Father asked us to attend this school for a short period of time to see how you are going" Gaara answered calmly.

"I don't need to be looked after…" Temari gritted her teeth.

Before anyone can speak, a bunch of high-pitched squeals came from multiple girls around the area.

The whole gang flicked their heads side to side to see where it was coming from.

It wasn't long until they could see a gang of nine guys all wearing a black wristband with red clouds embroidered onto it walking towards them.

"Is that…?" Temari murmured quietly to Shikamaru.

"Yeah, that's the whole gang of 'Akatsuki". The guy at the front with orange spiky hair and black studs pierced all over his face, that's Pain, which is obviously a nickname, he's the leader of those misfits. The girl with dark blue hair next to him is Konan, she's his girlfriend and loves origami. No one knows much about her. Then there's the guy who's bi-coloured black and white, that's Zetsu. He loves plants and he has super stealth abilities. The blue coloured guy, that's Kisame. He's Itachi's best friend and loves all sea creatures, especially sharks and apparently carries a really dangerous sword around that is described to be as sharp as his teeth. The longhaired blondie, that's Deidara. He's totally obsessed with art and always carries explosive clay around with him, which he molds into numerous things. Of course there's that sleaze Hidan and his partner Kakuzu. Hidan has an incredible defence and Kakuzu is known to have a big influence on the black market. The guy that resembles Sasuke and has long black hair tied into a ponytail, that's Itachi" Shikamaru answered taking a deep breathe after saying so much.

"Oh, so that's Itachi? I can imagine him being popular with the girls too. Does it run in their blood or something? Plus, you really know a lot…" Temari questioned and looked at Itachi.

He caught her glance and a shiver went down her spine forcing her to look away. 'What was that feeling?' she thought.

"Yeah, he belongs with all of those troublemakers. I know a lot because it's on their files, plus I gather information about them for future reference. I feel like I'm forgetting one more…oh yeah, the red head-" Shikamaru got cut off.

"SASORI?!" Kankurou yelled out.

"You know him?" Sasuke asked surprised

"He's our cousin" Gaara replied for Kankurou sounding a bit tense.

"Your cousin?!" Naruto yelled out.

"Wait, does that mean you're related to Sasori too Temari?" Tenten questioned

"Yep. He's our cousin but we haven't seen him in a while though" Temari replied still a tad surprise after not seeing her cousin in a long time.

Sasori looked straight at the three siblings.

Everyone stood up to 'greet' the Akatsuki as they walked up to them.

Girls were still squealing seeing the hottest guy gang, PLUS the rarely seen bad boys too.

"Well, well, if it isn't my cute little brother and his friends. Glad to see you've recovered." Itachi smiled devilishly at his little brother.

Sasuke grimaced.

Naruto clenched his fists.

"What's with you girl? Get your own hairstyle" Deidara commented pointing at Ino.

"EXCUSE ME?! You're the guy with the girly hairstyle. I copied no one AND it looks so much better on me" Ino snapped back offended yet the second time today.

"Oh you have a mouth on you girly, want me to blast it off?" Deidara threatened, "Only an artist like moi with ultimate fashion sense can pull this hairstyle off. I even masterfully matched my clothing to go with this tacky wristband I'm forced to wear and turned the ensemble into a masterpiece"

"Do you have a problem with the wristbands Deidara?" Pain gave Deidara a threatening look.

Deidara shivered, "O-Of course not leader. I think the design is a bang!"

Ino stuck her nose up, "Oh please, a masterpiece? The matching studded collar and belt was totally last season"

"How DARE you judge my apparel so poorly!!" Deidara hissed back.

"Now, now you two…there's no need to fight." Chouji said trying to calm Ino down.

"Kankurou, Gaara, Temari, what are you all doing here in Konoha?" Sasori asked calmly ignoring his own partner who he never agreed with.

"Well, dad asked Temari to come here on exchange to strengthen the bond between the sister schools; and then he requested me and Gaara to attend as well for a short period of time to keep watch on her" Kankurou answered briefly.

"Ah, so its all Uncle's doing…"

"Grr! Why do I have to keep reminding you guys that I don't need looking after!" Temari yelled.

"I see you haven't changed at all Temari. Still a spunky as ever" Sasori commented.

"And spunky I like!" Hidan quoted butting into the conversation.

Shikamaru glared hard back at him.

Kankurou clenched his fists baring his teeth at him slightly.

Gaara gave his darkest and coldest stare.

Even Sasori emitted a dark and cold aura.

There was a stalemate…besides the mindless arguing done by Ino and Deidara in the background.

"Geez, can't a guy make a pass without having a crowd telling him to fuck off!" Hidan threw his hands up in disbelief.

Temari still felt a bit annoyed at the fact that her father still didn't trust her, but at the moment, it wasn't the right time to bring it up.

"Hey, I heard you've got skills in fighting" Kisame grinned showing his sharp teeth while talking to Neji.

Neji smirked, "What about it?"

'I can't believe Neji's playing along with this' everyone stared in disbelief.

"Hey! Don't start picking fights out of no where!" Tenten called out to Kisame.

Kisame laughed, "Wow, you've got a strong girl there…uh, Neji. Not bad I must say. If the both of you take me on at the same time, you might have a chance"

"You're pretty cocky aren't you?" Neji commented.

"I could say the same to you" Kisame grinned.

"WAIT! DON'T LEAVE MY YOUTHFULNESS OUT JUST YET!" a familiar war cry came.

Lee rushed super fast to the group, "Rock Lee at your service!"

Everyone went quiet.

Even Ino and Deidara went quiet, staring at Lee's poor fashion sense in disbelief.

"What…a horrid haircut" Deidara could hardly say.

"You there!" Lee pointed his finger at Zetsu, "I see green is also your favourite colour!"

Zetsu stared at Lee's accusing finger, 'Is this guy an idiot?' "Not particularly, I just happen to be fond of plants that happen to be mainly green"

"I can tell, you reek of fertilizer" Kiba sniffed.

"You can smell it on me? Even I can hardly tell" Zetsu looked at Kiba suspiciously.

"Yeah, my family has a genetically defected chromosome that makes us all have a really sharp sense of smell. That's why we are all close friends with our dogs since we feel a little bit similar in a way" Kiba explained and then flicked out a picture of Akamaru to show from his wallet in his pocket, "And this is my best bud Akamaru"

Kakuzu's eyes widened, "Isn't that one of the rarest breed of dogs in the world? He has to be worth quite a fortune!"

"I dunno, my mum gave him to me when I was a kid. It's not like I care, I'll never sell Akamaru…" Kiba shrugged.

"Are you sure? Not even for a thousand dollars?" Kakuzu offered.

'Shit, a thousand dollars?!' everyone thought.

"Didn't you hear me? I said I would never sell him" Kiba growled.

"Ok then, what about five thousand?"

"You are obviously deaf, I said NOT FOR SALE! Akamaru has no price tag" Kiba barked.

"Everything has a price tag" Kakuzu smirked.

"Well not my Akamaru!" Kiba started to get really angry.

"K-Kiba, please don't fight so harshly. There is no need!" Hinata stuttered loudly

Kiba held back.

"Well things have gotten interesting" Sakura thought out loud looking at the various groups formed.

"So Sasori, you have disappeared from out of the family's sight for about two years now, what happened?" Kankurou asked curiously.

"The family was in a ruckus after you had went missing" Gaara added in

"I guess I didn't like to have strings attached to me so they could just 'puppet' me around, forcing me to do things. I've never shared the same views as the family and they never bothered listening to mine, so I left all together and moved to Konoha by myself" Sasori explained

"That was what I thought…" Temari said outloud.

"Alright everybody, listen up! I would like to make a proposal!" Pain demanded attention.

The rest turned to look at him.

"We, the Akatsuki, would like to propose a challenge" he declared.

'What?!' the gang thought.

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